Whats Going On In Cincinnati?

Seriously what is going on around Cincinnati lately, first we had a guy taking a a bath with stolen cheese at the library, and now we have a man accused of humping a cop car. There is some weird shit going on around town.
I mean, I can understand the guy with the cheese, he was homeless and hungry, but the guy that humped a police cruiser, I just don't know where your are coming from.

PS. Is that a Pittsburgh Pirates tattoo on your face? Now that's just wrong.

Bengals RB Cedric Benson Arrested In Texas

Another Bengals player arrested. Yawn, wake me up when something exciting happens. Seems like we have a couple of these incidents before each season starts.

Finally A Real Football Champion

Did anyone know that Cincinnati has an indoor football team?
Did anyone know that the Cincinnati Commandos just won the Continental Indoor Football League?
The Commandos have defeated the Wisconsin Wolfpack with a score of 54-40.
I honestly thought indoor football was forever vanished from Cincinnati after Cincinnati Rockers, Cincinnati Swarm and the Cincinnati Jungle Kats all folded.

"The old adage, “Defense wins championships,” proved true during the CIFL title game Saturday night at Cincinnati Gardens. On the strength of a stout defense and an efficient offense, the Cincinnati Commandos defeated the Wisconsin Wolfpack 54-4" 
Thats the quote from the teams website  cincinnaticommandos.com
Really? You guys won 54-40 there was no stout defense, and when was the last time anyone has seen a stout defense in indoor football?

Lefts forget about defense and offense or the fact no one has ever heard of the Commandos, what really matters is now I can finally brag about a football champion in Cincinnati, so suck in Bengals.
I bet Cleveland wishes they had a real champion in their city besides that chick that won the spelling bee.

They See Me Rollin They Hatin

"Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips was arrested and charged with reckless driving in Park Hills Friday night, police said.
Phillips was driving his new Audi about 72 mph in a 35-mph zone when he was pulled over in the1400 block of Dixie Highway just after 11 p.m., Kenton County Jail officials said."

What is going on here? If I had new Audi I would be going fast too, why these cops always gotta hate.
So what if Phillips was breaking the law and he had no care for pedestrians, its his car and he should drive it like its meant to be driven, which is fast, really fast even if there is a 35 mph speed limit. 
On top of all this why was he being arrasted, is this some kind of police brutality on another African American, have we not learned anything from our past.
Hey Park Hills cop you need to check your ego and slow down with your power trip, just because you sucked at sports when you grew up, does not mean you gotta hate others who are better than you.

Champs Again 2010

I have seen couple of rankings out there that predicts Cincinnati to finish anywhere from 3rd to 5th in the Big East. sportingnews.com, scout.com
Are these infidels serious, have they not watched us play for the past two seasons? They picked UC to finish 3rd in 2009 and we all know how that turned out.
I know our coach left and I know our top to players left, but what they forget is we got great players coming back, and we have a better coach taking over the program.

Let me give you some reasons as to why we will rise to the top again as Big East Champs.
Walter Stewart, Isaiah Pead, Zach Collaros, Dominique Battle,  Armon Binns, Vidal Hazelton and Kenbrell Thompkins.

I tell you what, I'm more excited to start this season than the start of last season.
The last time Butch Jones took over after Brian Kelly left, things turned out just fine. We will have a similar offense as to last season with only more emphasis on running and defense.
So I say suck it to the rest of Big East, as you guys watch as we raise the trophy for the third time.

Seattle Police Officer Caught on Tape Punching Woman During Jaywalking Stop

"It all started when a cop stopped a man for jaywalking. Things escalated quickly from there as voices were raised and a crowd gathered. When two young women intervened.  The altercation took place on Martin Luther King Junior Way South. The tape begins as the officer appears to be trying to arrest one of the girls for jaywalking." blogs.seattleweekly

OK, I got two things out of this video. First, his cop need to man up and get this chick under control. How you gonna take 10 minutes to put her in handcuffs.  You basically just lost your manhood and on top of that she called you a "weak ass bitch".

Second, don't ever fight and argue with a cop, because you will never come out on top. This is a prime example of what happens when you start acting up in-front of a cop, you get punched in the face.  And guess what that chick deserved it.

PS.  Why is that every street named Martin Luther King Junior always seem to have some kind of violence? Am I stereotyping here or being racist?

Thanks Chick Ludwig

Is it me or is Chick Ludwig wasting everyone's time lately. Need proof? Go read his latest crap.
Chick I can understand if  you asked these fruity questions to the kicker or the punter, but Adam 'Pacman' Jones.
If I were you, I'd ask questions about his favorite gun, his favorite strip club, how much weed he's got in the looker.
Come on Chick get to the bottom of it and do some real journalism, if you can't handle it move over and let me get at it.

PS. I really thought he was going to say his favorite music was Country Western, I'm shocked he said Rap, Hip Hop and R&B

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham says he's staying at WLW-AM (700) under a new contract being worked out "in the next day or two," which would allow him to resume his top-rated noon talk show later this week. He had considered jumping to Chicago's WGN-AM with longtime WLW-AM co-worker Mike McConnell. Cunningham last weekend taped a week of daytime talk show pilots, called "Big Willie," for Tribune's WGN-TV. news.cincinnati.

Oh Willie I am so happy that you are staying in Cincinnati, you are the only true American left in this city. You are the only one that can see through the evil veil of the liberals. Screw Chicago that's where the enemy is from.

But seriously Willie, why the hell are you back here, did Chicago see through your bull shit and wouldn't pay you enough?  So you figure you can play with WLW a little bit and get some more paper in the bank.

To me Willie is like a cross between Rush Limbaugh and that paranoid freak Glenn Beck.

Even if Willie had left, I wouldn't be too worried, we still got Jim Scott and all his socialist rants.

God Bless America and God Bless Cincinnati.

Pat Robertson Calling It Like It Is

If I'm not mistaken, I think Pat Robertson just said, shut your mouth, get sexy and give your man what he wants.
I'm usually not down with what Pat has to say, but how can I not agree with him here. You know men cheat when his woman starts ignoring him and start dressing like his grandma. So get with the program ladies.

Child Please

So here is the run down, Chad is missing from the Bengals OTAs. Chick Ludwig of the enquirer thinks its costing them wins.
I mean seriously, slow down Chick, I know you love to bash Chad when ever possible.

Maybe its Carson that needs to work on his over throws and under throws.
Besides a few good years, what has Carson done. Carson is still running on hype and the good boy image while everyone in the media loves to throw Chad under the bus.

By reading his comment section, I'm not the only one that disagrees with Chick.
So Chick a big child please to you.

Down Goes England

England are ready for June 12th 2010?
If Woody Harrelson can do this to you, imagine what Team American will do to your tea sipping biscuit eating ass.

BP Office

Oh how true this must be at the BP headquarters.

I personally think all this oil spill is done on purpose.I think this is how the British are planning on getting back at the USA after failing The Revolutionary War. Why else would BP only come up with these dumb ideas for stopping the leak. I don't think dumping tires and golf balls at a gushing oil leak was the brightest idea.

You A Bitch

I have a feeling this little gangsta be knocking up his kindergarten teacher real soon.

But in reality how sad is this kid and his parents. Gotta keep it hood.

One For Cleveland

"Anamika Veeramani was crowned champion of the 2010 Scripps National Spelling Bee here Friday night.
A 14-year-old from North Royalton, Ohio, Veeramani successfully spelled "juvia'' and "stromuhr'' to become the bee's 83rd champion and defeat Shantanu Srivatsa of West Fargo, N.D. in the final round."wcpo.com

Who says Cleveland can't win a championship?
Yes, the uglies of Cleveland had to rely on a 14 year old Indian girl, but the city finally gets a trophy.

PS. These Indian kids come strong to the spelling bee contest. Third year in a row that a brownie has taken it.

Video X The Nextmen Ft. Dynamite MC X Round Of Applause

Miami of Ohio, WTF?

 "A third Miami University sorority is in trouble after its members acted up during a drunken spring formal event. The Beta Delta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was placed on probation for two years Tuesday for an April 23 outing in which they drank, harassed and threatened the bus driver with A Savannah Nite Limousine Service and yelled obscenities at him on a trip to and from the Cincinnati Zoo." news.cincinnati

What the hell is going in Oxford? Its like sororities gone wild up there. This just proves no matter what institution you attend, if there are booze and music, chicks will automatically start getting stupid and slutty.
Couple of  weeks ago sororities tore up a rented a ballroom at the Parkersburg Art Center.
Then last week, they were just going nuts all over the Freedom Center, smoking, drinking, vomiting and urinating all over the place.
Its like they are hypnotized and trained to act like this. Oh well, wish I was there to enjoy the good times.

Just A Bad Week

I'm not really sure what Guatemala did to piss off the higher power, but what ever they did it worked.
In the past week they had to deal with tropical storm, floods, landslides, volcanic eruption and to top of all that a big ass sink hole in the middle of the city.

Game Over

Sorry boys and girls, I have been gone for a while now. I know you have gravely missed my insight into many things useless, but don't worry because I am back.