The Leadoff Dilemma

Finally the Reds get a series win since they swept the Dodgers. Will this series win against the Rays start a run for the Reds, who takes on the Cleveland Indians starting tonight.
But the bigger question might be who will Dusty Baker pick as the leadoff hitter?
Twitter is on fire every time Drew Stubbs steps up to the plate. But Dusty knows he can't take Stubbs out of the game because he is one of the best CF in the game. So that leaves Fred Lewis, Chris Heisey or Jonny Gomes as the lead off hitter. All three have produced very well given the chance.
To be fair, I think Dusty needs to go against his conventional wisdom. And he needs to put Heisey in CF and put Lewis in LF. I don't want to say send Stubbs to AAA until he figures out how to make contact with the ball. But sometimes it just needs to be done. He is a career .257 batter, and that is not leadoff quality.

Adidas Originals Forum Mid Lite

The adidas Forum, first released in 1984, was the first adidas basketball shoe that was produced in high, mid- and low-top versions. But the 2011 version has been to Jenny Craig and has lost some weight. Adidas has removed the superfluous elements and giving the shoe an all-mesh upper and printed branding but retaining the original silhouette.
I personally think the shoe looks fantastic.

What To Do With Bob Bradley?

So here we are, four days after Mexico took everything from us even the family pet. Where does the United States Mens National team go? Where does the USMNT fans go? Will Sunil Gulati make a change later on in the week?

It's not a question of if Bradley has a good job or not. I think for the level of where the USA domestic league is and where some of our best players play at, I think he has done a great job so far.

But sometimes, there has to be a change. I think no national team manger should stay on board after one world cup cycle. I think after five years as the man in charge, Bradley has lost the attention of his players. But what I am most ticked about is his pre game tactics and his roster moves.
Here is an example, why did Benny Feilhaber make it over Bedoya? Why did Bedoya have to start on the bench so we could confirm how bad Rogers is? Why did we sit Agudelo so we could confirm how bad Wondolowski is? Who thought Kljestan over Donovan was a good idea? Why did Gooch come in as a starter despite not being close to international form? All these things, Bob has to answer. And if he can't answer, maybe it's time for another national team manager.

But in the upcoming week, I will discuss about some players on the USMNT roster that gets picked regularly.

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Spraying Deputies With Breast Milk

A woman faces several charges after she allegedly sprayed deputies with breast milk as they tried to detain her over the weekend. According to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to the area after receiving calls about a domestic dispute.  When they arrived, a man told them that he had been attending a wedding at the facility with his wife, who had gotten drunk and struck him several times before locking herself in a car. "When deputies attempted to remove Robinette from the vehicle, she advised the deputies that she was a breast feeding mother and proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying deputies and the vehicle with her breast milk,".

Well this is a new way to fight the law, but she still lost. Jesus, does the cops have be bunch of assholes? I'm surprised the cops didn't shoot her dead. They were in fear for their lives you know 'cause they just got assaulted.
But what  kind of  husband calls the police on his wife just because she is drunk and locked herself in the car? They should have arrested him for being a dumbass.
But I wonder if the baby would get buzzed up if she breast feds the baby after getting drunk?

Magician Dynamo Walking On Water

This new cat named Magician Dynamo walking across the River Thames,  was filmed for his new television show.
Give me a break, is this bitch real with this shit. If your gonna walk on water why do you need to balance your self like your walking on a tightrope?


The Car Show With Adam Carolla Promo

I have always been a fan of car shows. And every chance I get I try to watch Top Gear, 5th Gear and what shows I can find. And ever since Top Gear U.S.A. came last year, I have watched that too. Now SPEED channel has come up with something to rival Top Gear U.S.A.
Basically its about bunch of guys driving around awesome cars that make us poor bastards drool and wish we had a better life.
Is it me or does Adam Carolla kinda looks like Jeremy Clarkson if he were 20 years younger with tighter, youthful skin, darker hair, and Italian. They got almost the same elongated head shape and very similar humor.


Scary Camaro Crash at Grand-Am Road America

If you like racing and if you like something other than left turns then I am sure you are familiar with the Grand Am Series.
It seems as Shaldach's CoolTV Chevrolet Camaro had the brakes locked up and plowed into the back of Joe Foster's Mazda RX-8. After running into the Mazda, the Camaro then continued straight through the gravel trap and tire barriers, then flew over the fence into the ass crack of Kim Kardashian.
More pictures.


USA vs Mexico 2011 Gold Cup Finals Recap

My thoughts after each goal.

Friday Links: Oh Fuck It's A Trap

Who Is Ready For Some Mexico VS USA Gold Cup Finals Action?

I know I am. USA USA USA.
I'll be honest, I'm a little worried about our offense to put some balls in the back of the net. And Mexico as been running wild on its opponents so far in the Gold Cup tournament. So lets hope the defense can continue it's impressive performance.
I just pray its not a repeat of the 2009 Gold Cup final when those Mexican put those dirty balls in our net five times.

Golazo Golazo USA USA


2012 Corvette Z06 Laps the Nurburgring in 7:22.68

Let me repeat that, a Z06 went around the worlds most difficult track in 7:22.68. That is faster than a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Nissan GT-R (2011), Maserati MC12, Pagani Zonda F Clubsport, Ferrari Enzo.
The 7:22:68 is a 20 second improvement over the previous Z06 that was tested.
Who needs a Porsche, Ferrari or some other Euro super car when we can get something faster for a cheaper price.Yea, I agree, it has an ugly interior, but who cars.
So why such a huge improvement? First, this Z06 was outfitted with with the Z07 chassis package, which includes a special Performance Traction Management system previously unique to the ZR1, Michelin Pilot Sport tires, Magnetic Selective Ride Control, and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes.
Sit back and enjoy the ride. 

If you are a fan of the Corvette ZR1 here is the video of ZR1 running the ring in 7:19.4 Seconds.


How People See Me

USA vs. Panama Gold Cup Semifinals

"He's Freddy Adu, he plays in Turkish Division 2, he makes Panama look like poo. He's Freddy Adu."

In all seriousness, I wanted this game to be a blow out. But it was another 90 minutes of struggle for the offense. But riding a strong defensive performance the USA has reached their 4th straight Gold Cup final.
I was scratching my head when I saw the starting line up. Sasha over Donovan? That didn't make make much sense to me. But it only took Bob Bradley 45 minutes to figure out that wasn't a good move. Is it me does Bob always has to go to plan B to get a result?
But who would of have figured that in the biggest game so far in the tournament that Bob Bradley would throw another curve ball by bringing in Adu for Juan Agudelo. After all, he is playing in the Turkish 2nd division. But truth be told, no one on this team has his ball skills.
USA couldn't create enough chances in the first half. But that did not deteriorate them from winning this game. They had to have redemption on their mind, because that what I had on my mind. There is was no way this team was going to lose to Panama for the second time in the last four games.
Freddy Adu was the spark the USA attack needed on a night when the offense once again struggled against Panama. But the defense has played very well through out the tournament even if it's against CONCACAF opponents. But I have to give credit to Boca, Bedoya, Jones, Dempse, Cherundolo and Lichaj because they all played a pretty good game.

Now the USA must wait for the winner of Mexico vs Honduras. Who's hoping for a Honduras win? I know I am.


Amish man busted in sexting sting

An Amish Indiana man has been arrested after police say he showed up at an undercover sting in a horse-drawn buggy. He has been charged with soliciting a 12-year-old girl for sex. Willard Yoder, 21, is accused of sending 600 texts, nude pictures and videos to the girl, saying he wanted to have sex with her. The girl's mother found the texts and went to police. Police set up a sting at a Connersville, Indiana restaurant. Fox 19

Well ain't that some shit. Fucking Amish dude rolling up on his horse drawn buggy. You just can't make this shit up. Oh how I wish Chris Hansen was there for this.
Let me say this don't be fooled by the Amish dudes, they love electricity and technology as much as everyone else.
Let me tell you a little story. I had four Amish guys come work on a framing project. So in my mind, I figured these guys would roll up on a horse drawn buggy. But to my surprise, they rolled up in a brand new Ford F-150 with a giant black trailer. So then I figured they are gonna use hand saws, nails and hammers to get the job done. Again, they started to put out nails guns, miter saw and electric hand saw. And in the back of my mind, I'm thinking aren't these guys Amish? I thought they weren't suppose to use electricity.
So the moral of the story is this, they need to stop pretending.. They love electricity, technology and pussy., just like us. And is ready to achieve some sexual satisfaction anyway possible.

Domata Peko And Robert Geather Are Not Productive

Click to enlarge
The guys over at Cincy Jungle did some calculations and came up with some stats to back up what I have been saying for couple of years.
I have said for some time that Domata Peko is the worst player on the defensive line. I have been saying that he does nothing but get pushed around. The only thing I ever see Peko do is jump on top of a pile after someone else has made a play.
I know someone of  you think it's not Peko's job to put pressure on the QB, he should only worried about stopping the run. To an extent I can agree to that, but ultimately his job is to disrupt the QB and to stop the run. And if he's not doing those two things then, the Bengals need to replace him on the roster because doing only 50% of what you are required to do is not good enough.
We don't need stats to tell us who sucks and who doesn't, all you have to do is watch the game. The only time Peko and Geathers should ever see playing time is when the starters and the backups are out injured.


Thierry Henry's Red Card Vs. Portland Timbers

I'm not a big NY Red Bulls fan, but this card was just disgusting.
I had a more violent bowel movement last night compared to this red card.
I know the MLS referees have been getting heat all season long and after seeing this I'd say it's rightfully so.
The referees needs to stop being such a big part of the game.


2012 Mini Cooper Coupe

Ever since the Mini Cooper came out, I had a thing for. It was small and it was fun to drive. Especially the Cooper S. Now comes the all new 2012 Cooper Coupe. These new Coupe looks pretty fantastic, even thought they have kept the same design in the front. The interior is new but still very much a Mini.
This is the first Mini to be built with a "three-box" design concept, which means the body, wraparound glass and roof are three boxes built upon a horizontal plane.
The 2012 Cooper Coupe in three flavors; base Cooper Coupe (121 HP), Cooper S Coupe (181 HP) and the John Cooper Works Coupe (208 HP).

Mini says that prices will fall somewhere between those of the respective hatchback and convertible models, which would put them somewhere around $22,500 for the base Cooper Coupe, $27,000 for the Cooper S Coupe, and roughly $32,500 for the Works.

Looking forward to seeing these around town pretty soon.

Who Is Ready For Some UC Bearcats Football

I know I am, forget about all this NFL lockout stuff, just give me some UC football and I'll be happy.
After two straight BCS Bowl appearances, the Bearcats fell to a 4-8 record under first year coach Butch Jones. Even though Butch was in his first year, I still had high hopes for 2010 because of UC's offense. But key injuries and a young and inexperienced defense did the Bearcats in.
For 2011, the Bearcats have landed a pretty good recruiting class. And the best of the bunch might be Mr. Ohio Football Akise Teague.
The 2011 season should fair much better than last season. One reason that is because UC returns all 11 starters on defense.
The 2011 schedule won't be any easier but I'm confident that the Bearcats can battle for the Big East title.
What do you guys think? Where will the Bearcats finish in 2011?

Genetically Modified Cows That Churns Out Human Breast Milk

"Chinese scientists have produced a herd of genetically modified cows that make milk that could substitute for human breast milk -- a possible alternative to formula in a nation rocked by tainted milk powder scandals." Reuters

Well fuck, no thanks. Who's gonna trust modified milk from China, when can't even get dog food right? I have no problem buying a lot of stuff that's made in China, but when it come to food I like to keep in local.

Obama Impersonator Misfires At The GOP Forum

The Republicans hire Obama impersonator Reggie Brown then escorts him off the stage when the jokes starts to hit close to home.

The audience was roaring as long as Reggie Brown stuck to lowbrow racial jokes at Obama's expense. They got angry only when he started picking on Republicans. Says more about Republicans than it does about Brown's act.
I have to admit, this guy is hilarious. And when he smiles, he looks like an Barak Obama twin.

If you want to watch the entire stand up the watch the video below.


Casio PRW-5000Y-10R

If you are an outdoors man like me, then this watch has everything you ever wanted.
This little watch packs a punch all for under $300. It has Altimeter/barometer, compass and thermometer. It is solar power with 5 month power reserve. This watch also has five daily alarms (why?), and many many other functions. And the blue color looks awesome.

Ken Block Gymkhana, tilt-shift edition

I don't know anything about tilt shift, but certain things looks pretty freaking awesome in tilt shift. And one of them is Ken Block going crazy in his Ford rally car.

If you like to see Ken do the same thing with bikini model then watch the video blow. I must warn you, there is really nothing to see because she is all covered by seat belts and helmet.

The BMW M 1

I'm not a BMW fan boy, but this is one of my favorite cars out there today. So after I pay off my school loans I'm looking into getting my hands on one of these. The M 1 is a rear-wheel-drive, twin turbo 3.0-litre straight-six now putting out 340hp. If you press on the pedal hard enough you will get 0-60  in just 4.7 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to155 miles per hour.

I'm a big fan of small cars with some big power. Let me just say this, I'd rather have this over the M3 but not over the STI. For the amount of money this car coasts, I just wish there was some more HP under the hood or the price lowered by about 5K.

Nas - Nasty

Nasty Nas makes his return with the first single off his next solo album, Life Is Good. I'm really feeling this one. Now this sounds like Hip-Hop.

Marvin LOEB Special Edition

If you are into rally racing, then this watch is just for you. Marvin has developed two exclusive chronographs in partnership with Sébastien Loeb, seven-time world rally champion and Marvin Ambassador. They both proudly carry the rally champion`s signature and evoke the world of rallying in the smallest details.
It's all in the details for Marvin. The red suspension springs, an exclusive innovation, allow you to adjust the watch perfectly to your wrist; critical information is displayed on counters shaped like dashboard instruments; the chronograph is controlled by buttons resembling paddle shifters; and the hands pay homage to stabilizing sway bars found in rally vehicles.
The watch is available in two different version one in mechanical, and the other in automatic-rewinding chronograph, Only 777 pieces will be made available. The automatic version has Séb`s signature engraved on the sapphire crystal of the transparent caseback which reveals the mechanical movement and its rotor in the Marvin colours. The quartz chronograph, accurate to 1/10th of a second, carries the signature on the dial at 4 as well as engraved on the caseback, with the inscription “World Rally Champion”.


Diadora Heritage 2011 Fall The Queen 70

I always had a thing for Diadora and this Diodora Heritage is a redesigned version of the Queen 70 model, an iconic shoe which was made specifically for track and field legend Edwin Moses. It's coming out in Fall 2011.

Source: Kick On Fire

USA vs. Jamaica Gold Cup quarterfinals

Here goes my first post about soccer and it comes at the heals of USMNT's win vs Jamaica in the Gold Cup. With the win USA advances to the Semis. on Wednesday in Houston, the United States will face the winner of Panama-El Salvador.

Having watched the past three games in the group play, I must say today win was a great result. The way they played vs. Jamaica is what the fans of USMNT was hoping to see since the start of Gold Cup. Especially not starting Donovan and not having Jozy the entire game. They played with discipline, with a complete and creative performance. A momentum builder without a doubt. Their finishing could have been better.

Talks about Bob Bradley's status can subside for another couple days. For all the flack Bradley has taken, some of it deserved, he made plenty of good moves today, both with the lineup and in-game moves. Jones, Bedoya, Kljestan, Agudelo all with standout performances today.

I have to give where credit is due, and that belongs to Donovan Ricketts, he single handedly kept his team alive. 

Lets Talk Some Soccer

 I am starting a new section on the blog dedicated to soccer. I am a big fan of MLS, US Soccer and International soccer. So from now on Calling It Like It Is will be chiming into the wide range of soccer topic.
Feel free to share your thoughts.

Bengals Response To The ESPN The Magazine Ranking

Earlier this week, our Bengals were rated (by ESPN) as the worst franchise, from top to bottom, in all of pro sports (#122 out of 122). And of course the mad scientist at the Who Dey perspective had to put their own twist on the story.
The thing that stood out to me the most was the response given by the Bengals, when dealing with the low score.  “We are among 14 of the 32 NFL teams to have won twodivision titles in the last six seasons.” Yes, you read that correctly. Is that really an accomplishment? This is what the Bengals are proud of! Just think about it for a moment…. Can you imagine the Patriots saying something like this? What about the Steelers? Hell, name me one team in all of pro sports that can say something like that with a straight face? (The Bengals were 44-51-1 over that 6 year span, 0-2 in the playoffs.)
If you thought that was bad, check out this next line. “Still, we know we have work to do to get back to thatlevel of success.” That level of success?! Seriously? The last time I checked, you don’t get any trophy for winning your division 2 out of 6 years! Accepting mediocrity is the ultimate defeat. These two sentences written by the Bengals, alone, is every reason why they belong at #122
The Bengals made $49.4 million last year while going 4-12. The Packers who were rated the #1 franchise in all of pro sports, made $9.8 million while winning the Super Bowl. Mike Brown is clearly a superb businessman. There is no question about that. However, as long as making money is his ultimate goal, the Bengals will find themselves holding down that #122 spot for years to come. 
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Brandon Phillips Makes A Great Play Vs. Blue Jays

I swear, Brandon is the king of high light reel plays. Night after night, just doing it like a Boss. He's on ESPN top 10 so much, he needs to start charging them.
Just look at him, the birds can't fool him, the angle of the throw can't get him and the distance is his bitch.
Something tells me Brandon has another Gold Glove waiting for him.

Bengals Finish Last Again, This Time Named The Worst Franchise In Sports

In all, 122 teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball were ranked in order, based on a weighted average of scores in eight different categories ranging from the quantitative to the emotionally subjective: “bang for the buck” (24.3%), players (16.6%), fan relations (16.5%), affordability (14.1%), stadium experience (9.1%), ownership (9.0%), title track (6.7%), and coaching (3.9%).The NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals finished dead last (#122) . ESPN

Well this aint the first time the Bengals has been at the bottom of these ranking. This is the second time in nine years the Bengals have finished last. I'm wondering what happened to the other seven years.
I'm just a little upset that the Bengals only finished last in three out of eight categories. I was hoping they would sweep all the categories.
So they finished last in fan relations (openness and consideration of players, coaches and management toward fans), I guess the Who Dey Perspective is not really working out for them. That's just sad.
Who else hoping Mike Brown moves the team to LA? I know it won't happened but I can still dream right?

Ohio lawmakers vote to allow guns in bars, arenas.

"Ohio lawmakers passed a proposal Wednesday to allow people with concealed-carry permits to take their firearms into many facilities where alcohol is served and consumed, as long as they don't drink.
The Republican-led Ohio House voted 55-39 in favor of the change, and the GOP-led Senate concurred with a vote of 25-7."

Oh I love these GOP's, I'm glad they are focusing on budgets, economy and unemployment. I mean what is with guns and America? What exactly is the point of the second amendment in this day and age?
When the second amendment was adopted in December 15, 1791 it was because firearms was essential for group defense of our communities: "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."
So lets get this straight America, 1971 is long gone and the situations are different. England is not coming to invade America. And we don't need to take on the Government.
I think its time to take our head out of our ass and look at more rational ideas. Look at Canada, Australia and England. No one over there is crying about not being able to carry guns. And no one in these countries are loosing their freedom because they don't have a gun.
I'm not saying people should not be able to buy sporting rifles but no citizen should be allowed to buy assault-weapons ban, and there is no justification for civilians to possess machine pistols or semiautomatic rifles.
In my opinion this whole gun debate is getting a little out of control.

Germans Are Still A Little Racist

Those fuckers over there just don't get it. Just because the Dallas superstar is white and the Miami superstars are black doesn't mean they play ghetto basketball. If you want some ghetto basketball you should watch some old tapes of the Cincinnati Bearcats from the mid 90's. Now that shit was ghetto.

Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Call Off Wedding

You know what, I kind of feel bad for Hefner. Everyone knows, and I'm sure including Hef knew that this bitch was just using him for some attention to enhance her shitty music and modeling career. Or, he asked her to sign a Pre-nup.Otherwise, why would she call it quits right before the wedding?
Hey Hef, I think it's time you stop trying to get married. You have everything you ever wanted, your not going to gain anything by getting married to a bimbo.
But I have to give it up to Hef. Nothing faces the old bag. Such a pimp. "I'm consistent; when I was 20 I was dating 20-year-old girls and now I'm 85 I'm still dating them." Like A BOSS


Who Is This Vancouver Canucks Girl?

I just couldn't help myself. Honestly I'm not really sure is she's all that hot. But watching her bounce her tits all over the place made this girl look like she was super hot. Just wish there was little bit more footage.
So I ask, can someone find this girl?

Chad Ochocinco's Not So Funny Moment

This is what Chad wrote under the picture "I went to StarBucks and this was an #EPIC moment when the white guy said my coffee was ready."
At first it looks like someone had written racist stuff on Chad's Starbucks cup. But after reading a little bit about it, it turns out when the young lady asked for Chads name and he said "the black guy with shades".
I'm sure Chad did this on purpose, but I'm not sure if he meant it to be funny or not. But making someone look like a racist on purpose even though they just did what you had asked them to do is a little shady.

Why I Hate The Cubs And Their Fans

Bunch of fucking racist bastards.

Should I Post This Note On My Neighbors Door?

 Well? Should I or should I not?

Elephant Rampaging Through The Streets Of India

This ain't nothing new in India. That's just what elephants do when they get pissed off. But what I'm a little confused about is, did someone just fucking tie that cow up to the post like a dog? What the hell, did they just take the cow on a walk or something then decide to stop at the coffee shop? Obviously can't take the cow inside so the next best thing is to tie it to a post. Poor cow was lucky it was a young elephant.
I think it's about time for the people of India to stop taking their live stocks to the streets.

Cincinnatis New Reality TV Show "Queen City"

Well damn, Cincinnati got another new reality TV show. This time it's not a national show, it's all local shoot and produced right here in Cincinnati.
Let's get to the real meat of things. What is the show about? Well the show is called "Queen City" is about four hot chicks doing their slutty shit around Cincinnati.
So lets meet our stars.
Click here to read more >>>

Bounce House Bounces Away

I couldn't stop laughing at this shit. The bounce house just bouncing all over the place. Mother nature can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
What pisses me off is the guy with the bike just standing there and watching this. Bro, what is your problem? Drop you bike and run over there and hold down the bounce house.

Sarah Palin Is An Idiot

Well ain't that a shame, Sarah Palin randomly putting words together that makes no sense. Not really. I'm pretty sure everyone already knew that.
If she does get the GOP nomination it will be solely on her bull shitting ability.
Even as an immigrant I fucking knew Paul Revere's rode his fucking horse to warn the colonist that the British are coming.
You know what I think. For ever future presidential candidate it should be mandatory for them to appear on "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" and if they fail, they shouldn't be able to run for the Presidency.
No more idiots in the White House.

Tony La Russa's Conversation With Bruce Bochy

Assessment Of The Reds Season So Far In 2011

The Reds have played 57 games, so basically one third of the season and they are sitting in third place with 3.5 games out of first place. So should the Reds nation be satisfied? No.
Even though the Reds are only 3.5 games out of first place, they could have played better.
Am I worried that the Reds won't make the playoffs? Yes, I am a little worried. Because the pitching is not where it needs to be and Edinson Volquez has been a disappointment. Also, the bats are not making contact consistently. Sure Jay Bruce is first in the NL in HR's and Joey Votto is in the top 15 in hitting. But overall the team is under performing.
The good thing is, in the NL Central there is no one club that is dominant.
The Reds need to win the next six game, three against the Dodgers and three against the Cubs. Both of those teams and struggling and if the Reds want to get back in to contention for NL Central this is a good place to start.

You Can't Get Service Like This At Macy's

Well good for that guy, at least he knows what he's doing. Unlike some of these assholes that work at Macy's and Sears. Every time I go to the store and need some assistance you know what they do. They pretend like they don't see me and when I track them down and and ask them they tell me, I'm new or I don't work in this department or let me get someone else for you. Well I'm tired of that shit.
No wonder all our jobs are going overseas. Because these fuckers work their ass for for $.50 an hour and enjoy doing that shit or act like they enjoy it.

Lion Killing Man While People Looks On

Well ain't that a shame. People looking on while this poor chump gets his neck chewed on. But my question is how the fuck did he get in there to begin with? There has to be a door right? So why didn't other people try to get in there? I mean I see that little fucking dog coming and going with no problem.
This just proves my point. Don't fuck with wild animals. They don't have feeling. They don't care if humans rule the planet.
We should not be keeping animals in the zoo and use them at circuses.

What Does Jay-Z Song "99 Problems" Really Mean?

Well you know that song "99 problems" by Jay-Z, well I always thought that says that while he has many other problems, he doesn't have a woman to worry about.Well I finally figured out what it really means.And it has nothing to do with a chick and everything to do with a k9 dog.
"Jay-Z recounts the time, in 1994, when he was driving down I-95. He had a stash of crack in a fake compartment in the sunroof of his Maxima when he got pulled over by cops for “no good reason.” The police knew they couldn’t search his car without probable cause, so they called the K-9 unit — the dogs would be able to sniff out the drugs. But the unit didn’t show up, and the cops had to let him go. A minute later, he saw the K-9 unit speeding down the highway in the other direction, but too late — he was already home free. It’s a moment he would later recount in his 2004 hit song, “99 Problems” with the lyric: “I got 99 problems but a b*tch ain’t one.” At the time, Jay-Z was slammed for the misogynistic use of the word “b*tch” — but, as he reveals in his book, he was actually referring to a female dog, or the dogs that never caught up to him that day. “It would have changed my life if that dog had been a few seconds faster,” K97.5
Well ain't that some shit. It's about a fucking dog.