Recap Miami Dolphins vs Cincinnati Bengals

Another example of a team that is incomplete and unprepared to compete at the highest level.
Last week it was the offense that let the team down, today its the offense that let the team down. There has not been one game where the offense and defense has put a complete game together. And until the Bengals do that they won't win a game.
I got all excited after watching the first drive, so smooth so efficient. The no huddle, hurry up offense was so efficient that the defense had no answer. But what ever the reason, I didn't see the type of energy out of the offense for the rest of the game.
But basically the Dolphins kicker Dan Carpenter, he pretty much beat this team by himself.
Basically here is what it comes down to. The dolphins defensive coordinator figured out what the Bengals offense was doing and he adjusted and on the flip side the Bengals coaches didn't adjust their game plan.
The Bengals defense couldn't stop anyone on third down and the Bengals offense couldn't convert any of their third down at one point they went four straight 3 and out.
It is also safe to say that injuries to the defense played a part in this game, but that should not be used as an excuse for the result. These are all professionals out here, there should not be that much of a drop off from the starters to the second stringers.
Again it was very evident that Bengals lack a true defensive end and an interior defensive linemen. Again they could not generate any kind of pressure on Chadd Henne.
As I'm typing this, I'm watching Marvin Lewis post game press conference, and he does not know what to say and the reporters don't know what to ask. Everyone is probably tired of asking the same old questions and hearing the same old answers. So sad.

Image: NFL
Stat: ESPN

Recap Syracuse Orange vs Cincinnati Bearcats

Like my friend said, there was more excitement at the pool table over at Arlins bar after the game than during the game.
I'm saying this nicely as possible, but Chazz Anderson fucking sucks. I mean there is really no other way to put it. I'm not really sure if he is a QB or a pitcher, because bunch of his passes looks like sinker balls.
Usually I say it's UC that lost the game, but after watching today game, it was all about Syracuse. They whopped UC's ass all over the field, offense, defense, special team. The Bearcats couldn't move the ball and when they did,they found some way to turn it over.
It was obvious the Bearcats where going to struggle today, because they couldn't run the ball. And I am baffled as to why we struggle to run, the Bearcats have a running QB and a great running back in Pead. I'm not sure what needs to change, but something needs to change, because when the Bearcats effectively run the ball they play great, when they are incapable of running, they struggle.
Wishing he had someone not named Chazz
As far as the defense goes, its the same old same old. I know the defense is young, but they have practiced enough and play enough to be better than this.
The Bearcats can't stop anyone on third down. Time after time, when ever there was a third down for Syracuse, they would simply run someone into the middle and complete a short pass to pick up a first down.

All I gotta say is I miss the Greg Robinson coached Syracuse teams.

Image: (AP Photo/Al Behrman)
Stat: ESPN

The Cincinnati Bengals Pass Rush Sucks More Than Your Momma

Everyone that watches the Bengals knows that the biggest weakness is the ineffectiveness of the defense to get to the QB. I have touched on this subject before (here), but each week it seems like the Bengals front four cannot create any kind of pressure on the opposing QB and it seems to be getting worse. Is it time to switch to a 3-4 or a different defensive line coach. I really don't know what the solution to the problem is, but the people that are getting paid a lot of money are not doing their job.

Robert Geathers - blows goats, zero sacks
Jonathan Fanene - injured, zero sacks
Domata Peko - blows double goats, zero sacks
Geno Atkins - needs more game time, 0.5 sacks
Tank Johnson - blows goats, zero sacks
Pat Sims - missing, zero sacks
Frostee Rucker - blows goats, 1 sack
Michael Johnson - needs more game time, 0.5 sacks

I love the Bearcats and the Big East blows

This has been floating around for a couple of days and I'm surprised it has not gotten much attention.
Butch Jones is right, the Big East does blow goats, the Big East sucks so much anyone and everyone has a chance of winning any given game.

Mom gave pot to kids ages 1, 4, 7

What struck me most was not the mom getting high with her kids but the ad from Mercy Health Plex on the side of the page. Mercy knows we all get a little zoned out and sleepy after a good smoke out, that's why they want us to enroll in their family program.

Teenager picked wrong transvestite prostitute to rob

Rufus Bowman

Joshua Bumpus

Sixteen-year-old Rufus Bowman was looking for an easy victim, but he picked the wrong one during a July 13 incident. Bowman was in the 200 block of West McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine when, Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Ryan Nelson said, he approached Joshua Bumpus. "Mr. Bumpus is a transvestite prostitute," Nelson said. "He goes 6-(foot)-3, 280 (pounds) and was wearing a pink halter top and pumps." Actually, jail records list Bumpus as 6-foot-1, 290 pounds "(Bowman) approached Mr. Bumpus and, according to Mr. Bumpus, was trying to retain his services," Nelson said. The two men went into a nearby alley to transact business, Nelson said, when Bowman pulled a gun. The two men fought. Wearing dreadlocks, the 5-foot-7, 230-pound Bowman fired his gun. The bullet hit Bumpus in the arm, went through and lodged near his ribs. Even though he was shot, Bumpus continued fighting - and won. "He got the gun away from (Bowman), he grabbed (Bowman) by the hair and beat him down. He beat the (daylights) out of him," Nelson said. That's about when several of Bumpus' friends, also dressed as women, flagged down Cincinnati Police Officer Dave Kennedy. Other Bumpus friends helped Bumpus beat Bowman. news.cincinnati

This is exactly why I started this blog, so I can talk about situations like this. If I just looked at the pictures without reading the article, I would have sworn that Rufus looks like a transvestite.
I would of have never guessed that there would have been so many transvestite prostitutes out in Over-the-Rhine.
I only wish there was some kind of video of the fight. It had everything, guns, hookers, transvestites, cops this would have been epic. Lets this also be a reminder all who are thinking about a getting some service from the ladies at the corner; they very well might be guys that could take a gun shot and still kick you ass if you don't pay up. So my advise would be to cross the Ohio river and head to Covington or Newport for some decent service.
Forget about the transvestite and prostitutes for a second and lets talk about the real tragedy here, Rufus is a  16 year old bastard that is 5'7" and weights 230lbs, my God he should be a star running back somewhere in the city. I mean what freaking waste.

Whats the big deal if the parents took kids on a drug deal?

David Moore, 25, and Nicole Rycek, 23, both of Cleves, were booked into the Hamilton County jail Thursday on multiple drug and child endangering charges and appeared in Hamilton County Municipal Court on Friday. Both sold $30 in crack cocaine to the police informant in front of their children, who are 3 and 4, on Thursday, according to Cleves police. In addition, Rycek is accused of selling $20 worth of heroin on Sept. 21.Police reports say Moore had two sawed-off shot guns, two pistols, numerous rounds of ammunition and two large baggies of marijuana news.cincinnati

I can't believe these outstanding members of the community would ever take their young children during a drug run. I am just completely baffled.
Lets face it, there is nothing wrong with taking the little ones on a drug run, it will teach them responsibility and awareness from a young age. I'm pretty sure when these kids grow up, there are probably gonna take after their parents anyway.
And how in the world is this child endangerment? I mean he was strapped from head to toe with shot guns and pistols, there was no way he was gong to let his children get hurt.

Recap Cincinnati Bengals vs Atlanta Falcons

Bengals 32
Falcons 39
The Bengals are playing with my emotions worse than my ex-girlfriend. This game showed  how bad they can be and how good they can be. It also showed the lack of talent on this team and it also showed the immaturity of some of the players.
Again we can point to bad play calling to our offensive troubles especially in the first half. Having great success running the ball on the first scoring drive, but on the very next offensive drive Bengals comeback started to throw which led them to go 3 and out.
It's always hard to comeback from being down 21 points at half time, it was just too little, too late.
It was nice to finally see Big fluffy Andre Smith get a start, but having two false start and giving up sack in the crucial moment of the game is not a good thing

It could be said that when the Bengals involve their slot players ie. Shipley and Gresham more, leads to better opportunities for the Bengals outside WR's.
Like previous game we cannot blame Carson for anything, he played his best game this year. 412 yards, 3 TD's with no turnovers. But the little things like 5 yard penalties here and there and 2 missed PAT's all lead to the Bengals falling short. And of course the big one was Ced. Benson's fumble in the 4th quarter.
But I think the biggest factor in todays lost was the defense inability to contain Roddy White, there is no reason for the Bengals to let him get 11 catches for 201 yards and 2 TD's. He is the best player on the Falcons, so I think it would have been wise to double team him or roll the coverage more to his side.
But one of  major thron for this Bengals team is the defensive lines inability to get any kind of pressure on the opposing QB. I have been saying this all year long, Peko and Geathers need to sit, they really have no place on the playing field. None of our DE's can put any kind pressure at least not consistently.
The final play of the game, the Falcons line up three defensive linemen, and the Bengals got five offensive linemen, so how is that the Falcon's John Abraham beats Andrew Whitworh for a sack? That is just terrible play by the O-line. We might have super stars on this team, but as a whole this team lacks talent and intangibles that make a team good.
If I looked at the stat without watching the game I would of have figured the Bengals won this game.

Image: (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Stat: ESPN

Not Much Of A Preview Cincinnati Bengals vs Atlanta Falcons

The Cincinnati Bengals will be at a crossroad when they visit the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday. Either they can rise up and accept the challenge and turn this shitty season in a successful one or they can implode and continue on their journey of being the NFL's biggest underachievers. The panic button has to go off for the Bengals if they hope to have any chance of making the playoffs.
Atlanta is a very good home team, but they are beatable. They got beaten by Jacksonville and New England, but has played close games with Cleveland, San Fransisco and New Orleans. Maybe just like the Bengals the Falcons are only playing up to the level of their competition, but the one and only difference is that they are still beating the teams they are suppose to beat.
This is the game that the Bengals need to figure out if they are a running team or a passing game, because no one knows what the hell they are, not the coaches or the players.
This is also a game for someone on the defensive line to step up and make a name for themselves in the absence of Odom.

Recap South Florida Bulls vs UC Bearcats

Thats How 32,00 people felt last night
This was a bizarre game, that's the only way I can summarize it.
We let a shitty QB from USF look like Tim Tebow. Does anyone realize how bad South Florida's offense really is? They have not scored any offensive TD in the two previous games, and in that span B.J. Daniels threw for five interceptions.
Zach Collaros threw three touchdown passes, that is great but why is he attempting 53 passes?. I mean did we all of a sudden have amnesia and forget how to run the ball? I think it might favor the Bearcats if we get our best player (Pead) involved in the game a little bit more.

Too Many Throw
 I would love to give credit to USF, but I feel like UC did more to lose this game that USF did to win it.
The Bearcats self-destructed with a half-dozen dropped passes and 12 penalties for 115 yards, that just shows a lack of discipline and and a lack of maturity.
Seems like every big throw B.J. Daniels made looked like it came from a broken defense assignment. I know the defense is young, but you can't always use inexperience as an excuse.

Really only 8 Rushing Yard?
There was so many different points in the game that I though was a momentum killer.
Two bad kick offs by Rogers.
Barnet deciding to dive into the end zone from the 30 yard line even though he had a step on his man, but somehow he stepped out of bounds.
Collaros holds on to the ball on a 2nd and goal from the 5, then he is sacked for 15 yards loss, UC ends up settling for 3 points before the half.
Again Collaros holds on to the ball way too long, takes a 5 yard sack from UC's own 7.
A dropped pass by Binns that would have been a TD catch right before the end of 1st half.
DJ Woods dropping a pass in the final UC drive that would of have given them a fist down and maybe a TD.
Not using our last time out on the final drive to set up a better play, instead Chazz Anderson gets bear hugged and he throws an incomplete pass.
But the most deflating play of the game has to be when UC was stopped on a 4th and 2 in the 3rd quarter, but then USF takes over at their own 30 and on the very next play B.J. Daniels throws for a 70 yard TD strike to F. Hornes.

Binns Making Plays Like Always
 UC's offense stunk in the first half, but the defense did enough to keep them in the game. But in the 2nd half the offense finally came alive, but then the defense decided to take the rest of the game off until that one key stop on USF towards the end of the 4th.
I'm not an expert on all the football rules, but whats up with those two odd calls against UC? Why are those rules even in the official rule book. I mean did Butch Jones really dial up a play that requires the running back to tip the ball in the air and our center to run and catch it and rumble down for a first down? I mean these rules are so obsolete, it really needs to be removed.

Image: (AP Photo/Al Behrman), The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger
Stat: ESPN

Mark Schlereth Needs To STFU

First of all everyone knows James Harrison is bitch and plays like a bitch.  If you hit helmet to helmet two times in a span of seven minutes and both times it causes players to not return, then you are head hunting. And your ass needs to be suspended and fined. Everybody in Pittsburgh, including Harrison himself refuses to acknowledge the illegality of those hits. Bunch of thugs.And rapists.

Second, Dunta Robinson's supposedly big hit was not illegal, he led with the shoulder and he still gets fined and to fine him is completely bull shit.

Third, Schlereth is another NFL player who took cheap chop blocks on defenders, was possibility the 20th best player on any team he played on, and goes to the world wide losers and acts like he knows everything. Mark Schlereth has no credibility when it comes to making any claims about fair play or what or what shouldn't be allowed. He has cited throwing himself at a guys knees after he has been beaten. Result of his illegal block, which he was flagged for, was a career ending injury, which Schlereth then admitted he felt no remorse about. Schlereth complains that the NFL wants to take money away from players for big hits but doesn't want to give money to retired players. However, the fine money goes directly to programs that benefit retired players. Also, the league has greatly improved benefits to retired players, including most recently the inclusion of players with Lou Gehrig's Disease within the "88 Plan."
Mark Schlereth is one of the worst analysts on TV. He's just a blowhard that thinks he knows everything about everything and likes to jump on the pile.

You know What The Speed Limit Here Is Germany Boy?

My God what a bad ass. I'm glad an American stood up to these pretty little German boys. Lets this be a warning to all you pretty German boys out there that is thinking about speeding. If you don't want your ass hurting for a month, don't you speed.
Wait a minute, I feeling a hint of sexual frustration from the cop and is he suggesting everyone in jail is a homo?

The Saddest Video I have Ever Seen

Eric Barr packs up and moves to Berea for Browns

That's right ladies and gentleman, this man moved from Connecticut to Cleveland for the Browns football team. I gotta give it to the guy for his determination and his passion, I just wish he had chosen another team. I hate the Browns, but now I feel sorry for the this guy and the Browns. Because the Browns are about to crush another fans dream of being somewhat decent.
This guy said three of the most honest things ever, 1) after all its entertainment (Then why fuck did you move) 2) no other sports franchise is bad as the Cubs (That is very true) 3) Cleveland is a waste land (That is also true).
Listen buddy, I like your enthusiasm but I gotta let you in on a little secrete, just like the Bengals, the Browns will never win the super bowl.
I mean what in the world was going through your mind when you drove 566 miles every Sunday to go see the Browns?
So whats the moral of the story? No job, no family, no furniture, and living in Cleveland is still a better than living in Connecticut.

AFC North Breakdown In The Marvin Lewis Era

Here is a fun fact.

Lately there has been a lot of talk of how bad the Bengals are and how bad Carson and Marvin is.
Here is a look at the past AFC North Champions since Marvin and Carson has been here.
Pittsburgh Steelers - 4
Cincinnati Bengals - 2
Baltimore Ravens - 2
Cleveland Browns - 0
So how has Marvin and Carson done in the past 8 years? They have the same number of division titles as the big bad Ravens. But the Bengals as a whole gets a bad rep, and I don't know why.
If you look up the record of W & L before Marvin & Carson and after Marvin & Carson, its like night and day. In 8 years under Marvin we had two season with losing record, in 2007 & 2008.
I think expectation has grown for the Cincinnati Bengals compared to the 1990's. Maybe its time to knock down those high expectations so we won't feel disappointed. (I'm just being sarcastic)

Is this dunk impressive?

I get it, he dunked over seven people. But I don't see it as a bid deal, give me seven midgets and I'll dunk over them, just remember to lower to hoop to like 6 feet.
I think dunking over people is overrated, do something else then I'll be impressed.

Kentucky Senate Race Rand Paul vs Jack Conway

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul angrily accused Democratic rival Jack Conway of descending "into the gutter" with a TV ad questioning Paul's faith and demanded an apology during a Sunday night debate that turned bitterly personal. The ad is based on published reports from an anonymous woman who claims Paul was a member of a secret society when he attended Baylor University. Paul has dismissed the reports as "ridiculous." A narrator in the ad repeats the claims from the woman, asking why Paul, while in college, tied her up and told her to worship an idol called "Aqua Buddha." yahoo

Is Jack Conway serious with this kind TV ad? Do you have nothing else to spend your campaign money on?
Is this the worst you can come up with against your opponent? I mean who doesn't bow down to Aqua Buddha when your in college. That's what happens when your hitting the bong from dawn till dusk.
Either way Kentucky is doomed.

Which DE will step up in the absence of Antwan Odom?

I'm on reading Geoff Hobson's article about Odom and his suspension. And something strikes me, and no it's not his run-on sentence, but it's his outlandish suggestion that the Bengals have myriad of options as a replacement for Odom. I'm thinking Mr. Hobson must be high on something because this cannot be true. Because God know the Bengals have one of the worst depth charts out there. So it got me thinking, who can replace Odom and his zero sacks? And then it struck me, Odom sucks so much this year, we can replace him with Jerome Simpson and still get the same production.
But all joking aside, lets look at some replacements for Odom.
Could it be Johnathan Fanene, he is coming off a hamstring injury, but was somewhat productive last year.
Michael Johnson, he is young, fast and raw with a world of potential.
Could it be Carlos Dunlap, who has not played much at all this year?
Or could it be Adalius Thomas, the 33-year-old former Raven and Patriot, who is pretty much useless now.
After looking at the Bengals option, its safe to assume we will continue to suck when it comes to putting pressure on the QB.

Christine O’Donnell’s “I’m Not a Witch” Campaign AD Auto Tuned

Some how this is kind of rocking. All of a sudden I kind of like Christine O'Donnell, even if she is a witch or a bitch. At least she is cutter than Jean Schmidt.

Tempers flare at the Happiest Place on Earth

Listen bro, I know your stressed out, but your at the happiest place on Earth. So chill out and sit down before you get your ass kicked. Just because you are holding a baby does not mean you have the privilege to do and act which ever way you want.

Recap UC Bearcats vs Louisville Cardinals

Bearcats 35
Cardinals 27
Forget how the Cardinals and the Bearcats have played so far in the season, because when you start conference play its always a new beginning. I knew this would be a tight game, and that's exactly what it turned out to be. The way the first half played out, I thought each team was going to score in 40's but thankfully UC defense did enough in the 2nd half to slow down the Cardinals and their play maker Bilal Powell.

Even with Bilal Powell running wild, I still felt like UC was a better team over all. If it where not for those 2 first half turnovers this game would not have been so close.
Kudos to Coach Jones for keeping the troops focused after being down 10. I was hoping the young Bearcats team would not come unravel after being down. Way to fight back and earn this victory.
Its hard to believe that Cardinals managed only a field goal in the second half, I was just amazed how the defense played. The Bearcats might not have the fastest linebackers or the biggest D-linemen, but they played hard and as a team.
It is just amazing how a good running game can make a team look so good. Ever since Pead came back from injury this team has looked completely different.
But lets talk about Armon Binns, finally stepping up and showing as what type of football player he is 8 catches for 175 yards and 3 TD's. If he keeps playing like this, the Big East championship will be UC's.
The one thing I was worried before the kick off was Louisville defense which is ranked third nationally in sacks. Considering how UC's O-line has played in the first half of the season I was a little worried, but somehow they pulled it off and escaped with no sacks allowed.

UC played the game without starting right tackle and starting free safety, saw one of its top receivers leave the game with a head injury and the offense committed three turnovers. But they overcame all that and still pulled out a win in a tough environment.
We are finally seeing this young team putting the pieces together and achieving more than what was expected by the critics.
Image: (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)
Stat: ESPN

The Astronomical Kid x Stop Looking At My Moms

Thank you Astronomical Kid for bringing this subject to light. I got so many dick heads out there checking out my 57 year old mom, I'm getting sick and tired of that shit. I know she's fly and out of control at her age, but damn show some respect.

UC Bearcats vs UofL Cardinals - Not Much Of A Preview

What should we expect from tonight UC vs U of L match? I really don't know, both teams have struggled in the early part of the season, both teams have first year coaches.
The funny things is Charlie Strong was the Florida's Defensive Coordinator that put a strangle hold on UC last year at the Sugar Bowl. But at the same time Butch Jones was on the side line watching Florida's Defense. So I think both coaches kind of know what the other teams game plan is.
As a homer, I'm hoping UC can pull this game out. I'm not really sure what kind of defense U of L has, because they lost to teams that are better than them and have beaten against teams that they are suppose to beat. It looks like it will be a tight one at Papa Johns Cardinals Stadium.

Here are some stats that I just copied from

UC Team stats U of L
416.4 Offense avg. 461.4
178.6 Avg. by rush 218.0
237.8 Avg. by pass 243.4
352.4 Defense avg. 329.4
84.8 Avg. by rush 147.6
267.8 Avg. by pass 181.8
29.4 Avg. points for 31.4
19.8 Avg. pts. against 19.0

University of Louisville home page looks like dog shit. It looks like its powered by blogger.

Bengals Got Some Losers To Tryout

So the Bengals got some useless bodies to come in for a tryout. I mean what for? Tell me one person that can contribute in anyway.
LB Adalius Thomas - Does this guy have anything left? Or is he just a self indulgent ass that nobody wants in their locker room.
WRs Michael Clayton and James Hardy - sucks
S Al Afalava - sucks
DT Dre Moore - sucks
C Nick Leckey - sucks
NT Tank Tyler - sucks, but cool name

How To End High Speed Chase

They probably were just trying to get his attention to inform him that he left his drivers license back at the car wash. Once he was notified personally, he jumped out of his car, rolled on the tarmac and then proceeded to walk back to the car wash to save fuel.
But seriously, this is why I love foreign stuff, they could care less about doing it the right way. When is the last time anyone see an American cop do that? Never, all they do is drive slowly behind someone in a respectful distance and wait until give up out of boredom because they don't want to hurt anyones feelings.
What was the driver thinking? I must say it's pretty stupid to continue driving away from the police after hearing the siren, seeing the flashing lights, being rammed, 3 warning shots, then if all else fails, I guess the old fist to face will do.
Not only was the video bad ass, but who ever did the voice over just took it to the next level.

Evolution of Billboards

What in the world is this? I'm driving down I-275 and this is what I see, a pickup truck with some LCD screens doing advertisement.
I mean who came up with this idea? Because this shit is just pure brilliant.
Think about it, this dude probably just wake up in the morning, gets in his truck and make a McDonald's run, and he calls it mobile advertising.  Sign me up, I'll have my '96 Saturn decked out in LCD screens running ads all day and get paid for driving around the tri-state.

T.O. and Chad Ochocinco call me, we can set up a mobile billboard on my little Saturn for the "T.Ocho Show"

Prostitute Call Cops When Recipient Didn't Pay

Cincinnati police say a prostitute called them for help when her customer refused to pay for services rendered. When the woman summoned officers to a Camp Washington motel on Monday night, she told them to get there fast because hostages were being held at gunpoint, according to Hamilton County court records. But when police arrived, they arrested two women on prostitution charges. Megan C. Taylor, 20, and Donna Toure, 34, were booked into the Hamilton County jail about 8 p.m. on charges of soliciting prostitution. Taylor faces an additional charge of inducing panic for allegedly making the phony report. news.cincinnati

You dumb bitches. didn't Selma Elmore not teach you all anything? God damn it, if you guys have been reading my blog like you should of, this shit would of never happened.
But in all honesty who thought it would be a good idea to call the cops?  I mean this shit ain't Amsterdam ladies, prostitution is not legal here.
And whats up with the cops lately, they call for assistance, and the cops arrest them? If I'm not mistaken you guys are there to serve and to protect, not to harass and arrest.

Lesson Learned: Never Flag Down A Cop

44-year-old Selma Elmore stopped Officer Dan Lyons on South Wayne Avenue about 2:30 a.m. Friday, police said. Elmore asked the officer: Is there a curfew for adults in Lockland?
No curfew, Lyons responded.
Second question: Is there a warrant for my arrest?
Yes, in fact there is a warrant, the officer told her after a quick check.
Lyons had discovered Elmore was wanted for allegedly failing to pay a fine as a result of a drug-related conviction, said Sgt. Patrick Sublet. Elmore took off running, leading the officer on a brief chase that ended when she shoved him into a building, injuring his elbow, Sublet said. Lyons radioed for backup. Other officers apprehended her. She faces a new charge of resisting arrest. news.cincinnati

I'm trying to think of any reason anyone would flag down a cop to ask if there is a warrant of their arrest.
Oh wait, I know how this could happened, something tells me Selma Elmore was high on something. Another clear example of how drugs can fuck you over.
I'm so damn paranoid of cops, I don't even ask cops for direction, cause I know some how they will find a reason to bust my ass.

2011 NFL QB Draft Prospects For The Bengals

Putting the debacle against Tampa Bay behind me, it is now time to look forward. When I say look forward I don't mean against the Atlanta Falcons, I mean the 2011 NFL Draft.
Sorry Carson, you are the best thing that happened to the Cincinnati Bengals in the last 19 years, and I will always love you for ever. But we all must say goodbye sometime.
So who are the top college QB's entering the NFL Draft?
Lets take look.

Re-Cap Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24
Cincinnati Bengals 21
There are chocks jobs and then there was today's Bengals game. The only thing the Bengals know is how to do is play ugly football, and no one plays ugly football better than the Bengals

So what is the moral of today's game? To me it's not being able to finish the opportunities that you have.
Even Dave Lapham was mystified by the play calling today, and I can't say I blame him or anyone else that is question Bob Bratkowski play calling. Could there be any reason to call a passing play on 3rd and 13 while holding the lead with a little over 2 minutes left in the game? Sure I can see that the Bengals wanted to be aggressive and covert for a fist down and keep possession. But we are not the Colts or the Patriots. This team is mistake prone especially on offense.
When starting out the game with a handful of penalties it just not going to end well. Ft
I was watching the post game press conference and Carson keeps saying that the Bengals were a little bit off the whole game, but I got news for you Carson, you guys have been fucking off all year long.
I know everyone wants Carson to air it out with the type of weapons we have on the outside, but this team is not a passing team, this team is a running team.
For a veteran team they sure do make a lot of mistakes. what gives? The coaching staff can preach and teach all they want, but until the players do what is right, it won't change anytime soon.
I have to say this, for a  player like TO, he demands a lot and right fully so, but he also drops a lot of passes too.
Besides the New England game, this team has beaten itself, the discipline is not there, I don't see the emotion or the passion. I feel like I'm harping on the same thing, but this football team is filled with errors.
So right now we can put aspirations of going to the Superbowl to rest, let alone the playoffs.
People keep asking, what is wrong with Carson Palmer? Well part of its protection, part of its dropped passes and part of it is Carson. And I think Marvin and Carson needs to own up to it. Yes the third INT was off Chads hand, but Carson should of have never forced that play. For a veteran, he sure is making lots of rookie like mistakes.
After every Bengals game, the play selection is questioned, so now the question is will the Bengals turn into a primary running team? I think the Bengals have been pretty successful when Benson has been able to run and gain over 100 yards.

What this team need is to take this bye week and find its identity. I'm sick of the Bengals playing down to their competition, but then again this team might not be that good. But that's hard to believe, seeing its the same personnel from a team that won the AFC North and went to the playoffs.

Some might say, every single player on this roster, every coach, every member of the Bengals administration All losers. But I'm not quite there yet, as of now, I have not lost the faith in Carson and in this team. Just need to regroup and focus

Image Via: The Enquirer/Cara Owsley
Stat: ESPN

Re-Cap Miami RedHawks vs UC Bearcats

Miami RehHawks 3
UC Bearcats 45
For the first time this year I'm at Nippert Stadium to catch the Cincinnati Bearcats. And what a game it turned out to be. The ass whooping was handed out by the Bearcats early and often.
After a close lose to Oklahoma two weeks ago, UC need to comeback strong. And that's exactly what they did, from the get go Miami had no chance in this game. The quick-strike offense that the Bearcats fans were accustomed to was back. It took two plays on offense to put six points on the board.
I will be honest, I was a little disappointed by Miami tonight, I was hoping to see the same team that gave the Florida Gators a good run.
After watching the Bearcats play against Oklahoma and Miami, I think it's safe to say the two-time defending Big East champions got their swagger back just in time for conference play.
All I can say is this, when Isaiah Pead is on the field this team plays different. Pead is our X-factor, he makes the offense move. He makes it easy for the QB to play without too much on his shoulders.
Not only was this a redemption game for the fans and the coaching staff, but it was big redemption game for D.J. Woods and he didn't disappoint. I know it was hard for Woods after his fumble near the goal line and again on a punt return in the closing minutes against Oklahoma, but he showed strength and guts coming back tonight against the RedHawks.
I hope all the paranoid Bearcat fans out there can breath a little easier now. After seeing two great performance, I firmly believe Butch Jones was the right man for the job.
This win should sent the two-time defending Big East champions into conference play with plenty of momentum. If the Bearcats keep playing like this next week, the Louisville Cardinals don't hold a chance.
Sorry for the gay picture of me trying to kiss the Bearcat

A shout out to the good friends that kept me company at the game.
And a special shout out to Melvi for getting me the ticket.
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Time To Ask A Colored Man A Question

First of all, I'm glad she said she's not a racist, otherwise it would have been taken the wrong way.
In the back of my mind I keep thinking this is a prank call.
Having felt racism first hand, I can tell you that there are many people out there that think the same way.
I just want to point out that, welfare is available to everyone and so is free education.
Now with a mixed man in the White House, old people everywhere are scared shitless.

Here is a good read. "White America Has Lost Its Mind"

Bolivian President’s Knee Meets Opponent’s Groin

The president of Bolivia was recovering Tuesday from a “friendly” soccer match that saw him suffer a hard kick on the leg from his main political rival -- who was in turn kneed in the groin by the country's leader.Soccer-mad President Evo Morales was leading his MAS party against the rival MSM party in a match in the capital La Paz at the weekend when the president was apparently fouled by opposition leader Daniel Gustavo Cartegena. nypost

Two things never to do at a soccer match.
1) Don't ever mess with soccer hooligans.
2) Don't fuck around with soccer mad president from Bolivia. Not only will he knee you in the privates, he will have you arrested afterwards.
Imagine a Soccer match between a bunch of U.S. politicians where Barack Obama knees John Boehner in the balls. That would be priceless.

Memphis teen shot in behind over sagging pants

"Pants on the ground
Pants on the ground
Lookin' like a fool with yo;
Pants on the ground"
Good God, I been wanting to shoot someone in the ass for years.
I bet those two boys pulled up their pants, when Mr. Bonds pulled out his pistol. Or maybe this didn't thats why they got shot in the ass.

Where Did The Bengals Pass Rush Go?

After the 2009 season, defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer stressed the need for the Bengals to be "a lot more of a dominating defensive team, hitting the quarterback more," as he put it.
Well my question is where is that type of pressure?
As far as I can tell the Bengals are far from dominant in the first four games.
Yes, we get to the QB when we blitz with LB'S and DB's, but where is the pressure from our D-Linemen?
I was watching the Bears Giants game Sunday night, and I was so envious how the Giants and Bears front four put pressure on the QB, I mean it looked so easy. So why can't the Bengals front four do the same?
I know Zimmer was counting on Jonathan Fanene to have a big impact this year, but unfortunately he is out with injury. So why can't the Bengals fill in with other players that are ready to step up and perform?
Is it that we don't have anyone on the roster with some talent that can pass rush?
I think we do have players that are capable of putting some pressure on the QB, that includes Michael Johnson, who has an upside as a pass rusher and is another option off the edge.
What about Geno Atkins, the guys has motor that wont quit.

So why not give someone else more opportunities, instead of keep running out Peko and Geathers. I honestly have nothing against Peko or Geathers, but those guys don't do anything, they are just not good enough. I know Geathers had a good season like four years ago, but that was four years ago.  Since 2006 he has a combined sack total of  9.5, and for DE that's just not cutting it. So whoever is in line next, give them a chance and see if they can step-up and produce.
And as far as Peko goes, I love the guy and his long hair, but the dude does nothing on field. He easily gets pushed around. The only thing I ever see Peko do is jump on top of a pile or pulling his shirt down around his waist. If you think I'm making that up, look at the next time he plays, after every play he is pulling down his jersey.
I just don't understand the Bengals loyalty to players that does not perform, look at other clubs that are successful every year, they keep changing personnel without loosing a beat.
Here is an example, Mark Anderson was cut by the Bears today, 12 sacks as a rookie in 2006 but 5 or less in every season since. That's almost as the same stat as Robert Geathers, but the only difference is Geathers is still out starting DE.
So hers is the stat for sacks and QB hits so far in 2010.
                                   Sacks               QB Hits

Geno Atkins                 .5                       0
Frostee Rucker             1                       2
Chinedum Ndukwe       0                       2
Pat Sims                       0                       2
Robert Geathers           0                       2
Keith Rivers                 1                       1
Michael Johnson          .5                       1
Rey Maualuga              0                       1
Tank Johnson               0                       1
Leon Hall                     0                       1
Chris Crocker              0                       1
Domata Peko               0                       1

That's a total of three, I repeat 3 fucking sacks, and none by our starting defensive linemen.
It might be time for a change, I'm just saying.

Re-Cap Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns

Cincinnati Bengals 20
Cleveland Browns 23
Last week we where all whining about Carson play, so he goes out today and throws for 371 yards with 2 TD and no interceptions.
So how did we lose to the Browns?
Was it the bad call on Dhani Jones, who was called for pass interference that converted a third down for the Browns. Where the Browns eventually got a 1-yard run from Peyton Hillis.
Or was it a bogus call on Pat Sims who was called for defensive holding on Cleveland’s final drive. Instead of the Browns facing a third-and-nine from their own 12, they got a first down that helped them run out the final 4:41 of the clock.
Or is it the fact the defense couldn't stop the Cleveland's juggernaut offense?
What ever the reason maybe, the Bengals need to figure out their shit. I would like to see one game in the near future where the offense and the defense are playing on a very high level.
And why are the Bengals taking a timeout right after they are done measuring for a first down? It just seemed like a wast of timeout that we could of have used later.
The O line keeps playing like garbage, I just can't figure out these guys.
The Bengals offense seem to play well in a hurry up, so why don't we do it more often? To me it seems pretty simple, it something is working keep doing it.
I only have one thing to say after today's game. With the amount of talent on this football team there is no way we should be playing like the Cleveland Browns. It is just pathetic.

Image vis: (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)
Stat: ESPN

U.S. apologizes for Guatemala STD experiments

I tell you what old time White folks where harsh and cruel. First came the killing and removal of Native American Indians, then came slavery of Black people, then the The Tuskegee syphilis experiment and now infection of poor people in other countries.
I'm honestly speechless about what the people in this Country has done to others. So when it come to Iran, China, N. Korea and other Countries, we as Americans or the American Government should not tell other that they are violating human rights. Not until we face our own demons from the past and erase the hatred and divide the country is going through right now.

Drunk driver chose wrong driveway

"He was visiting a friend in Sharonville over the Labor Day weekend. In the early morning hours of Sept. 5, Jones left that friend's house to buy cigarettes. After getting lost he called his friend for directions. When the friend didn't answer, Jones drove into a Montgomery subdivision where he pulled into a driveway, turned off his car and passed out. Almost four hours later, he found out he picked the wrong driveway. It belongs to Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputy Ken Pendleton who, seeing a strange car in his driveway at 7 a.m., took a gun to see who it was. After Jones cursed at the deputy - who was wearing shorts and a T-shirt - he was taken out of the car at gunpoint and arrested." news.cincinnati

Couple of things never to do while getting drunk.
Don't pass out at a strangers driveway.
Don't start cursing at someone holding a gun.
This numbnut needs more than alcohol treatment. I mean why would you pull into someones drive to pass out, why not just park in the street?