Huskies vs. Bearcats

Talk about the opening Big East play with a bang. These Huskies might not be good as the previous Huskies, but they are still very good. No one could of have asked for a better opening than what they got last night at Fifth Third Arena. Stephenson might not be John Wall, but he's still one of the best freshman players in the country. I still have no clue where this Bearcats team will end up, but if they got a a shot of making to the big dance, three wins over ranked teams early in the season has to help, I just hope they can keep up the pace with Rutgers in couple of days.
What was the biggest basket of the night? Was it Stephenson's winning free throws or Ibrahima Thomas dunk around the 17 second mark? I'll admit I don't know who the hell Ibrahima is but damn i'll take him. Surprised he got more playing time that Gates. 

Fun Side Of DUI

"Edward Hudson, 32, was going north on Interstate 71, near the Dana Avenue exit, He was driving 79 miles per hour in the 55 mph zone. He was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and child endangering. He also was charged when police discovered he had multiple driving suspensions. Hudson has had prior OVI convictions, police said. The five children, whose ages were not released, were taken in by relatives." news.cincinnati

It all finally makes sense, Mr. Hudson was just trying to get some adrenaline rush, just like how white people like to get their rush by hang gliding, bungee jumping or sky diving. See unlike white people, what black folks and Latinos like to do is drive around with a 40oz in their lap with a suspended license or smoke some weed while driving with a 40oz with a suspended license and be packing a pistol, now thats extreme.

Bengals - Chiefs Re-Cap Week 16

(Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images)

An ugly game for sure, (53 yards in the half) but the fact is the Cincinnati Bengals are in the playoffs for the second time in 19 years, think about that for a minute. But I'll be honest, I am not thrilled like I was in 2005. I'm not sure what it is, it could be because the last week or so has been hard for the Bengals and their fans or it could be because the Bengals still does not play like a playoff bound team. Through out the week I felt like we only play up to our competitions level, for example last week we take the Chargers to the final minute of the game, and this week we have a hard time getting by the bottom sniffing Chiefs. Is it the players or the Coaching staff and their game planning?
 The more I think about this season as to how it has unfolded, the more I feel like it it was not for Cedric Benson I'm not sure where this team would be. I know the defense has played stellar, but if you are not able to control possession there is no way you are going to win some football games.
In another sad news the Cincinnati rookie  Rey Maualuga  broke his ankle in the first quarter, all that means is it's time for Brandon Johnson to step up his game like he did when Keith Rivers went out.
Bengals 17 - Chiefs 10

Father Of The Decade

A ROCKHAMPTON dad is accused of forcing his son to have sex with a prostitute because he feared the 14-year-old was gay. During a family barbecue around Christmas time in 2007, the dad allegedly phoned a prostitute and arranged to meet her at a motel on Yaamba Road, North Rockhampton. The father drove his son to the motel and paid the prostitute in $50 notes. The prostitute took the boy into a motel room while the father waited on a balcony. The boy’s mother testified she questioned the youngster about where his father had taken him.“First (he) didn’t want to say anything to me. Then he told me his father took him to a motel room and there was a prostitute there,” the mother said.
“He wouldn’t talk, he just started crying.” themorningbulletin

So lets just get to the point and say his son is gay. What a sad world when a naturally healthy young man just don't dig the flapper. I'm not sure what the father did was all that wrong, he just wanted to find out before he spend all his time teaching the little bastard how to throw a fastball or how to catch a football. I don't have a problem with this little fruit basket being gay, but damn it son you just turn downed a golden opportunity to be the mack among your peers.

Holy Cow! That's No Dog

The massive pooch, who measures 7ft 3ins from nose to tail and weighs a staggering 245lb (111kg), could be a prime contender to take the title from former record holder Gibson, who died in August. David said: "He's very, very unique." George eats an unbelievable 110lb of food every month, and sleeps alone in his own QUEEN SIZE bed. The couple eventually had to evict him from their king size bed, when he grew too large for the three of them to share the same sheets. thesun

FTW I'm Driving No Matter What

A Mason man who just served nearly four years in prison for driving drunk was ordered jailed Monday in lieu of $300,000 bail after being arrested on his 17th charge. Mr. Ante, who was arrested in West Chester Dec. 17, is charged with operating a vehicle while impaired, driving with a suspended license, refusing to take a breath test and a marked-lanes violation. Ante was driving despite a lifetime driving suspension, authorities said. news.cincinnati

Talk about never giving up what you believe in. I remember when I got caught stealing when I was around 15 years old, trust me I was so ashamed of getting caught that I swore I would never do it again. So I'm wondering if Mr. Ante ever had that thought go through his head? I'm mean shit after the 10th or 15th time you would think Mr. Ante might hang up the hat; but this old bastard is like the Energizer bunny when it comes to driving drunk. FTW I'm driving no matter what.

Goshen Township More Twisted Than OTR

  "Two Goshen Township women were sentenced to prison Monday for conspiring to kill a young girl and her mother so they couldn’t testify in a rape case. Mary H. Woodrey, 50, Belinda L. Gray, 50, Michael P. Gray, 33, the son of Belinda Gray and fiancé of Woodrey, was sentenced Dec. 15 to life in prison without possibility of parole for raping the 6-year-old girl. He got another 20 years for hatching the plot to kill her and her mother so they couldn’t testify against him."news.cincinnati

What a sad story, I feel like they all should get life in prison. I wonder what the the thought process was when planning something like this. Does these dumb cunts even have a brain? I swear this is one sick twisted family. After looking at those two double uglies I'm gonna have nightmare for a while.

Bengals vs. Chargers re-cap Week 15

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Oh Andre Caldwell  why do you make me hate you so much? This is your second strike, you already screwed up once against the Raiders, now you do it again against another AFC West team. Why do you do this to us us Andre?
Should I say the Bengals fell just short of winning a game against the Chargers and clinching the AFC North or would that be an understatement. Seems like we cant beat any playoff contenting team outside of AFC North.
I honestly think this game can be summarized by the last two minutes, we have a chance to win the game, but we end up almost loosing a fumble which puts us at 2 and 36. Then our defense gives them too much room for them to march down the field and kick a game winning field goal. Why did we play there wide outs so loose in the last minute, I understand the theory of if you play them on a real tight coverage that they might beat us on a deep ball. But the truth of the matter is we lost the game because we played it safe.
Take this as an example, the Chargers with a 21-yard scoring pass from Rivers to Vincent Jackson with 3:12 remaining in the half. That gave the Chargers a 14-10 lead. Then the Bengals marched to the San Diego 7 yard-line, having a first down in the half's final 40 seconds. But three incompletion's later, one when Palmer spiked the ball and Cincinnati had to settle for Shayne Graham's 25-yard. That right there is the difference between really good teams and the Bengals, we have our chances but we don't take advantage of them, we are lacking that fire which puts teams over the hump.
Bengals 24 - Chargers 27

Nuts Ruined For The Columbian

Holy shit!
I had to watch this couple of time, but I finally got to the nitty gritty to why he did this. It's basically his womans fault, instead of giving it up once or twice a week, she made the poor man cut off his own balls. What kind of selfish wife is she? Poor guy, you what I wish would of happened, I wish she would of have sewn her pussy up because obviously she's the one that had a problem giving it up.

Kids Hate Cops

"Officials with Cincinnati Public Schools canceled the rest of the basketball season at Rees E. Price Academy this week in light of a melee involving as many as 20 students punching and kicking a Cincinnati police officer."news.cincinnati

Now thats what I'm talking about, cancel the rest of the basketball for beating up a cop and trying to take his pistol. East Price Academy school being a predominantly a black school, so I say take away something black kids love, one being basketball. Now don't go calling me a racist, because I'm, but the truth is I'm equally racist to all not just one race; I sometimes even hate my own race. I mean seriously if kids in 7th and 8th grade have nerve and audacity to go confront a police officer especially at school what kind of lessons are they getting at school and home. We all know that Cincinnati Public School system is not the best in the country, but still you have to have some kind of control over your students.

Chris Henry

I'm not sure I can say anymore than what everyone else has already said. It's a sad day when someone looses a life, but it's a bit for hurtful when it's someone that you root for. He might of just been a football player, but he was a hero to his kids. I remember the time when Mike Brown got Chris Henry back after they cut him, and everyone in the city was pissed off at Mike for doing that. Now all that seems kind of childish.
I also want to take a moment to pay respect to a fallen hero, Cincinnati police officer Anthony Campbell, who also served in US Air Force Reserves.

Bearcats New Football Coach Is Butch Jones

The Enquirer/Gary Landers
Talk about a Déjà vu, this has be a first in the history of college football. Kelly leaves Central Michigan, Jones take over, Kelly leaves Cincinnati, Jones take over. I really do feel bad for CM, we just keep invading CM for football coaches, but you know what if Jones has the success Kelly or Dantonio had at Cincinnati, you know damn well he's gonna book his flight out of Cincinnati. Yea he might of called this job "one of the premiere positions in the country", give me a damn break, every one and there mama know how this business works. Thats why I wasn't upset or mad when Brian Kelly left. 
But what do piss me off is the morality that is shown by both coaches and the Universities. I'm just wondering why cant they wait till the season is completely over to announces the departing and hiring of coaches. These kids play hard through out the regular season, and what do they get? I know this is a business, and I know the sooner you know who your football coach is, the better it is for recruiting. But I think at the end of the day, these people have to step back and say I'm gonna do the right thing for a change.
Now I wonder what Jeff Quinn is thinking, does he really give a crap about coaching in the Sugar Bowl, especially when you know your just warming up the seat for Butch Jones.

Watch Out, She Mad

Taneka Myrick was so mad at the father of her child in May she ran over him with her car. Then, she backed up and ran over him again. For that, Myrick, 33, of Highland Heights, Ky., was sent to prison Monday for two years by Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Jody Luebbers. "I didn't intend to hurt him," Myrick said Monday. "I was trying to leave and get away from the circumstances I was in." "You almost killed him," Luebbers said. "You didn't run over him once. You ran over him twice." news.cincinnati

Now thats what I'm talking about, she was there to get the job done right. If you don't succeed the first time, reverse it and try it again. The funny thing is Williams owes Myrick $20,000 in unpaid child support and now the judge ordered her to pay Williams hospital bill which is wroth about $24,366. I think in the end, Mr. Williams came out on top in this confrontation, man I'll let them break couple of my rips if they are willing to erase my student loan.

Crosstown Shootout Lives Up To The Hype

What a great game between the Bearcats and the Musketeers, we had a little bit of everything in this game. Benches clearing, trash talking, overtime and last minute excietment. At the end of regulation and at the end of first overtime, it looked like the Cats were gonna pull one out at the Cintas Center. But like usual the Musketeers some how find a way to beat the Cats in their house.
A word to my boy Stephenson's don't run your mouth if you cant run up the score, you getting 22 points from 19 shots is weak. Being a Bearcat fan, I was pissed off that we lost three straight to the Muskies, but at the end of the day, I felt like I just watched one of the best rivilaries in college basketball.

Bengals - Vikings Re-Cap Week 14

What a crappy week for football fans in Cincinnati, first we have the whole Brian Kelly saga and now we have the Bengals playing like its 2008. Maybe I shouldnt be too hard on the boys but come on, this was a playoff type game. I think the defense played great, even though the Vikings put up 30. What really got me bugging was the offense especially the pass offense, Vikings held Carson Palmer to a season-low 94 yards passing, WTF. I dont wanna give all the credit to Vikings defense, because they didn't do anything spectaural.
I'm sure we can all agree on why we lost this game, especailly the way we lost the game. It was all due to the turnovers and penalties. And it does't help when safety Chris Crocker hurt his ankle in the first quarter and didn't return, and cornerback Johnathan Joseph was hurt in the third. Now we will really see the depth of this team and good of a team this is.
Bengals 10 - Vikings 30


Touchdown Jesus Here I Come

Aww monkey crap, anywhere but ND was my first reaction. But you know what I am happy for Brian Kelly, and this is coming from a true Cincinnati Bearcat fan. If I said he was a traitor for leaving, in my mind I would be right along with thousand of other fans, but the truth of the matter is, I would be hater. Why should I wish him anything less than success at at his new job. Like someone just said on ESPN, if you go undefeated at UC you only earn the #3 spot in the BCS, but if you go undefeated at ND you are playing for the Championship.
Someone hold back Mick, he's gonna tear a new one for ND this year in the Big East.

Attacking With The Meat

53-year-old Dunnellon woman has been arrested after allegedly hitting a man in the head with a raw steak.  I swear this is payback for the man attacking girlfriend with cheeseburger, think about it, both happened in Florida, both used beef as a weapon.
If you read the whole news, you know all he wanted was a bread roll. I wonder if she told the officers, that he hit her with a raw sausage last night.

Onion video of the week

How could you not love Weezy, I am so happy Weezy is keeping drugs out of America. Shit I wish Weezy would of have won the Nobel Peace Prize instead of Obama. Where the hell where you Kanye West?

Where Is The Crosstown Shootout

 great read by Paul Daugherty Crosstown Shootout losing luster, but it got me thinking, I haven't even thought about the crosstown shootout this year.  Now I kind of feel bad about it, but in all fairness, UC has been sucking ass for the last 3 or 4 years. Then this year was out of control with local sports, the Bengals are on top of the game, UC football is hotter than  Eva Mendes.
I'm a UC fan by heart, but I'll cheer for X when then are not in a Crosstown Shootout. But this year I haven't even thought about basketball. But thats no excuse for not to remember about one of the best games in the country.

If you all remember James White, here is a video of him going wild in Turkey last year.

And ofcourse can't forget my boy Melvin Levett with one of the best dunks on the Planet, call it off the rafter dunk, the helicopter dunk, what ever you want, but this is sick.  

Husband Signs Death Contract

"The 32-year-old man, who was named by the Chongqing Evening News as Mr Zhang, took the unusual step after suffering intense abuse from his wife, who studies kung fu. "I don't want to beat him, but arguments are inevitable and I can't help myself," his wife told the newspaper. She added that in the week before they signed the deal, she had beaten him up three times. In order to curb his wife's aggression, Mr Zhang proposed signing a contract in front of his in-laws. If his wife breaches the contract, she has to return to her parents' home for three days. "She is very obedient to her parents, and her parents will support me and blame her" . telegraph

I find this not so surprising. And it seems to be producing positive results for the couple. But God damn, an ass whooping form your lady every weeks, that has hurt his balls as well as his ego. Maybe she's just beating the shit out him so she can go chill out with mom and pop for couple of day. Maybe he's doing this on purpose, she's probably a nagging type bitch and probably wont let him watch the game on the weekends. So he purposely get his ass kicked in time for the weekend. Yeah, bring it on, 3 day weekend of nothing but chilling with the boys and watching the game in peace.

Bengals vs. Lions re-cap Week 13

I'm so happy this is not the BCS, otherwise Bengals would have a hard time making it to the playoffs. Because the Bengals are lacking on style points, excepts for Chads sombrero after the touchdown.
I'm so torn between the wins and the lack execution, I get pissed off when we don't play as efficiently as a  9-3 team needs to play, we keep getting silly penalties and keeps turning it over. But on the other hand we keep getting win. So in the end I guess nothing matter except for the W's.
If anyone can recall the 1st quarter of this game, you know it was a piss poor effort by the offense. I swear Chads got more offside calls than any other wideouts.
Happy to see that Benson is back to his way of pounding away to another 100 yard game.
If anyone is curious about the Bengals record from this year to last year after 12 games here it is, "8-win improvement after 12 games (1-10-1 vs. 9-3) ties '63 Raiders and '99 Colts for best ever turn around."
Bengals 23 -Lions 13

Bearcats (12-0, 7-0)

I walked away from the TV after Dion Lewis put Pitt ahead 44-38 with 1:36 remaining on a 5-yard run. In my mind I felt like if this was destiny and if they are meant to go undefeated they will come back and win this game. This game was littered with big plays, and I swear this is one of the best games I have seen in a long time. Take nothing away from Pitt, they played a great game but this had to be our game. Who does the game ball go to Mardy, Pike, Binns or coach Kelly? I say give the game ball to everyone on that team for having a great season and going undefeated.
Being down 31-10, who in the right mind thought this team would come back. I think this is one of those games that alters the course of Bearcats football. For as long as I live I will remember this game.
What better way to end the regular season than to beat a Pitt team at Heinz Field.


Jealous Wife Fo Sho

The mother of three allegedly set fire to the genitals of her husband, Satish Narayan, in December last year. Mr Narayan suffered major burns and died several weeks later. The fire also gutted the family's suburban Unley home leaving a damage bill of about $1 million. A previous court hearing heard Narayan had told neighbours: ``I'm a jealous wife, his penis should belong to me. I just wanted to burn his penis so it belongs to me and no one else ... I didn't mean this to happen.''

I swear I never know Indian chicks were so sausage hungry, the only thing I get out of this that Mr. Narayan was just using his God given gift to satisfy others, now he can't do that no more..what a sad day. On the other hand he deserves this shit, I mean what kind of man are you if you let your woman set your dick on fire.

Tiger Woods Y'all

Gerald Posner of THE DAILY BEAST reports that if Tiger Woods wants to keep Elin Nordegren as his wife, it will cost him $5 million now, and up to $55 million in just two more years.
Is it me or does everyone kind of hated Tiger Woods even before all these stories broke out, I kind of hated Tiger for a long time, he just looked like a douche bag.
For once I am taking a womans side, I say it sucks for all the shit Elin and her kid has to go through. I wouldn't be surprised if Elin did beat tiger with a 9 iron after crashing the car. Shit you know thats why he was in a hurry to get the hell out of the house, because we all know you don't wanna piss off a blonde Swede.
On the other hand this woman could be a gold digging whore her self. She obviously wasn't keeping her man happy, he has needs. While I don’t advocate straying in a marriage, I wonder what drove Tiger to put himself out there like that with the high risk it bitches. Seems to me if she was taking care of business at home, Tiger would not have business to attend to on the road.
I personally think this is a matter of money. Do you really think she married Tiger for "love". She should stay and continue to "milk the cow".

Timeout for Relationship Status Update

I swear these bitches stole my idea, I thought of this like two months ago. I figured this would be one more way I can piss of my mother-in-law (future). I am so freaking pissed off right now.

Bengals vs. Browns re-cap Week 12

Is it me or even with an 8-3 record and the sweep of the toughest division in AFC, we are still looked at as an underdog. Like Brian Kelly said at the end of the day all anyone care about is a win, and I agree, I wish we could hang 50 on the Browns but I'm not sweating it, especially when our defense is playing like its is. Every time I watch the game, there is one guy that keeps popping up every where and that dude is Brandon Johnson, that guy is ever where trying to make plays. Its gonna be tough to take him off the field when Rivers comes back from his injury.
Is it gonna be L. Johnson or C. Benson? I know everyone is talking about this subject, and if your sitting in section 312 at PBS I bet you cant tell the difference at who's running the ball. This shouldn't even be a subject, when Benson gets back its his to loose. LJ really has not done much yet, yea I know he rushed for over 100 against the Browns but we all know what the Browns are.

Bearcats Remains Unbeaten

I wonder how everyone around the Country feels about the ass whopping Illinois got today from the Bearcats. Are they thinking this is a good team worthy of a BCS National Championship game or do they think we have a good offense with an average Defense. Don't get me wrong I love watching this team and I feel like they will win every game they play. But I'm gonna call it like it is, we let a shitty Illinois team put 36 on us. That is not a champion ship caliber team, period. I don't care how good our offense is, if your defense cant hold, it's not going to matter much. Does the offense score too quickly, to the point where the defense is on the field more?
I was happy to see Pike back in action, going nuts on Illinois was fun to watch. I hope we put up some more huge numbers against Pitt next week. And we'll take all the style points we can get.
"I think Nebraska's going to beat Texas and we're going to beat Pittsburgh," Kelly said. "That's just the way I'm wired."
Love the attitude by Kelly, he would get my holidays off right if he just came out and said he is taking himself out of the ND job. I mean shit, who want to take the ND job anyway, its not the same position it was ten or fifteen years ago.

Starting Point At Maui

The Bearcats came out of the EA Sports Maui Invitational with two wins over ranked teams, but then in the Championship game the Bearcats let a 10 point second-half lead slip away and lost to Gonzaga, 61-59, in overtime. This was a frustrating game to watch toward the end of the 2nd half and in OT. I still don't know why we kept jacking up 3-pointer when we have three guys that can handle the ball and get some penetration.
With three refs on the floor, I guess non of those blind jackasses saw that Gates was hacked on the last play of regulation. I'm not sure if this is a team that will score bunch of points but I'm sure they will compete in many games with their tough physical defense.
Deonta Vaughn is the sixth best free throw shooter in UC basketball history, but he missed two in overtime which could of have tied the game. But I hope this is a starting point for something special this year. Other wise, Mick I'm looking at you.

P.S. - Not sure about the chicken wing design on the shoulders of the new jersey.

Coach Kelly Will You Stay?

“This is the silly season. We’ve been having this conversation for the last two years. It will continue to happen while I’m at the University of Cincinnati, because nobody thinks that Cincinnati is a destination job.’’

Those words were uttered by Coach Brain Kelly sometime ago. I just wanted to re-visit this subject, because Wise has pretty much gave ND permission to fire him and Urban Meyer has pledged his love for the Gator nation.
Will Coach Kelly come out and make a statement like Meyer did, about his devotion to this University and to this program he is building, that will regularly be a top 10 team in the country.
I hope he wasnt just blowing smoke when he said "Cincinnati is a destination job". Right about now the City of Cincinnati is ready to make any type of sacrifice to keep Kelly here.

This Just Makes Me Proud

"Hunters are donating more venison to strapped food banks as Ohio and other states offer financial aid aimed at managing high deer populations. It's a much-needed boost for pantries struggling to meet rising demand.
Groups like Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry and Safari Club International have promoted venison donations to pantries in Ohio and other states, but processing and packaging costs deter hunters, especially in tough economic times." msnbc

I'll Kill You, Then I'll Marry You

"A couple jailed for trying to kill each other have vowed to marry when they get out of prison. Lea O, 25, from Split, stabbed her boyfriend Stevo K, 28, from the northern town of Novska, after he almost beat her to death during a furious row, tabloid 24 Sata reported."

I swear this is true love, this is what more couples should do before they get married, they should almost kill each other first and see if one can forgive the other. This way they will know, no matter what comes their way, they would be able to face it.

Badass Kangaroo

"A kangaroo startled by a man walking his dog attacked the pair, pinning the pet underwater and slashing the owner in the abdomen with its hind legs. The Australian, Chris Rickard, was in stable condition Monday after the attack, which ended when the 49-year-old elbowed the kangaroo in the throat."

A total badass in the animal kingdom, we might have to pull up a chair for the Kangaroo next to the Lions, Bears and Tigers. Why would anyone piss off a sleeping Kangaroo, this Kangaroo had a plan when he went to sleep. I think anyone of us would be a little pissed off if someone woke us from a good nap. I feel bad for the Aussie but I'm on the Kangaroo's side here.
No matter how it went down, this kangaroo wasn't taking shit from anyone especially some prick with a pussy dog named Rocky. Imagine what this Kangaroo would have done if it had some training with Mickey Goldmill.

Bengals vs. Raiders re-cap Week 11

Holy crap what happened between the Bengals and the Raiders, that was one of the ugliest football game I have seen in a while. I don't even know where to begin, the worst division in the NFL beats up the best division. The only reason I'm not steaming mad is because Steelers lost today. It feels like each time we play a team, we only play up to the level of our opponent. It seems like we only do enough just to win the game (except the Bears game), why cant we put the game away by the end of the 3rd quarter? The inability to kill the game keeps coming back to haunt us in the end.
Coming off a big win at Steelers and then having to travel all the way to the West Coast, this was setting up to be the ultimate trap game. Damn Bruce Gradkowski, he does it to the Bengals again.
And what the hell is up with Andre Caldwell returning the kick off, when we have Bernard Scott and Cosby?
Bengals 17 - Raiders 20

Caught With Pants Down

"A witness informed a police officer at the Boone County Library that there was a man on a computer masturbating watching a wrestling video."

First of all I want to thank my Southern neighbor Kentucky for another golden nugget. Is it me or does this just seems like a normal day at the public library, he just happened to get caught. I swear I have seen guys watching porn with no concern. I mean who can blame him, he was probably watching the Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior WWF Title Match at Wrestlemania 6.

Charlie Coles Getting Feisty

This is why Charlie Coles is the man, a living legend in the SW corners of Ohio. I'm just happy that he didn't have a heart attack when douche bag Dick Gabriel asked that question.
Keep it going coach Coles.

Man Sues Officers For Moving His Porn

"An Okeana man is suing after he says a Butler County sheriff's deputy, a state wildlife officer, and another officer violated his civil rights. James alleges that during the four-hour search, the officers moved his pornography collection. He says the officers turned on some sex toys and played some porn tapes, putting them in plain sight." wcpo

Guns, porno magazines, sex toys, sounds like we need to call in the Hazmat squad. In all seriousness how could they violate his civil right to hide his porno? I just cant believe what this world is coming too, when a normal person just cant keep his magazines in place. Those bastard cops have to come and move shit all over the place making jerking off difficult for him.

Fight The Repo Man

"An Ohio man was accused of striking a repo man with his car when he tried to take it back after it was repossessed. Police said 41-year-old Charles Alexander was arrested late Saturday near his home in the small town of Silverton, near Cincinnati. He was held without bond Monday on a felony charge of attempted vehicular assault." newsvine

I love this story, I am just sad that he didn't get away with his car. Don't anyone know that a car is a black mans mecca, you just cant take that shit away, unless you are ready to get assaulted. I mean how could you not hate on repo people, they are just asking for it. I honestly think my hatred for repo people started after I started to watch those fat bitches on "Operation Repo".

Onion video of the week

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Oh damn, when will the day come where Glenn Beck is not on television any more?
Don't be surprised if you see this bitch at a cross burning and white hoods wearing rally.

Bengals vs. Steelers re-cap Week 10

If you ain't drinking that orange Who Dey cool aid yet, you better start soon. On this God given Sunday, the boys from Cincinnati had a bigger pair of nuts and they were busting through the steel curtain. I loved the swagger the defense brings to the field every time, Brandon Johnson that brother was out of control in this game. It seemed like they were calling his name left and right.
When Odom went out, I started to wonder where the sacks where the sacks gonna come from. I knew Michael Johnson was a freak at Georgia Tech, but I wasn't sure he could step it up in his rookie year, but what do I know, every time he's on the field he's making plays. Which leads me to my next point, this year more than any other year since 1997 we have a defense that is physical and fast and we also have depth at every single position, from coroner backs to defensive tackles.
Unless the Earth stops spinning, I cant see why this team wont make the play-offs, the only real question is can they win enough games to get a bye in the first round.
Bengals 18 - Steelers 12

Cincinnati Bearcats Squeeze One Out

From blowouts early in the season, to last minute games late in the season. Second straight week, Bearcats found itself needing an onside recovery to seal the deal.  Should I start to worry or should I just be happy that the Bearcats and still undefeated. 
With Pike coming in for red zone snaps, should we automatically assume that he will be the starter against Illinois? We all saw Zach Collaros make some terrible mistakes last night, which kept game close, if those turnovers were eliminated, I am pretty confident this would have been a run away game for the Bearcats.
When Pead fumbled while diving over the pile and stretching the ball toward the goal line, I think everyone at the bar said "oh fuck", no joke.
I am defiantly proud of these Bearcats, after winning close games against good opponents, I saw bring on the Big Ten and Pitt.

Quarterback Jarrett Brown, is a baller no doubt.

Bengals Hater

"School officials in Hamilton put eighth-grader Dustin Reader into in-school suspension Monday when he showed up with the new hairstyle in tribute to the Bengals' good season. The school says its code of conduct prohibits extreme and distracting hairstyles."

So let me get this straight, he got an in school suspension for putting a B on the back of his head? Come on school sup with that, I know he is a lil wigger but, this doesn't look like that big of a distraction. I grantee if this kid was black and he had some design cut into his hair there would be no problem, cause the school would be too scared to even bring up the subject.
On the other hand, if you watch the video you know this lil bastard is probably a trouble maker at school and probably don't do shit at school besides mack on girls from 8-th grade and smoke cigarettes behind the school. So I don't feel to bad for this white trash. And don't even get me get started on his parents, they look dumber than him. Damn it Hamiltom, this is what your breeding out there.

Andre Smith

Is it me or does Andre Smith mid section look like a cross between JarJar and an Octopus?

So let’s say you’re a rookie tackle (already known for being flaky) who is selected by the Bengals and you hold out through training camp. What do you do during that time? Apparently you don’t exercise and close down every Sizzler in the Cincinnati area. And to make matters worse, you come into camp out of shape and tipping the scales at 370. Then you promptly break your foot. Could it be the fact that your feet can’t withstand the pressure of an already corpulent load? Well, the Bengals do…and that’s why there is a weight management clause in your mammoth contract; a contract that was only slightly larger than you were coming into camp. guyism

Dirty Chimp

I am officially speechless after watching this video. And for anyone out there that doesn't get this video, you need to go talk to you daddy about the birds and the bees.
And for God sake get that whinny lil bastard out of there, cause I'm trying to enjoy this damn video.
So that has to be the unluckiest frog ever, right? This has to be the worst thing ever, being trapped by a monster 100x your size as it just inserts its bouncy genitals into your mouth over and over. guyism

Marvin Lewis Defends

"Jerome is doing everything he can to try to prove that he can get out there and make productive plays for us,” Lewis said. When asked if he had any second thoughts about taking Simpson with the 46th overall pick instead of Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson, who went three picks later. Lewis said “DeSean is a fine, fine player. He’s done a great job. I’m comfortable with the way — we had them both as going to be great players, and I still feel that about Jerome.”

Come on Marvin WTF, just say what the rest of the country is thinking. We all have to admit to things that didn't work out the way we intended to. For example my ex. man it was all good when I was with her first, but after a while she was busting my balls for no reason and that was pissing me off and I have to admit I stayed with her longer than I should of have.
I'm sure Jermoe is the best jumper and the fastest dude on the East side of Mississippi, but he's not NFL ready, he's only Coastal Carolina ready. Not being on the field after year and a half of being drafted in the second round tells me he's slow to the play book. For Marvin's sake I hope Jermoe comes around by next year other wise its gonna be another year on the practice squad. I'm also looking at you Chase Coffman.

Crack Pipe

"Police say they have arrested a man who allegedly tried to stab his girlfriend and then set her on fire, all because of a crack pipe."

What people don't realize is that crack pipe is expensive, I'm not talking about that aluminum foil shit. You know how hard it is to come up with some loot to buy this crack pipe, and this bitch goes and messes around with it. Just reading this article got my blood all boiled up. I'm surprised this bitch lived, If it was me she would of been gone by now. I love Ohio.

Korean Lady Still Cant Drive

"A woman in South Korea who tried to pass the written exam for a driver's license with near-daily attempts since April 2005 has finally succeeded on her 950th time." msnbc

Whats worse than a female driver? An Asian female driver. I feel like I should be happy for her, because she was so damn persistent about it. But on the other hand I feel sorry for her, because we all know she's so damn old that she might die tomorrow. But to be serious it doesn't matter if she passed with a 100% mark, I still don't want this old lady on the road. If she cant pass the damn test the first 5 times, ah hell make it the first 500th time she don't deserve to re-take it. This lady is gonna take some ones life.

Intense Shagging

"A couple's nightly sex sessions were making their neighbours' lives' hell, a court heard today. Caroline and Steve Cartwright's love making was described as "murder" and "unnatural" and drowned out their neighbours' televisions. But it was not just the neighbours who were up in arms about the noise coming from their terraced house in Hall Road, Concord, Washington, Tyne and Wear - even the local postman and a woman who walked past the house taking her child to school complained. Neighbours said the Cartwrights sex sessions would usually start around midnight and last for two or three hours, every night of the week."

Are these people really complaining about the noise, or are they secretly wishing their sex life was that good?
I say let them enjoy their monkey sex, but they gotta give their neighbors some peace and quite 2 in the morning. As of now, I am taking donations to buy her a gag ball, so their neighbors can go to sleep on time.


All I'm here around Cincinnati is that there is a QB controversy at UC. And I'm thinking to myself what controversy, there is no controversy. Collaros is playing out of his mind right now so you stick with game. This does not mean that Collaros is better than Pike or Pike is better than Collaros. It just means Collaros got the hot hand right now and lets just move forward with that momentum, instead of slowing down and messing around with both QB's mentality. What we need to worry about is how is UC's D-Line gonna handle a bigger O-Line, because if we cant stop the run it wont batter who the QB is. Next two weeks will tell us if Collaros should be the starter or not, because he will be facing much better defenses. This is the NCAA not the NFL where coaches are forced to play a player that has the highest salary, even if they are not on top of their game.

Bengals vs. Ravens re-cap Week 9

Great sports weekend in Cincinnati, first the Bearcats squeak one out and on this great Sunday the Bengals do it again. Conquering AFC north like Genghis Khan. I thought the rematch was gonna be full of plays everywhere, but the only one making plays where the Bengals. Still perfect in AFC North, A 17-7 smash mouth win over the Baltimore. For some reason, I feel like the game was made closer than what the score displays. We were kicking ass on both sides of the line. But for some reason after the second fumble by Chad OchoCinco, I started to get a nervous feeling in my stomach.
Is this the year that the Bengals have depth at every position, it seems like it.
What the hells the matter with Jonathan Fanene, even my retarded dog knows that taking your helmet off would result in a penalty. Lucky for him it didn't result in a first down.
Don't care how much I hate the Ravens, I still take Ed Reed on my team any day, that dude is a baller.

The Legend Of Zack

How does the game against Connecticut  go from being a behind the shed ass whopping to an almost massive upset. This was a fun ball game to watch. Gotta give credit to the Huskies for fighting back and almost giving me a heart attack. Now I know what all you geniuses out there are thinking, who do we start for the next game, Pike or Collaros. Don't worry, Mr.Brown's got the answer, coach Kelly's gotta with the hot hand. Collaros is lighting it up like it's Christmas. Why wait for the heisman trophy next year, just give it to him already this year.
I don't wanna shit on the Bearcats parade, but if they cant figure out a way to stop the run, I feel like our season will end at Pitt.

I love Brent Musburger, but God Damn he was freaking awful tonight. How can he use word "dagger", #6 was stabbed to death couple of weeks ago. Also, I think he called Mardy Gilyard everything but Mardy. He remind me of my professor, I just wanna go up to him and tell him to hang it up.

End Of The MLS Road

My first mobile blog. And its right after the Columbus crew lost to real salt lake.
I watched the whole thing, for some reason in Spanish, and it sounded pretty good.
I am sure most will agree with me and blame this one on Robert Warzycha, he should of have played his best players @ Salt Lake City. But my man crush on the legendary Guillermo Barros Schelotto went to a new level today. I am defiantly naming my kid after him. Today was a big disappointment from my bro Frankie Hejduk, he got beat twice. It does not matter if the PK was a bad call or not, he should of have never put himself at the predicament.
At least now the Crew can focus on the Concacaf Champions League

Diaper Wearing Woman

"A Pennsylvania woman was awarded $150,000 in a discrimination suit claiming she had to wear diapers to work due to a lack of toilets. Lisa Drozdowski, 37, had to wear adult diapers while she was working as a flagger for the company in 2005 because officials refused to provide portable toilets. Drozdowski said her bathroom breaks, which involved walking a quarter mile to her car and driving several minutes to the nearest restroom, often came after she had already urinated on herself."

This is exactly the reason, you don't give females these types of job. But if you don't give them the job, they are just gonna turn around and sue you for discrimination. This story just pissed me off, I'm thinking if you can't do the job thats assigned to you, get out and don't comeback. Other wise keep wearing the diapers and shut your mouth or jump behind the bush.

Paraguayan President Is A Player

"A third woman has filed a paternity claim against Paraguay's Roman Catholic bishop-turned- president.  Asked whether the latest claim would tarnish the president's image, Interior Minister Rafael Filizzola replied, "We must not mix personal affairs with government business.We have hired a lawyer to deal with this type of issue and avoid getting the government involved."

Now this is how you roll if you are the Chief and Commander. He is single handily trying to raise the population of Paraguay. And I must admit he is succeeding one at a time. I'm sure you all remember Miss Monica Lewinsky, and how much shit the country gave President Clinton for no good reason. I'm saying down in Paraguay they got this whole ordeal correct right from the start. We should of just left President Clinton alone, what he does after five is his personal shit. We in American need to start taking some ideas from other countries.

WTF Story

"Two men were convicted Thursday on rape and other charges stemming from an attempt to get even over a stolen cell phone. Gamble accused the victim of stealing his cell phone and swore to get even, according to court documents. Gamble and Lovett thought up a scheme where Lovett went online to a local gay chat room to meet the man and invite him over for sex. As Lovett and the victim were on the bed, Gamble came out of the closet carrying a gun and a video camera, telling the victim “I told you I was going to get you” for stealing the phone. Gamble put a gun to the man’s head, Lovett stuffed socks in the man’s mouth and tied him up, according to records. They then took turns raping and beating the man for hours – with many of the acts caught on videotape."

stealing cell phone = kidnapping and rape?? WTF
I just realized something, only shit like this happens in Avondale. Avondale has to be the pit hole of Cincinnati. I'm a make a phone call to Iran and ask them nuke Avondale instead of Israel. This has to one of most fucked up stories to come out of Cincinnati lately. But I gotta give credit where credit is due. I didn't know gays had this kind of menacing mentality in them. From now I know I gotta be aware of gay dudes, cause they might be packing more than a sausage.

Big Boy Returns

"Bengals first-round pick Andre Smith finally got to hit someone on Monday. More than anything, though, Smith said he's going to be happy to go out and hit somebody. "That's what they drafted me for," Smith said."

No Mr. Smith, we drafted you to eat pancakes and cheeseburgers. Get your ass on the field and make us proud. Just try not to bite anyone while you are blocking. WHO DEY!!!

Breathalyzer Costume

"dressed as a Breathalyzer test for Halloween found himself blowing into one after police stopped him for allegedly driving the wrong way without headlights on a one-way street. Oxford police said they stopped 20-year-old James P. Miller on Halloween night and found beer in his front seat and in the trunk."

After looking at this tool, how could you not laugh. I'm sure he did it for the same reason as hot chicks who wear slutty outfits during Halloween, because they are what they wear. And you Mr. Miller are a drunk. This story reminds me of all the cocky squirrels on the road that turns into road kill. The squirrels know they are crazy fast, and instead of getting the fuck out of the way, they just sit there flaunting their shit until the last minute. And the next thing you hear is a little thumping sound. And you know what, I don't feel bad for the squirrels one bit, because they know better. Same applies to this clown, he knew he shouldn't be drinking and driving, especially dressed up as a Breathalyzer.

No Apple Pie For Me?

"Lynx - marketed as Axe in India - is famous for its saucy ads showing barely clothed women throwing themselves at men. A LUCKLESS romeo has sued cosmetics firm Lynx after he failed to land a girlfriend during seven years of using their products. Vaibhav said in his court petition: "The company cheated me because in its advertisements, it says women will be attracted to you if you use Axe. I used it for seven years but no girl came to me."

Where the fuck is the Axe effect? This mans been waiting for over seven years to get some ass. So I think he has every right to sue the pants of Axe. I remember back in the day, when I was an Old Spice man, I rarely got any attention from the ladies. Then I decided to go with Axe, and before I knew it there was tits and ass all over the place. The shit was starting to creep me out a little. In the middle of the night pussy would jump out of the closet and attack me. It would chase me down while I was taking a walk in park. So I really feel bad for this dude, I mean I'm practically swimming in this while he barely gets a sniff. I know this guy was unattractive and unintelligent thats exactly why he switched to Axe brand. And I think Axe let him down.

Oldest Player On Earth

"A Somali man who claims to be 112 years old has married for the sixth time, and he hopes to have children with his 17-year-old bride. Today God helped me realize my dream," groom Ahmed Muhamed Dore said. The bride, Safia Abdulleh, did not comment, but her family said she was "happy with her new husband" -- even though he is nearly a century her senior. Dore said he and his bride are from the same village, and he waited for her to grow up. "I didn't force her, but used my experience to convince her of my love, and then we agreed to marry," he said."

Damn, I cant believe this brother can get his shit up after 112 years. I think he just found his fountain of youth, just keep nailing girl under the age of 21, cause I'm pretty sure they don't got Viagra in Somali. And I bet God helped him realize his dream of getting with a girl that barely has grass on the field. We call these type of people child molester in America. Even for a moment I don't buy the fact this 17 year old girl is happy about getting fucked by a 112 year old dick. I bet they sold her, and  it's all about the M-O-N-E-Y. For her sake I hope this dude dies fast so she can have real shot at life.

Clermont County Gone Wild

"The Cobra Club is now the second establishment in Clermont County to cater to swingers. What goes on inside the club, which opened in early October, is calculated to spice up the sex lives of middle-age married couples."

I'll be honest I didn't think Clermont County rolled like this. When I think of Clermont Co., I think of slow rednecks, conservatives and cow pastures. I have wondered what the hell goes in a club like this, and being in New Richmond I feel like its just bunch of middle aged, drunk skanks and fat dudes. That's why they need a place to like to spice up their sex life. I got an idea, instead of getting fat and gross why don't married men and women try to stay in shape so your partner don't loose interest. I guarantee that there will be more bumbin and grinding going on under the sheets.

This Mom Fights Fire With Fire

"A Long Island mother is accused of posting a sexually suggestive ad on Craigslist urging older men to call a little girl in a twisted case of alleged revenge. Social worker Margery Tannenbaum, of Hauppauge, is facing aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child charges after allegedly giving sex-seeking men a 9-year old child's name phone number through the online posting. Her lawyer, Tad Scharfenberg, proclaimed her innocence after her court hearing Tuesday following her arrest last spring."

This has to be one of the saddest stories I have read in a while. First of all Ill ignore the fact that she looks like the ugliest hog in town. I'm not sure what this bitch was thinking when she started to do all this shit. Now I just feel sorry for her own child, she gotta hear from other people what a dumb cunt her own mom is. God lord does no one in this country has a lick of common sense anymore? If your daughter is being harassed at school take it up with the school authorities or the child's parent. For God sake you are a social worker, you are suppose to help others not fucking sell 'em out.

Will UC Get Shafted?

I am praying that if we go undefeated we don't get the shaft like the 2008 Utah did. UC wins by 31 and loses three spots in the BCS computer rankings. The Bearcats kills Louisville with a QB who’d never started a college game and the BCS thinks thats not good enough? How the hell does that happened. If I'm not wrong, I think USC barely got by Oregon State at home, while UC handled them admirably at Oregon State. So how in the hell does USC pass UC in the BCS standing? No matter how you look at, everyone and their mother know that BCS has a sweet spot for big time programs. I know what they say about UC, they say we are the new kids on the block and we have to earn it year after year. I say shove that point up someone else's ass. You gotta look at a team as how they are doing at this very moment, not what they have done for the last decade. I sincerely believe last year, Utah should of have been playing Florida instead of OU. Look what they did to Alabama. I'm saying as a UC fan, I just don't want a sloppy hand job from BCS, I want more cause we deserve it.

The Champ

This mofo is a champ and has the heart of a Lion. This is one of the best fights I have seen on youtube. This was basically a bad ass movie rolled up in two minutes. The dude standing up for his girl, then getting sucker punched, then coming back strong to lay down the law. To beat him you’re gonna have to kill him! To kill him you gotta have the heart to stand in front of him! And to do that you gotta be willing to die yourself. I'm telling you this dude eats Ali and shits Foreman. I cant believe the dude landed every single punch he was throwing. After watching this fight, I'm on my feet right now throwing jabs and hooks in front of the mirror and calling out the dog.

Bengals vs. Bears re-cap

In the words of Dave Lapham, "man that was sweet.'
In the words of my brother-in-law (Bears fan), "the Bengals are running through our defense like a cheap hooker"

Going into the game, I had a feeling this would be Benson's game. And he didn't disappoint me or anyone at Paul Brown Stadium. The first five possession the offense laid the smack down on the Bears D. And after that it was down hill for Chicago. After what I saw from Zach Collaros yesterday, I didn't think it was possible for some one else to top him. But luck would have it Carson Palmer did.
I think Cutler said he wants to be traded back. Can you say Cutler overrated, picked three times again.
The D line and O line were outstanding this Sunday. After the game the Bears know what AFC North is all about.
Cincinnati football teams were laying the smack down this weekend, first it was the Bearcats and now the Bengals.
I feel like I should write more smack about the Bears, but I think the agony they are feeling tonight is good enough. As a Bengals fan I know that feeling, I been down that road many times.

No. 5 Cats Roll Over UL

After the Bearcats beat the Cardinal like Chris Brown did Rihanna, shit I think it might have been a little worse than that. I was a little upset that we didn't put 70 or more on them. You could say I had a little revenge factor on my mind. From the start I had a lot of confidence in Coach Kelly and the offense. I knew we would still put mad points on the board with even with a new QB. I have to be honest, Zach Collaros was way better than I expected. It's almost like Texas Tech, no matter who the QB is, you knew they were gonna put up some number. So all props to Brian Kelly and his system. Collaros completed 15 of 17 passes for 253 yards and three touchdowns and rushed for 52 yards on 11 carries. Those number are ridiculously hot numbers, even top notch QB's don't have that. Mark November 13 and December 5 on the calender, big games against West Virginia and Pitt.

P.S. 7hillstalk do not condone any type of abuse against good looking chicks.

Saudi Arabia Is No Fun

"A Saudi court on Saturday convicted a female journalist for her involvement in a TV show, in which a Saudi man publicly talked about sex, and sentenced her to 60 lashes."

Holy shit, talk about some tight ass holes over in Saudi. They are going all Indiana Jones on this chick. I thought I lived in a conservative city, but I be damned if something like that ever came to America. Talking about sex is about the only thing we are good at. People in America who wants more religion in our government, I hope this serves as an example of how bad shit can get in the name of religion. Trust me you don't wanna know what kind of punishment the other person got. I hope thats one country I never end up in.

Heads Up On DUI Checkpoint

"The Hamilton County OVI Task Force says it has canceled a DUI checkpoint for Friday night because it's supposed to rain all night. The checkpoint will be scheduled for next Friday, Oct. 30. Times and location will be released Oct. 29"

I'm not sure if I'm following this correctly. I thought the whole purpose of a DUI checkpoint was to catch people under the influence while operating a motor vehicle. Not to give them a heads up, so they can go around it. This shit's crazy, its like the police calling up a suspect and telling that person to stay put while they come over. I don't think people are that dumb to the point where they will drive through a DUI checkpoint after a night of parting. But I could be wrong, there could be dumb asses out there that will still do it.

Rio de Janeiro

"The death toll from bloody clashes in Rio de Janeiro is up to 25 after authorities found more bodies. Most of the victims were suspected members of drug trafficking gangs. A police helicopter was also downed by gunfire as gangs fought for territory, just two weeks after Rio won the 2016 Olympics. Three officers aboard died."

It back to business in Rio after the week long celebration for pulling in the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Rio puts Detroit, Cincinnati and LA to shame. The picture you see above is a helicopter that was shot down by a gang. When have you seen or heard a gang shooting down a helicopter in America?
Still not sure why Rio was awarded over America, may its because of this awesome video they put together?

May be its because of Brazils super hot babes. Or maybe its because they party better than the rest of the world i.e. The Rio Carnival (pic. below), which puts our Mardi Gras to shame.

Hopefully they can fix their gang violence problem before the Americans come down there in 2016 and grab all the gold medals.

Get Out Of Kentucky

"Kentucky leads the nation in its rate of children's deaths involving abuse or neglect."

Does this really come as a shock?
Not to me, if you have driven into the heart of Kentucky you would this is true. I had an ex-girl who's family was from Crittenden, KY, man I was nervous every time I went out there. I never knew if I was going to make it back alive. All you see is row after row of trailer park, I bet you see more trailer park homes in KY than actual homes.
The reason Kentucky leads the nation in children's death could be because of its strict conservative value. Kentucky's moto is if your children get out of line, kill them.

Bengals vs. Texans re-cap

This game was a tale of two half's, first half was even and the second half looked like the picture above.
The Bengals couldn't get anything going, through the air or on the ground. I think we should of had our way with one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL, but for some reason it didn't work. The Bengals did not play with a lot of focus, I had a feeling this would be a trap game coming after the big emotional win over Baltimore.
You have to give where credit is due, the Texans offense can pretty much score on anyone in the NFL, and it doesn't help the Bengals when two of  the starting defensive linemen is out of the game with injuries.
Coming into the game the Texans had a record of 2-3, which is a bit misleading, because they are better than what their record shows.
Hopefully this game will not be a letdown for the game next week against the Bears.
Couple of notes, there has to be tight end out there that can catch the damn ball, imagine what this offense could be if we did have vertical threat from our tight end. And how valuable does Brian Leonard look after this game? And I'm not sure who's going to step up and match the production of the injured Antwan Odom, maybe the rookie Michael Johnson. On the bright side Brad St.Louis replacement didn't seem to make any noise, which is a good thing. His name would only come up if he did something wrong.

One For The High School Teacher

"It took jurors only 70 minutes to find fired Dayton High School teacher Nicole Howell not guilty of having sex with a 16-year-old student who played football. Howell was facing up to five years in prison if found guilty of first-degree sexual abuse for allegedly having sex with the student four or five times last fall at her MainStrasse apartment. The student, now 17, testified at the four-day trial that he showed up at Howell’s place drunk one time and that she provided vodka other times.
While the student who made the allegations was not present for the verdict, his older sister was reached by telephone. “My only reaction is that a guilty woman got off innocent,” the sister said. “Miss Howell just got lucky today. What my family went through is ridiculous. What my brother will have to go through, in school and the community, is going to be worse.”

I was hoping one of these days the teacher would come out on top. If you guys don't know the background of this story, let me explain. It was him that stole her cell phone and put his number in there and started to text her constantly. Instead of being thankful for getting it on with an older hot teacher, this Lil homo takes her to court. The only thing I gotta say is, I hope you get everything thats coming your way. And I hope no one feels bad for this little bastard, because he had a good thing going but instead he decided to piss it away. If was in his position, I would be bragging about banging an older chick especially in high school. That right there would made him the prom and home coming king automatically and he practically would of had high school pussy lining up.