Looking Forward: Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals Preview

Sure there won't be many people at PBS to watch the Bengals play the Bills, but does it really matter? The Bengals are on a 2 game loosing streak getting ready to face the undefeated Buffalo Bills. Before the season started I would of have given the Bengals a 50/50 chance of winning this game. But now after seeing the numbers the  Bills offense is putting up, I have a feeling it's gonna be a long day for the men in stripe.

Sure the Bengals are top 3 in total defense, but so are the Bills in total offense. Bills are lead by former Bengals QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is on an absolute freaking terror right now. Bills have solid passing game and a rushing game. But there defense is a little suspect

The offense, needs to pick it up on third downs and red zone plays. It has been a  real struggle in the past three games. The Bengals are ranked 26th in third down conversations.

There is also a chance of safeties Taylor Mays and Robert Sands seeing some action for the first time, which gives me more reason to worry about the Sundays clash. And seeing how Marvin is 0-5 against Bills is not helping either.

This is NFL, so anything can happen each Sunday. If the Bengals defense can play like a top 3 defense they will have a chance.

Childish Gambino x Adele x Chief Stockton x Wale – Close Enough

Danny Of FC Zenit Might Have The Best Soccer Celebration Ever

Only in soccer can you do this. Can you imagine Evan Longoria doing this after hitting the walk off home run to sent the Rays into the playoffs or Michael Jordan doing this after he hit the game winner over the Jazz.

Busty mannequin to run for Reading mayor in Cincinnati

A well-known mannequin at a Reading business is now running for office.
Barbe-Q, a busty mannequin that has created controversy outside of KT’s Barbecue located at 8501 Reading Road, is running for mayor with the help of the restaurant’s owner, Kenny Tessel.
While the mannequin can’t get on the actual ballot, Tessel is asking for write-in votes in the November election. WCPO.COM

Damn it people of Cincinnati, just out to embarrass the rest of us.But it all honesty that mannequin is might fine looking. Knowing how politics work in Cincy, it might not be a bad idea to vote for this top heavy candidate. I mean she can't do any worse than the rest of us, who doesn't listen to it's citizens.

The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Week 4

Week 3 was equally shitty for both of us. Both of us had losing record. I mean who saw the Bills beating the Patriots? And I'm not trusting the dream team anymore, they are turning into the nightmare team. But I did have one more win than the cheerleader and that's all it matters, and now we are level for the season. This week is crucial. This is week where I'm getting the better of the cheerleader and going on top for good.

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Last Week:
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Cheerleader: 9-6  
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Bengals Female Fan vs Steelers Female Fan Who You Got?


I admit this Bengals female fan is not in anyway the hottest or cutest but she sure as hell ten times better than the Steelers female fan. She would look even better, if that fat ass wasn't there, just completely ruined the picture.

Viper ACR Regains Title At Nürburgring

Well the Viper is back to get it's title back from Lexus LF-A. Driver Dominik Farnbacher runs the Viper around the famous ring in 7:12, two seconds faster than the LF-A.

Replace Collin Cowherd with Sara Walsh or Lindsay Czarniak on SportsNation


I watch SportsNation on a daily. And like rest of the nation I can't stand Collin Cowherd, but I keep watching it anyway.
So here is my idea, lets pair Michelle Beadle with Sara Walsh or Lindsay Czarniak. I mean these girls can carry a show by themselves. Most of the time Michelle is dogging on Collin when ever he says dumb shit that makes no sense. Like when Collin who swears that Tony  Romo is a great QB because he has a better QB rating that Brady, Manning and Brees.

San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals Recap 9/25/2011

Before we start, can someone get me this shirt from Look At Me Shirts?

I watched the Bengals very first drive when they went 12 plays for 76 yards in 6 minutes and 16 seconds to get a field goal. Andy Dalton looked like he was going to have another solid start. Andre Cladwell looked like he was fitting in nicely at the no. 2 WR spot. After that first drive I was feeling pretty confident in the Bengals getting a win at home. So I decided to skip the rest of the game and go play some paint ball. I come back home 6 hours later and see the Bengals lost 13-8. WTF, was my first thought. That is such an ugly score line.

So after reading all the reviews and watching all the highlights, it was pretty evident it was an ugly, boring game. And in hindsight I was kind of happy I skipped the football game to go play paint ball.

It was a shame that the offense couldn't duplicate what they had done against the Browns or Broncos especially considering how the defense played. Alex Smith was sacked 5 times in this game. I don't even know the last time the Bengals front line put so much pressure on a QB. The 49ers didn't get on the board until the middle of the third quarter. The 49ers could only rack up 226 yards of total offense. Even with how badly the 49ers played, the Bengals found a way to lose the game.

If this was Andy Dalton's first game, I wouldn't of have been so surprised or upset. But this was his third game, maybe I got my hopes up too high considering how he played the previous two weeks. Maybe this was sobering reality check of how young and inexperienced the Bengals offense is. When you start three rookies and the play calling is done by a rookie offensive coordinator I guess it is normal to have days like this.

The one thing that continues to plague this offense is the inefficiencies on 3rd down. That was one of the main reasons they lost at Denver and it was the same reason they could not find an success against the 49ers.

Anyway, I like what Paul Daugherty had to say.
"Some games lend themselves to heavy analysis and lots of adjectives. This wasn’t one of those. The next time you curse a blacked-out Sunday, reflect on this blacked-out Sunday. That’ll stop you in your tracks."

Well if you want to live through the horse shit of a game that was played between the 49ers and Bengals.
Here is the highlight.

Ms. Olympia Contest Is Bad For Your Eyes

Good God, look at this collection of "get this shit off my screen".They all got this manish crack addict face. Not attractive at all.
So here is something pretty to look at, since these ladies just shitted on your eyes.

Looking Forward: San Francisco 49ers vs Bengals Preview

The 1-1 49ers are coming to town to take on the 1-1 Bengals.

For the Bengals this another winnable game. But who know if they can pull off, with all the bad news that seems to coming. If have been living under a rock and didn't hear all the news, let me recap it for you.
Benson is suspend for three games and Jerome Simpson is under investiagion by the Feds for drug related charges. So two starters on offense is out.

But with Simpson most likely out, it will be up to Andre Cladwell to fill the void. Something tells me that Cladwell have a pretty good game. In all honesty, what has Simpson done in two games? He's had a couple of nice catches and whole lot of drops.

The Bengals have to watch out for Alex Smith, this is not the same QB that we have come to know. After two games he's got a 70% completion rate.

The Bengals offensive line needs to play well because the 49ers have a good defensive line and they have been able to pressure on the opposing QB with only the front four D-linemen.

The one player the Bengals needs to keep an eye on is Vernon Davis. How do you stop him? I don't know, maybe a whole lot of player and get to the QB really fast.

There are few players on each roster that knows the opponent pretty well. For the Niners, there are three former Bengals players, Ahmad Brooks, Madieu Williams, and Justin Smith. For the Bengals they have former Niners Manny Lawson, Nate Clements, Taylor Mays.

It should be an even matched game for the most part. Bot are average or below average teams.

Why Not Boise State To Big East?

I'm hearing all these news about how Navy and Air Force are the top choice for Big East football expansion. When I hear and read that, it makes my blood boil. What the hell can Navy and Air Force offer to a conference that is already weak in football? It's not like they those schools get the best athletes. I'd rather have ECU, SMU, UCF or even Houston as top choices.

But the one rumor I want to hear but I'm not hearing is Boise St. to Big East. If Big East can go out and invite Air Force that plays in the Mountain West Conference why not Boise St.? I don't think the distance should be a challenge because Big East already has accepted TCU, who is ready to move in 2012.

Boise is sure as hell better in football than any of the schools I mentioned above. I know academically, and other sports wise Boise St. is not on par with many Big East schools. But Big East can always do a football only invite and if Boise St. wants more, give it to them. Even with the departure of Pitt and Syracuse, Big East is still a strong basketball conference.

I have a feeling the Big East officials are just gonna sit back and wait, like they have been doing for the past decade when they lost Miami, Boston College and Virginia Tech.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

The Ultimate Sleeper Car Is A Toyota Camry

I say that because its fitted with a 3.0L V6 with a big ass turbo that produces 728 HP.

NC State Wolf pack vs Cincinnati Bearcats Recap 9/21/2011

Nothing like a thursday night college football game, it's the best. Cincinnati came out swinging and didn't ease up until the end of 4th quarter, as the Bearcats beat up NC State 44-14.

This was a big game for UC on many different levels. This game was about getting a win after the beat down by Tennessee, this game was about revenge, and this game was about getting a big win against an out of conference team. NC State is not Austin Peay or Akron, this a good ACC school.

The Bearcats came out and was efficient on offense and defense. It seemed like Z. Collaros was more mobile than he usually is, which is something the fans have been looking forward to.

The defense got it going on with the Drew Frey INT. Good to see Frey make a positive play after him having a nightmare of a game last week against Tennessee.

Cincinnati got on the board with a 2 yard TD run by Pead. Pead had another monster day rushing as he carried 27 times for 167 yards.

Collaros was no slulch either. He was 25 of 34 with 263 yards and 2 TD's, he also rushed 9 times for 52 yards with 2 rushing TD's.

If I wasn't lazy I would add more highlights but it's getting late.

UC came out and played the way they had to play. On a national stage they had to put on a good show.
This might have been the best complete game against a good opponent in the Butch Jones era. NC State had no answers for the high flying Cincinnati offense.
The biggest stat from tonight game has to be Cincinnati +16 turnover margin and scoring off 13 of them.
Sacking the NC State five times was pretty impressive also.

Onto next week to face Miami (OH).

The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Week 3

Week 2 was more kind to me than week 1. The cheerleader and I split 50/50 on our week 2 picks. But this week is when I go on top and take a commanding lead. Booyah.

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Season Record: 
Cheerleader: 8-2  
Blogger:  7-3

Investigation Into Cincinnati Bengals Jerome Simpson And Anthony Collins

Just when I started to forgive Jerome Simpson for his drops vs. Broncos, he gets busted for some high grade marijuana stuff. Now I'm starting to wonder why he dropped all those passes.

All the details are not out yet, but I got a feeling, he's gonna be in trouble with the law and the NFL. So him starting next Sunday looks like a long long long fucking shot.

If you have been living under a rock, and didn't hear what went down. The news is, feds intercepted some high quality sticky icky stuff from California that was set to Jerome's house in Crestview Hills, KY.

"Cincinnati Bengals teammates Jerome Simpson and Anthony Collins, both 25, were at Simpson’s home in Crestview Hills, Ky., yesterday when a package allegedly containing 2.5 pounds of marijuana arrived at the house in what authorities called a controlled delivery.
A third person, Aleen Smith, allegedly signed for the package, which was sent from Eureka, Calif., and intercepted in Sacramento, authorities said.All three were questioned at the residence, but no arrests were made at the time.
Inside the home, police allegedly found six more pounds of marijuana, other empty parcels, scales and packaging material.
“The house was set up as a potential distribution network,” said Tommy LaNier, head of the National Marijuana Initiative, a group that is funded by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and helps coordinate marijuana enforcement operations around the United States.

Usually where there is smoke, there is fire. But I'm not gonna jump to conclusion and say he smoked weed and he was selling some stuff to make a living. But damn, it's his house, how does he not know if someone smoking or dealing marijuana in the house. That high quality stuff is stinky as a skunk.

Now news is that his twitter account is gone, and his website is down. So something is going down.

Now comes the bigger question. Who's gonna be the #2 starting WR against the 49ers?

World's Greatest Supercar Drag Race

Well I'll be damned. GTR. Well considering it has all-wheel drive and only 1/4 mile to go, I guess it should not have bee a surprise.

Why Not Mardy Gilyard To The Bengals?

OK, Shipley is out for the season, so that leave an empty spot of the roster.

As Joe Reedy reports they have filled the roster spot with Andrew Hawkins from the practice squad. And to fill the practice squad roster spot the Bengals have signed form UC Bearcat WR Armon Binns. While I'm happy for Binns, I wish the Bengals have signed Mardy Gilyard.

I'm not saying this because I'm a huge UC and Gilyard fan, but because Brandon Tate has fucking sucked in two games so far. The dude has a return average of who give a fuck.

Mardy is the man, and he needs to be on the squad.

In Which Conference Will Cincinnati Bearcats Land?

We have all found out by now that Pitt and Syracuse have bolted for the ACC. Which leaves Big East with six football schools and 14 basketball schools. Now rumors has it that UConn also wants leave for the ACC. Which probably means the end of Big East as a BCS conference.

So if UConn does bolt where does that leave schools like Louisville, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Rutgers, and South Florida?

Well there are two options, first TCU is coming on board so that takes Big East back to six schools and they can go out and get  Central Florida, Southern Methodist University or even University of Houston.
The second option is to merge with the left over Big 12 schools that is if Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech leaves for Pac 12 and SEC. That would leave Oklahoma St., Missouri, Baylor, Kansas, Texas A&M, Kansas St., and Iowa St.. But Oklahoma St. will follow where Oklahoma goes. Still, the left over schools from Big 12 and Big East merger would create a pretty strong conference both in basketball and football.

The one thing the Big East need to address is the non football schools in the conference. The Best option might be for Big East to split into two conferences. One for all the schools that play Div 1 football and the other for non Div 1 football schools.

This whole Big East drama would not happened if the leadership at Big East reacted first and became more pro-active and dealt with the problems it was facing.

Nice Catch By Giants Fan

Poor guy, he did not deserve that.

via: The Hot Glove

A.J. Green Incredible 5 Yard TD Catch Against Broncos

He has arrived.
But WTF is up with the announcer? He sounds disappointed that call was not overturned. Bitch.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Denver Broncos Recap 9/18/2011

Bengals start the season 2-0.

I really did write that before the game was over. I had such a good feeling going into the fourth quarter. Unfortunately the Bengals lost to the Broncos 22-24

As a fan, to me this game was lost on 3rd downs. The Bengals were 1-11 on 3rd situations. That's just a terrible stat.

If J. Simpson stop spraying pam on his gloves and catches a few more balls he will be a constant threat. If he didn't drop that wide open pass in the 4th quarter the ending to this game would have been different.

I really didn't know where to start. The offense was bad in the first half, then the offense got going in the second half. But the defense gave up some unfortunate big plays in the second half. The Eric Decker touchdown in the fourth was a dagger. Even after that, the Bengals had two opportunities to take the lead.

I don't think I can blame the players for this lost. I blame it on the coaching staff for those hideous play calling on the 3rd and short yardage situations.
I have to ask, why is that when the Bengals are stuck in short yardage situations they always line up in the I formation and try to run the ball? I know Ced is good and I know the O line is good, but sometimes you just have to out think the opponents rather than out muscle them.

Before we get to all the good things that happened, I want to bitch about one more thing. What the fuck is Brandon Tate doing on this team? Tate has been more useless the Quan Cosby, and he sucked. If the Bengals had some guts, they would cut him before getting on the plane.

Ok, enough about my disappointing rants. There was a lot of good things that came from this football game. Dalton has to be an early candidate for Rookie of the year. Dalton threw for 332 yards with 2 TD.
A.J. Green is good as advertised, as he went for 10 catches for 124 yards and one TD. Oh, I almost forgot, and that catch by A.J. Green. With this game, he has officially announced his arrival in the NFL. The offense did not turn the ball over except when they turned it over on down at the end of the game.

Except one or two bad plays, the defense again played pretty well. They got a turnover, they kept pressure on Orton through out the game. But unfortunately they were gashed for 129 yards on the ground.

It's just really upsetting that the Bengals lost to basically the Broncos second string unit.
But I also have to give credit to those Broncos backups as the stopped the Bengals offense to the final two drive with the Bengals only needing a FG to win the game.

The Bengals on offense is growing, which is good news if you look at their schedule. Their upcoming game are against some weak teams (49ers, Bills, Jags, Colts, Seahawks). Could easily have a winning record before they face the Steelers on Nov 13th. But again this is the NFL and we are talking about the Bengals and could go 1-7 befor Nov. 13th.

Stats: ESPN

Akron Zips vs Cincinnati Bearcats Recap 9/17/2011

With three turnovers returned for TD's these were not the same Bearcats defense we saw against the Tennessee Volunteers. Which is good news for Cincinnati and bad news for the Zips.

Again the Bearcats offense was efficient against a weaker and over matched opponent. Collaros went 10 for 16 with 157 yards. Pead was good when he needed to be, but today's game was about the young guys. Poteat, and Teague combined for 16 carries for 84 yards. Cincinnati also used four different QB's.

Anyway, that's enough for the recap. What I want to touch on is UC record aganist out of conference opponents. I'm not talking about beating up on Conference USA teams or MAC teams. I'm talking about teams from the big 6 conferences. In the last few years, UC have lost to Florida, Oklahoma, Tenneesse, Ohio State, Virginia Tech. I know they did beat Oregon State 2009, but that only seems like a small ripple in an ocean of loses.

So next weeks match up against the NC State is a good opportunity for Cincinnati to get it's revenge from last years lose, but also a chance for them to beat a decent out of conference opponent.

Is This The 2012 Nike Bengals Jersey?

So I guess Nike is taking over the jersey deal from Reebok or something. Anyway, I know I'm in the minority here but I like what Nike has done with college jersey. Something about that future combat/warrior stuff just works for me.
So my big question is what will the Bengals jersey look like? I been calling for a jersey change for a while now. I'm tired of looking at at that helmet. 


Honestly I don't like the first one, I feel like all that color and maze like pattern is terrorizing my eyeballs. Still looks wilder that Lady Gaga's outfit. The second one looks good and clean, but what is up with the blue? I never seen a blue tiger. It needs to black or orange.
What you guys think? Ya or na?

C.J. Sapong Is A Sucker For Hope Solo

Look I'm not gonna rag on the dude. Sure it was cheesy and corny. I mean reciting a poem to a normal chick is hard enough, so imagine doing it to a superstar in Hope. If you ask me he deserves a little more than a kiss and a hug for embarrassing himself for 3 minutes.

Diesel: Studio Mixer Watches

Diesel's new studio mixer watches has four fun-tastic looking models. For me this multi movement is a keeper, with a chronograph and three hand movements keep you on track of multiple time zone. It is very stealthy with a dash of color to make you stand out.

  • Case Size: 65 MM X 57 MM
  • Lug Width: 25 MM
  • Movement: Ana-Digi - FL137AX
  • Water Resistant: 5 ATM
  • Packaging: Diesel Watch Box
  • Warranty: 2 Year International
  • Diesel
  • Crazy People On Plane Worries Me

    A holidaymaker who tried to open the doors of an aircraft at 36,000ft while shouting 'It's OK we are just on a flight simulator' has been arrested.  

    The 22-year-old man had to be restrained by air hostesses and passengers before being tied down with seatbelts. Daily Mail

    I'll tell you what, I am worried about nutjobs as much as I am worried about terrorists. You hear all kinds of stories about people that are crazy doing crazy shit on the plane.

    Amish Guys Fight The Law And Loses

    Eight members of an Amish sect who were ordered jailed by a Kentucky judge after they refused to pay fines for failing to affix orange safety triangles to their horse-drawn buggies. The Smoking Gun

    What in the world? Kentucky, I think you have gone overboard, I mean getting booked for not putting a stupid sign on the horse drawn buggies is outrageous. But I wouldn't mind putting these guys on all kinds of watch list. I mean look at 'em. They all look evil, you know they be plotting something in the barn. I'll be honest, on a dark alley I don't who I would want to run into, some black dude in the ghetto or these guys. Scary.

    Looking Forward: Bengals vs Broncos

    The good news is Andy Dalton was full go in practice, so it's safe to assume he'll be ready for Sunday. If not, Gradkowski will get the start, after all he did bring the Bengals back for a win, even if it was on a fluke play.

    For once there might be another team in the NFL that is more disorganized than the Bengals. So Sunday should present a great opportunity for the Bengals to start 2-0. Even though Kyle Orton is not getting much love from the Broncos fans, he is still a dangerous QB that can put up some numbers.

    But if the Bengals defense can continue to put the pressure on Orton as they did on McCoy and have no turnover on offense, this should be a winnable game.

    There is also a good chance Champ Bailey might not play, currently he's listed as questionable. The one play the Bengals need to keep an eye on is the No. 2 pick the draft in Von Miller.

    I think the one place the Bengals have a clear advantage is at the line of scrimmage. As I was watching the MNF game (Raiders vs Broncos), it was evident the O-line and the D-line of the Broncos were being dominated by the Raiders.

    The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Week 2

    Week 1 is over and I got my ass handed to me by the cheerleader. But I'm not blaming myself, I'm blaming the Steelers and Falcons for not showing up to play football. Well never fear, a new week is here and I'm on my path to a deserved victory.

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    Last Week:
    Cheerleader: 4-1
    Blogger: 3-2

    Season Record: 
    Cheerleader: 4-1  
    Blogger:  3-2

    Best Of Miss Universe 2011 Swimsuit

    ALTERNATIVE CROP OF XAP114 - Miss Angola Leila Lopes reacts after being named Miss Universe 2011, before being crowned at the Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Monday Sept. 12, 2011. (AP Pho

    It's a Tuesday afternoon and I'm bored as hell, so I decided to do a Top 10 swimsuit list. First of all, props to Angola's Leila Lopes who was crowned 2011 Miss Universe. I warn you, there is a strong Latin flavor to this list. Let me know what you think.

    10: Ghana

    09: Haiti

    08: Denmark

    07: New Zealand

    06: Germany

    05: France

    04: Venezuela

    03: Panama

    02: Russia

    01: Egypt

    Jarret Johnson Big Hit On Hines Ward 9/11/2011

    If there is one player I dislike in the NFL it is Hines Ward. Not because I'm a Bengals fan and he took a cheap shot on Keith River, but he just looks and acts like a dick. There is a reason Ward was named the dirtiest player in the NFL by his peers. So when I saw Jarret Johnson lay the smack down on Ward a smile came upon my face.

    Juan Francisco's Monster 502 ft. Home Run 9/12/2011

    Reds’ Francisco clears Cincy bleachers with 502-foot* home run

    Highlights like this is the only reason to write about the Reds these days. Can't really see the ball, because it was cloudy day. Even though Franciso hit that ball over the moon deck and into the moon, it was still only the second longest ball ever hit at Great American Ballpark. That honer still belongs to Adam Dunn who hit it over the stadium and into the Ohio river.

    Terrell Owens: "Leave My Quarterback Alone"

    After blowing the lead and losing the game against the Jets, Tony Romo's best friend came to his aid.

    Terrell Owens  had one thing to say after the Cowboys lost to the Jets. "it's really unfair, it's my ex-teammate, it's my ex-quarterback".