Recap San Diego Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Chargers - 20
Bengals - Who cares

Here is the recap but not really a recap, but more of me whining and complaining.
OK, well that was an interesting ball game, no superstar WR's and the Bengals put up 34 points and Carson goes for 16 of 21 for 269 yards and 4 TD's.
Like I said before, you don't need big time RB's or WR's to win football games, all you need a good coach, good QB, good O and D line.
Anyway thanks to the Bengals, now the the fans will hope for a successful season next year. But failing 18 out of 20 years does not tempt me.
But I will say this, Jerome Simpson just proved me wrong and many other people in and around Cincinnati.
Sometimes people just need a chance to show what they got and sometimes the coach's take out the old and put in something new.
If only this coaching staff could adjust during game time and game plan better, I wonder where this team could of have been.
Even with this win, I'm still disappointed in this team and in this season. Wish they would of figured things around sooner rather than later.

Recap Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals

Browns - 17
Bengals - Who cares

The 75th Battle Of Ohio has come and gone, and no one missed a thing. The Battle of Ohio should be known as "Lets see who sucks more". I mean when was the last time this rivalry was relevant?
Like I stated last week, for the rest of the season I will not be recapping any more Bengals game, rather I will bitch and complaining about anything I can think of.
But let me say this first, Jerome Simpson caught two passes.
So what made the Bengals a good team that won the AFC North last year and what made them into a 3-11 so far this year? Last year the Bengals was a good rushing team, which meant that they controlled the ball and possession with limited turnovers. So in the off-season, the Bengals organization decided that to be an even better football team that they needed to stretch the field, which meant we needed a good WR. So they went and got TO, which is fine, because TO is a great player and a match up problem for any DB's.
But what the Bengals didn't need to do was become a pass happy team rather than a rushing team. There is only a few teams in the NFL that can just rely on the aerial attack to win games. Adding a great WR is a good addition to an already pretty good team, but the philosophy and scheme didn't need to change just because of one single player. Switching from a rushing team to a passing team put Carson Palmer in a position that he might have not been comfortable in.

You can't blame anyone when Carson starts throwing INT's, but you can blame the OC for the play calling which can sometimes lead to the defense recognizing the pattern and jumping it. And I feel like the coaches this season has not put the players in a good position to do their jobs.
So honestly I wouldn't be upset if Carson stuck around for next season, but I would be a little upset if the coaching staff has not been fired and replaced.

Battle of the local Cincinnati news stations *UPDATED*

Local Cincinnatians can get their news from four local news stations, but which one is the best of the bunch?
Lets find out as I pick the winner based solely on looks.

People stealing from blind man again

"A judge sent Dante Williams, who is visually impaired and can only see thanks to nine eye surgeries, to prison Thursday for stealing $38 from a blind man who operates the deli inside the Hamilton County Courthouse. He waited until Parker was alone behind the deli counter and gave him a $1 bill, telling the blind Parker it was a $20. Parker gave him $18.65 in change. Williams returned Jan. 28 of this year and bought an item for 75 cents, again waiting for Parker to be alone before giving him $1 and saying it was a $20. Parker gave him $19.25 in change. news.cincinnati
For the second time in a week, a judge sent to prison someone convicted of stealing from the blind owner of the deli inside the Hamilton County Courthouse. This one was an employee who brought her baby to court Tuesday. Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman sent Sharon Watson, 23, to prison for six months after Watson pleaded guilty last month to theft from a disabled person." news.cincinnati

OK, this sad, first we got a blind guy stealing from another blind guy, then we got an employee stealing from the blind guy.
I'm not trying to be a dick but when you are blind and you are running a business, you know people are gonna steal from you. I mean this ain't the 1900's, it's fucking 2010, people have no values they will take advantage of every situation.
But I honestly think that the blind owner was just fucking with Dante Williams, I mean doesn't every single blind person know the difference between and 20 and a one dollar bill? Lets look at it this way, if Dante gave Parker a one dollar bill then told him it was 20 and then Parker gave Dante $18.65 in change. So how did Parker give him exact change of $18.65, it had to be three $5's and 2 singles or one $10 bill and eight singles or one $10, one $5 and two singles. So Parker had to known the difference between singles and a $20, I believe this shit is called entrapment.

Recap Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals - who cares they lost
Steelers - 23
For the rest of the season, I will not recap any of the Bengals game either win or lose. But what I will do is continue to bitch and complain about the Bengals.
Let me first say this, Dan Dierdorf was all over ever single Steeler dick today, I mean he just couldn't stop.
What will be on the Bengals agenda this off-season? New QB? Some Offensive and Defensive tackles? Maybe some good depth at DB's? Maybe some faster, stronger LB's? Maybe a new coach?
I never seem to hear Keith Rivers name being mentioned during any game? I mean for being a former first round pick, he doesn't seem to make many plays.

Lately, every time Carson throws a pass I get a little worried, cause I always feel like its going to be an INT. And he showed today why I feel that way. Anyway, the look on Carson's face tells me that he is tired and he's out of it. Might be for the better if the Bengals and Carson said their goodbyes. Looks like he needs a new start somewhere else, seems like he is tired of Skyline chili and smoked sausages from John Morrell.
Can Brat stop calling these plays on 3rd down, where the route always seem to be short of the first down marker? And also stop with this nonsense screen passes to our TE, especially Reggie Kelly. Speaking of Reggie Kelly, he needs to retire.

Stat: ESPN

Indians can't fight

I love India, that's where I was born. But damn it I'm tired of all this slap and tap shit. We need to learn how to fight, slapping is for bitches, if your are a dude put your hands up and punch someone. I mean you just can't use the pimp slap for every situation.


I'm afraid this is how all mall Santa's are, while heading home to their trailer park homes after a long day.
Can't really blame them, have anyone seen those damn kids and their needy ass's.

Sheman Stabs Husband Over Monday Night Football

Delois Holley
"A St. Petersburg woman flew into a rage because her husband was watching Monday Night Football and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife, police said.Delois Holley, 61, was charged with attempted felony murder and is being held in the Pinellas County Jail. St. Petersburg Police spokesman Mike Puetz says the victim was watching the New England Patriots thrash the New York Jets at the family home in the Arlington Arbor Apartments. "His wife became upset. She obtained a knife and stabbed him multiple times," Puetz said.Holley" abcactionnews

My first though is "that's the face of a lady".  I guess she must have been a Jets fan or something. Or her husband told her to get him a God damn snack. Either way, just count your blessing if you don't die bro, I mean who would want to live with a chick that's half bald and got some sort of goatee thing going on. I mean just look at her, she is a mean looking bitch.

Recap New Orleans Saints vs Cincinnati Bengals

Saints - 34
Bengals - 30

I'm going to try an underachieve on my post just like my beloved Bengals.
Every week it just gets worse. Why do I still care about this team?
Everybody knows on 4th down the offense is going to try and make the defense jump offsides. Everybody, that is, except for the Bengals.
Like my boy @DBert said "Bengals and Marvin have to be trying to do this shit on purpose, I am not kidding, there is no way the are this dumb, Marvin wants to be fired."
Cam Newton welcome home. Wait a minute will Cam end up as another Akili Smith? I'm so confused.
Is the season over yet?

Stat: ESPN

Recap Pittsburgh Panthers vs Cincinnati Bearcats

So the 2010 football season has come to an end for the Bearcats. Just like the way the season started is how the season ended, with a lose.

But look on the bright side at least our mascot didn't go down without a fight.

Really there is nothing that needs to be said about this game that has not already been said through out the season.
Just hope Coach Butch Jones fixes the defense, and the offense.
For way too long the excuse for being a bad defense has been "its a young defense", next year that needs to be corrected if the Bearcats have any ambition of being one of the top teams in Big East.
The play of the QB needs to improve, Zach has been too erratic over the season, with too many INT's.

PS. I applaud Connor Barwin for sticking it out for the entire game.

Double PS. Someone get Coach Kerry Coombs a damn sweatshirt or something, that man was going nuts on the sidelines with only a polo shirt. How does he do it? When stuff starts going bad to worse that's when Coach Coombs go from crazy to bat shit crazy.

Triple PS. Here is the video of the Bearcat mascot be hauled away by the police. Hey you, the bitch in the video shut the F up, the shit is funny and it is on the Internet.

Stat: ESPN

Two epic cat fights in two days

Fight 1. Two former best friends turn on each other because of evil crows.

Fight 2. Just don't stare at another pussy's girl, especially at the Jersey shore.

Quidditch League at UC

OK what is going on here? Do you guys realize you are riding a fucking broom? What happened to riding horses and donkeys? This is why Harry Potter fans get beaten up.

All I gotta say is Quidditch League is gayer than this soccer referee.