Real Important To Marry A Good Speller

Sorry first lady.

Mayor Mark Mallory as 'Undercover Boss'

Fake dreadlocks, a goatee, and body padding, I must admit its a nice look for Mayor Mark Mallory. He will definitely fit in with the OTR crowd. His nervous, girlish giggle will give him away for sure. I just hope taping doesn't conflict with his trips to the gay bars. Just kidding Mayor.
Who in the world would of though that Cincinnati is a hotbed for reality TV, this is the fifth Undercover Boss shot here since show show premiered just last February.
But as always when someone is getting a little fame, there are going to hater out there, and this time is no exception. Both council member Chris Bortz and Leslie Ghiz are supposedly not happy with. They both can shove it, stop hating.

Cheryl Burke Admits To 'fling' With Chad Ochocinco

So Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke had a little friends with benefits relationship going on during the DWTS competition. Oh my this has to be like the worst kept secret right?
I mean you don't give someone a $10K right just for being friends, you give it because you fucking.
Plus Chad has a thing for girls with light skin and straight hair. Also, I think its mandatory for partners to bone each other on DWTS. Look at Erin Andrews she basically got boned right on the stage.

Whats Up With White Men And Child Pornography?

So here is the deal, it seems like everyone arrested relating to a child porn case seems to be older White men. Recently Pastor Jerry L. Cannon  was arrested on federal charges of soliciting and distributing child pornography. And it got me thinking, what is it with White men? Why are they fascinated with child porn? Is regular adult porn not good enough?
I'm not trying to be racist, its just a fact, go google it and find out for yourself. It just seems like every mug shot seems to be a White man.

Princess Snow White Has Two Choices

Nobody said it was going to be easy after being rescued.

Extreme Stick Fighting

Extreme Stick Fighting from cat on Vimeo.

Just in the middle of the woods with a damn stick trying to beat the shit of out of each other. Seems like everything was legal, there was eye gouging, kicking the dude in the head with the heal of your boot, fish hooks, stabbing in the spine with the stick, The only thing they didn't do was give each other a reach around.

Damn rednecks, stop watching so many UFC fights.
I just have one question, are people out there trying to find a new form of fighting? What will be next? Fighting with rollerblades on, covered in barb wires? Introduction to 'The Who Dey Perspective'

So what is all this bull shit coming from Jack Brennan? As a fan of the Bengals there is only one fucking thing I and the rest of the fans care about Jack, and that is fucking winning football games. We don't give a shit about the stadium or the lease.
I know what all this is, you guys realize that the fans don't give a shit anymore and we don't feel like putting up with Mike Brown and his clown show. If this is the way for the front office to straighten out relationship with the fans, I say you fail.
We would of cared more if you had fired Marvin Lewis after going 4-12, not extending his contract for another 2 years. We would care more if you guys hired a GM and so many other things.
So try a little harder Jack.

Reason Why I Won't Be Checking Out Random Butts No More

Indians Love To Rap

As an Indian, I'm so pumped up. We about to take over the rap game.
Forget about doing y'all homework, or answering the damn phone to help you out with your problems. We don't have time for that shit anymore. We Indians world wide are hunkered down and trying to get this rap game mastered.

First Up: Bunty Shakur

Second: Some FOB

Third: Soulja Boy of Bhangra

Fourth: MC SOL (legit)
The World by ValleyStar

Future Bengals Jersey Sponsors

So I have been thinking, with all the NFL labor talk and since Mike Brown is a money pincher, why doesn't the NFL take the soccer route and get some jersey sponsors?
And may be with that money Mike Brown could hire a GM or build and indoor practice facility.
What you all think about the future jersey sponsors?

George Clooney hits downtown Cincinnati

So George Clooney is all over Cincinnati filming a movie, and middle aged chicks every where in Cincinnati are going crazy. Stop with all this nonsense and get back to work.

Dancing fool Usman “Uzzy” Ahmed

The man knows how to make a good entrance and he also knows how to make a good exit.
He needs to pull his shorts up to his face, so he doesn't get knocked the fuck out next time.

Setting someone's hair on fire is not Cool

What in the world are these kids doing? When did it become were setting someones hair on fire was considered fun?
Don't suspend these bastards or arrest them, lets just hold 'em down and set their hairs on fire then pour dog piss down their mouth.
Kids are such assholes these days.

This is what happens when hipsters try to rob

I'm sure by now everyone has seen what a gay hipster fight looks like.
Now here is the version of hipsters trying their hand at robbery.
Of course their getaway ride is a freaking Vespa.
God damn it, I can't stand these fuckers.
They might be the weakest form of humanity. Lets face it, if a 90 year old lady can break up your shit in less than one minute you just need to shut down your shit and go away.
So hipsters don't try to fight or rob places, just back to trying on second hand cloths, listening to indie rock and witty banter.

Just a large dead snake

Cincinnati Bengals hire Jay Gruden as new OC

Who in the world thought the Bengals would hire Jay Gruden as the new OC? I sure as hell didn't, I never even heard of this guy until the press release.
This has to be the most exciting, I mean mind numbing hire since Dave Shula. But I won't bitch and complain about this hire quite yet.
Yea sure he has a famous last name, but so does Dave Shula and Mike Brown and we all know how those two turned out.
First of all let me say this, this fool looks like the brother of Lane Kiffin rather than Jon Gruden.
I'm not dogging this fresh approach by the Bengals, not only looking to hire someone outside of the Bengals organization, but NFL itself.
I don't really care where they hired this guy from, as long as he can bring some kind of discipline, professionalism and consistency.
So now the big question is will Carson Palmer comeback or not, is this enough for him to want to comeback to the Bengals?
Everyone knows that the firing of Bob Bratkowski was an impulse move by Mike Brown to keep interest floating by the fans and to reel Carson back in. Lets just hope he can come in and be a positive influence.
Now please fire the O-line coach and the D-line coach.

Drug smugglers use catapult to fling pot from Mexico to Arizona

Is there nothing these Mexicans won't do? Can't blame them, we like our pot and they know how to distribute it.
It's time to legalize pot across United States, so we don't end up wasting out tax dollars for all kind of bull shit. Either that or its time to build the great fucking wall of Arizona.