Immigration Law In Ohio That Mirrors Arizona's

"Pass an immigration law in Ohio that mirrors Arizona's. That's what Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones and Ohio Rep. Courtney Combs, R-Ross Township, have asked Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland to get done. The Arizona legislation also allows local police - not just federal immigration officers - to stop and verify the immigration status of anyone suspected of being illegal."news.cincinnati

This is great, who cares if its discrimination or profiling, (which by the way is illegal).
If the Arizona bill passes in Ohio, does it mean I'll get pulled over; because I have brown skin, brown eyes and black hair?
Maybe I should assume ever white person I come across is part of the KKK.
I'm still trying to figure out, how anyone can identify someone as illegal just by looking at them.

Again, its not a fair law if it points out one group or demographic. I think we had some laws like that in the 50's and 60's, especially in the south. So if you are an illegal alien from Canada you can expect not to get pulled over and asked to see your documentation, if you are an illegal in from Europe you will never be asked to show documentation. I am saying this not only for Arizona but for our law that these fools are trying to pass here. Again, if this law would have been passed by Strickland or Obama these hacks would be holding rally's as we speak.

I say let's go with a national ID card with biometrics than so it can not be forged, then there is no argument.

PS. I suggest Sheriff Rick "dick head" Jones reads the Arizona bill first before he wants to pass something similar in Ohio.

Double PS: For a good laugh read this article. deported Mexican who won a $100,000 settlement of his federal case against Butler County's anti-immigration Sheriff Rick Jones.

White Bank Robber Fools Cops With Black Guy Mask

Ohio police say they've apprehended a wily white bank robber who threw them off the trail by disguising himself as a black person. Authorities say 30-year-old Conrad Zdzierak would rob the banks in a high-quality mask, then take it off as he drove to his next robbery target, confounding police on the lookout for a black man. He allegedly managed to hit four banks and a CVS within just three hours, ABC reports. His mistake? He never disguised his car. newser

Using his hatred of blacks to commit a crime, in which some unexpecting black would be hauled off to jail; I must say this is just pure brilliant.
For your own safety, I hope you keep wearing that black mask while locked up. Cause you know them black brothers are gonna have some fun with you.

Video X G-Eazy X 'FRESH'

Fresh Wheels: Ferrari 599XX

 Ferrari 599XX has to be the baddest car on the planet.

Proof after the jump.

Calling It Like It Is

Curtis Fuller must read my blog, because he is calling it like it is.

Now lets get some input from fake Jermaine Gresham.
Me: Mr. Gresham, Curtis Fuller just called you a prick, do you agree with that assessment?
Gresham: Um well, no bro I'm no prick, I am a man.
Me: How will you prove us wrong?
Gresham: I will single handedly take the Bengals to the Super Bowl.
Me: Well done sir, well done.

Weapons Of Small Destruction

"Claire Smedley, from Blackpool, U.K., claims her boyfriend decided to leave her after he was nearly suffocated by her gi-normous breasts while they were having sex. The mother of three, who boasts 40LL breasts, told News of the World that her boyfriend, Steven, usually loves to be smothered by her love. But this time she misread his flailing for excitement, as he was really suffocating beneath her bountiful bosom. " cbsnews

Finally some scientific evidence, I have been saying for many years now size is not really important. What matters is who they are attached to. And by looking at this picture, he should of left her a long time ago.
Better yet, forget about Guantanamo Bay and waterboarding terrorist, just call Claire over, problem solved.

Maybe this was what Kenny Rogers was really singing about.
You got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run

PS. I only support breast reduction in life threatening situations.

Straight Dicks

The billboard that is posted right across the street from Beechmont Subaru is an ad from Joseph Subaru of Florence, KY that says "You have a choice".

Right about now, the guys from Joseph Subaru are some of the biggest dicks in tri-state Cincinnati.
If they put this ad on tv or in the paper, then it would be cool, but they went straight for the jugular.
With these guys there is no playing nice, they just came to your front yard and took a big fat shit in front of your wife and kids.

If I was Beechmont Subaru, I would  not be taking crap from Joseph Subaru. I would go to Florence, KY and put up my own ad saying don't shop here "Not only will they steal your money, but they will suck the life out of you".

Reds Win, Season Not Over Yet

Glad the season is not over for the Reds, yet.
The Reds won today on a grand slam by Drew Stubbs 5-3 over the Cubs.

PS. Homer, what the hell you looking at? Keep your eye over the plate, no wonder you had a shitty time on the mound.

The Secret Weapon

"Glen Este varsity softball coach Tim Gregory might be a Fort Ancient Valley Conference rival of Milford varsity softball coach Christy Foster, but that didn't stop him from proposing to her before their game Wednesday."news.cincinnati 

This could of have gone two ways, 1) he don't care about the game or his kids all he cared about was pussy or 2) this was a clever and deceiving plan.
I'm going with the second choice; who needs, Derek Jeter or Albert Pujols when you can pull off something like this. First get her all nervous about being engaged, then make her stare at the bling for 7 innings while you take full advantage of the game.
Well done coach, well done.

Steve Logan Cleared of Rape Charges

"Cuyahoga County prosecutors dropped their rape case Wednesday against former University of Cincinnati basketball star Steve Logan after discovering inconsistencies in the complaining witness’ statements, the Plain Dealer reported Wednesday."news.cincinnati

Thank the heavens that one of my favorite UC basketball player is cleared of rape charge. 
I remember back in the day, Logan had one move that he used all the time, it was a crossover and he was deadly with that. Steve was one of the better 3 point shooter the Bearcats have ever had.
I can't believe some bitch tried to blame this little 5'5" man with rape; shame on her. Next time stop drinking so much, so you can remember what the hell you did. I mean how can anyone think Steve Logan is capable of rape, just look at that baby face. But I do know who is capable of rape, its that ugly SOB from Pittsburgh, Ben Roethlisberger.

Topless March

"About two dozen women drew a crowd of onlookers when they shed their shirts and marched downtown in Maine's largest city to promote what they call equal-opportunity public toplessness.
Organizer Ty MacDowell said the point of Saturday's march in Portland was that a topless woman out in public shouldn't attract any more attention than a man who walks around without a shirt." pressherald

Well this seems like a great idea, but for me the consequences are too much to bare. After looking at these pictures I see two that I might wanna check out, and that's not a good ratio.
Anyway, who takes this crap seriously? When half of the world is either engaged in a war or in an economic downfall, who gives a shit about shirt-free equality.
I am officially joining the MSABIP, Men Supporting Attractive Breasts In Public.

Video after the jump.
PS. The video is NSFW.

Video - Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Official Video) from Stones Throw on Vimeo.

I'm definitely digging this tune by Aloe Blacc.

"I Need a Dollar" is the theme to the HBO show How To Make it in America.

Opening Day

So today was opening day for the Cincinnati Reds. So what did the Reds do besides bend over for the St. Louis, well nothing else really. Basically Albert Pujols came to Cincinnati, whopped his dick out and started swinging at everything in sight, and there was nothing Aaron Harang or Dusty Baker could do besides sit there and take it like Tiger Wood's mistress.
So what is the Red's problem?
I think our problem is the opening day parade. I mean check out some of these photos.
we have the banana guy
we got some Black kids that don't give a shit
we got some old geezer pushing lawnmower on top of asphalt 
I mean after watching this crap for two hours how wants to go play some ball?
So what I'm saying is this, we need to spice this shit up a bit. 
Get everyone energized like how they do it in Brazil.

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Mock Draft - Bengals

Will this be our Jerome Simpson 2.0
Just kidding.

Dez Bryant or Golden Tate?
Do I really care. No not really.
As long as he is a bit more productive than Jerome Simpson has been.

Little Killers

Little Green Monsters and a sack of Sliders at 3 AM, don't get better than that.
I am definitely picking one up tonight.

Thank God we still have something left that is great in Cincinnati.

PS. Screw you Skyline cheese coney's, you betrayed me a long time ago.

N.E.R.D - Provider - Video

A nice tune for Friday afternoon.

Somewhere in there I feel a little Sublime.

Fresh Wheels

Always had a thing for STI's

Intoducing 2011 Subaru WRX STI.

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