So Wrong It’s Right

Overweight Cincinnati Police Busting Shit In Price Hill

Cincinnati Reds Clinches 2010 N.L. Central Division

It was the first game I attended this year and what a game it turned out to be.
After I came home I wanted write a long ass post about the game.
But sometimes it's better not to say anything at all and just enjoy the moment.

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Live Chat Municipal vs Columbus Crew 10:00 pm EST

UC researching cocaine vaccine

"University of Cincinnati researchers are conducting studies on a cocaine vaccine that would keep the powerfully addictive drug from entering the brain. reports the clinical trials are being conducted at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Corryville. Participants are not limited to veterans. news.cincinnati"

You don't have to tell me twice, I'm already signed up for clinical trial. I wonder if they supply or if I gotta bring my own stash?

Drunk grandma crashes with 3-year-old grandson in car

" A grandmother is accused of driving drunk and crashing her vehicle with her 3-year-old grandson in the back seat. Debora Thompson, 48, also had a glass pipe used to smoke marijuana in her purse when a Hamilton County sheriff’s deputy arrested her Tuesday on Harrison Road near Interstate 74 in Green Township, according to court documents. Thompson was held overnight at the Hamilton County jail on charges of child endangering, operating her 1994 Nissan Altima while intoxicated, not properly restraining a child in a car seat, speeding and possession of drug paraphernalia. She admitted the marijuana pipe was hers and that she used it illegally, records show. news.Cincinnati"

Sure the poor grandma is at fault here, all she was doing was driving around trying to put her 3 year old grandson to sleep. Other wise that little bastard gets cranky and stays awake all night long. Just look at her picture does she look drunk or high? I don't think so. So lets all not start pointing fingers at grandma Thompson.

Talking About Cincinnati Bengals TE Jermaine Gresham

What do I want to say about Jermaine Gresham?
Let me say this first, he has proved me wrong. He has stepped into the Bengals starting 11 and has been an revelation over previous TE's. And I was not expecting him to do that because of an off year with his injuries at Oklahoma.
To me a TE is someone that has to be one of the smartest players on the field. But I don't think any TE is  worthy of a first round pick. So I will admit I was a bit disappointed  that the Bengals drafted him in the first round. Don't get me wrong there was defiantly a need for a good talented TE on the Bengals roster, but again to me no TE is worthy of a first round pick.
So with Jermaine Gresham missing his last year at Oklahoma with injury, I had my eye set on another TE named Aaron Hernandez from Florida. I know Aaron is a little shorter and little smaller than Gresham, but I felt like athletically they were equal, so why draft a guy that was injured all year long compared to a guy that was producing all year long.
I was hoping that the Bengals would of have drafted an Offensive lineman (Bryan Bulaga) or a Defensive lineman (Dan Williams) in the first round. And draft Aaron Hernandez or Rob Gronkowski in the third or fourth round.  And I was a little upset when the Bengals did draft a TE in the first round especially that being Jermaine Gresham.
It's is hard for me to admit this, but so far Jermaine Gresham has proven me completely wrong, he has played well in all phases of the game, catching, blocking and running.
Here is hoping for more good things out of my new favorite TE Jermain Gresham.

Re-Cap Cincinnati Bengals vs Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers 7
Cincinnati Bengals 20

Lets just say, I'm happy the Bengals won, but I am also extremely happy that no one from the offensive side is on my fantasy team otherwise I would of have been doomed.

This Bengals offense played the game like it was a pre-season exhibition game, except the starters played entire game!

I defended Carson the last weeks (Click Here), I said he things will turn around and he will play better an the fans just need to relax. Now I feel like I could not of have been more wrong. Carson had another one of those not so good day, with over thrown and under thrown balls.

It would only seem logic that we should run the ball more against a smaller front 7 of the Panthers, maybe that's why the Bengals are calling way too many passing calls especially in the first half. Honestly thank God Carolina DB's suck at catching other wise Carson would of at-least had 4 interceptions.

As a team we still cannot get away from all these the false start penalties. And a perfect example, 1st and goal  in the 2nd quarter 25 seconds before half time, that is not acceptable. that is just no concentration and no focus. So after the false start, its 1st and 10 at the Panthers 10 with no time outs left, so what does Carson do? He comes back and throws a short pass 5 yard pass to J.Gresham and  the right tackle can't line up on time and the clock runs out. So who's fault is that we ended the half with no points? Is it the right tackles for having a false start then not lining up before they ran out of time or is it Carson's fault for throwing a short pass to Gresham knowing he does not have time out to burn? I think all of Bengals nation expected more out of Carson what he has shown it the first three games.

I don't fault Jimmy Clausen for playing like a rookie, but I can't handle Carson playing like a rookie with a QB rating of 53.3 against a shitty defense.

OK, enough bitching about Carson and the O-line, lets talk about some positives about this game.

After getting smoke in the first week by the Patriots, it sure seems like the defense has turned things around. What ever tweaks Zimmer did after the fist week has worked foe this defense.Nothing excites more than seeing the defense flying around and smacking people. I know for a fact the Jimmy is going to be feeling a little bit of pain tomorrow.

I'll tell you what I think Benson ran over everyone single one of the Panthers DB's today. If he was not so good today, I don't know where this offense would of have been. And I'm not so sure the Bengals would of won this game.

Both our rookies on offense played very well today.
And finally we a TE that can do something with a ball in his had. Amen.
All in all it was a frustrating game for the fans but at the end of the day an ugly win is better than a good loss.

PS. Things I ponder about.
Would you have Quan Cosby returning punts or have either Benard Scott or Jordan Shipley? If I'm not mistaken, the Bengals are dead last at return punt average. And after seeing today's game I don't think we have escaped the basement seller.
Image via: (AP Photo/Chuck Burton), (AP Photo/Rick Havner)
Stat: ESPN

Re-Cap Oklahoma Sooners vs Cincinnati Bearcats

Sooners 31
Bearcats 29

I guess Coach Butch Jones said following 31-29 loss to No. 8 Oklahoma: "There are absolutely no moral victories.", but as a fan I think sometimes there can be some moral victories.
After watching the first three games of this season and after seeing how we lost two of those games, this game was surly a pick me up and gave me optimism for the rest of the season.
We played tough, we played fast, for the first time we didn't play like we were nervous and I can appreciate that.
The O-Line gave their QB time to make some throws which was a big improvements over the NC State game.
And what a difference a good running back can make. Isaiah Pead made all kinds of difference in this game, 21 for 169 is no joke. I really think he was the reason the game was so close. That does not mean everyone else on the team does not deserve some sort of credit, but Isaiah Pead make a big difference how we play as a team.
I don't want to take credit away from the Sooners, but I really think the Bearcats lost this game on their own with bad penalties and four turnovers.
We can fault DJ Woods for the two costly mistakes, but the truth is you win as a team and you lose as a team.

DJ Woods is one of our best player, and he just had a bad day, and that kind of stuff happens and I'm confident he will come back strong.

But I think we can only improve from this game, and look on the bright side, the Big East is not so tough. I do not see any team dominating this year, and I can see the Bearcats making a run at the title.

But the one thing I can't ignore or forget is the missed PAT, there is no way anyone should miss a PAT.

But I say have some patience Bearcat fans, things will turn around.

Image via: (AP Photo/Al Behrman)
Stat: ESPN

The Crew vs The Revs

Live Chat OU Sooners vs UC Bearcats

Pure Awesome

I got my damn 4 Loko and I'm chilling out to this shit.

TO and Ocho Calling It Like It Is

If someone asked me the same question, I probably say, I would love to see Sarah Palin in a sitcom called "The MILF From Wasilla"

Ha Ha just kidding Sarah, please don't shoot me.

Hi Dolla - girl like this (All kinds of wrong here)

Forget that fact she might have an IQ of -120, there's just all kinds of wrong in this video.
Is it just me does this chick look awkward rapping. The shit in her mouth looks like big geeky braces. And the worst part about it is, she moves her mouth like 50 Cent,
And baby what you talking about "put an arch in your back and pick it up real slow" you ain't got no ass and you ain't got no arch. So if you put it down, I have a hard time imagining you bringing it back up.
But in all honesty, if I just hit play and walk away it don't sound so bad.

What is Cedric Benson Bitching About?

So I'm reading the article by Joe Reedy (Click Here) and its talking about how Benson is frustrated about the direction of the offense and how they are not running more.
Seriously Benson, who is not frustrated about the Bengals offense, the passing game is not working the running game is not working. But you also have to remember we have only played two meaningful games so far.
I didn't think Benson would be the first one to bitch considering we have TO and Chad on this team.So I say, Benson stop bitching already, you will get your shot when they figure out what they are doing with the offense.

Superhero For The Indians

Them Indians done it again.
A bollywood sci-fi action movie that is musical and with robots? I'm standing in line for this one boys and girl.

My Favorite Commercial

This commercial might be about a game. But isn't it so much more?
Fuck the Democrats, fuck the Republicans, we should stop finding dirt on each other and put our self interest aside and help someone in need.
To all the politicians stop trying to put fear into people to pass your agenda.
Of all the years I have followed American politics, I can't remember a time where this country was so fucking polarized. We are more divided than united.

Must Watching HBO Promo Video

Damn I'm pumped up. I'm gonna start hunting for some change under the couch.

Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Who really has the courage to get a real tattoo, not me. I'm getting this shit, I'm gonna be rocking it when I go to church, and freak out my pastor.
Wait a minute that's not gonna work, I got brown skin.  FML

Columbus Crew vs Santos Laguna

Late Ass Recap Seattle Sounder vs Columbus Crew

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Thank you for stoping by, this is the very first Columbus Crew related post on this blog.
Pulling up to Crew Stadium for Saturday night’s game, I could not say I had a particularly good feeling about the match against the Seattle Sounders. Yet at the same time I cannot say I had much of a bad feeling either. It was a 7:30 game, which meant much cooler temperatures than the last match against Dallas, which was a day game where everyone baked in the sun for 90 minutes.

Our group of people (Cincy Crew) met up in our usual spot where the Crew Union (one of the main three Crew supporter groups) tailgates. Arriving late to the tailgate (a usual practice for us) meant chugging beers as fast as you can all the way until you walk in at the front gate of the stadium and placing the empty containers in the overflowing receptacles. This particular game also happened to be $1 draft beer night (which turns out to be the best part of the evening).

We piled into the NORDECKE (the designated supporters sections for the Crew) and began our usual socializing, singing, and drunken bantering. The next series of events kind of blurred together, but I will attempt to relay them to you in the following order:

1) In line for dollar drafts (limit 2 per transaction)

2) Hat off for singing of the National Anthem

3) Crowd in an excited frenzy and going berserk

4) Garbage goal by Seattle’s Nkufo

5) Crowd in a pissed off frenzy going berserk

6) Beer line (again)

7) Goooalll Seattle

8) Crowd in a pissed off frenzy going berserk

9) Penalty Goal by Seattle

10) Rinse and repeat (crowd), end of first half Crew down 0-3

During half time there was a particular bad buzz in the air. I am not sure whether to attribute this to the large amount of over intoxicated fans that were previously at the OSU football game (and then loaded up on dollar drafts once at the Crew game) or the nice thrashing we were receiving by Seattle. Either way I think the booze began to take its toll. Seattle brought a pretty decent group of supporters and they did a good job getting under our skin. By the beginning of the second half Crew fans (possibly just me) became more concerned with what the Seattle fans were doing than the pathetic performance of our beloved Crew.

Seattle finished the game by adding another goal (which completed a hat trick for Blaise Nkufo, the former FC Twente and Switzerland National striker), making the final 4-0 in their favor. The game could not have ended any sooner. Were it not for the class of a few Crew players that stuck around to thank the fans who cheered until the end, the evening would have left a real sour taste going into Tuesday's CONCACAF game(against Mexican side Santos) and their wanna be Diego Maradonia.

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Whats Wrong With Carson Palmer?

I have watched him play since he was drafted, and I still feel like he is our QB and our leader.
Here is what former great Boomer Esiason said about Carson “I do believe in his heart that he knows he has to play better and I think it will happen sooner than later. Not every QB has hit their stride yet,”. “He hasn’t played his best by any stretch and he’s got to be a Top 5 quarterback. With what they have on offense he should be completing 65 percent of his passes, averaging 270 yards a game and two touchdown passes.”
I agree to some extent of what Esiason said, but I don't agree that Carson is a top 5 QB at least not now and not last year. But can Carson improve? Sure he can.
Critics are saying Carson's passes are over thrown or under thrown, but that's every QB in the league does that. Just because he's our QB we put him under a microscope and dissect his every move.
I would like to see Carson be more active on the field rather than his California cool calm demeanor. But sadly I don't think he is going to change anytime soon.
I think every Bengals fan out there want Carson to be Peyton or Brady, but I don't think that's what the coaching staff want ( which is another topic ). So he has to do what his coaches want. I do believe Carson can put up some ridiculous numbers, but that is not how this offensive scheme is set up. I think the coaching  philosophy by Marvin Lewis is take care of the ball control and keep possession. They just basically ask Carson to manage the team and I think he has done that pretty well.
Until Carson starts playing like any Cleveland QB, we might be overreacting to his play.

Really What The Hell?

These guys are fast at what ever they are doing.

Re-Cap Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals

Ravens 10
Bengals 15

Those fans that called the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cincinnati Bungals still around for this week? Are you all back on the bandwagon again?
Let me get this off my chest, I feel like as long the Marvin Lewis is our coach, I don't think we will ever beat the Colts and the Patriots. I'm not sure why I think, that but that's the way I feel.

But as far as today's game against the Ravens go, the Bengals just put their foot down and finally put some pressure on the QB. See what happens when they get some pressure on the QB, 4 picks. Flacco 2 TD 8 INT in last 3 games vs the Bengals. With those kind of numbers, your not going to win man game even if you have a great defense.
I don't think I have ever been more happier about special teams than I have today. Mike Nugent and Kevin Huber were outstanding.

There are still couple of things I want gripe about, our third downs are always way too long, which leads to my second gripe, throw the freaking ball on first down some times. Stop with the same vanilla play calling.

Chad Ochocinco just had a bad,bad game. For WR is has too many penalties. As a wideout, I'm not even sure how you can have a false start, seriously stop it Chad.

And what is going on with Carson, I see his throws are short, high and behind just not on targer, I know he can put the ball on the money and I hope he come back to that same accuracy soon. I also, see decision making is couple of second late?

Great all around play by the D through out the game, but I still think we can improve on our pass rush. Michael Johnson, making a difference at DE, why is he not playing more?

Terrible fucking commentators on CBS for this game, calling Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, and if I'm not mistaken I think one of them called Cincinnati, Cleveland.

And at last I just want let the Bengals fans know that they need to STFU about not got getting a TD. Sure its frustrating, but take what ever points you can get as long as your leading. so relax and just enjoy your team.

PS. Someone said it was the Bengals 8 straight division wins. WOW how amazing is that, still no respect by the media.

Ps. Even this dude was tried.

Image: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
Stat: ESPN

Second Rant about UC Bearcats vs N. Carolina State

I'm still in awe as to how we got our ass handed to us by the N.C. State.
Even after all the bad plays, the miss opportunities and the penalties I kept on watching like a good boy waiting for something magical to happened.

And finally that moment came, it was 3rd and 1in the 4th quarter, no matter what, we had to covert it and get a first down. So what where the calls, first they tried a QB sneak, then they tried to run the football, both failed miserably. So now I'm wondering what is the coaching staff sees that I'm not seeing? Everyone watching the game know our O-line cant block anyone, let alone create any type of gap for a running play.
It was just mind boggling. No reason to try and run the ball at that time, we had too much on the line at that time to prove that we can run the ball on N.C. State.

I'm no football expert, but I'm pretty sure that was a bad call from the coaching staff.
I honestly cannot figure out, how we stayed in this game until the very end of the fourth quarter. The score might of have bee 30-19 but it felt more like 40-0.

I urge all the Bearcats fan, please pray for Zach Collaros when they play Oklahoma next week. May he live to see the next day. Amen.

PS. Is it just me or does the above photo show someone steeping out? So why was it a TD?

Image:Associated Press/Ethan Hyman

UC vs North Carolina State

UC 19
NC State 30

Close to four hours of nothing but misery and agony. I was left speechless but at the same time, I was cursing a lot. Everyone that supports UC knew this season won't but as successful as the Brian Kelly era for obvious reason. But my God this was just down right awful. I don't need to look at the stats but I'm pretty sure we had more false starts and illegal formations combined than first downs.

Many people might not realize that we have ton of freshman and sophomore players on this team and there are going to be some growing pains, but this was ridiculous. It does not matter what level of football you play, you cannot have 8 penalties against you, that will just kill any kind of momentum you have as a team.
It's not like it's the first game of the season, its the third game and I was hoping some of those wrinkles would of have been ironed out by now.

Who do you criticize in the game, Butch Jones, Collaros, the O-Line the defense?
It's hard to pin point and blame anyone, but ultimately the blame has to  go to Coach Butch Jones, this is his team and he did not have his team prepared.

If Butch Jones does not figure out his offensive line problem, this will be a long and painful season. Because if you can't protect your quarterback, you are not going to win any game.

So lets all get on our knees and pray for Coach Butch Jones, pray that he some how miraculously figures out his O-Lines problem before the Sooners come to town.

Image via: (AP Photo/The News & Observer, Ethan Hyman)
Stat: ESPN

A must watch crazy Japanese video

I am left speechless, those crazy Japs are always coming up with weird shit.

Woman flashes breasts at youth football team

A woman is accused of flashing her breasts at a youth football team, coaches and parents. Tonya Brown, 33, was arrested and charged with public indecency about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to Hamilton County court documents. She lifted her shirt on a field at Oskamp Park on Glenway Avenue in West Price Hill and exposed her breasts, Cincinnati police wrote in court

God Bless the USA.

First I was like, this is wrong, young children are being exposed to female knockers.
Then I though, wait a minute, if young men around the country are being exposed to a violent game like football why not start introducing them to their opposite sex. Everyone know that when they grow up to be a famous football player they are going to be surrounded by watermelons. So might as well get an early start.

PS. On the other hand, I kind of feel sad for these young men to see your first melons and it had to be Tonya Brown's nasty saggy looking shit.

Toddler Smokes Marijuana

Some might say hey that's wrong you should not give the little one some weed, and I can agree to that.
But everyone knows how little ones sometimes get, always crying, nagging and shit. I say look on the bright side, she will be zoned out for the next 7 hours with no crying and no whining and that's hard to beat after you come home from a long day at work.

Most Hated Athletes: Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Michael Vick
I guess its because he held dog fights, something white people frown upon.
Tiger Woods
Because he cheated on his white wife

 Terrell Owens
Your stereotypical loud mouth, "all about me" black athlete.

 Chad Ochocinco
I really have no clue, I know all the white kids in the suburbs love him; maybe its cause he is another loud mouthed black man.

 Kobe Bryant
Got accused of raping a white woman.

 LeBron James
This one baffles me, maybe its because he left a city that no once care about, after he held up his end of the contract.

Is it me or does anyone else see a patten here, I see that they are all black and 5 out of 6 are all superstars in their sport.
I think there is one or two names missing on this list especially Ben Rapistberger.

Hilarious Tweet by Al-Qaeda

Free climb to the top of a 1768ft. transmission tower

Who ever you are thank you for doing this.
God knows if i try to do this I would freak out half way and faint.
I mean words cannot express the immense levels of "screw this shit" that I am experiencing right now.
I'm not anywhere near this tower but still my heart is racing. In the back of my mind I'm just waiting for that guy to slip and fall, and I'm not saying that to be a dick, that shit is plain scary.
Not only do they have to drag those extra equipment, but what about those giant ball of steel they've got?
Much respect.

PS. Can't they build these freaking towers in a better thought out manner, or the engineers do this shit on purpose just to fuck with these guys?

This is What A Gay Hipster Fight Looks Like

OMG what a fabolus fight.
Seriously what kind of fight is this, get all raged up like they wanna kill someone but no one ends up being hurt.
The funny thing is the top related video is: Leave Britney Alone.
The best part of the fight at the :41second mark, what kind of shoes was he wearing,  he took three steps to throw a punch but he slips and ends up tapping the guy in the back.
There's more testosterone in Old Spice Man's left testicle than all of these guys put together.

Reds play home run derby during last night's winning season-clinching game

With the first inning scoreless, Arizona started the second not so quietly when Miguel Montero and Ryan Church hit back to back home runs. That though, was all it took to wake up Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo who pitched 107 pitches in 6 innings. Those were the only 2 runs allowed with only 7 hits total no walks and a season-high 8 strikeouts. Bottom of the 2nd, Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs "in your faced" the D-backs with back to back home runs of their own. Score now 2-2. More excitement happened in the bottom of the 3rd when Joey Votto score his 34th homer of the year, and Bruce homered again this time with 3rd baseman, Scott Rolen on 1st. Score now 5-2. In the 5th, Orlando Cabrera hit his first homer since May 5 and Bruce broke his bat to score Cabrera in the 7th. Final score 7-2. The Reds are now 82-62 7 games above the St. Louis Cardinals who, by the way, lost to the Chicago Cubs last night, creating their first winning season since 2000.

It was the most exciting game I had been to, ever.

I have no idea why they even put Jordan Smith in to pitch, he walked 2 batters and was tossed from the game as he was being relieved and booed off the field. Pics from my view to come!

The next question will be when and where will the Reds clinch the division? Good God I pray its in GABP.

Twitter: CuteEyeGirl1980

Chad Ochocinco and Football

Three of my favorite things, Soccer, Bengals and of course Ochocinco.

<a href=";brand=foxsports&amp;from=foxsports_en-us_videocentral&amp;vid=923e4d20-2f00-49cb-8da3-95631f1729ae" target="_new" title="Soccer Talk Live: Chad Ochocinco">Video: Soccer Talk Live: Chad Ochocinco</a>

Woman cited after walking into Moorhead Walgreens in thong and whipped cream

Police cited a 37-year-old Moorhead woman for indecent exposure Sunday after she allegedly walked into the downtown Walgreens store here partially covered in whipped cream. The woman, identified by police as Katherine Margaret Watson, entered the store about 5:45 p.m. wearing only a thong, pasties, a “partial” green towel and the whipped cream, Lt. Tory Jacobson said.inforum

Serioulsy stop it, why are the ugmos always ready to get naked?
I am sure if she looked like a super model she would of been signed to a reality television show, and make a few million by now.

Australian lawyer smokes pages of Bible and Koran, asking 'Which is best?'

In a 12-minute clip entitled "Bible or Koran – which burns best?" Mr Stewart, who works for the Queensland University of Technology, holds up the two religious texts before ripping them apart and lighting the rolled up pages.

I love it.
But in the end you really are no better than Pastor Terry Jones who wanted to burn bunch of Koran on 9/11.
But good try, keep it up.

Pet thieves seen wrestling python outside McDonald's

"Two men were arrested after bewildered diners at a McDonald's spotted them wrestling a 5-foot (1.5 meter) python named Boris in the restaurant parking lot, police said Thursday. Victoria state police said the men stole the 8-year-old black-headed python and a lizard from a pet shop on Wednesday. They then brought the snake to the McDonald's parking lot, where they began wrestling with it in front of puzzled customers, police said." ASSOCIATED PRESS

What a great idea, lets steal a freaking python and wrestle it in front of a McDonald's parking lot. Some thing tells me it's just a case of dumb and dumber, and I wouldn't mind if the snake and  lizard ganged up and whooped some ass.
I'm just sad there is no video, because it would of have be classic.

Last Rant About The Bengals

Something that Carson Palmer said that I thought was interesting.

"There are easier openers than coming to New England and playing against Bill Belichick. The master had months to prep for this game, and it showed. “(Belichick) did a good job confusing us,” Palmer said. “I haven’t played against anybody better. Creating mismatches on pass rushes, moving big guys around. He’s very good at game-planning and adjusting game-planning.” Palmer also said, “Once we figured it out, we figured it out.’’ I asked him when that was, exactly. “When we got the field goal,’’ Palmer said."

So my question is, if the master (Belichick) had months to prepare what was our master (Lewis) doing all those times?
How hard is to adjust the game plan if its not working? Seems like the Patriots didn't have a problem.
And if I'm not mistaken I think Palmer just said Belichick is better than anyone else in the leagues, that's including his own coaches.
Anyway, I'm done with week 1, looking forward to week 2.

Hope this pumps everyone up.

Kanye West, Eminem, B.o.B, and Drake at the VMA

Cincinnati Bengals Week 1 re-cap

I let the bad loss against the Patriots marinate in my head overnight, and I am a bit calmer this morning
Even though D-line gave Tom Brady enough time for him to go home and shag his super model wife, there were some positives that can be taken out of this game.

Jermaine Gresham's had four catches for 25 yards and a touchdown. Does that mean we finally have a TE that can catch and block?

Chad and Carson came alive in the second half after the Bengals were down 80 points. If Chad Ochocinco plays like this every game, he will put up a career year. Ochocinco looked as fast as ever.
He ended up with 12 catches for 159 yards and a touchdown.

I'm sure Marvin is happy they signed Mike Nugent over Dave Rayner. It is nice to have a kicker who can hit from 50-plus yards, as Nugent did with his 54-yard field goal in the second quarter.
Wasn't there some crazy stat about Jordan Shipley, how he only dropped 5 passes since he was in diapers, anyway he looked good and catching everything thrown his way. How did he end up with that  Hail Mary pass? He's like the shortest dude in the stadium. 
Recently there have been lots of penalties called against the Bengals. Against the Patriots, the Bengals only had two penalties for five yards.

So everyone lets stay calm and don't hit the panic button. Stop calling for Palmer to sit and calling this Bengals team the old Bungles.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots

How did the first game of the season turn out? Not so good.
It was a total team effort today...everyone sucked.

Where was the offense and the defense in the first half, specifically the O-line and the D-line?
The Bengals repeatedly got slapped in the face by bunch of Patriots dicks and they just stood there and enjoyed it.
I don't think I have seen the Bengals play that bad in recent memory.
I guess all was not lost, I hope what I saw in the second half was a glimpse of what the Bengals are capable of.
It seems like the Bengals defense picked up some toughness and speed when they injected some young blood in the second half. Which begs the question, who should start on defense? Maybe Geno Atkins, Michael Johnson.
I'm not sure what is going on with Carson Palmer, while he makes some great throws, I often see him making some questionable throws. An example would the pick by Gray Guyton that was returned for six.
Rookies Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley looked solid in the first NFL game, I hope there is more production from those two.
I hear lot of people getting on Bob Bratkowsi for his play calling. I'm not an expert or anything, but the play calling looked pretty vanilla in the first half. Also, the offense looks much better when they are in their no-huddle offense.
I'm hoping there is no bad hang overs from this game to next week game against Baltimore Ravens.
Image via:(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)
Stat: ESPN

Indiana State vs. UC Bearcats

Indiana State 7
Cincinnati 40

I was about the send out the search and rescue squad to find the Bearcats offense. But it was nice to see Cats found their missing offense in the second week against Indiana State. But why did it take so long to break away from the Sycamores?
What is the strong point of this team, is it offense or defense? Is it running or passing? Honest to God I don't know.
And whats up with all the freakin turnovers? Come on Cats get your shit together.
I don't wanna doubt the Cats but they are not doing anything to help my concerns.
Anyway a win is a win even if it's against some shit school from Indiana.

We will really find out what this team is all about next week against NC State.

Photo: (AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

Speech of the Day

Thank you councilman Phil Davidson of Minerva, Ohio, anything else on your mind?
I tell you what, he had me fucking fired up for a second.
Hey look on the bright side, at-least your not as bad as Arizona governor Jan Brewer giving her opening statement in a televised debate. I heard even Mexicans felt bad for her.

Get me this walrus

UC vs. Fresno State

Its been six days since the beat down of UC by Fresno State.
Am I upset that we collapsed? Sure I am.
But I have to be realistic too, first game under a new coach, so it will take some time to gel together.
But on the other hand, why didn't the team adjust to what the defense was doing? If our O-line was getting eaten up why not add extra protection or bring in some new players? And that's where the true problem lies, we have no depth at our O-line.
Either way I hope to see UC get back to its winning way against Indiana State this Saturday.

I just hope that the Offense will bounce back this weekend.

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Another animal attacking a human

This just made my day.
Whats up with the girl lion? Go mind your own business while the male lion does his thing. Freaking chicks.

Dance moves to make panties drop

I gotta be honest here, what kind of f'n dance moves are these?
I respect the scientific community, but I think they are trying to pull a fast one us regular folks.
Every time I hit the club, these are the exact same moves I do, and trust me ain't no chick been attracted me.

Boy's punishment went too far?

"A man and a woman are accused of taking corporal punishment too far after her 6-year-old son didn’t perform well at a football practice. The boy was forced to run more than a mile and a half from football practice to Indian Mound Avenue on Thursday night, according to Norwood police. That’s where a police sergeant allegedly saw Charles Robinson, 41, grab the boy by his football helmet and drag him. The boy’s mother, Chellie Bowden, 36, is accused of asking Robinson’s help to punish her child and then standing by and letting it go too far, police said." news.cincinnati

The weakening of America continues.
I mean if he can't focus during football practice at the age of 6, what is he going to grow up to be?

The bigger question is, who in their right mind would mate with Chellie Bowden?

Back from vacation

Anyone still read this blog?

Anyway, I'm back from the long ass road trip. Now I can settle into to the bat cave and start churning out some more good stuff.

Watermelon Wins

Wait until the 24 second mark, that's when the magic happens.


Toy Story 3 (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Jersey Shore

Yea I'm kind of confused, so the Situation got this chick in his room, then leaves her there for a while as he goes and grabs some food. Then comes back in and bones her for like 5 minutes then call a cab and kicks her out.
Does that ever happened in real life?
I wonder if girls like being treated like this? I'm thinking no, unless she's just dumb as a door.

Jersey Shore UNCENSORED: Season One ( Exclusive)

Michael Jordan's Hitler mustache

What's up with Michael Jordan's Hitler mustache? I have got to admit when I saw that commercial I had to take a double take. I can't believe that they let that commercial get on the air like that.
Who told him this was a good idea? They should be fired.
This is a free country so Michael can sport any kind of mustache he wants but I'm just saying it looks stupid.

Michael Jordan Wings - Life Size Wall Poster (72'' x 23'')

The Wang and Only X Nothing on you X B.O.B

Please don't watch it if your not prepared to have tears run down your face.
Especially starting at the :45 second mark.
Oh damn someone get me some kleenex.


Toy Story 3 (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Peter King: Bengals preview

Sure why not I'll give the Lion a bath

Just your normal everyday in the Middle East, giving the Lion a bath in the middle of the street.
Escape? Impossible.
He's got the Lion secured to that tree with a rope.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was an attack after the video was turned off, it looks like the Lion is getting more and more restless each second.

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Digging the Tune


Das Racist: Who's That? Brooown!

Dead cats stuffed into a mailbox in Pierce

Five dead cats were stuffed into the mailbox of a local man, and police are investigating whether the shooting of up to three other cats belonging to a nearby woman might be

Aww yes the old dead cat in the mailbox trick, that never gets old.

I'm not a cat person, usually I hate cats. But this is just cold, almost cold as that bitch throwing puppies into the river. 

No felony charges for officer in Washington park death

The Enquirer/Will Velarde

No felony charges for officer in park death. Even as he declined to seek felony charges against a Cincinnati police officer who drove his cruiser over a homeless woman and killed her, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said Thursday he doesn't believe Officer Marty Polk committed a crime. Because an Ohio State Patrol investigation into the July 27 death of Joann Burton, 48, concluded that Polk wasn't reckless at the time, Deters said his office cannot charge the officer with a felony. That means if Polk is charged, it will be for a misdemeanor and the city of Cincinnati would have to prosecute the case. "He was doing his job," Deters said of Polk. "He demonstrated immediate concern, immediate remorse. ... This is something Marty Polk is going to have to live with the rest of his life." news.cincinnat

If you don't know the story click on the link to get up to speed. 

Should I be upset that there are no charges filed? Sure I am. If it was a common man like me or you this would have been prosecuted to the fullest. Obviously this is not a race issue because they are both black. I can only imagine if this was a white officer and a black victim. So what is it then, is it another sign of how the men in blue have a different set of standards than everyone else? I really hope that is not the case, this will just be another dividing factor between the citizens of Cincinnati and the police. 

I really believe this was not a reckless behavior on the officers part. Everyone in Cincinnati knows that Washington Park is a haven for homeless people, why was the officer not aware that there could be homeless people sleeping all over the park. Especially if he saw a blanket laid out between two trees. 

Something needs to be done about this. There has to be some kind of accountability for the officers action.

Vote for the Bearcat as Capital One National Mascot of Year

Listen nation, go and Vote for the UC Bearcat as Capital One National Mascot of Year, and beat that chump from UTEP.

Aroldis Chapman: The Cuban Missile Launched

Known for his triple digit heaters, rookie Aroldis Chapman made his major league debut last night against the Brewers in Cincinnati. The fans were on their feet the moment the 22 year old Cuban left-hander began to jog across the field from the bullpen, and never sat down until he walked off the mound into the dugout at the end of the 1-2-3 inning. He threw a total of 8 pitches. 7 strikes and 1 ball, 4 of which were over 100mph, striking out the first batter and grounding out the other two. His very first pitch for the Reds was a 98mph fast ball for a strike.
Congratulations Mr. Chapman for a job well done. You have proven that you can go from triple-A to the majors without losing your focus. I think you have much more to prove but so far you are quite impressive. I have a feeling that a change is coming soon to the Reds starting pitcher lineup. I am excited to see who Chapman will replace. My bet is on Harang.

PS. I have no personal vendetta against Harang, the proof is in his numbers.

Image Via:The Enquirer/Joseph Fuqua II