Nothing New Here

If you wish to be alluring, you might want to pair up with a hot partner. A good-looking significant other will cause other potential mates to find you more desirable, new research suggests.livescience

What? Unreal, they had to do a research to figure this one out? I mean come on, put this along with other things we already know that does not need research to figure out. For example, guys are smarter than girls, dogs are better than cats, black people can jump higher than the sears tower, Asians are better at doing homework, Republicans think they want to shrink the government, but they never do, and so on...
I think they should of have spent that money and figured out the best ways to hook up with hotties.

Busted On The Hill

For more than a year, Indian Hill police heard rumors of drug parties occurring at a $1 million hous exclusive Hamilton County community of multimillion-dollar homes. An investigation was opened last summer, said Police Chief Chuck Schlie. During the investigation, undercover officers purchased marijuana, Oxycontin and cocaine, according to Indian Hill police.“It’s an eye-opener for the community,” Schlie said. “All the people were charged as adults, but it was pretty much known (in Indian Hill, Madeira and Deer Park high schools) if you needed to get something this is where you needed to go.” “I think having kids that young in this kind of home is kind of unusual,” Schlie said. “You see this in apartments, but for young people like that to have houses like that is kind of unusual, without some type of adult supervision being around.” The bust, he said, “was good for the community, for our officers to get these kids off the streets. Hopefully, it will put a dent in it.”Matthew Schlotman, 22, and roommates Kevin L. Crowley, 22, and Robert W. Atkins, 21, are accused of dealing drugs with an informer, court records show. news.cincinnati

Lets see here, bunch of spoiled little bitches just hanging out and selling some dope. I mean whats the big deal here, I can walk down Kenwood Town Center and pick out another 100 or so people that look just like this and do the same thing. Dear Police Chief Chuck, stop addressing these adults as kids. Clearly they are not teenagers anymore, so you don't need to give them any special treatment. Also, what the hell is "permitting drug abuse", are they basically saying you had some drugs and you let someone else use it? I'm pretty sure if these were not rich kids, they would get charged with high degree felonies for trafficking controlled substances, intent to distribute, distribution to minors. Cocaine trafficking charge alone of that magnitude is req 8-10 yrs, depending on the weight they had. Good luck to all Indian Hill, Madeira and Deer Park High school student on getting your weed. Don't you all think it's time to legalize the use of Marijuana in the City of Cincinnati, or in Ohio?


"Cliff High School students studying World War I history were instead exposed to a few seconds of pornography last week when they were shown a film on the Paris 1919 Treaty of Versailles that had been recorded over a porn tape. We love our community, said parent Francesca Estevez. We are very cohesive. What happened last Thursday was not acceptable by community standards. The classroom was subjected to three or four seconds of pornography. The climate in that classroom is forever changed." lcsun-news

Oh what the hell is matter with all these parents, this probably the only time those little bastards actually paid attention in class. I can probably walk into any of those parents house and find a movie stashed away somewhere in a dark corner or couple of Playboys under the mattress. So get real, this ain't the first time Cliff High School students have seen porn, and it certainly wont be the last time. I just think this is a great way to keep these kids awake in class and interested in education. Alos, isn't this freaking 2010 not the 90's, so who uses video tapes anymore, didn't we leave that shit behind with the Macarena?!

Tiger Woods Y'all Part 2

OK enough of this Tiger drama. If you have the will power to listen to this 14 minutes of garbage, be my guest. But if you don't want to waste your time, here is a quick run down. Hello everyone, I'm Tiger Woods, I can't bang anymore skanks, because I got busted. I'm sorry. I have a problem, so I'm getting some help for it. Leave my family alone.
But my question is when did wanting to have sex become a problem? I'm positive every red blooded male out there want to do it every day but not everyone is as sleazy as this man is! I don't understand why he has to hold a press conference to tell everyone why he banged every chick possible from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Hit me three time in the face, I said your gonna get a Vietnam now motha. I whooped his butt so fast and so quick, so pretty, I hit with a Mohammad Ali left right left, I did the Ali shuffle. Then I footballed him in the head, then I stopped him and he was knocked out for 22 and a half minutes."

An advise to all you young punks out there, don't fuck with old people. One of these days, they are gonna get you. That's word. (MUST WATCH ENTIRE THREE VIDEOS)

Part 1 - The Fight

Part Two - The Post Fight Interview

Part Three - Just for Fun “nothin’, you got nothin"

South Carolina You Are Dismissed

South Carolina Rep. Mike Pitts has introduced legislation that would mandate that gold and silver coins replace federal currency as legal tender in his state. As the Palmetto Scoop first reported, Pitts, a Republican, introduced legislation this month banning "the unconstitutional substitution of Federal Reserve Notes for silver and gold coin" in South Carolina. cbsnews

Mr. Pitts I know what you are doing, you are on board with this buy gold shit, ain't you?! You are planning on getting your inbred state all paranoid, so they rush out to buy some gold. My question is, do we really need South Carolina? When was the last time S.Carolina did anything useful. I'm pretty sure we can sell S.Carolina to Mexico for some tequila and tacos. Also, please return the $3 billion that was given to the state of S.Carolina from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Bitches!!

Cincinnati Bell Sucks

"As Cincinnati Bell is downsizing its workforce with layoffs and buyouts, it has rewarded CEO Jack Cassidy with a $2.1 million bonus to encourage him to stay on board. The board's action comes just weeks after the company eliminated about 130 jobs and offered a voluntary buyout plan to about 900 of its 1,200 union workers. When Cassidy took over in mid-2003, the stock was priced at more than $5 a share. On Friday, it was trading at around $2.95 a share." news.cincinnati 

Whats with all this bullshit Cincinnati Bell, let the man walk. Even Jeremy Piven can't save your ass now. Let me get this straight, Cincinnati Bell board is basically giving him a reach around because, this bastard has the stock price sucking like the Nets, or is it because he has pretty much laid off everyone at Cincinnati Bell. It seems like I'm missing something here, it could be the fact that all your customer base is switching to other much larger wireless business. I'm sorry to say this, unless you guys have something magical up your ass that will save Cincinnati Bell, you can pretty much start digging a hole. Thank God for Vonage.

OH No She Didn't

“I think [the billboard campaign] is necessary,” Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy advisor for Operation Rescue told the New York Daily News. “Abortion in the black community is at epidemic proportions. They’re not really aware of what’s actually going on. If it shocks people … it should be shocking.”

Thank you Cheryl Sullenger. Another White person trying to push their agenda on someone else. Maybe you should also put in fine print that says you are a convicted domestic terrorist. Leave the racist argument to bait in Black people for someone like Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson.

My Beef

OK here is my beef today, I'm driving up Taft Rd. toward UC and what do I notice around Walnut Hills; bunch of Black people walking on the street instead of the sidewalk. And why are they waking on the street instead of the sidewalk? Well its because the sidewalks are not clean. I can deal with the occasional walking right in-front of my car with no care. But this shit right here is just straight pissing me off. Don't worry people, I'm not mad at the Black folks, I'm mad at the house owners in the Black neighborhoods and its just show the lack of responsibility toward the community. Ever drive through a White community after it snowed, them boys are up even before my ass is out of bed. They are busy clearing out the driveways and sidewalks, because looks matters to them and also a sense of responsibility to the neighborhood.

Funky Grass or Crack

A San Francisco man claims he was high on a double dose of medical marijuana cookies when he screamed, dropped his pants and attacked crew members on a cross-country flight, forcing its diversion to Pittsburgh, the FBI said Wednesday. nydailynews

What? Whos never had some special cookies or some special muffins. I know I have never freaked out like this nor have I seen anyone else freak out like this. Mr. Chang don't blame the cookies, you are just an idiot. I'm half tempted to try these cookies myself just to see if what Mr. Chang said is true. Mr. Chang thanks for giving grass a bad name, you son of a bitch.  Just realize this Mr. Chang, you freak, that you are a lucky man, because you didn't get your ass beat on the plane by other passengers. Flying nowadays is whole new ball game. Anybody acting up on a flight is fair game to get their ass whipped...or worse!

Welcome Rey

Blame it on the captian n' coke, gotcha feeling loose
Blame it on the 'tron, gotcha panties off
Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol, blame it on the ah-ah ah-ah ah-al-co-hol

Come on Rey Rey, you deserve a big "Child Please".
Another big "Child Please" for rollin in a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire. Also I want give you an official welcome to Bengal-dome, your initiation has been complete. What up with that cop, just being a straight dick to Rey, asking him if knows his ABCs.. and his numbers and stuff. I wish Rey would of just body slammed his punk ass.

Get Real

OK I gotta get this off my chest, that chick you see in the picture is Lady Gaga. She thinks shes the greatest thing since the dawn of time. Every time I see a picture of this trash, she's in some type of weird outfit. Didn't we learn anything from the 80's when people started to wear weird shit and thought it was originally and cool. Now all we do is look back and laugh at that shit, I'm pretty sure she's got the same shit coming to her. If she thinks she's somehow original, she couldn't be anymore wrong. Has she never heard of Madonna, now she was pioneer, an original; this chick is just a side show. I swear if she was not freaking famous, I would mistake her for a tranny hooker. I just can't wait for the day when I don't have to see her nasty ass again. If you pretend to be a hoe so you could be popular or sell music, then you just fake hoe.