A.J. Green's Girlfriend Is Hot

Looks like I'm the last man on planet earth to figure out that A.J. got a hot ass girlfriend. And if you don't know who this chick is, she's an R&B signer named Miranda Brooke.


Michael Jordan High As Fuck

Don't tell me the best baller in the history of basketball ain't high as a kite. 

The 2012 Bengals Draft Class

Overall we can agree, the Bengals 2012 draft class was pretty solid. But before we get into the draft, I have to say what a travesty that Kellen Moore of Boise State didn't get drafted. That kid has won more games as a QB than any other QB in the history of college football.

Now lets talk about the Bengals.
There were several needs the Bengals had to address. Starting with defensive backs, offensive line, WR, and defensive line. The good thing is, the Bengals had a boat load of draft picks. And with so many draft picks available, there was no way they wouldn't address all or most of their needs.

Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, 6-2, 186, Alabama

One of the best CB's available in the draft. A position the Bengals had to fill pretty badly. With three CB's in the final year of their contract and Leon Hall coming back from a season ending injury, it was a no brainier to grab Kirkpatrick with the 17th pick. There a very good possibility that Kirkpatrick will start on September 10th vs the Baltimore Ravens.

Kevin Zeitler, OG, 6-3, 322, Wisconsin

Another need, the Bengals had to address was the O line, and that exactly what they did when they drafted Kevin Zeitler from Wisconsin. The majority of fans wanted the Bengals to grab David DeCastro out of Stanford. I'm no expert but I can't tell the difference between the two players. All I know is the any O-Linemen that comes out of Wisconsin knows how to play football. In my opinion he will be another starter on  September 10th.

Devon Still, DT, 6-5, 307, Penn State

With the third pick, I would of have probably drafted a WR. But I am no way disappointed with the pick of Devon Still, who is the 2011 Big Ten defensive player of the year. After Pat Sims went down with an injury so did the Bengals rush defense. With Sims in the lineup the Bengals game up an average of 3.4 yards per carry and without Sims the Bengals gave up around 4.8 yards per carry. With the draft pick of Still the Bengals have undeniable upgraded their D-line. If Pat Sims comes back healthy they will have a solid rotation of Geno Atkins, Pat Sims, Devon Still and Domata Peko.

Mohamed Sanu, WR, 6-1, 211, Rutgers

With the fourth pick the Bengals might of have picked A.J. Green partner, as they drafted Mohamed Sanu of Rutgers. Mr. Sanu had 115 catches last season with Rutgers, which is a Big East single season record. He only ran a 4.66 on his 40 yard dash, which seems a little slow for a WR. Sanu reminds me a lot of, dare I say? Hines Ward. That bald headed motha fucker.

Brandon Thompson, DT, 6-2, 314, Clemson

I don't think anyone is complaining about this pick. I thought the Bengals might of have selected a LB, FS or SF with the fifth pick. I will be honest, I like Brandon Thompson more than Devon Still, I think Thompson is a little more athletic than Still and being a little shorter helps with his low center of gravity. The guys was killing it at the NFL combine with 36 bench press reps. He will be a nice addition to the D-line rotation, as he can play both nose and defensive tackle. I also think this means less snaps for Peko.

Orson Charles, TE, 6-3, 251, Georgia

A TE  was one of the least needs for the Bengals so I was a little surprised by this pick. Maybe this pick was based on BPA (best player available). Either way the talks around the internet is, this kid is very athletic for a TE, kind of a Vernon Davis type. Jermaine Gresham is no doubt the starter, but Orson will be in the mix for the second TE spot with Colin Cochart and Donald Lee. Will the Bengals go with a double TE system like New England?

Shaun Prater, CB, 5-10, 190, Iowa

The Bengals drafted another CB with the 7th pick. Is this another BPA or something else? With lot of aging veterans on the roster, there is nothing wrong with picking up a young CB. I would imagine Shaun Prater will have a hard time finding any kind of playing times, unless it's on special teams.

Marvin Jones, WR, 6-2, 199, California

The Bengals selected another WR. This time Marvin Jones our of Cal. Some had him as a second round prospect. Either way the Bengals are stockpiling depth, which is something they have lacked in past years. There seems to be a closet full of WR's that will be fighting for the last few spots on the depth chart. I wouldn't count Jones out for that spot opposite A.J. Green

George Iloka, S, 6-4, 225, Boise State

Drum roll please, FINALLY the Bengals select a safety. Sure he looks for like a LB than a safety, that is why he reminds me of Robert Sands from last years draft. I just wished the Bengals would of have drafted a safety in the earlier round.

Dan "Boom" Herron, RB, 5-10, 213, Ohio State

First time in a long, long time the Bengals have drafted a kid out of Ohio State. With the final pick, the Bengals select a RB. With the departure of Cedric Benson and signing of BenJarvus Green-Ellis, it will be tough to break into the RB rotation. Brian Leonard and Bernard Scott is not going anywhere. So it will be down to Cedric Peerman and Dan Herron. I know Herron has the skill, not only running the balls, but also catching the balls our of the back.

Well there you have it, all of the Bengals 2012 draft picks. Fuck, that was long as list.
So what do you think? Did the Bengals do good? Did they miss a position?

In my mind they could of drafted a LB, and that's exactly what they did right after the draft was over, when they Signed Vontaze Burfict as an undrafted free agent.

Burfict who was once projected as a 1st or 2nd round pick. There are many reason he went undrafted, most has to do with his shitty showing at the ASU Pro day and at the NFL combine and his bad attitude. Either way, once you punch in Vontaze Burfict into Youtube, the highlights keep on coming. Is he that gem everyone overlooked? I hope so.

I give this draft either an A+ or an A. It was that damn good.

2012 Cincinnati Bengals Jersey By Nike


Yeah, I know I'm like a month late on this. So here it is, the new Bengals jersey by Nike. So my first impression is, well it looks kind of like last years jersey. I don't see much of a change. But the closer I look, I can see all the minor design changes that Nike has made. Which overall, makes the jersey looks more smooth and streamlined. Sure, there is a bunch of technical details to the jersey that makes it more lightweight, but who cares about that crap.
In the end, no one will mistake the Bengals jersey for another teams jersey. I just wish they had done something with that helmet.


Every Time My Poop Comes Out A Little Darker

Breast Implants Divide Bengals Locker Room

No, no I'm not talking about Andre Smith. I'm talking about the Ben-Gals. According to the oldest cheerleader in history Laura Vikmanis, the locker room is divided by girls with real melons and bolt on's.
"The most prominent division on the Ben-Gals is not between the young girls and the older girls but between the Real Boobs and the Fake Boobs," she told the Cincinnati Enquirer

I know for a fact my girl @alysonjordan is on the natural side of things. Don't worry, I pledge to make it my life's work, to bring unity and togetherness to this locker room. But strictly as a man, I have to say, who give a shit, it's all about the ass anyway. Until they start getting butt implants, I don't give a shit.