The Bengals Select A.J. Green With Their First Pick In The 2011 NFL Draft

I'm a bit confused with this pick, I'm sure A.J. Green is a great WR. But at the end of the day trading down with Atlanta would have been a smarter pick. Falcons offered their first, second and fourth-round picks this year and a first and fourth next year. To me those are some great pick that doesn't come by too often.
The worst part about it is, that the fucking Browns got the trade with the Falcon, that's just a big slap in the face to the Bengals front office.

Here is what SI said about the Bengals pick.
"Bad organizations make bad draft-day decisions. The Bengals are a bad organization. And they made yet another bad draft-day decision. First-round wide receivers have an incredibly high rate of failure in the NFL. And the team has already tried and failed to win under the mistaken assumption that teams are built around wide receivers. Green is a great talent and could become a big-time NFL wideout. Regardless, the Bengals would have been better served with a stud interior lineman or pass rusher to shore up a defense that ranked 21st against the run (4.43 YPA) and 24th at rushing the passer (sack or INT on 7.95 percent of dropbacks).


Double Rainbow Over Cincinnati

Whoa that’s a full rainbow, all the way
Double rainbow, Oh my God, Double rainbow
What does this mean?
It’s so bright and so vivid
And it’s starting to look like a triple rainbow
That’s a whole rainbow, MAN
Double rainbow all the way across the sky from Mt. Adams to Covington
That is the badest fucking rainbow I’ve ever seen

Bengals 2011 Draft Preview: Defensive Backs

The Bengals have two solid CB's in Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph. But the Bengals have no Safeties.Chris Crocker and Roy Williams have not done themselves any favors. They are past their prime and needs to step aside.
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Bengals 2011 Draft Preview: Linebackers

The Bengals have three starting line backers that are average. No one in this group is an outstanding, pro bowl type LB.
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Never Seen A Bird Fight End Like This

I'm guessing it would of have been better to stay and taken a beating rather than trying to run away, only to get hit by a car. Now everyone in the geese community is gonna laugh at this chump.

Bengals 2011 Draft Preview: Defensive Line

The Bengals always need help on the Defensive Line. Currently the Bengals have some good young players in Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson.on the DE and Geno Atkins on the DT. Besides for those three players I don't see anyone else on the roster that should be a starter.
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Human Cannonball Dies

British police say a man has died after a safety net gave way during a human cannonball performance at a "daredevil" stunt show in southern England. Huffington Post

I'm not trying to be an insensitive jerk,but shooting your self out of a cannon is never a good idea. If you are at the crossroads of life and you are wondering about shooting yourself out a cannon? The answer should always be NO.
But honestly, has there ever been a "good" human cannon ball accident?Yeah, I didn't think so.
Darwin's theory will eventually catch up to you.

Bengals 2011 Draft Preview: Running Backs

Cedric Benson might on on his way out or he could be back to this team. If he does, he will be the starter and Bernard Scott will be the backup.
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Bengals 2011 Draft Preview: WR/TE

This is a hard position to assess. The Bengals have some young players in Caldwell, Gresham, Shipley, Simpson that are ready to step up.
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How Racist Are These Black People? *Updated*

Usually when I see a video from World Star Hip Hop, it's just dumb and funny. But his video was not funny at all. They just kept beating this poor chick even though she was already beaten up.  And the only person that came to her help was a old White lady. What does that tell you about the rest of the Black people in that McDonalds?

Here is what I thought after watching that video. No one came to that poor girls help. Why? Was it because she was White? Yea I probably say so. All I saw was bunch of racist fucker just standing around doing nothing, while a White girl was beaten up. Plain and simple.

Turns out, that White female was a White male dressed like a White female hanging out in the women's bathroom. Fuck.


Ray Lewis Killing It With His Motivational Speech

Man, I'm fucking pumped. If the wife was here, I'd tackle that ass.
Fuck the background music, the sound of thunder and rain was a perfect soundtrack for his speech.


Mike Leake Need To Steal More Often

I'm kidding y'all. Don't steal, it's wrong, unless you can get away with it.
I gotta give Mike Leake credit for coming out and getting a win in the middle of all the crap that is going on with him off the field.
Anyway the Reds finishing the homestand with a 2-5 record is not good.
Give it up for Mike Leake y'all

Bengals 2011 Draft Preview: Quarterbacks

It would have been nice to not talk about drafting a Quarterback. But since Carson Palmer is retiring and brother Jordan Palmer is holding minicamp workouts we are left with no choice but to talk about drafting a QB.
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Bengals 2011 Schedule

Ok I admit I stole this picture from Mo Egger.
Just look at that schedule, it just looks like a nice juicy steak waiting to be devoured.
The Bengals could easily win 10 or 11 games, if we had a decent QB. Oh wait, we don't have a QB. Ok well now it looks like we could win 3 or 4 games.
Andrew Luck I hope you don't back to school get your Master or some shit like that. We need you bro.


Jordan Palmer holding minicamp

"I've got them staying in a hotel, got a trainer and everything set up for them," Palmer said. "It should be good and take some steps in the right direction. It's my first thing, really, as a leader. I want to be the guy, so I'm just trying to do those things."

Jordan, buddy, I'm happy your doing this. But I'm sure you know that no one sees you as a leader on this team. I'm not even sure if you will be on the roster for the upcoming season because you kind of sucks.
Well on second thought, I hope you make the roster and I hope you become the starter so we can go 0-16. That way we can draft Andrew Luck in the 2012 draft.

I Love The Tiny Giraffe

What else is there to say? I wish I had this tiny Giraffe. I'm even willing to trade my wife and dog for this Giraffe.

Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Mike Leake Arrested For Shoplifting

Leake, of Ludlow, was arrested after Macy's department store loss prevention employees stopped the Reds pitcher today after they say he took $59.88 in property from the store.Leake is accused of stealing six American Rag T-shirts from the store, removing the security tags and leaving the store without paying for them.

Oh Mike Leake, how much of a dumbass are you? You make close to half a million this year, I'm sure you can afford six American Rag T-shirts. I mean who the fuck buys that crap anyway?
This reminds of my own story, when I was 15, I stole a small sticker of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony from F.Y.E.
The messed up part was I stole the shit from counter while I was paying for other stuff, and I had 80 bucks in my pocket.
I guess Mike Leake was just like me, even though we both have money to buy the stuff, we just said fuck it. I'd rather steal this shit.

Bengals 2011 Draft Preview: Offensive Tackles

2010 was not such a good year for the O-line. Yea, Andrew Whitworth had a solid year only giving up 2 sacks. But the passing game struggled and the running game struggled.

Nick Masset sucking and Dusty Baker not helping

I'm sure everyone is wondering why in the world, does Dusty Baker keep sending Masset out there.
Well it turns out, Dusty had no choice but to send him out there after Chapman didn't look so good. And we find out today that Chapman has shoulder inflammation.

So here is my question, why does managers yank pitchers who are doing well. Why burn a perfectly effective Jordan Smith on one single batter when you know you don't want to go to Massett. Why is it so bad to keep Jordan Smith out there for a bit longer?

That's one thing about baseball I don't understand, these managers have these unwritten rules that makes no sense. If a guy can pitch and if he is being effective, keep him out there. Do put your self in a hole where you have to bring in a guy that you don't have confidence in.

50 Cent Doesn't Know What A Grapefruit Is

Well fuck you Aziz Ansari, that shit is confusing. It's a grapefruit, and everyone knows what the color of grape is, it fucking purple.

Fity, I hope you don't put a hit out on Aziz, just leave that little brown man alone.

What if Saudi Arabia attacked Canada?

So a homophobe, a rapist and a black dude walk into a bar...

And everyone was like "Yo can I get your autograph Kobe"?

Pauly Casillas

Ohio State's Jared Sullinger getting hate mail

Well this is a damn shame. I just wish Jared would find the punk and bust his face in.
This country has come so far, but it's shit like this that takes it few steps back again.

Jared Sullinger via Mo Egger

Map Of World Penis Size

click to enlarge

I'm looking at this world penis size map and I'm not buying this shit at all.

This has to be fake, there is no way Iceland, Greenland and Canada have bigger penis than America.

Everyone knows black dudes have the biggest stick in the game, and America has close to 20 million black men and how many does Iceland and Greenland have? Zero, I bet.

Brazil I believe, they have to be equipped to get through those average Brazilian booties.

Next time we watch porn, we need to start clicking on those ads that says add few inches to your penis. America needs to be green on that map not fucking light pink, which is not much better than dark pink color of China.

PS: Was this a question on the census or something? Cause I don't remember seeing it.


Happy ending alleged at Eastgate Mall spa

Four people face prostitution charges in connection with a massage service that operated in Eastgate Mall for more than a year, police said Thursday.
Several undercover police officers visited the Union Township spa to gather evidence, Blankenship said.
Massages cost $10 for 10 minutes, Blankenship said. Customers who wanted inappropriate contact were billed in extra 10-minute increments. All were of Chinese ethnicity. A customer complaint about inappropriate contact and an anonymous tip prompted police to begin investigating in March.

Well damn, ain't that a shame. I swear, every time I walked past this spa I had a good feeling about this place. Now I'm just sad that I never went in for a massage.

Why is that 99% of these massage parlors are operated by Chinese people? Do they just love giving happy ending or something? It seems like it's built into every Chinese women's DNA to give a happy ending.
Every time I see a Chinese massage parlor, I'm automatically thinking they give happy endings in there.

But the worst part about this is, who would snitch on this place. That person should be ashamed, just ruining the good times for everyone else. Fuck you and your high morals.

Barry Bonds Teammates Hated Him

The former “Nasty Boys” Reds reliever tells Fox Sports “Barfly” host/writer Mark Kriegel that Barry Bonds’ Pittsburgh Pirates teammates asked Reds pitchers to throw at Bonds. “When he was with the Pirates, his teammates would come to Norm Charlton and I and say, ‘We’ll give you a steak dinner if you hit him.’

Really? This is shocking.
It's always been 24 teammates, and Barry Bonds.

Remember when Bonds hit his 500th home run, only few people came out to greet him at the plate, it was the Giants bat girl, Bobby Bonds his father and his God father Willy Mays. That was about it, no one gives a shit about this asshole.

No one likes this big headed, self conceited diva. If his own teammates hate him, why should anyone else root for him?

Reds Lose For The First Time In 2011

So how do I feel about the first loos of the season? For a minute, I thought the Reds would go 162-0. Now it looks like the Reds will go 161-1. I guess you can't win them all.

If the Reds can keep this pace up, it's going to be an extremely massive season.

Now it's time to take that trip out west and get some wins. I know that has been a challenge for the Reds for a long time. But this is the year we need to win consistently out on the west.

Slut Walk In Toronto

The slut walk happened because a Toronto cop who warned women that dressing like sluts can attract sexual assault. Yea I understand that it was an inappropriate comment, but walking around in slutty clothing does not prove anything and it won't get your message across.

I honestly don't think people who rape, care about why you are marching or what clothes you are wearing, he still going to rape you.

To prevent being raped how about you females out there stop going out by your self. And don't go where you know it's not safe.

It's like if someone told me, don't go to the hood 'cause you might get robbed. So you know what I do, I don't go to the hood, I just drive through it really fast.

But on a side not, why is that when ever there is some kind of feminist protest it's always the ugly ones that come out? If you think I'm bullshiting  go look at the topeless march then tell me if I'm right or if I'm right.

Teasing A Police Dog Is A Crime?

Ryan James Stephens of Mason was charged with that misdemeanor after a police officer said Stephens was "making barking noises and was hissing at the police dog inside of the car," a police report says.
 Officer Bradley Walker was outside the car investigating a car crash at the Mason Pub around 2:30 a.m. Sunday when he said he heard the animal "barking uncontrollably" in response to Stephens' alleged taunting.
"Timber (the dog) responded as trained and started to bark," the officer wrote. Walker alleges that he attempted to confront Stephens but Stephens walked away and ignored commands to stop. The officer said he did ask Stephens why he was harassing the animal, and Stephens replied, "The dog started it."

I honestly don't feel bad for this drunk at all. I just wished the dog would of  have gotten out of the car and chased his ass down and made him his bitch. Is there a worse group of people than drunk people? Even the dog hates drunk people.

This just totally reminds of the scene from Half Baked, when Kenny feeds Buttercup and gets arrested for it.
I mean who knew barking at a dog would get you charged with misdemeanor?

Anyway I don't see this coming out in the favor of the Timber, because Stephens said the dog started it, and how can you refute that claim? It's basically he said, dog said.

Reds Sweep The Brewers To Open The Season

Aww what a good fucking feeling. The first sweep of the season, and it's against a division contender.
I have a feeling there will be few more sweeps coming this year. If the Brewers are supposed to be challenging the Reds for the division crown, well they might be in trouble after getting blasted 12-3 while getting 19 hits. I can't remember when I was this excited about Reds baseball.

It was three good days of baseball. First we had Ramon Hernandez walk off HR, then we had Cordero putting a little scare into everyone and today we had some dominant pitching by Arroyo and some damn good hitting by Ryan Haniga, Phillip, Stubbs and Rolen.

I'm not picking on Dusty Baker, but why wasn't Arroyo our opening day pitcher?

But the one thing I am little fucking pissed about is why there wasn't more people at GABP. Can we show a little bit more support? I mean I know they didn't win the NL last year, but they did win the Central division. So don't wait until September to pack the ball park.

Image: Joe Robbins/Getty Images