Tyler Perry's House of Payne Doesn't Suck

There has been only two sitcoms based of Black family that I have enjoyed watching. First was Family Matters and the second was Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now there might be a third one.

Tyler Perry's House of Payne is pretty damn hilarious. But on the other hand Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns is a dumb fucking show, and I have no idea why the re-runs are still on TV. Sure both show got a loud Black father, but for some reason it only works on House of Payne and not Meet The Browns.

Asian Girl Can't Take A Footlong

I can't believe this part of the Subway commercial hasn't been gif'd to death. I mean clearly she looks like she can't take a footlong. It looks like a scene from some porn flick. Little Asian girl freaking out 'cause she saw a big black dong.

Reason For Jeremy Lin's Popularity

I don't know what to say about Jeremy Lin that hasn't already been said. But I will say this, the one major reason he is getting so much attention is because he is of different race. I will give you an example, there is a guy in NY that was an undrafted free agent, who lead his team to a Super Bowl win. I guarantee he ain't getting this much love from the media. Sure the huge interest in Lin is generated from overseas especially from Taiwan, and China. But the American media also plays a part in it. 

Alex Morgan poses in bodypaint for SI

Finally the Gods have heard our prayers. Sure Hope Solo in ESPN Body magazine issue was a nice treat for U.S. soccer fans, but this is what we all really wanted.
You know most guys watch the women's soccer games just see this pretty face run around and score goals.

Those Darn Pot Smokers

Millions and millions of people around the country and world wants to decriminalize marijuana and make it legal.
But the U.S. being the way it is, always does things backwards. For someone reason lawmakers always think weed is somehow much worse than alcohol. Anyone and everyone with an ounce of sense knows that's not true. Study after study has found marijuana not only to be non dangerous, but actually has tons of medicinal value. Anyway here is a stat from 2009 that might tickle you. And I'm sure much hasn't changed in the past few years.

Anyway my point is, isn't it time to get this shit legalized so all of us can enjoy it?


The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: Super Bowl Picks

The divisional playoffs was some of the best football of the season. So, I'm hoping the Super Bowl exceeds my expectations. I think the Giants can easily win this game. Not only do they have a very good, and fast defense their offense can put up some points. I believe Tom Brady will struggle vs. the Giants defense as he did against the Ravens D.

Last week:
Cheerleader: 0-2
Blogger: 2-0

Season Record:
Cheerleader: 51-44
Blogger: 56-39

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Super Bowl Picks