HR By Ramon Hernandez Leads Cincinnati Reds To A Come From Behind Win

I am thrilled, shit I am beyond thrilled. This is what opening day is all about. The Reds beat the Brewers 7-6.
It's like the Reds picked up where they left off 2010 regular season, with a 9th inning game winning HR.
Trailing behind the Brewers all day long, the Reds waited until there was no other option left to make it a game.

I was glad it was Hernandez that was up to bat with two out in the bottom of the 9th, the man was on fire today. I don't think God himself was going to stop Hernandez from hitting a homer.

Was I scared when Rickie Weeks and Carlos Gomez hit back-to-back homers off Edinson Volquez? I'd be lying if I said no, but the truth of the matter is I knew there was a chance for the Reds to pull this off especially with this lineup.

This was the first opening day win for the Reds in their last five attempt. And this was a nice way to break that streak.
But I'll be honest, if our #1 starter gets rocked like he did today, how will the rest of the rotation do?
 Let keep this celebration going until we win our 6th World Series.

PS: Look at that fat ass Prince Fielder, I know baseball players are not the most athletic or fit players, but come on dude, are you even trying?

Hey Pete Rose, Nice Jacket


Yea OK, I know the 70's and the 80's was your favorite decade but keep this shit in the closet Pete.
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