Recap San Diego Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Chargers - 20
Bengals - Who cares

Here is the recap but not really a recap, but more of me whining and complaining.
OK, well that was an interesting ball game, no superstar WR's and the Bengals put up 34 points and Carson goes for 16 of 21 for 269 yards and 4 TD's.
Like I said before, you don't need big time RB's or WR's to win football games, all you need a good coach, good QB, good O and D line.
Anyway thanks to the Bengals, now the the fans will hope for a successful season next year. But failing 18 out of 20 years does not tempt me.
But I will say this, Jerome Simpson just proved me wrong and many other people in and around Cincinnati.
Sometimes people just need a chance to show what they got and sometimes the coach's take out the old and put in something new.
If only this coaching staff could adjust during game time and game plan better, I wonder where this team could of have been.
Even with this win, I'm still disappointed in this team and in this season. Wish they would of figured things around sooner rather than later.

Recap Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals

Browns - 17
Bengals - Who cares

The 75th Battle Of Ohio has come and gone, and no one missed a thing. The Battle of Ohio should be known as "Lets see who sucks more". I mean when was the last time this rivalry was relevant?
Like I stated last week, for the rest of the season I will not be recapping any more Bengals game, rather I will bitch and complaining about anything I can think of.
But let me say this first, Jerome Simpson caught two passes.
So what made the Bengals a good team that won the AFC North last year and what made them into a 3-11 so far this year? Last year the Bengals was a good rushing team, which meant that they controlled the ball and possession with limited turnovers. So in the off-season, the Bengals organization decided that to be an even better football team that they needed to stretch the field, which meant we needed a good WR. So they went and got TO, which is fine, because TO is a great player and a match up problem for any DB's.
But what the Bengals didn't need to do was become a pass happy team rather than a rushing team. There is only a few teams in the NFL that can just rely on the aerial attack to win games. Adding a great WR is a good addition to an already pretty good team, but the philosophy and scheme didn't need to change just because of one single player. Switching from a rushing team to a passing team put Carson Palmer in a position that he might have not been comfortable in.

You can't blame anyone when Carson starts throwing INT's, but you can blame the OC for the play calling which can sometimes lead to the defense recognizing the pattern and jumping it. And I feel like the coaches this season has not put the players in a good position to do their jobs.
So honestly I wouldn't be upset if Carson stuck around for next season, but I would be a little upset if the coaching staff has not been fired and replaced.

Battle of the local Cincinnati news stations *UPDATED*

Local Cincinnatians can get their news from four local news stations, but which one is the best of the bunch?
Lets find out as I pick the winner based solely on looks.

People stealing from blind man again

"A judge sent Dante Williams, who is visually impaired and can only see thanks to nine eye surgeries, to prison Thursday for stealing $38 from a blind man who operates the deli inside the Hamilton County Courthouse. He waited until Parker was alone behind the deli counter and gave him a $1 bill, telling the blind Parker it was a $20. Parker gave him $18.65 in change. Williams returned Jan. 28 of this year and bought an item for 75 cents, again waiting for Parker to be alone before giving him $1 and saying it was a $20. Parker gave him $19.25 in change. news.cincinnati
For the second time in a week, a judge sent to prison someone convicted of stealing from the blind owner of the deli inside the Hamilton County Courthouse. This one was an employee who brought her baby to court Tuesday. Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman sent Sharon Watson, 23, to prison for six months after Watson pleaded guilty last month to theft from a disabled person." news.cincinnati

OK, this sad, first we got a blind guy stealing from another blind guy, then we got an employee stealing from the blind guy.
I'm not trying to be a dick but when you are blind and you are running a business, you know people are gonna steal from you. I mean this ain't the 1900's, it's fucking 2010, people have no values they will take advantage of every situation.
But I honestly think that the blind owner was just fucking with Dante Williams, I mean doesn't every single blind person know the difference between and 20 and a one dollar bill? Lets look at it this way, if Dante gave Parker a one dollar bill then told him it was 20 and then Parker gave Dante $18.65 in change. So how did Parker give him exact change of $18.65, it had to be three $5's and 2 singles or one $10 bill and eight singles or one $10, one $5 and two singles. So Parker had to known the difference between singles and a $20, I believe this shit is called entrapment.

Recap Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals - who cares they lost
Steelers - 23
For the rest of the season, I will not recap any of the Bengals game either win or lose. But what I will do is continue to bitch and complain about the Bengals.
Let me first say this, Dan Dierdorf was all over ever single Steeler dick today, I mean he just couldn't stop.
What will be on the Bengals agenda this off-season? New QB? Some Offensive and Defensive tackles? Maybe some good depth at DB's? Maybe some faster, stronger LB's? Maybe a new coach?
I never seem to hear Keith Rivers name being mentioned during any game? I mean for being a former first round pick, he doesn't seem to make many plays.

Lately, every time Carson throws a pass I get a little worried, cause I always feel like its going to be an INT. And he showed today why I feel that way. Anyway, the look on Carson's face tells me that he is tired and he's out of it. Might be for the better if the Bengals and Carson said their goodbyes. Looks like he needs a new start somewhere else, seems like he is tired of Skyline chili and smoked sausages from John Morrell.
Can Brat stop calling these plays on 3rd down, where the route always seem to be short of the first down marker? And also stop with this nonsense screen passes to our TE, especially Reggie Kelly. Speaking of Reggie Kelly, he needs to retire.

Stat: ESPN

Indians can't fight

I love India, that's where I was born. But damn it I'm tired of all this slap and tap shit. We need to learn how to fight, slapping is for bitches, if your are a dude put your hands up and punch someone. I mean you just can't use the pimp slap for every situation.


I'm afraid this is how all mall Santa's are, while heading home to their trailer park homes after a long day.
Can't really blame them, have anyone seen those damn kids and their needy ass's.

Sheman Stabs Husband Over Monday Night Football

Delois Holley
"A St. Petersburg woman flew into a rage because her husband was watching Monday Night Football and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife, police said.Delois Holley, 61, was charged with attempted felony murder and is being held in the Pinellas County Jail. St. Petersburg Police spokesman Mike Puetz says the victim was watching the New England Patriots thrash the New York Jets at the family home in the Arlington Arbor Apartments. "His wife became upset. She obtained a knife and stabbed him multiple times," Puetz said.Holley" abcactionnews

My first though is "that's the face of a lady".  I guess she must have been a Jets fan or something. Or her husband told her to get him a God damn snack. Either way, just count your blessing if you don't die bro, I mean who would want to live with a chick that's half bald and got some sort of goatee thing going on. I mean just look at her, she is a mean looking bitch.

Recap New Orleans Saints vs Cincinnati Bengals

Saints - 34
Bengals - 30

I'm going to try an underachieve on my post just like my beloved Bengals.
Every week it just gets worse. Why do I still care about this team?
Everybody knows on 4th down the offense is going to try and make the defense jump offsides. Everybody, that is, except for the Bengals.
Like my boy @DBert said "Bengals and Marvin have to be trying to do this shit on purpose, I am not kidding, there is no way the are this dumb, Marvin wants to be fired."
Cam Newton welcome home. Wait a minute will Cam end up as another Akili Smith? I'm so confused.
Is the season over yet?

Stat: ESPN

Recap Pittsburgh Panthers vs Cincinnati Bearcats

So the 2010 football season has come to an end for the Bearcats. Just like the way the season started is how the season ended, with a lose.

But look on the bright side at least our mascot didn't go down without a fight.

Really there is nothing that needs to be said about this game that has not already been said through out the season.
Just hope Coach Butch Jones fixes the defense, and the offense.
For way too long the excuse for being a bad defense has been "its a young defense", next year that needs to be corrected if the Bearcats have any ambition of being one of the top teams in Big East.
The play of the QB needs to improve, Zach has been too erratic over the season, with too many INT's.

PS. I applaud Connor Barwin for sticking it out for the entire game.

Double PS. Someone get Coach Kerry Coombs a damn sweatshirt or something, that man was going nuts on the sidelines with only a polo shirt. How does he do it? When stuff starts going bad to worse that's when Coach Coombs go from crazy to bat shit crazy.

Triple PS. Here is the video of the Bearcat mascot be hauled away by the police. Hey you, the bitch in the video shut the F up, the shit is funny and it is on the Internet.

Stat: ESPN

Two epic cat fights in two days

Fight 1. Two former best friends turn on each other because of evil crows.

Fight 2. Just don't stare at another pussy's girl, especially at the Jersey shore.

Quidditch League at UC

OK what is going on here? Do you guys realize you are riding a fucking broom? What happened to riding horses and donkeys? This is why Harry Potter fans get beaten up.

All I gotta say is Quidditch League is gayer than this soccer referee.

White Bank Robber Fools Cops With Black Guy Mask Again

"This time, authorities are sure they have the right man in a string of robberies committed earlier this year. That’s because Conrad Zdzierak admitted to them and because he wasn’t wearing a life-like mask that led his victims to believe the man robbing them wasn’t a white man from Poland but a black man. Zdzierak was found out when his girlfriend, staying with him in a Springdale hotel, saw reports of the robberies moments before she went into the bathroom and saw two masks and, in the sink, money that was stained with dye used by banks to try to foil robberies. She called police." news.cincinnati

I kind of feel bad for the black community, they just can't catch a break. Getting accused for shit they didn't even do (for once).

Hey Conrad, (if that's your real name), not enough black people in Poland to pull this shit off?

Can't believe you got turned in by your own baby mama, karma is a bitch Conrad.

Recap Cincinnati Bearcats vs Connecticut Huskies

Bearcats - 17
Huskies - 38

The season is almost drawing close, on what has been a disappointing effort.
The Bearcats needed to win their final two games to be bowl eligible.

If the first half play is any indication, that won't be happening. It was brutal to watch a 6'4" 295lb defensive lineman outrun the entire Bearcats offense on an INT.

Bearcats defense still can't get enough stops, especially on third downs. And the offense is not helping out the defense by giving up two turnovers already in the first half.

And it turns out the second half wasn't any better. The defense did it part pave the way for the comeback, but the offense failed. Zach Collaros threw costly INT in the second half.

No team can't win games when you are behind the turnover margin (5 turnovers), and the Bearcats have been on the wrong side of the margin many times this season.

Not much to say after this game, I kept hoping for a comeback, but sadly there was no comeback. UConn kept the ball on the ground and churned out 236 yards. And every time the Bearcats got the ball back, they kept turning it over.

This Bearcats defense can't put pressure on the opposing QB, the offensive line is not good enough and out LB's and DB's can't play zone.

Congratulaiton on UConn for the win and good luck on your journey to a first ever BCS game.

Stat: ESPN

Recap Cincinnati Bengals vs New York Jets

Bengals - 10
Jets - 26

First of all let me say this, Matt Millen have no right to criticize anyone, after his achievements at Detroit. So here is a big FU to you Matt Millen.

The first half, Carson Palmer showed as how terrible his decision making is, I was ready for his younger brother Jordan Plamers to replace him. I mean what was he looking at or what was he thinking when he threw those 2 first half INT's? It was just mind blowing.
I'm just happy the Bengals went into the half with a 7-3 lead. The Bengals are lucky the Jets only have an average offense, because if the Jets had a good offense, they would have taken advantages of the Bengals fuck up. On the other hand I don't need to remind anyone what the Buffalo Bills did to the Bengals in the second half last week.

And the second half turned out exactly how I predicted. Jets making adjustments and the Bengals not making adjustments.
Look on the bright side, the Bengals did make adjustment compared to the last week when they game up 35 points to the Bills in the second half.
I guess losing to a team like the Jets by only 16 points ain't so bad, I'm sure that's what Marvin Lewis reasoning will be.

One specific play was stuck in my mind after the game. It was the 3rd and 14 at Cincinnati 21 in the 4th quarter. Bengals put Gresham at half-back and threw a swing pass, yes the Bengals put Gresham in the backfield and they threw a swing pass. Lets me say that again, its 3rd and 14 and the Bengals put a TE, Gresham in the backfield and throws a swing pass. I mean really a TE? I know he is a good athlete, but damn was that play necessary?

Two costly mistakes by the special teams lead to 14 points.
I was watching the game on an HD television at home and for the life of me I could not tell if that fucking ball hit Andre Caldwell in the fucking helmet or not. So how in the world can a side-line judge make that call? And why the fuck didn't Marvin fucking challenge that call? This is why everyone thinks you are a joke Marvin, you suck, you have no balls, no desire.

The defense did its job today, got couple of sacks, got couple of knock down, played better than they have last couple of weeks. At least the young players are keep making some meaningful play compared to some veterans (R.Geather, Peko). I also have to give credit to the patchwork of Bengals secondary.

The offense continue to struggle, just like it has done the entire fucking season. Hey Bob Bratkowski, I know things have not been working out, so why don't you try something else for a change? Just saying.
Honestly this lose looks likes every other lose in this season, can't put together 4 complete quarters, bad turnovers, bad metal mistakes, the inability to convert on third downs.
And what the fuck is up with Quan Cosby fair catching all the punts inside the 5 yard line? Please, someone fire the special teams coach?

Image: AP Photo/Bill Kostroun
State: ESPN

What to do with Marvin Lewis?

"I see a future here. For everybody involved, I want this thing. I haven't got done what I came here to do, and I failed them. But we're still doing it, and we're going to keep on doing it and just keep working at it. This has not been the season we all wanted, but it is where we are right now. I think we continue, my guys coach very hard, and that's not going to change." said Lewis.

Its kind of like dealing with someone who is fat person, they don't want to admit they have a eating problem, but everyone else knows they have a problem. Same thing with Marvin, everyone else knows things need to change, but Marvin can't see that. Sometimes an outsider has a better perspective of whats going on, than a person in the middle of the storm.

Let me say this, after living through the 90's, I am happy the Bengals won the division twice in a decade. And I have to give credit to Marvin for achieving those heights.
On some level the the lack of consistent success is Marvin's fault, but on the other hand its the fault of the man sitting at the top of the pyramid.

I'm just afraid if the Bengals do let Marvin go, we might encounter another long drought before we are relevant again. I don't have any faith in Mike Brown being able to hire a guy that can bring in any type of success. I know lot of fans out there want the next coach to be Zimmer, but let me remind everyone of what happened last time when we got rid of a coach and replaced him with a defensive coordinator (Dick LeBeau).

I think what this teams is some fresh faces on the coaching staff. Starting with a new offensive coordinator, new defensive line coach, and a new offensive line coach.
Secondly I think this teams need to rebuild, its time to let some players go. Chad, Carson, Geather, Peko, Dhani Jones, Reggie Kelly, Jerome Simpson, Quan Cosby, Roy Williams, Tank Johnson, Nate Livings, Dennis Roland, Bobbie Williams.

I'll just say this, I wish the NFL was not a revenue sharing league, because Mike Brown is content with collecting his money no matter what goes on.

Recap Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals

Bills - 49
Bengals - 31

How to recap this game?
The Bengals teases everyone for the first half then, spits in our face in the second half.
Yes you can blame in on the injuries, but how can you let a big lead like that against a crappy team like the Buffalo Bills disappear? It is just mind numbing to think about this game.

This is how much the football Gods hate the Bengals, a Whitworth holding penalty wipes out a Palmer to Owens touchdown, then couple of plays later Palmer is picked off in the end zone by the Bills, who runs it back to the Bengals 49. I swear the Bengals just cannot catch a break, and as a fan the only thing I can do is just smile and say that's the Bengals. But I do have to admit the Whitworth holding penalty was a bogus call.

After the Bengals lost three starting DB's, Fitzpatrick started to heat up and eventually he caught on fire.
You can just see the momentum swing to the Buffalo side and it seemed like there was nothing the Bengals could.
After the injuries to the starters what kind of adjustments did the coaching staff make? Seems like to me they did not make any kind of adjustment and that's why Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to put a whooping on the Bengals defense.

The one word I think of after watching this game is "Sickening".
I feel like I have lots to say, but I can't think of the proper words, the only thing I can do is shake my head.

Lets play some blame game, I blame it on Carson, I blame in on Marvin, I blame on the defense, I blame it on the DB's that got injured, I blame it on Mike Brown, I blame it on Gus Johnson, I blame it on my dog, and I blame it on the sweet and sour chicken I ate for lunch today.

Up to this point I have not said the Bengals needs to clean the house, but after today, I think its time to move on with some players. Need some new faces and some new energy.

Stat: ESPN
Image: @StephanieBengal

Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs Cincinnati Bearcats

Rutgers -38
Cincinnati - 69

Wow what a first half by the UC, the Bearcats playing some PlayStation football out there. First half alone Bearcats put up 7 touchdowns and 416 yards. But the young defense still gave up 3 touchdowns and 259 yards to a shitty team.
This was the offense all the Bearcats faithfull was looking forward to from the beginning of the season. But it might be little too late, oh well we have something to look forward to next season.
When Rutgers scored on its first play from scrimmage, I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. But thank God the Bearcats responded with their own offense.
Well the second half was not much kinder to the Scarlet Knights. Either way this win, this style of play, this type of production was overdue. Zach Collaras being efficient and making plays with his arms and his legs, Isaiah Pead racking up touchdowns like Mario collecting coins.
I thought Rutgers' defense would contain the Bearcats offense that had put up a mere 17 points total in the last two games. Instead the Bearcats went back to being the Bearcats of previous two years with quick strike, spread offense that totaled 661 yards and 10 touchdowns.

But lets look on the bad side of a good night, the offense covered up a poor effort by the defense. The young defense still gave up 392 yards to a freshman QB on a bad offensive team. But I do have to give credit to Brandon Mills and the rest of the defensive line for stopping the run and putting pressure on the QB and getting couple of sacks through out the night.
I also have to give credit to receiver Mark Harrison, who had an unreal game, too, catching 10 passes for 240 yards and four touchdowns.
Lets all collectively keep our fingers crossed for the Bearcats to win out their remaining games and become bowl eligible.
Stat: ESPN

Chad Dukes Don't Have Shit On Us

OK Chad Dukes, we get it, your Redskins got their ass handed to them on national television and you pay $30 for parking tickets. We get the that Shanahan is not making good decisions, and we get that Haynesworth was doing the worm for no reason. But get a hold of your self  man, the Washington Redskins are not the Detroit Lions, the Cleveland Browns or my beloved Cincinnati Bengals.
Think about this Dukes, your beloved Redskins have won super bowl three times in the last 30 years, 1983 (XVII), 1988 (XXII), 1992 (XXVI). So please shut it. At least your idiot owner is willing to do anything to win you guys a championship. He brings in a Superbowl winning coach, he also bring in a QB that has been to the Superbowl once and to the NFC title game five times. If Daniel Snyder could buy a Superbowl he would of have done it years ago. So slow down on your ranting and raving, until you become a Lions, Browns or Bengals die hard fan you don't know what real suffering is.

Football argument leads to stabbing

news.cincinnati A 77-year-old man is accused of stabbing a woman during an argument after a football game Sunday night. Willie Champion faces one count of felonious assault. He was booked into the Hamilton County jail just after 8 p.m. and was held overnight without bond. According to court documents, Champion cut a woman twice in her left arm when the two argued after watching a football game. The incident occurred at a residence in the 1500 block of Dudley Walk in the West End.

Take note people, never ever argue with an old person. They cannot comprehend what you are tying to say to them. Its worse than arguing with a 2 year old.
Why in the world would a woman try to argue with this 77 year old man anyway? Did she not look at this mans face? I mean look at this son of a bitch, he looks evil and he looks like he's itching to stab some more people.

Recap Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts

Bengals - 16
Colts - 23
Another Bengals game and another disappointing showing. How many games can you start out by putting your self in a hole? Just can't win many games like that.
There is no discipline, no passion, bad turnover, cant convert on 3rd downs, and the list just keeps going on.
The Bengals have all these big time super stars on the team, but on the other side the Colts are ravaged by injuries and have no names. But they do have the most important player in Payton Manning and bunch of people that are football players and that seems to be good enough for them to keep winning football games.
I think its safe to say, we can look back on many of the Bengals game and say they should of have won that game. But good teams find ways to make it happen.
I know the Bengals can't be the best team every time they play, but they could put up a decent fight without looking so lack luster.
Chad had a monster game, Carson had a bad start, then got hot, then got really cold. The defense did what it could to keep the Bengals alive. The special teams did nothing.
I am really curious to find out why they keep putting Quan Cosby back there to return punts and not Bernard Scott? It either a fair catch or no catch, he never seems to make any kind of play.
For all the bad play, bad calls, bad turnovers, and bad penalties, some how, some way the Bengals were still in a position on win the game in the 4th quarter. But another turnover by the rookie TE dashed all hopes of a Bengals win.
Its mind boggling to think with 5 turnovers, the Bengals where in a position to win the game on the final drive.
You can just look at the last drive by the Bengals to realize what is wrong with this team, not protecting the QB with game game on the line and our diva WR walking back to the line of  scrimmage when the clock keeps running. If you don't have a desire to fight until the end, the get the fuck of the team.
If Marvin had any class, decency or balls he would be cutting some players after today's game. But sadly everyone on this team is a mirror image of the owner.

Image: NFL
Stat: ESPN

Recap Cincinnati Bearcats vs West Virginia Mountaineers

What is it with this Bearcats football team, are they still having an identity crisis? My God, they have played 8 games, and they still have not figured out what to do on offense, on defense. I know the defense is young with basically no depth, but what about the offense? They put up 7 points against Syracuse and today verses Mountaineers the Cats put up a whopping 10 points.
But the one big factor that makes this team so bad is that the whole team is undisciplined.
Collaros is the best QB in the Big East with 20 TD, we have two outstanding WR's, with a pretty damn good running back. So why is this team struggling on offense? Is it the players, is it the system or is it the game plan by the coaching staff?
I don't see this team finishing any better than 4-8 after watching this performance against W.Virginia.
I foolishly predicted this team winning another Big East title, before the season started. But the offense has not taken charge when it needs to and the young defense has been broken too many times.
Here is my analysis for this game.
First half, the special team played shitty, the offense played shitty, the defense played shitty. Second half the special team did nothing, the offense did nothing, and the defense did nothing.
Image: (AP Photo/Jeff Gentner)
State: ESPN

Epic showdown for last place

I swear White people are out of their minds. I cannot imagine another other race on this planet doing this type of stuff. I mean don't do an Iron Man competition if your old ass can't cross the finish line in a normal way. Yeah it is cool to finish what you start, but it become worthless when you get dragged across the finish line. Instead of dong an Iron Man competition can't you all go do some knitting or some other stuff old people do?

America's first sex-toy drive-thru

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Pleasures is opening a new adult store that offers a drive-thru this weekend. "It's a new level of privacy, and it feels good to give something back to the community," business owner Sherri Williams said. The new Pleasures adult store will be the country's first to sell adult toys through a private, drive-thru window. The new location will also feature the Intimacy Clinic, offering weekly seminars and workshops, complimentary condoms, and marriage counseling. The store's sexual health library will promote book signings. There's also an outdoor lounge for wine, beer, and smokers, and an indoor lounge featuring ToyBox Parties for giggling groups of women and private functions.

My God this is amazing, take that Amsterdam you can't touch this shit. What? You guys have drive through sex?. Damn.
The only thing that would make this drive through epic is if they served some fries.
Yes, I'll have a turquoise butt plug, and matching ball gag for the lady. And I'll have three ribbed condoms, and a set of toe cuffs to go please.

I mean how in the world do you order shit through the drive through, do you have to memorize the catalog before hand? Or is it like order it online or call ahead and pick it up at the drive-thru, kind of like my prescription refills?

Did anyone know that in Alabama the sale of sex toys is illegal unless for medical/educational/scientific purposes. I mean what the hell is going on down in Alabama, I always though South Carolina was the weirdest state in the Union, but I think Alabama might have taken that cake now.

Recap Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

T.O is Officially apart of the 150 club Congrats, now that is out of the way lets get to the game.
I mean what a game it was, it was like being on acid for 4 hours, lots of trippy shit.
The first half would have been much different if not for those 2 turnovers, and the blocked punt. Even with all the bone headed plays the defense had kept this game some what close.
There was no lack of urgency the Bengals at the start of the game. For a team desperate for a win, to start with a fumble on the opening kickoff and blocked punt after its second drive is inexcusable.
But the key to every game is turnovers, in the first half the Steelers scored 10 points off the Bengals turnovers.
Honestly I could care less for the special teams, but just do me a favor just don't fuck it up for the rest of the team.
For all the criticism that Andre "The Giant" Smith  has taken from local media and fans, he has stepped up and held his own against two of the best defensive players in the NFL.
If this team was disciplined, this season would of have meant something besides a failure.
If it was not for those two missed field goals by Nugent this would of have been a tie game at the end of regulation.
Carson made some mistakes, but overall he played pretty well.
I was surprised when Shipley did not make that catch at the end of the game, even though he is a rookie he is a solid pass catcher.
If it was not for T.O. I don't know what the final score would have been. Needless to say, there are lots of things that the Bengals need to get right, from special teams to cutting down on penalties. If the team can get those two monkey's of their back, this would of have been a great team playing a great season.
If you keep playing like shit in the first half, it only gets harder to come back. Just like previous games the rally falls short, no one to blame but themselves.
Granted the Steelers put 20 points on the board in the first half, but how many of those points was given away and how many was earned.
Geno Atkins and Michael Johnson getting more snaps than ever before and it definitely shows. We are finally getting some kind of pressure on the QB, but the Bengals still only end up with one sack.
Love my Bengals, but the season is over at 2-6.

Image: NFL
Stat: ESPN

NRA wants me to join, its so tempting

So I got this letter from NRA asking me to join their membership program. And here is what it said.

"Your constitutional right to own a gun is under attack my anti-gun politicians and administration officials, global gun ban diplomats at the U.N., militant anti-hunting extremists, radical billionaires and the freedom-hating Hollywood elite.
They've vowed to fight on and never surrender...Not until they've banned, confiscated and destroyed our guns, just like in England, Canada and Australia."

I mean is NRA serious with this shit? Just like England, Canada and Australia??? Fuck I never wanna be like those countries, damn all those people with no guns what will they do when their government tires to kidnap their children and rape their wives?

Hey  England, Canada and Australia how are you living with no guns? ~ Really? Life is good.
Do you guys want your guns back? ~ No, no, we don't like killing ourselves.
But did you know your freedom is under attack? ~ Oh, you like it that way, less crime and less killing.

This is dumbest reason I have heard to join the NRA, can't they just say if you like guns come join NRA.
I am pretty sure countries like England, Canada and Australia do not have the same amount of death by guns as America does. So tell me is it worth it?

Cincinnati Bengals Jerome Simpson not a bust?

So the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote an article about  Bengals WR Jerome Simpson this morning, they stated that Jerome is just slow to pick up the speed of NFL and he is also slow to pick up the system. And All Pro Blogger John Thornton agrees with the Enquirer and thinks Jerome is not a bust. But reality shows that its almost over for him.
So lets take look at some stats for Jeromoe and some other WRs drafted after him.
Jerome Simpson: 1 Rec, 0 TD
Earl Bennett: 74 Rec, 2 TDs
DeSean Jackson: 143 Rec, 14 TDs
Early Doucet: 39 Rec, 1 TD
Harry Douglas: 38 Rec, 2 TDs
Mario Manningham: 82 Rec, 8 TDs
Andre Caldwell: 71 Rec, 3 TDs
I could keep on going with the stats, but why waste my time.
Its pretty simple, if you are drafted in the first 3 rounds, you are expected to produce or contribute to the team some how. To me Jerome has not done anything in almost three years for this team. So tell me is he a bust or not?
I'm gonna go out on a limp and say he is a bust because, look at Andre Calwell who was drafted later than, but has produced more than Jerome in the same time span. He has adapted to the speed of the NFL and learned the system. That is why he is out on the field. Also, look at Jordan Shipley, for goodness sake he is a rookie. But he is out on the field every Sunday making plays while Jerome is on the sidelines. So I'm not sure what Thornton and  John Erardi of the Enquirer is smoking but to me Jerome is a bust.
But the real question should not be about Jerome but about the Bengals scouting team, are they a bust or not. Its not Jerome's fault for being drafted too high, its the Bengals non-existent scouts departments fault for drafting him based on highlight reels on youtube?

Man Dressed As Jesus Kicked Out Of Church

"A man dressed as Jesus was kicked out of a St. Louis area church Sunday. Police were even called to get in the middle of the spiritual showdown. "We're called to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ, ambassadors should represent, and that's what I do. I try to represent my Lord and savior Jesus Christ," said Neal Thompson Monday night, wearing the same white robe and cross, and carrying the same staff he's been using every Sunday for 22 years."orlandosentinel

Imagine if he pulled that stunt dressed as Mohammad at a Mosque, wait I take that back, no one know what Mohammad looks like.
But think about it like this, what if he really was Jesus, they just made the biggest mistake ever. Seriously have they not heard the song "What If God Was One Of Us " by Alanis Morissette.
Honestly I don't have a problem with this guy, he can dress up as a werewolf and go to church. I mean he had a long stick and a white table cloth, so I'm not sure if that is enough to get kicked out of church. Maybe the Church might want to think about this one long and hard.

Video: Click Here

Where Do The Bengals Go From Here

I love the Bengals, and they are my favorite football team, and no matter what I will always cheer for them. But lets call it like it is, this years Bengals team are a flop and after the lose to the Miami Dolphins, where do the Bengals go? I know they are not mathematically eliminated from the playoff but everyone and their momma knows they are not going anywhere.
Like Paul Daugherty said, "They are a fine collection of individual talents", but when its time to play some football as a team they absolutely suck, their is no chemistry. You can look at this team and there is no leaders, not on offense, not on defense. I'm not sure how Marvin Lewis shows his emotion behind closed doors, but he sure as hell don't show any during the press conference.
Remember the time when Marvin Lewis was AP 2009 NFL Coach of the Year, and when there was banners that said Marvin for president and in Marvin we trust, and remember the time when Bob Bratkowski was a hot commodity in NFL as a future head coach because he was considered and offensive wizard. What happened to those guys, where has it all gone?
First I have to say this about Marvin Lewis, he has dragged this franchise out of an embarrassing decade of football. He helped make the organization respectable. His teams have made the postseason twice. But after a decade of his reign at the helm it might be time for a change. And I think it would be welcomed by all of Bengals nation.

But if the guy sitting at the top of the pyramid does not feel what the fans feel nothing ever will change.

Recap Miami Dolphins vs Cincinnati Bengals

Another example of a team that is incomplete and unprepared to compete at the highest level.
Last week it was the offense that let the team down, today its the offense that let the team down. There has not been one game where the offense and defense has put a complete game together. And until the Bengals do that they won't win a game.
I got all excited after watching the first drive, so smooth so efficient. The no huddle, hurry up offense was so efficient that the defense had no answer. But what ever the reason, I didn't see the type of energy out of the offense for the rest of the game.
But basically the Dolphins kicker Dan Carpenter, he pretty much beat this team by himself.
Basically here is what it comes down to. The dolphins defensive coordinator figured out what the Bengals offense was doing and he adjusted and on the flip side the Bengals coaches didn't adjust their game plan.
The Bengals defense couldn't stop anyone on third down and the Bengals offense couldn't convert any of their third down at one point they went four straight 3 and out.
It is also safe to say that injuries to the defense played a part in this game, but that should not be used as an excuse for the result. These are all professionals out here, there should not be that much of a drop off from the starters to the second stringers.
Again it was very evident that Bengals lack a true defensive end and an interior defensive linemen. Again they could not generate any kind of pressure on Chadd Henne.
As I'm typing this, I'm watching Marvin Lewis post game press conference, and he does not know what to say and the reporters don't know what to ask. Everyone is probably tired of asking the same old questions and hearing the same old answers. So sad.

Image: NFL
Stat: ESPN

Recap Syracuse Orange vs Cincinnati Bearcats

Like my friend said, there was more excitement at the pool table over at Arlins bar after the game than during the game.
I'm saying this nicely as possible, but Chazz Anderson fucking sucks. I mean there is really no other way to put it. I'm not really sure if he is a QB or a pitcher, because bunch of his passes looks like sinker balls.
Usually I say it's UC that lost the game, but after watching today game, it was all about Syracuse. They whopped UC's ass all over the field, offense, defense, special team. The Bearcats couldn't move the ball and when they did,they found some way to turn it over.
It was obvious the Bearcats where going to struggle today, because they couldn't run the ball. And I am baffled as to why we struggle to run, the Bearcats have a running QB and a great running back in Pead. I'm not sure what needs to change, but something needs to change, because when the Bearcats effectively run the ball they play great, when they are incapable of running, they struggle.
Wishing he had someone not named Chazz
As far as the defense goes, its the same old same old. I know the defense is young, but they have practiced enough and play enough to be better than this.
The Bearcats can't stop anyone on third down. Time after time, when ever there was a third down for Syracuse, they would simply run someone into the middle and complete a short pass to pick up a first down.

All I gotta say is I miss the Greg Robinson coached Syracuse teams.

Image: (AP Photo/Al Behrman)
Stat: ESPN

The Cincinnati Bengals Pass Rush Sucks More Than Your Momma

Everyone that watches the Bengals knows that the biggest weakness is the ineffectiveness of the defense to get to the QB. I have touched on this subject before (here), but each week it seems like the Bengals front four cannot create any kind of pressure on the opposing QB and it seems to be getting worse. Is it time to switch to a 3-4 or a different defensive line coach. I really don't know what the solution to the problem is, but the people that are getting paid a lot of money are not doing their job.

Robert Geathers - blows goats, zero sacks
Jonathan Fanene - injured, zero sacks
Domata Peko - blows double goats, zero sacks
Geno Atkins - needs more game time, 0.5 sacks
Tank Johnson - blows goats, zero sacks
Pat Sims - missing, zero sacks
Frostee Rucker - blows goats, 1 sack
Michael Johnson - needs more game time, 0.5 sacks

I love the Bearcats and the Big East blows

This has been floating around for a couple of days and I'm surprised it has not gotten much attention.
Butch Jones is right, the Big East does blow goats, the Big East sucks so much anyone and everyone has a chance of winning any given game.

Mom gave pot to kids ages 1, 4, 7

What struck me most was not the mom getting high with her kids but the ad from Mercy Health Plex on the side of the page. Mercy knows we all get a little zoned out and sleepy after a good smoke out, that's why they want us to enroll in their family program.

Teenager picked wrong transvestite prostitute to rob

Rufus Bowman

Joshua Bumpus

Sixteen-year-old Rufus Bowman was looking for an easy victim, but he picked the wrong one during a July 13 incident. Bowman was in the 200 block of West McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine when, Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Ryan Nelson said, he approached Joshua Bumpus. "Mr. Bumpus is a transvestite prostitute," Nelson said. "He goes 6-(foot)-3, 280 (pounds) and was wearing a pink halter top and pumps." Actually, jail records list Bumpus as 6-foot-1, 290 pounds "(Bowman) approached Mr. Bumpus and, according to Mr. Bumpus, was trying to retain his services," Nelson said. The two men went into a nearby alley to transact business, Nelson said, when Bowman pulled a gun. The two men fought. Wearing dreadlocks, the 5-foot-7, 230-pound Bowman fired his gun. The bullet hit Bumpus in the arm, went through and lodged near his ribs. Even though he was shot, Bumpus continued fighting - and won. "He got the gun away from (Bowman), he grabbed (Bowman) by the hair and beat him down. He beat the (daylights) out of him," Nelson said. That's about when several of Bumpus' friends, also dressed as women, flagged down Cincinnati Police Officer Dave Kennedy. Other Bumpus friends helped Bumpus beat Bowman. news.cincinnati

This is exactly why I started this blog, so I can talk about situations like this. If I just looked at the pictures without reading the article, I would have sworn that Rufus looks like a transvestite.
I would of have never guessed that there would have been so many transvestite prostitutes out in Over-the-Rhine.
I only wish there was some kind of video of the fight. It had everything, guns, hookers, transvestites, cops this would have been epic. Lets this also be a reminder all who are thinking about a getting some service from the ladies at the corner; they very well might be guys that could take a gun shot and still kick you ass if you don't pay up. So my advise would be to cross the Ohio river and head to Covington or Newport for some decent service.
Forget about the transvestite and prostitutes for a second and lets talk about the real tragedy here, Rufus is a  16 year old bastard that is 5'7" and weights 230lbs, my God he should be a star running back somewhere in the city. I mean what freaking waste.

Whats the big deal if the parents took kids on a drug deal?

David Moore, 25, and Nicole Rycek, 23, both of Cleves, were booked into the Hamilton County jail Thursday on multiple drug and child endangering charges and appeared in Hamilton County Municipal Court on Friday. Both sold $30 in crack cocaine to the police informant in front of their children, who are 3 and 4, on Thursday, according to Cleves police. In addition, Rycek is accused of selling $20 worth of heroin on Sept. 21.Police reports say Moore had two sawed-off shot guns, two pistols, numerous rounds of ammunition and two large baggies of marijuana news.cincinnati

I can't believe these outstanding members of the community would ever take their young children during a drug run. I am just completely baffled.
Lets face it, there is nothing wrong with taking the little ones on a drug run, it will teach them responsibility and awareness from a young age. I'm pretty sure when these kids grow up, there are probably gonna take after their parents anyway.
And how in the world is this child endangerment? I mean he was strapped from head to toe with shot guns and pistols, there was no way he was gong to let his children get hurt.