Bengals fire Bob Bratkowski as offensive coordinator

They finally fire someone after going 4-12. And its the fan favorite offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski (not).  I just don't understand what the thought process is with Mike Brown, why wait so long to make a change.
Why in the world did Mike Brown not fire Brat after this shit of a season was over, or even before Brat took the trip down to Mobile for the Senior Bowl?
Mike Brown decides to waits until all the good or decent OC on the market is gone to make a change.
I am certain that Mike Brown did not want to fire Brat, but he finally realized that Carson Palmer wasn't joking around when he demanded a trade or he will retire. He also saw the season ticket renewal drop like the Tunisian government.
Like everything the Bengals do, they are always a day late and a dollar short.
I'm just sad that they also didn't fire Paul Alexander the O line coach and Ken Zampese the QB's coach, there is enough dead woods in this coaching staff to keep me warm in this winter.
I enjoy my team continuing to be the bottom feeders and the laughing stock of the NFL. Who Dey.

America hates Jay Cutler more than Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick

What in the world is going on America?
America hates a guy that got hurt more than they hate who raped girls and killed dogs? This is just straight messed up. Americans needs to set their priorities straight. I know sports fans are not the most smartest or caring people on the planet, but this is just beyond shocking. This is what happens when ESPN starts assuming things and starts calling out Jay Cutler before even finding out the extend of his injuries. I fucking hate ESPN sometimes, just one giant talking head.

Ben Roethlisberger getting humped by Rashard Mendenhall

Nothing like getting humped on a cold day, fuck it he's going to the Superbowl for the third time in six year he deserves a black wood up his ass.

Rumor: Carson Palmer wants to be traded or he will retire.

WTF is all this shit Carson? I just wrote about how you won't be traded last week, and now the internet is running wild with the rumor that you are demanding a trade? Way to stick it to me Carson.
Yea Carson might be an average QB in the NFL, and even according to some a bust, but inside the Bengals organization he is cherished and worshiped. And if he is demanding a trade, I swear Mike Brown just shitted in his pants so did Marvin Lewis. This news is like hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake just hitting the Bengals all at once.
If the rumors are to be true, I cannot blame Carson one bit. This franchise is a mess, the Bengals are the laughing stock of the NFL. For eight years Carson has been a good soldier, he has always taken the blame for a lose, never pointed fingers at coaches or his teammates even when it was obvious who should get the blame. So for Carson to come out and demand a trade is a total shocker. This is the kind of fire I always wanted to see from Carson on the field and in the press conference, instead of his California laid back attitude.
For all the yapping Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis has done so far about how there will be a new system, an overhaul of this team is useless babble; because they haven't done shit so far and Carson can see that. He can see nothing will change, and he realize if he stays with this franchise he has not shot of ever winning a play-off game. And I wish him nothing but the best, I really hope he gets traded and I hope he does well. If I ever decide to buy a Bengals jersey it will be of Carson Palmer.
There are a hand full of teams in the NFL that can use a QB like Carson, so for the Bengals to find someone to trade with should not be a problem. But will they succumb to the pressure and trade or do they stick to their guns?
Everyone knows, even the homeless guy that won the ESPN fantasy challenge, that Mike Brown should of have  fired Marvin, but that didn't happen. And it should be an easy decision for Marvin to fire Bob Bratkowski and  find a new offensive coordinator and that looks like its not happening anytime soon. So again, I can't in any way blame Carson Palmer for wanting to get the fuck out of Cincinnati.
Time for the Jordan Palmer or Dan LeFevour era of dominance to begin.

Cleveland radio guy goes on a rant about the Browns but it might as well be about the Bengals

This is a rant by Greg Kozarik of Digital Sports Network. I swear if you take out the Cleveland Browns and replace it with Cincinnati Bengals it will be the same damn thing.
And if you replace Randy Lerner with Mike Brown as the devil you won't miss a beat. Every single damn thing he said about the Browns are true with the Bengals. No matter what, we follow the Bengals like a pack of sheep hoping for something better.
If you look at both of these franchises you can clearly see the decline as soon as the new owners took charge. Another reason I'm pondering I should never have kids, cause if I pass something down to my son, it's guaranteed he'll fuck it up.
The Cleveland Browns are just as sad and pathetic as the Bengals, win or lose I don't even hate the Browns anymore, I just feel sorry for them.

Nothing Like Down Syndrome, Trannies, and Cocaine

Sweet Jesus, it’s like this movie is the illegitimate, coke-addled love child of “Life Goes On” and “West Side Story.” Anyway this clip is from some movie called Santa Sangre. What can be better than sex, fighting and coked-up people with down syndrome. I'm pretty sure this is what it will be like to hang out with Charlie Sheen on a Friday night.
If that didn't put a smile on your face, I'm sure this will.

LOOSE SCREWS "Aerobics" - FilmDrunk Exclusive from Severin Films on Vimeo.

Brett Favre "what should I do" spoof

Here is the new Brett Favre "what should I do" spoof. If you all remember couple of months ago Lebron James did a "what should I do" Nike ad and of course as with anything the might King does now, it was not well received. But this shit is just funny, "should I just leave voice mail instead of dick pics", "wanna see my Danny Woodhead? That's not even a joke I just think he is a good player."
Major props for this video.

Chihuahua gets beaten up by an owl

Rat dog
"An owl attack has left a 4-pound Chihuahua with a healthy fear of the dark. George Kalomiris says they were walking down the street when a great horned owl swooped down and tried to fly away with the 3-year-old dog. Kalomiris says he kept a firm grip on Chico's leash as the bird dragged the dog across the sidewalk, and he managed to scare the owl away. Chico was treated for a puncture wound caused by the owl's talons, and his owner says he's still traumatized. Kalomiris says the dog now refuses to go outside at night." startribune

This is exactly why no one should get a dog that looks like a meal to a prey. I mean just look at that thing, its ugly and probably barking all over the place every time he went out. So the owl probably got tired of that shit and wanted to teach this little bastard a lesson. I'll say this much, Chico ain't a dumb dog, no wonder he won't go outside anymore. He knows that owl is just sitting, waiting for him to come out to kick his ass again. Give me a damn cat instead of this thing.
Look at my dog, now that's a real dog, she ain't afraid of nothing, straight mean muggin.

Will the Cincinnati Bengals trade Carson Palmer?

I'm sure most of Bengals nation is calling for a Carson Palmer trade. While this seems like a easy choice, I would not advise on it, at least not yet.
Sure there are teams out there can use his service. For example, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans all can use a veteran QB.
But knowing the Bengals organization, we can safely assume they will not trade Carson Palmer. And in this circumstance I have to agree with the Bengals. Even if they end up trading Carson, who does the Bengals have on the on-deck circle? Jordan Palmer? Dan LeFevour? That means either they have to draft another QB or go get a veteran QB. Both of those scenarios will not make the Bengals a competitive team in 2011. So I say the best chance the Bengals have for 2011 is to keep Carson Palmer around. Also, for the Bengals to be competitive in 2011, Palmer needs to throw less. Comparing the 2010 stats to the 2011 stats we can see Palmer threw the ball 120 times more, which lead to more yards, but also more INT's. So the Bengals needs to get back to rushing the ball more and not rely on Carson throwing the ball so much.
Also, the Bengals need to protect Palmer with a better O-line unit. He has been sacked 26 times the last two season. If he is under heavy pressure, there is no way the Bengals will win any games.
So all the Carson Palmer hater out there, I say hold for a bit longer, because trading Carson Palmer might not be the best option for the Bengals. I'd rather have a new offensive coordinator than a new QB, I think Bob Bratkowski system has become stale and it's time to hit the refresh button.

Carson Palmer stats

Joey Votto and Cincinnati Reds agree on 3 year $38 million contract

Reds and Votto agrees to three year, $38 million contract. It's pretty straight forward, Votto gets his money and the Reds avoid arbitration. Can't really fault either sides for this deal, both sides did what was best for them. Plus I'm not a big fan of signing someone to a long term deal anyway. You just never know whats going to happen from season to season.
If he can keep up his MVP type performance for another three season, then sign him again and if he is asking too much then let him go. But I will say this, he would have been a Red for another three years regardless unless traded. If Joey starts sucking, now he won't even be a trade bait given his salary.
Votto also said, “But I can’t imagine playing anywhere else,” he said. “I enjoy myself. I can’t imagine being with a better team. The Yankees or Red Sox — that’s a lot to deal with. I don’t want to go anywhere else.” I don't buy all that BS from Votto, after his three years is up, he will go where the money is. That's what everyone does and that's what he will do too. But lets hope in the next three year, he's will take the Reds to the promise land.

Joe Theisman Thinks Danny Woodhead is same as Woodcock?

Here is the ghetto video, since NFL doesn't want anyone to embed their shit.
I'm just gonna say this, yea it was funny for about 10 seconds but Deion Sanders made it look like he just watched the Black Bush episode or something. Calm the fuck down Deion, don't over act bro, no need to go rolling all over the damn floor and do scissor kicks and shit. Again this ain't BET comic view hour.

Click here if you want to watch the non ghetto video.

UC vs. Miami Tilt-Shift

Touchdown Tilt-Shift (UC vs. Miami 10/9/10) from Sam Pennybacker on Vimeo.

Love this stuff. Wishing I had some skills to do this.

Bengals draft need for 2011

How about a new fucking owner?
How about a new coach?

I wish this team would just pack up and leave, sometimes not having a team is better than having a team that just continues to suck. Then again Mike Brown knows he's got some idiots in Cincinnati that will bend over backwards for him, just to keep him here.

So lets look forward to the next season and address what this team needs.

Face of the man guilty of getting a toddler drunk

Raymond Jackson
"A Kenton County man accused of getting a 2-year-old child drunk will pleaded guilty to first degree criminal abuse Tuesday and a sentence of 90 months was recommended. Raymond Jackson, 23, is accused of encouraging his own stepdaughter in May of 2010 to drink a combination of Gin and iced tea, which caused her to pass out. Police say the child's blood alcohol level was measured at 0.25." fox19 

Whats going on with kids these days? Can't handle some Gin and iced tea? The Pussification of America continues. When I was growing up, we use to drink whiskey like it was similac.
We got foreign babies smoking a pack a day before they can talk, its time we stepped it up America.

EMBED-Ardi Rizal - The real SMOKING BABY !! - Watch more free videos

At least in Cincinnati we are trying to defeat those foreign babies.

Lance Guidry will pump you up

Naturally I'm a UC Bearcats fan, cause I'm from the 513. But after watching this speech, I might of have just become a Miami (OH) fan too. Jesus Christ that was an intense speech by Lance Guidry the interim coach, Middle Tennessee had no shot after that speech.

If I had just listen to the audio and not see the video, I would have sworn, that a was a black man giving that speech.

Beat your kids America

Who said beating your kids ass won't set them straight? If my kid ever started acting hard for no reason, this exactly what I'm gonna do. A good ass whooping will do the trick, fuck all that timeout shit, that shit really don't work. I got my ass kicked by my father, uncle, grandpa and I didn't call the cops I just stood there and took it, cause I knew I did something bad. So toughen up American and follow this man's example, cause God knows we need it.

The Brett Favre sexual harassment suit reenacted by the Taiwanese animation

TLC's Police Women of Cincinnati

Cincinnati is back in media again, no, no not because someone from the Bengals got arrested or the fact that Marvin Lewis got a new contract for going 4-12. This time the folks from TLC decided to do a show about the women of Cincinnati Police Department.
I'm glad they didn't do a show about the Men of Cincinnati Police Department, cause we all know they are lazy and shoot people for no reason.

Honestly the only thing I cared about was if they were hot or not. Typically police chick tend not to do so well in the hot or not department.
But to my surprise 3 out of 4 were not so bad looking, we definitely have a better looking squad than the Police Women of Broward County, Police Women of Dallas, Police Women of Maricopa County, and Police Women of Memphis (really ugly).
So lets meet the squad:

Marvin Lewis Is Back To Coach The Cincinnati Bengals

Things Done Changed
Since Marvin just singed a new contract, will this be a good thing or bad thing? It will all depends on how you look at it. If Marvin didn't sign this contract, no one decent will take this job because Mike Brown has his hand in too many important decisions.
And since Marvin is coming back we can still expect the same kind of results we have been seeing for the past couple of year. An undisciplined, mismanaged team that falls short of expectations.

Supposedly, Marvin would only sign the contract if things changed, and by him signing the contract it shows that Marvin is getting his changes, what ever that maybe. Either way I don't think it will be a substantial change from previous years.
I really would like to know what kind of changed Marvin wanted. Is it control over personnel issues, changes in the practice facility, or scouting and personnel departments?
What I don't understand is that, Marvin was offered a contract before the season started  but he would not sign it. So then he goes 4-12 and he is still offered a contract. I mean if this was any other franchise, Marvin would have been canned half way through the season. Like Mike Brown said in the press conference, he like continuity, that can only mean we will see most of the same coaching staff and players next season too. But I think continuity for long of a period is not always a good thing, because it can lead to compliance.

I'm sure the only change the Bengals fans want is a new ownership, and if they can't have that they want a new offensive coordinator.
Anyway in the end, I don't think anything positive or any kind of substantial change will come out of this announcement. Honestly I was not impressed with the press conference and I don't think many fans of this football team was impressed either. More of the same fuckery straight ahead.

Image 1

Recap Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens

Bengals: Losers
Ravens: 13

Last game of the season, and it couldn't come any sooner.
So I'm just gonna keep this short and sweet.
Through out the season the Bengals underachieved, from the coaching staff to the players.
At least for next season lets try to be average.
Go Bengals.