After Thoughts: Cincinnati Bengals vs Seattle Seahawks 10/31/2011

Someone pinch me. Seriously wake me the fuck up. Are we really 5-2?

The Seahawks are a weird team. You don't know if they are a decent team or a shitty team. One week they are playing pretty good and the next week they are stinking it up. Add that to the fact that the Bengals are not very good when they are playing in the West coast, kind of like the Cincinnati Reds.

Before I forget let's give a round of applause for Marvin Lewis who has more wins that any other Bengals coach.
The Seahawks out gained the Bengals by 159 yards and still lost the game by 22 points. That's what happens when defense and special teams step ups their game. The defense again bending but not breaking.
In back to back game the defense scored a  touchdown late in the game, and that's how you close out a football game.

Andy Dalton struggled in the second half as he threw for two int's. But that sweet toss to A.J. Green was a thing of beauty just dropping it over the shoulder and right into his hand.

Next game will be a bigger test for Dalton and Offense as they travel down to Nashville to face the Titans.
The Titans are 4-3 and has a pretty good defense.

Adam Pacman Jones came in and had one good play then was out again with a hammy injury. The dude just can't seem to catch a break.

Who else was happy for Nelson? He really wan't having a good game but then he made some outstanding plays, one was the INT for TD and the other was stopping Lynch as time winding down at the end of first half.

Help My Mutt Win The Fido Casting Call Contest

Well surprise surprise, my wife has entered out dog into some sort of online contest. Sure she is an awesome dog and probably win the whole thing if they could just meet her. But unfortunately they can't, so please click the link below and vote for my dog.
Click here to vote.

PS. I can see it, in the future she's gonna enter our kids into random contest for no reason.

All Afro-German US National Team: It Is Possible

Enough US-Service men has impregnated enough German chicks to have a legit starting XI for the US National team. OK we could use a few more mids, but I know they are out there somewhere in Germany just waiting to be found.

Check out the list The Offside Rules have put together. I say it's pretty damn impressive.

  • Royal-Dominique Fennell (defender, Stuttgart Kickers)
  • Jann George (forward, FC Nurnberg)
  • Jerome Kiesewetter (forward, Hertha Berlin)
  • Tim Chandler (defender, FC Nurnberg)
  • Jermaine Jones (midfiedler, Schalke 04)
  • David Yelldell (keeper, Bayer Leverkusen)
  • Fabian Johnson (forward, Hoffenheim)
  • Terrence Boyd (forward, Dortmund)
  • John Anthony Brooks (defender, Hertha Berlin)
  • Danny Williams (defender, Hoffenheim)
  • Andrew Wooten (striker, Kaiserslautern II)
  • Shawn Parker (striker, Mainz II)
  • Tyrone McCargo (striker, FC Nurnberg)

Ugliest Prostitution Ring Ever

A total of six prostitutes and five johns were arrested on the city's East side, charged with soliciting. In addition, two other suspects were arrested for charges involving drugs, and officers served two warrants. Fox19

The prostitutes never turn out to be like Julia Roberts from Pretty Women. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because they are all from Hamilton. It's like that other armpit of Ohio after Cleveland. Honest to God who would wanna pay money to get fucked by them? Just gross.

The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Week 8

Week 7 was so so for both of us. But still in a commanding lead over the cheerleader. Not. I mean how could this be? I suck. One minute I think I am running away with this and next thing you know we are tied.

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Last Week:
Cheerleader: 3-2
Blogger: 2-3

Season Record: 
Cheerleader: 20-15 
Blogger:  20-15

Ohio woman leads police on triple-digit topless car chase

Damn she look nasty, nothing like the movies. But can you imagine if that was a guys especially a black guy doing all that screaming and kicking they knock his ass out and pepper spray him just for the hell of it.

Another Reason Why Dogs Are Awesome

When illness forced vets to remove Great Dane Lily’s eyes, the prospects of a fulfilling life didn’t look good.
But then no one had reckoned on her pal Maddison stepping in to turn guide dog.
The pair have been inseparable for years but now find themselves looking for a new home because their owner could no longer cope.
The best buddies lived together until their owners decided they couldn't look after them any more.
Miss Campbell said: 'With her lack of sight, Lily's other senses have heightened so although we don't split them up often she can tell if Maddison is nearby.
'They curl up together to go to sleep and they are very vocal with each other.
'We haven't analysed their different barks but if Lily wants to go forward and Maddison is in her way, the bark will have a different pitch.
'They are very close to one another and enjoy each other's company'. Daily Mail

Well, this is another clear reason as to why dogs are much more awesome than cats and even most humans on this planet. Not only do dogs helps their own kind, they also help humans that have special needs. I've never seen an eye seeing cat have you? I mean what are cats good for anyway? Running all over you when you are sleeping, clawing the shit out of you for no apparent reason, and they shit and piss all over the house if you don't clean out the litter  box everyday. 
Give me a dog any day over kids and cats.

Never Seen Such A Funny/Disturbing Video In My Life NSFW & NSFL

Honestly what the fuck was that? Someone explain it to me.

ESPN: SportsCenters Top 10 MLS Goals Of 2011

Each year Major League Soccer is gaining popularity, while also raising the level of talent and play on the field. The 2011season might have been the best season so far and Sports Center has put together the 10 best goals from this season. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy golazos.

After Thoughts: Cincinnati Bearcats vs South Florida Bulls 10/22/2011

Image via Bearcats Blog

"I told Zach when there was 1:27 left is great quarterbacks are defined in how they lead their team to victory in the 2 minute drill on the road," Jones said. "He made the plays down the road for us. Our receivers, our line. I can't say enough about our team." 

I had to go out and walk around after that win. I mean my heart couldn't just take it anymore. Second time in two weeks UC rallied from a deficit to win the game.

What's up with UC, USF games, it's always a damn thriller.

I was all ready to rip Collaros a new hole but he redeemed himself in second half with 2 rushing and 2 passing TD's. If Collaros didn't lead UC on that game winning drive with 1:21 left in the game, he was gonna catch some heat for all his stupid shuffle passes. I mean if you can't make a throw, just throw it out.
If I'm not mistaken, Collaros has thrown close to 1000 yards against USF in three game. That's just a ridiculous stat.
I'm not gonna bitch too much because we are 2-0 in Big East play.

This has to an all time top 10 game as far as UC is concerned. I can watch the 4th quarter all over again. It was just that awesome.

So what have we learned from this game? Dominique Battle might be out for a few game, which might be a good things for the Bearcats secondary.
The offense is still the engine that decides if UC wins or not and the defense does just enough not to lose the game.
I am also excited about the receiving corp UC has with McClug, Thompkins and Chisum.

I don't know who to blame for that missed PAT. Fuck it, I'll blame Tony Miliano because he also missed a FG.

I feel UC did more to make this a close game. If Collaros pass wan't  intercepted in the end zone, and Miliano didn't miss the PAT and FG, UC would had a comfortable lead.

Anyway it feels good to be all alone atop in Big East standing and the first team from Big East to be bowl eligible.

A.J. Green and Andy Dalton Miked vs Colts

The best part about the video is the awkward conversation between Dalton and Ced right after Benard Scott gets a TD. Benson is probably all pissed off inside cause he's not getting touches. Just putting that fake happy face on.
I'll admit the more I watch and hear Dalton the more I'm starting to get a man crush on him.

The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Week 7

Week 6 sucked. I went 0-5, that's bad. And the cheerleader went 3-2. I haven't lost my confidence, that why I'm going with some underdogs again this week.

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Naked Motorist Lead Police On Chase

"A motorist is under arrest after police say he exposed himself and masturbated in front of several female drivers and then led officers on a chase that ended in a crash – all while he was naked. Afraid he would harm someone, police swarmed the area. 
That’s when Beason stepped on the gas and fled, according to an incident report."

Well, first off that has to be the worst chase video ever. Second of all, did the officers really have to chase him around? It seems the public were in more of a danger ones the chase started than him just sitting in the car jacking off . They should of just let him stay in his car and nut one out. You know how guys are after shooting their load, They are dead tired and have no energy left. That's why Manny Pacquiao don't have sex three weeks prior a fight.

Casio G-Shock Mudman GW-9300

GW-9300 Mudman G-Shock Watch

This ain't your daddy's g-shock. This is the G9300 Mudman, with it's twin sensor technology, digital compass, tough solar charging, moon phase and few other things that I have no clue about.

The Scriptures On Tim Tebow

This whole Tim Tebow thing is hilarious. He's like the great white hype that just won't go away. When he fails as a QB the fans will be calling him to be the head coach or something.

Cincinnati Bengals Trade Carson Palmer To Oakland Raiders

"Raiders gave up their first-round pick in 2012 and a conditional first-rounder in 2013 for Palmer."

I am happy this drama is coming to an end. I have to give credit to Mike Brown for playing a good hand of poker, he pretty much bluffed his way through it. Carson got what he wanted which is a fresh new start with another team. And the Bengals got what they wanted, which is some high draft picks. But I honestly didn't think Carson was worth a first round pick, maybe at best a second round.

Unlike many Bengals fans, I have no beef with Carson. Sure he wanted to leave, but anyone of us who was in his position might do the same. It's kind of same as the Chad situation. My take is that no one certain players should be on a team for more than 5 or 6 years. You always have to bring in fresh new faces and fresh new ideas.

If we look back on it, aren't we glad that Carson said he wants to be traded? Other wise, Carson still be here, Chad still might be here, we wouldn't have Andy Dalton as our QB. So all in all I thank Carson for his trade demands. And I thank him for all he has done for this franchise. He's lead this team to 2 AFC North division titles. He has also made the Cincinnati Bengals relevant again. But I am happy that Dalton is the Bengals QB and not Carson.

So good luck to Carson with his new team.

LeSean McCoy Punches Andy Reid In The Gut

I cannot stop laughing. Just the look on Andy Reid's face right after the punch is priceless.

PS. Trent Richardson to the Bengals next year.

After Thoughts: Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals 10/16/2011

Who Dey!

I really mean it. Who Dey!
The Bengals beat the Colts 27-17.
A three game winning streak is good for my health and for many others in the Tri-State. Just wish the boys in stripes didn't let the game get so close late in the 4th.

I know I wasn't the only one worried when the Colts started to run the no-huddle in the 4th. They seemed to move the ball easily on the defense.

The turning point of the game easily have to be Carlos Dunlaps fumble return for a TD to give the Bengals some breathing room. Something that should not be overlooked is how well both Whitworth and Smith played against Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney. The one person the defense had to key in on was Garcon, and they did just that. Garcon was limited to 8 catches for 52 yards.

To me one things is becoming clear and that is Bernard Scott is not a future back. He sure can be a spark plug but nothing more. And that man Brian Leonard is reliable as the Sun, always there to pick up those first down in critical situations.

Mr. A.J. Green continues his seller rookie campaign with another TD. And Red Riffle also continues his outstanding rookie campaign. Dalton had a 111.5 QB rating with 1 TD and 264 yards.
With the bye week coming up, it will the perfect time to work on some of their issues such as ill timed penalties, and inconsistency in the run game.

PS. Lets not forget, with this win Marvin Lewis ties Sam Wyche for the most wins in franchise history.

Double PS. Jerome Simpson needs to stop spraying Pam on his gloves. I know he had a big day but him dropping balls has been a problem all season long.

After Thoughts: Louisville Cardinals vs Cincinnati Bearcats 10/15/2011

Isaiah Pead Keg of Nails Hand Stand
The keg of Nails is retained by the Bearcats for another year. UC now is (5-1) with a 1-0 record in the Big East

Ever since the beat down by Tennessee Volunteers the Bearcats defense have played like they need to prove something. In the previous four games the Bearcats are only giving up an average of 11 points per game.
We shall see how much the defense has improved when they visit South Florida next week.

When Collaros and the offense are having a bad day throwing the ball there is always Isaiah Pead to rely on. Pead rushed for 151 yards only on 20 touches. He had a fantastic 50 yard run late in the game to give Cincinnati a 22-16 lead.

Might I say Derek Wolfe might be playing for cash on Sundays real soon? The dude was a beast.

It was a an ugly win but a conference win, which I will take gladly. But Collaros needs to play more consistently for UC to have a chance to win the Big East.

Image via:

'Work It': Ylvis

Now here is an informative rap song from Norway. I dig it.

‘Shady 2.0 BET Cypher’ : Yelawolf x Slaughterhouse x Eminem

This song I like. Reminds me of some shit from back in the day. If you enjoy it as much as I do, then click on the down arrow on the right side of the player.

Shady 2.0 Cypher (Dirty) by Hypetrak

Looking Forward:Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals Preview

The Bengals are expected to get another win when they face off against the struggling Colts.

The biggest news might be the absence of middle linebacker Ray Maualuga, who is expected to miss with an ankle injury.

The one things that's swirling around the inter webs is the performance of Cedric Benson. Is this the game where Bernard Scott get a few more carries than he has been getting?

The last few weeks, the Bengals have struggled to establish the running game. The good news is the Colts are struggling to stop the run so this is a good time to fix that.

I also wouldn't mind if the Bengals threw the ball around. A.J. Green is leading all rookie WR's in yards and TD's. 

The one player the Bengals defense has to keep a sharp eye on is Pierre Garcon who has 271 yards and four TD's in the past two games. The defense also has to keep an eye out for Dallas Clark who usually manages to carve out the Bengals in the middle. 

I expect the Bengals to come out with a win in another tight game.

Australian V8 Supercar Race: Final lap of Bathurst 1000

This is the final lap from the Bathurst 1000 of the Australian V8 Supercar Series.
If you guys like V8 power and racing that does more than just left hand turns, then this is for you. The good thing is, the Australian V8 Supercar series is coming to the states in 2013.
So go watch some real racing.

The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Week 6

Week 5 was a good for both of us. But it was scary, could of easily gone 0-5, all the games turned out to be a nail biter.

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Last Week:
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Season Record: 
Cheerleader: 14-11  
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Cincinnati Bengals vs Jacksonville Jaguars Recap 10/09/2011

In a battle of rookie QB's, our boy red rifle outperformed Blaine Gabbert to lead the Bengals to a 30-20 come from behind win.

This game was not pretty in anyway, but a win is a win and that's all that matters.

To me the biggest play of the game had to be when Marvin decided to go for it on 4th and 6th with a little over 4 minutes left in the game. Instead of kicking a field goal to cutting the lead down to 19-20, the Bengals actually went for it and ended up with a TD. I honestly didn't think Marvin had guts to go for it, not because he never takes many chances, but because 3rd down has been a struggle for the Bengals all season long.

Both Dalton and Green had another solid outing as they continue their impressive rookie campaign.
Dalton ended up with 179 yards with 2 TD's and 1 INT. And Green ended up with 5 catches for 90 yards and  a TD.

The running game was just horrendous against the Jags. With the offensive line unable to create many openings, Benson had a hard time getting going. But what a great call on 3rd and goal, when everyone thought it was going to be a pass, Jay Gruden call for a simple inside hand off to Bernard Scott.

With only one blown coverage by the defense that lead to a Jason Hill TD, the defense again played an outstanding second half.
The defense kept up pressure on Blaine Gabbert through out the game. It seemed like Gabbert had a hard time getting into any kind of rhythm. This Bengals defense truly seems like a top 5 defense.

With this win the Bengals are keeping pace with division leaders Steelers and Ravens.

Who else think both Mike Nugget and Hubber and early season team MVP candidates?

Both Dalton and Green had another solid outing to continue their impressive rookie campaign.

Dalton ended up with 179 yards with 2 TD's and 1 INT. And Green ended up with 5 catches for 90 yards and  a TD.

I'm glad the boys on the D-line got a well deserved TD.

Looks Like Kate Upton Put On Some Weight

Look I ain't one of the guys that find skinny chicks hot. Sure she got a little soft and fluffy but I'm all about that. Just wish the extra something something went to her behind instead of under her armpit.

The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Week 5

Week 4 was kind to me and ugly to the cheerleader. Your boy went a perfect 5-0 while the cheerleader went 1-4. I kind of felt bad of her, she's clearly on a downward path. Oh well, I'm winning and that's all it matters.

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Last Week:
Cheerleader: 1-4
Blogger: 5-0

Season Record: 
Cheerleader: 10-10  
Blogger:  14-6

Sexy Photo Shoot With Hope Solo

OK, we are still on the Hope Solo bandwagon I mean there really isn't a reason not be on her. So sit back and enjoy hey photo shoot for ESPN Magazine's Body Issue.

Need For Speed With SI Swimsuit Models Irina Shayk and Chrissy Teigen

I mean is there a reason they didn't do this before?

A.J.Green and Andy Dalton Proving Me Wrong

I'll admit I was one of those people that opposed drafting Green as the over all No.4 pick. And I am one of those people that wanted to see Mallett get drafted instead of Dalton.

Through four games, I must say I have been proven wrong.

Both Green and Dalton have been thrown into the fire and they look un-rattled by it.

Through four games Dalton has a 4 TD's and 4 INT's with a passer rating of 76.9. And A.J. Green has 19 reception for 312 yards and 2 TD's.
For being two rookies and having an rookie offensive coordinator and with really no off-season training camp I have to say I am beyond surprised by their play on the field.

The maturity and leadership that Dalton shows is beyond his years. And I for once am glad I was proven wrong.

Who Dey.

Should I Kick These Two Out Of Fantasy Football League?

Ok, so there was a trade made in the fantasy football league that many other people in the league are not happy about. As the league manger what should I do? Should I let them stay or should I kick them out of the league?

So basically Los Angeles Soldiers traded two top 10 RB's and a top WR for bunch of backups. What you should know i that these guys are brothers.

So what should I do? Kick 'em out or let 'em stay?

Bayer Leverkusen's Eren Derdiyok Overhead Goal

Just a fantastic overhead goal by the 23 year old Swiss Eren Derdiyok.

Bengals Have Number One Defense In The NFL

Holy shit, after four game the Bengals have the No.1 defense in the NFL. Sure we have played some shitty offenses in the Browns, 49ers, and Broncos. But I don't give a shit. Because I know this might not last another week, so lets pop some champagne and toast this.


Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals Recap 10/02/2011

Another Bengals game at PBS and another blacked out game in Cincinnati. But that didn't stop the Bengals from rallying for a 23-20 win over the Bills.

I must say this was one of the best games I have seen at PBS. The 41K that showed up enjoyed one of the best games ever and those fans deserved it.

This win gave Marvin the all time tie for the most wins in Bengals history.

I'll admit the first half was ugly, just like how it was against the 49ers. There was nothing pretty about it. Just punts and turnovers. If it wasn't for the turnovers, the Bills would of had a hard time putting some points on the board.

The second half started off much better than how the first half ended. The offense came out with a strong running game as they easily moved the ball down the field, but to only settle for a field goal. The next offensive drive ended much better as Dalton hooked up with Gresham for a 17 yard TD to make the score 17-13.

After another punt on offense, the Bengals again drove 80 yards for a QB draw for a TD. This would tie the game at 20 all.

If it wasn't for the Bengals defense, this game would have been long over with. The defense held the high offense of the Bills to only 3 points in the second half.

So what does this win mean? Well it means, these Bengals have little different DNA in them than some previous Bengals teams.
This also shows me, the Bengals defense is legit. Giving up only 20 points (actually only 13) to a top three offense is something to cheer about.
This game also shows me that Andy Dalton is legit. He showed he has what it takes to lead this team. He has the toughness, the quality, the leadership and poise, all the things that's hard to find a rookie QB.
And A.J. Green keeps showing us why is a first round pick. It's the second time Green has gone over 100 yards. In four games, Green has 312 yards on 17 receptions.

Now I think back to that Denver game. Where the Bengals couldn't convert on so many 3rd and short yardage situations. Looking back now I wish Marvin wasn't a self appointed Meteorologist, instead of going  for it on 4th down just wished he sent Nugent our there for a game winnig field goal.

Honestly the Bengals have been in every single game they have played, could of easily started the season 4-0. Just saying.
Looking forward to next week, it's another winnable game as they are set to play the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts.

Cincinnati Bearcats vs Miami (OH) Red Hawks Recap 10/1/2011

Nations oldest nonconference rivalry wasn't up to a pretty start if you are a UC fan. But if you are Miami fan, it felt going good going into the half only trailing 6-0. Unfortunately for Miami they still another entire half to play, as UC won 27-0.

For the first five drives nothing happened on offense. I'll summarize it in less than a sentence. It was punt, INT, punt, fumble, punt, then they finally got a TD. Second half was much better as they got two more TD's and fumble return for a score.

The biggest play of the game might have been the goal line stand to open up the second half.
Here is an interesting fact, this was the first time UC has shut out  Miami in Oxford since 1898. That's was a long time ago.

The first half play calling, was either terrible or Miami's defense was that good. I'm choosing to believe it was the play calling. Zach Collars had unusually bad game, as he threw two red-zone INT's and had a fumble.

While the offense struggled for much of the game with turnovers and penalties, it was the defense that stepped it up. As they held Miami to -3 yards on 38 rushes.

The one big concern that I take away from this game is the pressure that Miami's front four was about to put on Collars. If this continues it's gonna be a long season in the Big East.

Looking forward to the UC, Louisville game in two weeks. An extra week should give UC some time to figure out their problems on offense and defense.

Bengals Bills Pre-Game Wrap Up

Post By: @Bater41

Since the Bengals haven't beat the Bills in the last 10 match ups and our last win against them was way back on January 8 1989 you wouldn't think I would get up on my Pulpit and preach a win, but thats exactly what I'm doing. IF we can stick to all of the outlined points.

1. Don't loose sight of our running game - In the last two games, both losses, we've got away with what we can do best, the run game. This could also be a great time to get Bernard Scott in the mix to give a little change of pace. We should try to isolate him in space and let him make plays especially if Benson is going to be suspended even for one game. Lets get Scott some work.

2. No turnovers/create turnover - if we are able to beat Buffalo we need to win the turnover battle, the Bills picked Tom Brady off 4 times last game which was key to their win we need to turn the tables, again stick to the run game and stop Fitzpatrick who is a gunslinger who will make questionable throws, which leads me to my next point.

3. Get to Fitz while keeping him contained - Our Defensive Line needs to have their best game yet, we all seen Fitzpatrick getting outside the pocket and making big plays so even if they cant get to him we need to keep him in the pocket and tip some balls.

4. Protect Dalton - We've have gave up 7 sacks this season which to me is pretty good and Dalton has done a good job of getting rid of the ball plus his not afraid to throw it away instead of throwing a bad pick. If we can dominate their DLine and give Dalton time to throw we could see him return to the way he locked against the Broncos.

5.Better clock management - I was screaming and pleading at the TV screen last week at the end of the first half when Marvin was happy to let over a minute and a half tick off with just a 3-0 lead. little things like this could cost a game against a team like the Bills who can put up points.
My final point, 6. Lets convert some third downs - I didn't look it up but I assume we're last place in the league in third down efficiency. We couldn't get those pesky third and 1's early in the season and last week it was the third and longs thanks to incomplete passes on 1st and 2nd downs. This Offensive team has a lot of work to do.
We haven't played against teams that took deep shots down the field yet, our safeties will have to answer some pass defense questions today. Especially Crocker who's been known to take bad angles to break up a pass in years past. Heres my player to watch;

Offence - Gresham
Defense - Maualuga
Special Teams - Tate (I got a feeling)