BurnoStinko Back With More Dissing

It looks like Burostinko aka White dude from Dayton send me his new video. This time he's dissing everyone.

The best part of this video was him calling Pats owner Robert Kraft a Democrat. What??? Hey, who cares if he's a Democrat he's got one of the best football team since 2000. I'll tell you what. Maybe, Mike Brown should switch and become a Republican, that way the Bengals might turn into a consistent winner.

But honestly Burno, enough with dissing the Pats, how can you diss a team that has three super bowl titles and one of the winningest record in the past decade?

I do agree with you on one thing, Browns sucks, and Cleveland smells like dog shit. (true story).

Anyway, I got one question for you. Why do keep looking our your back shoulder? You in someone else's backyard homie?

One last thing Burno, you keep making videos and keep embarrassing all of Who Dey Nation. Please stop with this nonsense.

Researchers Agree, Cleveland Smells Like Shit

University of Colorado researchers sampling the winter air in four Midwestern cities say the bacterial colonies found in Cleveland and Detroit most closely resemble that found in dog poop. DenverPost

You know that old saying, if it's brown flush it down. Not only does that phrase reflect the Cleveland Browns, now it looks like it reflects the entire city of Cleveland. But in all honesty, did they really have to spend time and money to figure out that Cleveland smells like dog shit? All they had to do was come hang out in Cincinnati for a while and wait until the breeze from lake Erie swept down to Cincinnati.

Kangaroo Dog: Happiest Dog In The World

Is this the worlds first ever Kangaroo dog? Anyway, this is why I just love dogs. Just happy as hell no matter what the situation. Just wants to run around a play fetch all day long. I think I need a tissue.  You ever see a cat do this? Yeah, didn't think so.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Fighting With Dad Floyd Sr.

This shit remindes me of the movie "The Fighter" brothers arguing back and forth. Same shit here, dad and son beefing it up. Something tells me, Sr. is mad cause he ain't by Jr. side anymore and not getting his proper credit for making Mayweather Jr. what he is now.
There's gonna be a future movie about this. Guaranteed.

Here is Jr. girlfriend. via turdfergusonblog

Man arrested for having sex with a pink blow up pool raft

Edwin Charles Tobergta, 32, has been repeatedly arrested for public indecency. Hamilton man was arrested after being accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a pink blow up swimming pool raft. Tobergta was arrested at his home early Sunday morning. Witnesses tell police the incident happened in an alley behind his home. The owner of the raft reported to police that the suspect took the raft with him after being shouted at to stop.The suspect told police that he did commit the act and that he has a problem and needs help. Fox 19

No shit you need help. But I tell you what, this guys won't be the last and he'd definitely not the first to bang a pool raft. Basically it's a blow up doll without the face, arms, legs and the fake hole.
I mean what else is a lonely guy to do? Jerking off has to get boring after a while. At least he wasn't out there trying to bang the neighbors goat or dog.

Steve Zakuani x "Quote Me"

Major League Soccer stud Steve Zakuani is out with a broken leg but that hasn't stopped him from rapping and rhyming.

"Major League Soccer misses me, I can feel it, to the Sounders fans, keep the faith, I am healing."

Alex Honnold, Rock Climbing God

People that know me, knows I like to go hiking, backpacking and climb up whatever I can find. But my boy Alex Honnold is like that guys who has no fear. He is like the Lionel Messi of rock climbing. Check out the video of him going solo on Half Dome. Just amazing.

Arian Foster Blasts Colin Cowherd On Twitter

I had Arian Foster on my fantasy team last year, he was my go to man, always getting me mad points.  I wasn't thinking of drafting him this year because of his injuries, but after his latest tweet, I think I'm gonna draft him again even if he has a hammy problem. Because that's how much I hate Colin Cowherd.

Arian Foster:
4 those sincerely concerned, I’m doing ok & plan 2 B back by opening day. 4 those worried abt your fantasy team, u ppl are sick

Colin Cowherd:
Hey Arian Foster—
‘We really do care about you as a human too. Um,now about that hammy?
–signed, everybody

Arian Foster:
Did you want to be a critic as a child? Or did your dreams die with your humility?

 I'm so happy, in less that 140 characters, Arian Foster laid the smack down on Colin. Colin might be the biggest clown in the sports media world. I can't stand this wanna be know it all jackass.

Why Dusty Baker Keeps Picking Wrong Reds Lineups

So here are a few reason as to how Dusty Baker pick his lineup.

“Some guys don’t hit fastballs as well as they do breaking balls. Some guys are high-ball hitters. You’re not going to throw a high-ball hitter against a sinkerball-slider pitcher. Or a low-ball hitter, you’re going to play him more against a slider guy, a guy who keeps the ball down.”

“Some guys, you try to play them in smaller ballparks instead of bigger ballparks where you need more speed. You go to Atlanta or even here (Cincinnati), our ballpark plays small but it has big gaps in it. You go to Chicago, it has smaller gaps but you’ve got to deal with the wind and the sun on certain days. There are other ballparks where you really need outfield defense. You go to New York, San Diego, L.A., San Francisco, you’d better play your rabbits out there or else you’re going to give up a whole bunch of runs that you shouldn’t.” 

"when Bronson (Arroyo) is pitching, I need my best outfield defense because he throws some fly balls. When (Mike) Leake is pitching, I try to match up best defensive infield because there are going to be more ground balls."

Honestly after reading all his reasons, I'm starting to think Dusty is making his job harder than it needs to be. It's baseball, one of the easiest sport in the world. You bat guys that are good at hitting the balls and you stick guy in the outfield that can play some defense. I know I'm not an expert, but what the hell Dusty? This is ain't calculus. You are jut making this whole thing more complicated than it needs to be.
These are professional athletes we are talking about. I don't care if a player like to hit low vs high balls. If he is a good player he will adjust and if he can't hit, send him to the minor to learn how to hit.
More than anything, I think Dusty is keeping his own team off balance with all this shenanigans.  Simply put it like this, like any other sport, you play your best players day in day out.

Big Sean - Dance (Ass)

Big Sean got it right. Booty, that's what it's all about.
So sit back and enjoy this tune. I promise it's better than Beyonce's "1+1".


This is the new LeBron 8 (VIII).
I'm' a big sucker for Low rise basketball shoes and this Sprite edition by Nike is my kind of basketball kick.
The blue and white upper combined with lime green accents gives you a warm summer feeling that some sneakers just can’t pull off.  

Via: osneaker.com
Nike LeBron VIII (8) V/2 Low Sprite edition

Damn You Lay's Original

I'm not sure what Lay's is putting in their potato chips. My best guess is it's laced with coke. I means it's just so damn addicting. I'm not a fat ass and I'm not binge eater but I just can't put this shit down.

Yonder Alonso Hot Sister *UPDATED*

Ever since this past Tuesday, twitter has been blowing up about Yoner Alonso's hot sister. And for the past two days I haven't been able to locate her picture. She seems to be like the elusive Big Foot. Anyway I was watching the highlight of the Reds, Marlins game from Tuesday and this girl seems to be my best guess.
So did I get it right?

Looks like @L15M came to the rescue. He thinks this is Yonder Alonso's hot sister. Did he get it right?

Carolina Panthers vs Cincinnati Bengals Re-Cap 8/25/2011

A nice change of pace from the past two preseason games as the Bengals beat the Panther 24-13. Things seems to be gelling in the third preseason game, which is a much needed welcome to the eyes of many Bengals fans. I'm personally slightly more optimistic about the reminder of the season.

The Good:
The offense looked 100% better against the panthers than it did vs the Jets and Lions. Putting up 24 points in the first half against the Panthers first team defense was a much needed confidence boost for this young team. I also know the Panthers don't have the same kind defense as the Lions or the Jets. But it's ok because this is a new offense, a young offense and I was happy to see the improvement.
The front four seems to put all kinds of pressure on Cam, especially Geno.  He has been playing outstanding since late last season. Few other players on defense also stepped up (Ruckers, M. Johnson).
I'm sure the Panthers have a crappy defense, but the rushing game was on. With having a young offensive team, rushing the ball might be the way to go forward.

The Bad:
Turnovers seems to haunt the Bengals in the preseason. In three preseason games the Bengals have had 8 turnovers and the opponents have scored in seven off them.
The pass defense seems to be a few steps behind the rush defense.

Share your thoughts. What did you guys like and dislike?

Thank You Google AdWords

I got this in the mail yesterday and I'm not sure if Google is trolling me or not. I mean it's a piece of paper and they want to to plant in a sunny spot. I have a feeling I'm gonna end up looking like such a loser when this paper plant doesn't do anything. Either way I'm gonna plant this and add some water and hope it grows.

The Yonder Alonso Situation

Mr. Alonso drove in four runs during the Reds rally to beat Marlins last night. Everyone from east to west know that Yonder is a run producing machine but talk of him lately have been where he should play. Is it first base, third base, or left field? We all know it ain't going to be first base because that is occupied by Mr. Votto and I don't see Alonso being a better first baseman than Votto. He could play third but he has no experience. Also, you need to be a special kind of player to play third base and I don't think Yonder has that in his tool box. So that leaves us with left field.

Left field is one of the easiest positions to play in baseball. If the ball is hit to you, you run towards it and catch it. It ain't rocket science. The way I look at it right now is, the Reds are 13.5 games behind division leading Brewers. Dust and everyone else in Cincinnati wants to play Alonso or a regular bases. So what is there to lose? Stick him out there in left and let him learn his trade. If Wily Mo Pena and Deion Sanders can play outfield I think it's safe to assume Alonso could do the same.

Share your thoughts.

East Coast Earthquake Or This Guy?

Poor Mr. Singh. Everyone thinks you are a terrorist because you have a turban. But in all seriousness what has happened to this country since 9/11? Everyone is running on fear. Thank you Bush administration.

Busting Clay Pigeons Using A Bat And Balls

Someone send me this video today. It's the same guys that brought the Ultimate Batting Practice. It looks impressive. But is it real or is it fake? I'm gonna go with fake. Sure he might be skilled but no way in the world he is hitting five of those clay disks in a row. Sorry bro, can't buy this one.

My Dog Loves Water, Sorta

Went on a little camping trip and saw this lake. So I had to strip down to my briefs and jump in that sweet blue water.
Yea I also had to throw the dog in there, she needs a little assistance to get warmed up.

Cincinnati Bengals vs New York Jets Re-cap 8/21/2011

Second pre-season game and I have seen some improvements and some things that stayed the same.

The Good:
The defense was much better this time around compared when they played against Detroit. Especially considering how the offense put the defense in some difficult situations. The front four seemed to put more pressure on the opposing QB than last week. I might have gained some more confidence in the first unit offense. Dalton looked more improved and composed than previous week. Reggie Nelson played a fantastic game and that's good news because the Bengals need help in the safety position. Don't want to say Huber had a good game, but he did.

The Bad:
Turnovers on Offense continues to be a weakness and a problem. No matter how good or bad of a team you have, if you continue to make costly turnovers, you won't be able to win in this league. 17 points of 3 turnovers was scored before the beginning of the 4th quarter.
Bruce Gradkowski (is that how you spell his fucking name?) he had a terrible game. Hope he gets cut tomorrow. Wish I had not watched the second half of the game.

What does everyone think? Share your thoughts.

2013 Lexus GS 350 Revealed

I have been waiting patiently for them to take the wraps of this car. Lexus has made this car to be more a driver first car than previous models. 
My first reaction was, it has a CT 200h face and an LS side and read body panels. In the look department I think it can compete with BMW 5 series or the Mercedes E-Class. 
Some of the new parts of the GS is the all new chassis along with reworked multi-link rear suspension. The interior looks more spacious compared to the current generation. Lexus also claims the new 3.5 liter V6 is putting out about 306 HP and 277 pound feet of torque. Currently the 2012 Mercedes E350 is rated at 302 HP and about 273 pound feet of torque and the BMW 5 series is rated at  245-hp with a turbo charge 2.0 liter with 258 lb-ft torque.

The GS comes with three driving modes, ECO, Sport, and Normal. It also come with an 835 watt Mark Levinson audio setup. It is also equipped with 12.3 inch display for movies, and other information systems.
Over all I think the GS looks great, it's too too far off the path for Lexus. It still has that Lexus quality and look to it. But this time around they just made it a little sleeker.

USB-Powered Vibrator With 8GB Storage

Jesus Christ, is men becoming more and more useless? Back in the good ol' days you just went into the back of the library and had a little quickie with some girl, but now, they don't need us. I guarantee, in the near future they wont even need our seeds.

Rick Reilly Got It Right, Mike Brown Is A Horrible Boss

I'm reading Rick Reilly's Horrible Bosses article and I'm thinking to myself as fans of the Bengals we are stuck in this revolving door of mediocrity and there is no way to escape it. The Bengals have one or two good seasons under Mike Brown for the past twenty years and we ignorant fans forget the other eighteen years didn't happen.

I for one is happy for Carson that he had some guts to walk away from all the money that was coming his way. People who say he let his teammates down are not looking at the big picture. He gave everything he had since he was drafted. But in his eyes and in many of the fans eyes Mike Brown has not done enough to change the attitude, perception, the culture and the loosing mentality around here. I wish we as fans did what Carson did, but as soon as the Bengals have a mediocre season we come rushing back like starving children.

Instead of trading Carson, Mike Brown is holding on to Carson's contract to teach everyone a lesson of you don't walk away from your commitment bullshit. Isn't Mike Brown hurting this team by not trading Carson and getting some future draft picks?

Am I right or am I wrong? Share your thoughts.

Big Ten Legends and Leaders Map: What Are They Thinking?

First off everyone can agree the division names are stupid. I mean WTF Big Ten? Who ever was in charge of this needs to fired? Why not Big Ten East and West?
 But my problem is why did they divide the team into these divisions? I think if they just divided up right down the middle it would of have created a balanced division.
Why not have Michigan St.,Michigan, Ohio St., Penn St, Purdue and Indiana in the East and put Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Western, Illinois and Nebraska in the West.

Unless the thinking is, East would have too many power programs. But I'm telling you having Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska is equally as strong as Michigan, Penn St and Ohio State and as far as Michigan St goes they are only good once every decade.
But the current set up leads to Michigan and Ohio St. crossing the division to keep their rivalry going. But if they are in the same division and if they play each other on the final regular season game to decide who goes to the championship game, now that would be great for Big Ten and great for the rivalry. But since they are in the opposite division there is a chance they could end up playing each other twice in a season. Which to me looses some mystic and flare.
Am I talking out of my ass? Probably. Anyway share your thoughts.

Who Is This Red Haired Hottie?

I have no clue who this hot red headed hottie is. I found her on celebrity ghost stories. I'm not usually into red heads but this one is climbing the ladder like no other red heads.

Bengals Lack Of Pass Rush

A lack of pass rush was evident during the first preseason game. A lack of pass rush has haunted the Bengals for several years now. I have repeatedly said, Peko, Tank Johnson, Geathers all have to go. Not only is it evident on the field but it shows up in the stats. Sure these guys might be decent at run blocking but if you can't get some pressure on the QB then the DB's are going to have a tough game. Alan Cutler, Dave Lapham and few other media guys criticizes the Bengals for their lack of pass rush but doesn't realize it's because of the guys who they consider good players. The only interior D-lineman that seems to put any kind of pressure is a guy who is undersized for that position in Geno.

Lil Wayne X Drake X Rick Ross "She Will"

Few hours after ‘She Will’ dropped, we get a new version with a verse from Rick Ross.

Bengals vs Lions Preseason Recap 8/12/11

I started writing this post half way through the fourth quarter. Honestly what's the point of a fourth quarter in a preseason game? So lets get to it. The Bengals got beat by the Lions 34-3. These preseason games are more important than it has every been because of missed practices due to the lockout.

The good:
So lets just look at the first half of the game. I'm sure no one predicted Andy Dalton's first pass in the NFL was going to be an INT. But, as he took more snaps he looked more comfortable. Dalton went 11 of 15 with 69 yards and 1 INT. Green also looked good out there. Just wish he would of have fought for the ball in that first interception.

The bad:
The defense didn't look good. Especially the front four, they didn't seem to get any kind of pressure on anyone of the Lions Qb's. It's kind of surprising because most of the time they dropped back to pass. I'm telling you Peko and Geathers needs to go. I have been repeating that same message for the past year and a half.
Also, the CB's look bad out there. I know it's only been a few weeks since they started to practice together. But right now it doesn't look good.

Overall Impression:
Need depth at the DB positions. The front four on defense needs to get better. Ray Maualuga's move to the middle looked good, because  he was all over the field making plays. I still feel the same about Dalton and Green as I did before this game. I think both will have pretty good season this year. Lets hope the next preseason game is better than tonight's.

BurnOstinko Is Back To Embarrass Cincinnati and The Bengals Nation

I honestly thought the previous video was just a one time thing. I didn't think you would hit us with some or backyard knowledge and wisdom.
Seriously I have to ask this. What in the world is wrong with you bro? I'm really concerned for you. Just because you call bunch of people fag and queer doesn't mean whatever you say make sense. You still sound like a bitter redneck and a dumbass. And what's up with that dude coming out of the woods with a camera? What you need is an education. Forget about Chad and move on.
Right about now you are more of an embarrassment to Cincinnati than Chad ever was. By the way what in the world is "catch the mothafu**er on fire"? It's light it on fire or set it on fire.

Foreign Soccer Ref Running For His Life

We Americans are crazy about our Football, Basketball and Baseball, be we got nothing on those foreigners and their soccer.
Yea sure once in a while you hear about parents of little leaguers getting into it, but have you ever seen someone chasing a ref out of the park? I mean I couldn't stop laughing when the ref jumped over the wall like he was about to get murdered.

USA vs Mexico Friendly Recap 8/10/11

In a half empty stadium on a Wednesday night in Philly a new era in American soccer came to be. But USA came out the way they left at the end of 2011 Gold Cup final. Slow, predictable, uncoordinated and with no lack of urgency. I swear it seemed like Mexico controlled 100% of the possession in the first half. More often than not USA had a 10 man back line going on against the oncoming Mexican pressure.

When I saw the starting back line made of Fiscal and Boca, I was a little afraid. Because Boca had a terriable game in the Gold Cup and the last thing I remember about Fiscal was him getting a red in the Olympics.

So what would Kilnsmann do at half-time to change the pace of the game? Well he brought in Shea, Agudelo and Rogers and they all mad an impact. But it was Agudelo and Shea that had a huge impact. Give Rogers credit for being in the right spot, but those two did the heavy lifting on the goal. In the final 20 mintues Donovan showed he still has that speed.

I like players that like to go forward and I think Klinsman does to and that's why he brought in Agudelo and Shea. When Adu is fit and ready to go, I think the USA will have a solid attacking core.

I will admit as much as I was frustrated with the first half performance the second half put a smile on my face.

Look at the picture above, a clear red card on the Mexican for pulling Rogers down on a clear path to the goal. But as usual, no matter the opponent or the venue the US always gets screwed.

There are some players that proved they can play at this level. Given enough time, I think Klinsmann can have a positive impact on the game.
I will leave you with this thought. As soon as Bradley Jr. went off USA gained possession...Is that coincidence?

Wealthy duchess gives fortune away to marry

The Duchess of Alba, 85, is giving it all away so she can marry the man she loves. The duchess's six children were dubious about their mother's plans to marry Alfonso Diez, a civil servant who is 24 years younger. To help assuage their fears that the love may not be genuine, the duchess is going to give her fortune to her children. According to an article from the BBC, the duchess's six children had been against the wedding. Earlier this year, the duchess remarked, "Alfonso doesn't want anything. All he wants is me." Yahoo 

When I saw that picture I shivered a little. What? She's worth 5 Billion? Damn she looks good.
But lets get to the point. So she gave away all her money to her children to prove that her and Alfonso love is real. It's all good an all but has anyone asked Alfonso about this? If there is a one place you don't want to be right now, it is where Alfonso is. That poor guys is stuck somewhere harder than a rock and a hard place. No way out.
Also a memo to Alfonso, this old bag has out lived her two previous husbands and I'm pretty sure she will out live your ass.
Good luck.

This Is Always A Little Awkward

Never make eye contact during this process, otherwise it becomes a little awkward for both of us.

Five Indian policemen die during fitness test

Five Indian police constables died of heart attacks during a ten kilometre run as part of a selection test for promotion. A further 100 officers fainted during the trial in which they had to run 10 kilometres in less than ninety minutes in high monsoon temperatures. Some of those who collapsed said senior officers had shown no sympathy and had shouted abuse at them as they laid on the ground. Police recruitment managers said the deaths and the high number of men who collapsed highlighted poor fitness levels in the force. Telegraph

I'm not a least bit surprised. I mean no one fears Indian Police. The only time you see anyone afraid on Indian police is in the movies when Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan or Akshay Kumar beef up to beat up the bad rowdy's. 
Shouldn't it be mandatory for all officers to be in-shape?
I'm just glad this was not mandatory for the entire Indian Police force, I'm afraid 99%of them might not have made it.

“Untitled” (Snippet) – Black Star: Mos Def x Talib Kweli

This little joint was dropped by  Mos Def on his facebook page.

Madlib_Mos+Talib_Untitled by 1DA

Shaq's Normal Looking Midget Girlfriend

Well I know what everyone is thinking, she doesn't have to get on her knees.
And I know what else you are thinking. Shaq's into midgets because he doesn't have a choice. Well I'm here to tell you, that he does have a choice but he doesn't like his choices.

Who Gets More Love? 30 Year Old Son vs Old Minivan

An angry driver intentionally drove his father’s minivan into a Central Park pond this afternoon, sending picnickers and sun-worshippers fleeing in panic.
"F--k that car!" the driver — whom cops identified as Anthony Romo, 30 — told an eyewitness of the green Nissan Quest. "It’s my father’s car. He loves that car more than he loves me,"he said, echoing a line from the classic "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off."
He faces reckless driving and reckless endangerment charges. NYPOST

What in the world has America come to? Just pussies and self loathing assholes everywhere. Anyway, if you dad loves a Nissan minivan more than you, then it's time to move on. I mean how worthless are you? It's not even a brand new minivan, it looks like an old beat up minivan.

Bengals Release Their First Depth Chart Of Preseason

 I don't see any big surprise on the offensive side of things. Ok, maybe a little surprised that Andre "big boy" Smith is the starting RT, since he has been off to such a bad start in Cincinnati. Anyway I hope this year he breaks out of his slump. No brainer with A.J.Green and Jerome Simpson as the starting WR's.

LDE is Robert Geathers? WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT? Did I miss something? I'm not sure what the strategy is because Dunlap had a better season last year than Geathers has had for the past three years.
I'm guessing the Bengals only want a run stopper than a pass rusher. Still feeling a little uneasy about the CB and Safety depth.
And finally what in the world is Peko still doing here? The dude is one of the worst players in the roster. Oh God, help us all.