Cincinnati streets aren't people-friendly WTF?

"I am in shock after reading the newspaper and realizing how many car accidents involving pedestrians. It's unbelievable that people driving cars have more rights than pedestrians."

Seriously WTF is this chick talking about, of crourse streets are for cars not people. If you want to be on the street, you better be in a car or on a motorcycle. Tell me if this has ever happened to you, driving down the street minding your own damn business and assholes walk right in front of your car and they keep staring at you while they are crossing. Its like you did something wrong. I don't have to stop for anyone if they are crossing the street where there is no crosswalk. Sometime I really feel like running them over.

Bengals vs. Steelers re-cap

Another great games for the men in stripe. Even when things didn't go the Bengals way, they didn't fold they fought back. To me that's a sign of a good team. Just like last week they come away with the win in the final minutes. Not sure why we don't use our best weapon more, I'm talking about Carson, instead of establishing the run first why cant we establish the pass? Also, not sure about the spike, 1st and 10 around the 47 second mark with 2 timeouts left. There is plenty of time on the clock, no need to waste a down like that. And whats up with the call on 3rd and short on the last drive? Try to get the first down, still have my doubts about Brat.

Voice of Cincinnati

The picture you see above is actually Bill Cunningham, that's where he spends most of his time. Known as the voice of the common man, Cunningham has won something called the “Marconi Award” from the National Association of Broadcasters. I'm not even sure why I'm talking about this clown. I'm sure most around Cincinnati thinks what comes out of his mouth is gold, but I might be the one to disagree. This clown is just another Beck and Limbaugh wannabe. Studies have shown that it’s easier to reach someone on an emotional level vs. intellectually and his type of programming typifies that concept.

God Bless America.

Onion video of the week

Coolest guy in Manhattan

What else is there to say this dude is up ther in the coolness factor
Walking down the street with a pussy on his head smoking a J and hollerin at chicks.

Easy money

What's not to like about issue 3?

If you ask me only a few, but lets start with the positives.
Tax revenues of $20.9 million a year to Cincinnati, $12.2 million to Hamilton County and $14.1 million to the county's school districts.
Having a casino would keep more money in Ohio, instead of giving it to neighboring states.
With Issue 3, Ohio voters are being offered the clearest and best choice they've had in the two decade long debate over casinos.
And some what of an increase in employment, not sure about those 15,000 permanent jobs they are talking about.

Bengals almost shit on themselves.

Holy shit, can lighting strike twice on the Bengals. Those were my thoughts after the Packers recovered the onside kick. Fortunately for the Bengals the football Gods were not pissing all over Cincinnati. Here is my take on the game.

• Is there a more conservative team than the Bengals, just because our team is from Cincinnati does not mean our team should act like Cincinnati. Its football you have to take some risk, we should of have killed the game at the 4 min. mark when it was 4th and 1.

• Why can’t Cosby return punts and kick offs? He is dangerous every time he touches the ball. The dude has good vision for the field and doesn’t try to force anything.

fav icon

Love this Illiterate Chick

Cincinnati's own Survivor

For the first time in a long time I will be watching Survivor. It's not because I want to find out which back stabber will win, but to see Cincy's own Marisa Calihan.
Think she got a shot at winning the whole thing? Some thing tells me she wont make it far, because Marisa is a cute girl, which means she'll be out of there pretty soon. Usually the old wrinkly jealous women or the back stabbing bitch or the ugly ones always seems to win this show.

Cincinnati we got our own. "A former Winton Woods teacher admitted Tuesday to having sex with a student.When she is sentenced Oct. 29, Ems can go to jail for a maximum of six months but the judge indicated in court Tuesday that she would place Ems on probation. Ems was referred to the court clinic for a mental evaluation before her sentencing."

With her cougar look, she was out to get some meat. Unfortunately what she got was a misdemeanor charge of sexual conduct with a minor. I love that she stayed in the teaching profession. Rather than move out of state and change her name and go find some other line of work where no one will connect her to her Sex Scandal, she’s right back up in front of horny boys with a dry erase marker in her hands.
Whats up with that Ohio?
I am also wondering why did they even charge her in the first place, because the student was an adult at the time. What I cant figure out is, there is at least one case a day about teachers having sex with their students. Don't these teachers ever stop to think that the story will leak sometimes. Its just mind blowing to think how many other stories similar to this are out there. For me the sentencing from the judge is yet another example of the sexual bias in charging decisions, plea bargain offers, and soon sentencing decisions.

Random Thought

What if a vehicle going at the speed of light, turned on its head light?
Will you ever see that light?

Onion video of the week.

Motel Bang "A 26-year-old man who police say had sex with a 13-year-old girl over the weekend in a motel was ordered held Tuesday on a $1. 5 million bond set by Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Lisa Allen. We tend to believe it was a boyfriend-girlfriend situation," he said. "We are fairly convinced that was the case and he proposed to marry her."

Here we have another situation where a man bangs a teenager and they go after the wrong person. How can you blame the guy for wanting to be with this girl and to marry her, I personally think he wanted to do the noble thing by wanting to marry her. What the law should do is go after her parents for not keeping a tab on their child and not teaching her what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. So I say take it easy on the dude, go after the parents. These days young teenage girls starts banging from the age of 10 anyway, I really wish that was not the situation our society is in. But truth be told that's where we are now.

I am not saying what he did was correct, or that he should not be punished but a 1.5 million bond seems too much for me. Also, for who does not get my contents I am all tongue and cheeks (some times).

Brown Brother Shot "The owner of Ambar India restaurant in the gaslight district on Ludlow Avenue was shot Sunday night. The suspect remains at large. He is described as black, 5-foot-9 and 200 pounds, according to police. Singh was recovering at the hospital Monday but insisted the restaurant open. He doesn’t want his customers disappointed"

Its a shame a Brown brother has been shot. I think this might be the first time an Indian has been shot in Cincinnati (not really sure). Except for my cousin, he does not count because he shot himself. All I'm saying is just because you didn't get your Tandoori chicken or your Matter Paneer you don't have to shoot the man in the face.Why dont you take your ass and walk down the street to one of the other hundred Fine Indian Cuisines. And one last thing Mr. Singh, you just have been shot in the face, its ok to close the shop for couple of days. You don't have to be so money hungry that you have to keep the spot open.

Fast Pussy "Sarah covered 100 meters in 6.13 seconds at the zoo’s Regional Cheetah Breeding Facility, also known as the Mast Farm, in Clermont County. It was her second run of the day. In her first try, she ran 100 meters in 6.16 seconds. The record had been 6.19 seconds. The zoo announced in July that the record attempt would pit Sarah against Zaza, an 8-year-old female cheetah at Cheetah Outreach in South Africa."

I got two things to say here, Usain Bolt can suck on this you aint got nothing on our girl.
And I hope this Cheetah does not turn out to be like the chick/dude from South Africa.

Cincy Beer Fest 09

OK so what I volunteered at the beer-fest to get some free beer, sue me.
It was well worth it, I tried over 15 different beers and I have posted some of the one's I like in the slide show.
It's ok if you didn't make it this year, get your ass out there next year.

Onion video of the week.

My Inspiration

This is dedicated to my one and only inspiration Alice.
 You are my inspiration behind starting this blog,
 I figured since I can't bitch about you I should bitch about someone else.
 You make me go to the bathroom when I have to fart.
 You tell me its ok to burp when no one is around, even though you keep telling me its gross.
 You make me stay fit, because you keep telling me I should not eat too much and that I'm getting fat.
 I do not stare at hot girls anymore because you tell me that you will kick my ass.
 There are many more, but for now I'll stop here.
 Again baby thanks for being my inspiration.

Poor Grandma "Cincinnati police said today they are searching for a man who slipped into a 75-year-old woman’s apartment this week and raped her."

Whats sad about this is, how the hell could you get your dick up to do a thing like this? My dick can't even get up for decent looking fat chick. Anyway back to the point, listen children and grandchildren of America, please buy your grandma a shinny S&W. Shit like this should not happened to anyone. I rather see this dude go bang a donkey, or stand in front of a moving truck.

Cincinnati are you ready for some beer?

Cincinnati get your ass down to fountain square Friday, September 11th @ 5pm for the Cincy Beer Festival.
I know the economy is tough but get out there and have some fun.
Also don't forget to buy me a beer, if you see me. I'll be that guy walking around asking radom people to buy me beer.

Mayor Mark Mallory

While I was watching the Reds get beat by the Rockies, a thought popped into my head. Is our Mayor Mark Mallory gay? I have no I idea why I thought of this. So I had to go and find out if he was gay or not so I googled "Is Mark Mallory gay" and the first link that came up was a video of his opening day pitch at Great American Ball Park.

And it was confirmed.
Look on the bright side Cincinnati, at least he's not a total fag like anti-gay and Republican Rick West, Mayor of Spokane, Washington. There is nothing better than a anti-gay Republican fairy.

Re-Cap of the T Bagging in West Chester

From the horses mouth.(U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Miami Township)

"I voted for it (economic bailout legislation) because we were in an economic meltdown,"
A second later, she realizes oh oh I better do a back flip because the crowd is getting on my ass.
She said "she would not repeat the same mistake."

Here is couple of quotes from people that attended the Tea Party in West Chester.
"the current direction of the nation is frightening. Government in general is too powerful."
"He's abandoning our Constitution"

I would agree with those quotes if Bush was still our president.

Want to see what the previous administration did that was frightening and unconstitutional.
* reading emails illegally and without a warrant
* wire taping
* listens to Americans phone calls and monitors our e-mails, faxes and computer key strokes

Here is a little background for those who have forgotten.
In 1790 they added the 4th amendment to the bill of rights, the right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects against “unreasonable searches”. Our founders believed what you say is not the governments business unless there is evidence that you have committed a crime. Thus making the surveillance program is unconstitutional.

And don't give me this shit about, why we should not worry if  NSA is eavesdropping on us because we have nothing to hide. The point is, it was unconstitutional.

"I'm the commander, see. I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being the president. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."
- President George W. Bush

Mike Brown is the Best.

When we think of the name Paul Brown, we think of greatness. He was a man with over flowing passion for his team. Now when we think of Mike Brown we think of axis of evil, Michael Vick, Swine Flu, and weapons of mass destruction.

Remember the time when Mike Brown tried to the old extortion method by threatening to move the Bengals unless he got his stadium. Some times I wonder why we didn’t let him go, by now we probably could have gotten a new team with a new owner that actually gives a shit about the fans, the game and this city.

Viva La Who Dey Revolution.

Key Points From Obama Speech

President Obama gave a speech at the AFL-CIO picnic. When he starts talking, I am wondering how the hell does he remember all these names. Then I said to my self that he is not Bush. I want to touch on some key points he made today.
*In recent years, the American Dream seemed to slip away, because from Washington to Wall Street, too often a different culture prevailed. Wealth was valued over work, selfishness over sacrifice, greed over responsibility, the right to organize undermined rather than strengthened.
*Seven months ago a financial system on the verge of collapse. About 700,000 workers losing their jobs each month. The worst recession of our lifetimes threatening to become another Great Depression.
*That's why we took bold, swift action-passing an unprecedented Recovery Act, and doing it without the usual Washington earmarks and pork-barrel spending.
* But for the second straight month, we lost fewer jobs than the month before and it was the fewest jobs lost in a year. So make no mistake. We're moving in the right direction.
*We've given 95 percent of America's working families a tax cut.
*Cut taxes for small businesses.
*Extended unemployment benefits for 12 million Americans.
*An America that commits to education-because the countries that out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow and the best jobs will go to the best educated-whether they live in Cincinnati or Shanghai. So we've got to do a better job educating our sons and daughters.
*I've created our Task Force on Middle Class Working Families, led by Vice President Joe Biden, to make sure that our policies always benefit you-America's workers.
*I see reform where we bring stability and security to folks who have insurance today. Where you never again have to worry about going without coverage-if you lose your job, change your job or get sick. Where there is a cap on your out-of-pocket expenses, so you don't have to worry that a serious illness will break you and your family. Where you never again have to worry that you or someone you love will be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.
*I want a health insurance system that works as well for the American people as it does for the insurance industry. They should be free to make a profit. But they also have to be fair. They also have to be accountable. Security and stability for folks who have health insurance. Help for those who don't-the coverage they need at a price they can afford.

But the main thing I want to talk about is our health insurance; people have to realize that the middle man (insurance companies) are raking in record profit. That’s why we need a reform that is fair for everyone, from the lower class to the upper class.

The Reds are back, NOT.

So we are on a seven game winning streak, that’s fantastic news or is it? I mean we are 17 games back of first place St. Louis and with about 20 games to go until the end of season. I hope no one is making a big deal of this winning streak. I think it’s about a month too late for anyone to care. I am ready for some football, oh wait our team is called the Cincinnati Bengals so the enthusiasm for football will last about four weeks. All joking aside, does anyone else think that the baseball season is too damn long I mean do we really need to play 162 games to find out who is going to win the division and who’s going to the playoffs.

Black Gold Found  "BP Plc, Europe’s second-largest oil company, reported a “giant” discovery at the Tiber Prospect in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico that may contain more than 3 billion barrels, after drilling the world’s deepest exploration well. The well is located about 250 miles (400 kilometers) southeast of Houston, the London-based company said today in a statement. It was drilled to approximately 35,055 feet (10,685 meters), greater than the height of Mount Everest."

While this might seem like a big deal it's really not a big deal, let's not go thinking we are going to get a gallon of gas for $1.99. It will take hundreds of millions of dollars and almost ten years for them to extract this oil out of the bottom of the ocean. And trust me the cost of BP drilling will trickle down to us customers. I know with this news most out there will think we can forget about alternative and renewable energy and go back to big gas guzzling vehicles.

This recent find could result in another 250,000 barrels of oil a day. This might sound like a big number until you realize that USA alone swallows almost 20 million barrels of oil every day. Again I say, lets cut down on foreign oil and rely on alternative energy resources.

Study finds Wolves might eat human babies "A wolf hybrid family dog that dragged a 3-day-old boy from his crib now has a new home, although the newborn's father isn't saying where."

I'm not sure what people are thinking, but trust me I don’t want a damn dog that’s part wolf and I don’t care if its only 1/10th part wolf. A wolf is a wolf, it has a tendency to drag stuff out (e.g. baby) and eat it. So here is a warning to everyone out there don’t be a jackass and raise a wolf as your pet it’s never a good idea.

Man Shot in OTR, No One Surprised "A man has been shot inside an apartment in the 1600 block of Pleasant Street, just north of Liberty Street. Police are searching for a suspect described as a black male, about 6 feet tall and 175 pounds, wearing designer jeans, designer glasses and a gray-and-white jacket."

Well dang, arent they pretty much describing most black dudes out there. Back to the main point, when is it that a black dude is not shot in Cincinnati? Our crime rate in Cincinnati went up again last year, now its up to 75 murders compared to 69 in 2007 (+9%). If we keep this up, I'm sure it will go up again at the end of 2009.

So what is going on in Black communities? For the life of me I can’t figure it out, its seems simple and straight forward as anything. Cincinnati’s black community has decided throw away the traditional middle class values, now it seems education is not valued and parents do not take responsibilities for their children’s act.

The thug mentality is glorified. And the black political faces around Cincinnati and the nation prefer to blame others for the problems of the black community. All I'm saying is this, until the black community decides to embrace good values; starting with parents down to the children, communities like OTR and Avondale will continue to decline.

Can I Get Something To Eat "James Orr put an immediate halt to his criminal trial Wednesday when he squeezed the contents of his colostomy bag onto the table in front of him and ate it. A witness had just taken the stand in the case Wednesday when Norm Aubin, Orr's attorney, said Orr leaned into him and asked if Aubin had anything to eat. A shocked Aubin said he didn't. Orr then said he was hungry and asked for food. Aubin ignored him. That's when Orr made a spectacle of taking his colostomy bag, worn on the outside of his body to collect his waste, and placing it on the table. He then squeezed it and looked to be eating it."

If you have not figured out what he was doing, he was trying to eat his own shit. This crazy bastard was pretending to be mentally incompetence to stand trial. You know what; I hope they don’t buy his shit eating act. I hope this asshole just goes straight to prison. Then again if he goes to prison it’s our tax money at waste. Hey Doc, can we put him down?

Offical Loser of the Day

Delbert Burton, 33, of Covington, Ky., for burglary at a home in the 7400 block of Clough Pike, Anderson Twp. Bro I know times are tough but, don't steal other people's shit.

Where is our Streetcar? "Earlier this year, a bizarre coalition that includes the NAACP’s Cincinnati chapter and the ultra-right Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST) successfully collected enough signatures to place a referendum on the November ballot involving the streetcar project. What’s odd is that the NAACP would play along with this gambit. Many passenger rail projects — like the countywide light rail plan defeated by voters in November 2002 — are designed to help improve access for poorer, inner-city residents to suburban areas like Mason and West Chester, where jobs tend to grow faster. Had the “Metro Moves” plan been approved seven years ago, the first phase would have been completed by now, surely a benefit to low-income residents who don’t own cars or can't afford high gas prices. One would hope the NAACP would want to increase choices for the poor. COAST’s motives are suspect, and the local NAACP is foolish to be an accomplice."

What’s up with that NAACP? You don’t want to help your own kind? I have been saying for years that the City of Cincinnati needs some sort of rail system that connects the whole Greater Cincinnati. Has anyone sat through the traffic on 75 or 71 in the afternoon? Why can’t we put some money in a rail project instead of expanding 275 and 75 to 20 lane highways? This is starting to get ridiculous, after traveling and seeing many other cities around the country I can tell you that Cincinnati officially sucks when it comes to transportation. To me Cincinnati always stays in a hole, no matter what everyone else is doing around them.

Imagine what would of happened if the voters have passed the countywide light rail plan in November 2002. The first phase of that project would be done by now. Way to screw it up Cincinnatians. For Christ sake even brown town Cleveland has a rail system. Which bring me to an old saying about Cincinnati “When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it's always twenty years behind the times.” – Mark Twain

More T Bagging in Cincinnati.

Listen, I don’t have problem with people gathering and supporting their cause. But when you are fighting for a cause, be able to back it up. Don’t just go out there and start T bagging everything. When former President Bush created a budget deficit of $3.95 trillion from 2002 to 2009 where were these hateful T bagging bastards? I am not blaming either Bush or Obama for our current economic meltdown, but don’t come around and start bashing things when its convenient for you.

15-Year-Old Girl is a lil' Trick"A 15-year-old girl's mother alarmed by texts from two men. Thirty-five-year-old Marc Burns of Beavercreek, Ohio, and 41-year-old Alonzie Wright Jr. of Dayton have both pleaded not guilty to a count of importuning. The police said they encourage parents to monitor their children's electronic communications."

Let me get this straight, this lil girl is messing around with old dudes and they get in trouble. I gotta make this clear, girls who are 14 or 15 these days aint the same 14 and 15 year old from back in the 50's. You gotta hold these chicks accountable too. I guess it doesn't help she’s from Dayton.

Bengals Already Down to One Leg "Andre Smith suffered a small fracture in his left foot during a non-contact drill."

What? They just paid your ass a truck load of cash and this is what you do. Damn what a shame, loose some weight son. You aint gotta weight that much. Which brings me to this, do you have to weight 335 lb's to play right or left tackel in the NFL?

Chick want more of Papa John's dough A northeastern Kentucky woman says her family deserves a bigger slice of a $250,000 prize for finding a car that once belonged to Papa John's founder John Schnatter

News flash you dont own the car anymore. So shut the hell up and take your 25,000 and move on down the line. Greedy bitch.

Police bother homeless dude "Gregory Williams, 52, was discovered around 3:30 p.m. in a shower stall with the curtain closed by three female students who entered the locker room to drop off personal belongings. After Williams was arrested, he was transported to the Hamilton County Justice Center and released about 2 a.m. because of jail overcrowding. Williams was scheduled to show up in court for his arraignment at 9 a.m. according to court documents, but he did not show up. Warrants have been issued for his arrest."

What the hell is up with Cincinnati? We arrest a homeless guy then let him go and we expect him to be back in court. This is retarded, they should of have not even arrested the dude, all he was doing was probably just chilling in a shower stall after all he is homeless.

WTF is going on people?

The Bengals are back sort of

 Since the Reds are far away from glory. Let’s turn our attention to the Bengals. I pray for the sake of people in Cincinnati that follow this pathetic team (including me) that they pull something out of their ass this season.

Ninja Assassin

This movie looks straight awesome, puting it down on my do list.