Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally in DC.

Holy crap, 0:00 - 13:03 is the worst part in this video.
I can definitely see that people are well informed about what is going on in this country, I guess lack of knowledge and facts really does not matter anymore. Looks like the media is doing it's job, like always misinforming people and scaring the shit out of them with bunch of junk.

Was this a pathetic gathering of bunch of Pasty-White-Cracker Self-Pity Party, who feels insecure about what it is that they feel insecure about?

God I wish I lived in a country where both extremes weren't so fucking stupid.

PS. The dude who actually said "I learned all I need to know about Islam on 9/11". The Onion just had a fake article about this and had their fake person say this exactly.

I guess the Onion is reporting reality.

Puppy-Throwing Girl

WOW, I am shocked. I usually have a smile on my face when animals attack humans but man if I could cry I would after watching this video.
The Evil British Cat Bin Woman, Mary Bale, who was caught on tape throwing a neighbor's cat into a trash bin got nothing on this bitch.
I hope somewhere in the future those puppies grow up all strong and with rage running through their body comeback and assault the shit out of her.

Behold the Legal Sex Drive-Thru

Prostitution has become such a problem in Switzerland that Zurich officials have made proposals to add "sex boxes" to the city. The idea itself is adopted from German cities like Essen and Cologne, and will be a way for prostitution to continue on behind closed, uh, doors. The boxes will serve as quickie drive-throughs, so-to-speak, and will free up city streets from unsightly acts that haunt Zurich residents whose homes overlook the city's red light district. This somewhat laissez faire approach to Swiss sex industry control even comes an official police endorsement: "We can't get rid of prostitution, so have to learn how to control it," Police spokesman Reto Casanova

I freaking love the Europeans, they just know when to oppose something and when to give up on something. This is just a perfect example, there is prostitution everywhere in the world; and no matter what the law does, it won't stop. What happened to the times when America was the innovators and leaders? So get with the program America, while you are it, please stop wasting my money and legalize marijuana.

Bengals release receiver Antonio Bryant

The veteran receiver was released by the Bengals Sunday, confirming speculation that the team would part ways with him and ending a short yet costly five-month tenure. It ended up being one of the most expensive decisions in the team's 43 seasons of existence. Without playing a down, Bryant made $6.95 million via a $3.6 million roster bonus, $3.1 million roster bonus which was paid on March 21 and $250,000 for taking part in the team's offseason workout program. He could be making even more. Bryant's agent, Lamont Smith, said that the team did not approach him about an injury settlement and that they would file a grievance to get the $1.55 million in base salary he was scheduled to make. "Our position is you can't cut a guy if he's hurt. We know what the rules are. We expect to be paid his salary for the year," Smith said. "He understands what his rights are. We've talked about it over the last three weeks and he understands it's a business."

God I love this shit, I love the Bengals on the field, but damn I hate there management. They totally deserve this kick in the nads. I hope he gets more for doing nothing for the last three months.
How about getting some doctors or some medical people that knows what the hell they are doing.
At least Mike didn't hang on to a lost cause for years as he's done in the past. I doubt anyone gets fired, they're all his family and we don't want an awkward Thanksgiving diner!

Lets do some math here. Rec total = 372, number of years played = 7
372/7=53 catches per season
So the Bengals sign him to a 4 year $28 million contract, yes that makes a lots of sense especially coming of an injury year where he caught only 39 catches.

Say It Isn’t So. Harang to Pitch in Tuesday’s Game Against the Brewers

With Phillips still out with an injured right hand, Nix, a sprained left ankle and Cairo unable to play due to tightness in his leg the past three days, what does the Reds’ manager Dusty Baker do? Confirm that Aaron Harang is coming back to pitch and will be back as soon as Tuesday against the Brewers.  Good move?  NO!   This is not the move to make when you are in the position the Reds are in right now.  First place in the NL Central, 5 games atop the St Louis Cardinals, which happens to be the biggest lead they have had all season, and this the way you reward your team?  Insert Aaron Harang into the game, and as a starting pitcher none the less?  Harang, who in two rehab starts down in Triple-A Louisville, was 0-2 allowed 11 earned runs on 14 hits in 11 innings, walked two batters and had 10 strike outs.  Harang, who has been on the DL since July 6th with back spasms, has said that his minor league play was mission accomplished despite the horrible numbers.  Well Mr. Harang, I  wonder what exactly your mission was.  If you were just trying to throw balls without your back bothering you then mission accomplished, sir.  You now pitch like my 3 1/2 year old son.  How about setting the mission to pitch well while making sure your back doesn’t hurt?   Speaking of 3 years, that seems to be the last time you were relevant for the Reds.  You are at best a bullpen pitcher and that’s being nice. 

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Venezuela pol raffles breast implants for campaign

A Venezuelan politician is holding an unusual raffle to raise campaign cash. The grand prize: breast implants. For a little under $6 a ticket, donors get the chance to win the pricey operation free of charge. Gustavo Rojas, who is running as an alternate for the National Assembly in Sept. 26 elections, said there is a great demand for the surgery.ndtv

Well I'll be damned. This man definitely thinks outside the box, this man is a genius. So if he can solve is own campaign cash problem imagine what he can do when he is elected. I honestly would elect for Mr. Rojas, because he is straight up honest. He is not wheeling and dealing behind Venezuelan citizens like some of our politicians.

PS. Is that the Hugo Chavez seal of approval stamp on her right boob? 

The only thing that prevents my blog from becoming a great blogs is me. So please don't let that happened
So if you got the talent to write or no talent at all but you feel like writing for free, hit me up.

Ice Cold

Stop It, Your Are Too Much


Thank you Gleen Beck for restoring honor.

Is he still misleading his audience by often advising them to purchase gold in advance of the potential collapse of the value of the dollar on the world currency market, without disclosing that he is in fact a "paid spokesman" for Goldline.


Arrested For Shoplifting At 'Shop With a Cop' Event

It was the annual "Shop With a Cop" back-to-school event, with officers helping about 160 children pick out clothing and school supplies for the approaching school year. But that didn't stop two men from going aisle to aisle, picking out a few items of their own. While officers were helping out the kids, store security alerted the police they had their eyes on two young men packing their own backpacks with merchandise. "Two guys came in and were picking through goods, cutting tags off and loading up their backpacks with blenders, shoes, clothes and tools," said Sgt. Pete Simpson, police spokesman. A couple of Portland officers assisted security in making an arrest, as a clown making balloons continued to entertain the children gathered for the special shopping event. The two young men stopped, Shane Alexander, 20, of Hillsboro, and Jason Vantress, 30, of Southeast Portland, were arrested and walked back to the store's security office in handcuffs. "Initially, they said they were freaked out by all the cops there," Simpson said. "But then, they thought it would be a good time to steal, that police would be distracted." oregonlive

Fellows, come one now, I know you guys were probably high, so you thought you can do the whole reverse psychology heist thing. Anyway why in the world are you guys stealing a freaking blender? The blender takes up too much space bros, unless your guys are really into fruit smoothies. Keep trying boys you'll get that blender next time.

PS. Tell me what's more ridiculous than having cops pick out clothes for kids? Bringing the mounted patrol!

Thats Gotta Hurt

EMBED-Awesome Russian Airbag Explosion - Watch more free videos
In some other country they use airbags as toys. Wish we could do that here. Watching this video hurts my ass.

*UPDATED* Real Salt Lake Takes One In The Nads And Lets America Down *UPDATED*

Here is the back story,
1st) I'm a Columbus Crew fan not an RSL fan
2nd) I'm a M.L.S. fan
3rd) I hate anything Mexican except Salma Hayek  and Tequila
4th) No USA team has won on Mexican soil since we kick their ass from 1846 - 1848

So basically RSL looks like the first team in a long time to win on Mexican soil. They are up 3-1 with about 15 minutes left in the game. And WOW, I'm speechless, I ain't really mad at the Mexican after this game, I just feel like I hate RSL more now. Watch the highlight and see for yourself.

PS..I'm getting a feeling that some of us do not understand sarcasm. So I'll rephrase what I said about "I hate everything Mexican"', I only hate everything related to Mexican soccer.

Eat it Colin Cowherd

I know how the Reds usually are when they are out on the West Coast, they usually like to chock on their own balls and bats. But not this year, nine game West Coast swing and come out with an 6-3 record. Not too bad.

Evan Turner Gets Chinese Shoe Deal with Li-Ning

Wait what?
I like Evan Turner but this is BS. Does he not realize the USA is in debt to the Chinese for like 100 trillion dollars or something like that. There are two kinds of people we as Americans should hate the Mexicans and the Chinese.
Seriously how they hell are they going to grow the brad Li-Ning here in the state, ain't no white kids gonna wear that and I bet my parents house ain't no black kids gonna wear that shit.
I have a feeling that this might turn into a Shaq like shoes, no one wants to wear it, but only wear it cause they can't afford Starter.

PS. I have watched Evan Turner play for almost two year, but never realized he talked like he can't open his mouth.

Two Horses named “My Wife Knows Everything” and “The Wife Doesn’t Know”

Tell me about it, sometimes its so tricky it like my mind is playing tricks on me. Sometimes “My Wife Knows Everything” and sometimes “The Wife Doesn’t Know” but I'm pretty sure "My Wife Knows Everything".

The Face Of Wal-Mart Theifs

Authorities released video surveillance images Tuesday of a couple who allegedly stole a flat screen television earlier this month from Wal-Mart, 8451 Colerain Ave. The couple entered the store just after 7 p.m. on Aug. 8 and stole a 42-inch LG Brand LCD television valued at $658, a sheriff’s report shows.The duo fled in a dark-colored Toyota with an Ohio temporary tag: T503747. news.cincinnati

How in the world does this happen? There's only one answer to that question, stop hiring senior citizens as your bouncers. If you thought kids these days are lazy and don't give a shit about their job, just look at these old bags. They clearly don't give a shit, sometimes when I walk into a Wal-Mart they don't even say hi, they just stand there and stare at me. And how is that when I walk out they check my bag and my receipt, like I just stole something. Relax bro its only a jar of mayonnaise.

The Face Of A Driver Distracted By Sex Toy

An Elmwood Place police officer who stopped a car because it had illegally tinted windows received a bit of a shock when he looked inside. Officer Ross Gilbert said the driver, Colondra Hamilton, a 36-year-old Downtown resident, was sitting with her pants unzipped and a sex toy in her lap. He said Hamilton told him she was using the toy while watching a sex video on a laptop computer that a passenger in the front seat held up so she could see it. Gilbert charged her with "driving with inappropriate alertness" and having illegal tinted windows, according to the traffic

Bam busted. I know how it is Colondra, when you get that nasty feeling, you just gotta do it. It dosn't matter where it is, home, library, school, parking lot, woods, back of the metro I mean the list just goes on. So I aint mad at ya Cilantro, do what you gotta do.

You Can Block Any Facebook User Except Mark Zuckerberg

Try blocking this red head, and "you will now see the error message “General Block failed error: Block failed,” because, of course, you can’t block Mark Zuckerberg."

First I was all pissed off how I was not able to block Mark Suckerberg, then I realized hey, he's not even on my friends list. Then I realized shit facebook is free, so Mark do what ever the hell you feel like doing. Just don't photo shop my pictures.
Honestly ss long as I can block Tom from myspace, that creep, it’s all that matters.

PS. I’m pretty sure Chuck Norris can block him with a roundhouse to the face.

Horrific Car Crash

19-year-old Mason, OH resident Brennan Eden was flying down I-675 in his Pontiac Firebird when he lost control of the car and crashed into a guardrail, causing his vehicle to become airborne and slam into an overpass. The dramatic collision was captured by an Ohio State Highway Patrol cruiser cam.

Cheerleaders Please Go Away

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I love the Cincinnati Bengals, but I gotta admit, we might have the ugliest cheerleading squad in the NFL. I'm sorry Ben-Gals, I know you guys work very hard to cheering, but you guys ain't cutting it when compared to other squads in the league.
But for me the real issue is why the hell does profession sports out there needs a cheerleading squad? I can see having cheerleaders in high school and in college, but not in the pros. They don't flips, they don't make a damn all girl pyramids, no splits, and no straddles. All they do is walk around , that's why no one acknowledges them when they are waving their pom poms or screaming lets go Bengals. All they do is get all dressed up in slutty outfits and smile.

So I ask,
Dear Mike Brown,
I know you are a penny pinching master, so why not save some money and get rid of these girls with no skills.

No One Cares

What is Cincinnati Enquirer becoming? Why the hell are you guys putting that in the news headline and in the front page? No one in Cincinnati cares if Tom Brady hates the freaking Jets.
This shit might be breaking news at ESPN, but its not here, because we don't live in NY/NJ or in Massachusetts.

Can anyone explain Gravity?

Looks like Stephanie has a kid. Good Lord, someone save that kid.

Here is what it's really saying, Women, come put this thing on your face, look stupid, and get violated.
Anyway this is nothing new, Muslims had invented this like 2000 years ago. If I was a Muslim I would be looking into lawsuit for patent infringement.

Macho Salad

The male ego is much too delicate to be trifled with.

How To Lay Pipe

I mean WTF is this. They just keep on coming one after another. Didn't the thought cross their mind that this might be a bit gay.
Cause I think this surely qualifies as a little bit homosexual that they keep grinding on the same ottoman and then continuing to grind the air in front of each other.

I Feel Sad

Damn those Russian billionaire.
Please Mr. Andrey Melnichencko come pay my college loan. Them boys over at Sallie Mae are after me like a bunch of rabid dogs.

SI's Top Contenders For Big East

SI, I'm not really sure what you guys are trying to do here, are you guys saying these are going to be the top three team in the Big East that is going to contend for the title or are you guys saying these are the three teams with a slim chance to unseat Cincinnati.
Well if the latter in untrue, then you guys can go suck a big one. And thank you for dissing the back to back champions that resides in Cincinnati.
I know the Bearcats have only been on the national seen for a about 3 or 4 years but this is just wrong. You big time media guys need to give respect where its due.
I can understand Pitt being there but what's up with UConn and WV?
In WV you have a team with no quarterback or O line, and I'm not really sure what everyone sees in UConn.
Cincinnati got a proven QB in Zach Collaros, three great WR in Armon Binns, DJ Woods and Vidal Hazelton and we also got a great RB in Isaish Pead.
Defense might not be the Bearcats strong suit but we got five starters returning.
Time to pull out the disrespected card just like NAACP pulls out the race card.

Dr. Laura to quit radio after N-word flap

"Talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger says she's quitting her radio show a week after saying the N-word several times in an on-air conversation with a caller. Schlessinger said on "Larry King Live" Tuesday that she "made the decision not to do radio anymore" because she wanted to regain her First Amendment rights and say what's on her mind."wsj

CALLER: “Is it OK to say that word? Is it ever OK to say that word?”
DR. LAURA: “It depends how it's said. Black guys talking to each other seem to think it's okay.”
CALLER: “But you're not black, they're not black, my husband is white.”
DR. LAURA: “Oh, I see, so a word is restricted to race. Got it. Can't do much about that.”
CALLER: “I can't believe someone like you is on the radio spewing out the n-word, and I hope everybody heard it.”
DR. LAURA: “I didn't spew out the n-word!”
CALLER: “You said ‘nigger, nigger, nigger,’ and I hope everybody heard it.”
DR. LAURA: “Yes they did, and I'll say it again: nigger, nigger, nigger is what you hear on HBO."

What is she talking about her first amendment and shit. The 1st Amendment protects citizens from the government limiting freedom of speech. It doesn't preempt public opinion or the actions of private individuals.

The caller had a legitimate issue and she turned it into a rant about how white people can't call black people the n-word when blacks use it amongst themselves. As if white people everywhere feel oppressed because they can't use a clearly racial term for black people, towards black people. If you're a national talk radio host, you cannot use that word like she did. While she was saying it, I'm sure she thought she was standing up for white rights everywhere or something, but I don't remember anyone ever saying that was an issue, and I'm pretty sure almost all white people understand why they can't use that word.

But honestly who cares about the N-word, there was time for the N-word but not in these modern times. I really wish idots of all races would stop using the world.

I"m just glad another old, rich, white person is off the air. Can't wait for the day Rush and someother assholes are off the air.

Guidugli's goals include playing Irish, Kelly in BCS bowl

University of Cincinnati tight end Ben Guidugli is focused on winning a third straight Big East title. Not only does he want to win the Big East, he said, “I want to play Notre Dame in the BCS bowl game.” news.cincinnati

Ben listen here, why do you have to drag Notre Dame and Brian Kelly into this. I'm a big Bearcat fan as you are, but with out Brian Kelly, UC would not be where they are now. And you wouldn't be getting all the attention you are getting.
I enjoyed watching UC football put themselves on the national map the last 2 years. Before BK came to town to coach, UC football was basically irrelevant on the national level. Coaches move on, players transfer, players play couple of years and turn pro. It's part of college athletics.
I'm happy about your enthusiasm but please STFU and concentrate on winning another Big East title, and forget about who you wanna play in BCS bowls.

Colin Cowherd Putting The Reds Down

ESPN radio "hack" Colin Cowherd was calling the Cincinnati Reds “frauds.”


This is gotta be a joke right, he is calling the Reds a fraud? I mean I guess he is right, the Reds have only been in either first place or second all season long. And so what if the Reds are still leading the division after playing 118 games.
Is it me or does most people with some common sense hate guys like Colin Cowturd and Jim Rome. This fools is just yet another example of "style" over substance, and "volume" over information. So Colin please stick to what you know, which is probably nothing.
As far as Colin Cowherd in concerned, he is just another useless air time.

When I go to Urban Dictionary and type in "Colin Cowherd" this is what comes up.
"Extremely annoying sports radio talk show host who thinks he is right about everything. Tactics include:1)Bashing an entire city or school the day after they lose a championship game.(As if their fans had something to do with it) 2)Rambling on and on about how the ratings in football are so much higher than baseball.(As if that is going to make me instantly stop liking baseball) 3)Cutting off and/or hanging up on anyone who has a different opinion than him. 4)Being so generally annoying that you would rather turn off the radio in fear that you might cut your ears off if you continue to listen. 5)Claiming that he is the only talk show host who makes any sense when he is in fact the only one at his own network who doesn't make any sense. 6)Being such an overall fuckup that you wonder how a stellar network such as ESPN could hire an assclown like him."

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Grandpa, 85, accused of smuggling pot

An 85-year-old West Chester man was arrested Friday for attempting to smuggle a bag of marijuana to his grandson, an inmate at the state prison. Heritz was charged with conveying drugs and possessing criminal tools, felonies that carries a penalty up to seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine. news.cincinnati

He might be the worlds best grandpa, but he also has to be the worlds dumbest grandpa. You can't just waltz into a state prison with marijuana, that shit just don't work. What did you think, just because your 85 they won't question you? You are visiting your family member in prison, that's an automatic clue to check everyone that walk in the door. Good luck grandpa on your next 7 years, please try not to be a prison bitch at your age.

Movie: I'm Still Here

I’m Still Here was shot by Casey Affleck (Phoenix’s brother-in-law), in his directorial debut, following Phoenix as he announces his decision to retire from acting and his subsequent attempts to live a rapper’s life.

Is this even real or just a movie about a fake life.

Indians Doing Pole Gymnastics

I really don't know what to say. All I'm gonna say is strippers every where need to step up their game because they just got owned. These guys would own the US Pole Dancing Competition, even the chubby one.
Only time stands in the way of Indian men's domination at the Olympics.

Bengals Pre Season Game 2

What really is there to say about a pre season game?
The Bengals got a win, the first string offense looked good and moved the ball well. The first string defense was called for three first-half penalties that led to first downs.
What I'm most impressed with is the play of Bernard Scott, this tiny man is gonna be a stud for a while, I can just feel it. He got 113 all-purpose yards (65 rushing, 48 receiving) in 10 attempts, that's not bad even though its still pre season.

As much as I hate the Big 12, I think Gresham and Shipley are going to be pretty freaking good.
I still have no clue why Reggie Kelly is still on this team, isn't he 40 with an injury waiting to happen? I'm not saying I hate Reggie Kelly, but I think his time has come and gone on this football team.

Wish these pre season game were over already, lets get the season started.

Yes, Time to Burn Some Koran

Yes pastor that's exactly what Jesus would do, burn stuff to get even or to make a point. Why don't you just leave your political view out of Christianity.
I mean how ass backwards is some parts of this country.

I understand people overseas are burning Bible and American flags, but why lower our standards to those. The burning of the Koran proves nothing, it only tells me that I should never move down South.

I believe that burning the Koran is an act of pure ignorance, If you honestly believe that burning the Koran is going to teach them a lesson, that's ridiculous. How would you feel if they burnt the Bible on the anniversary of the start of the war? You would probably want to fight even harder. I feel bad for those people who can't seem to the world outside of their own four walls.

Just like Daddy Quayle

What in the world happened to Arizona, I always though Arizona was a cool state, but man that notion is starting change fast.
Seriously where do these dumb idiots come from, who in the right mind would tell him to say this shit.

If he thinks Obama is the worst president in history, where does Ben rank George W.?

Too Close

Me my Shark and I from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

Is this shit not freaky? Get the F*** out of the water bro, have you not been watching shark week on Discovery?

Andre the Giant Disappointment

Hello, my name is Andre Smith, and I'm an overweight, lazy, unintelligent individual.

Sorry Andre, I didn't mean to call you all these names, but you left me with no choice.
Where the heck are you? It must be nice getting paid, for doing nothing. Damn I wish I had that job.

If anyone remembers Andre hurt his foot in his first ever practice. But something tells me that he was always hurt prior to signing the contract. He signed the contract, toughed it for an hour at practice, then said he was hurt.
Something tells me that this was a Mick Brown pick.

Brazil Takes a Dump on U.S.

I love my soccer and I love the USMNT, but this shit was pathetic. this was a disaster. I get that it was only a friendly, so why are we playing bunch of World Cup veterans against young Brazilians? Don't we need to give a chance to some young American players?

And I understand these "Brazilian youngsters" plays for teams like A.C Milan, Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Lazio, Benfica and the 2 from Santos F.C, but that does not matter, we need to match up our best youngsters with their best youngsters. I"m not sure what we got out of this match, maybe their 20 year olds are better than our veterans.
I'm sure, no one disagrees when I say we need some new face. Not only a new coach but a new president for the United States Soccer Federation.

Gotta Watch

And also this.

Into Fame and Infamy Steven Slater

I'm sure everyones heard of the Jetblue Flight Attendent Who Cursed The Entire Plane Out On The PA System, Stole Beer And Fled through The Emergency chute

If anyone out there wished for a video of this, there is good news, we have computer animation of JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater, cursing, stealing beer, pulling the emergency chute and having sexual relations.

McNuggets Rage

A security video from a McDonald's in Ohio shows a woman punching two of the restaurant's employees and smashing a drive-thru window all because she couldn't get Chicken

I'm not really sure why this chick is trippin over McDonald's McNuggets, they are not even that good, she needs to head over to Wendy's now that shit is the real deal.

Going Out In Style (Fake)

Jenny quit her job with a (flash) bang by emailing these photos to the entire office.

more flash after the break.

Drunk Dial

An Amherst man gets wasted and drunk dials the cops looking for a place to stay for the night.

The Lorain County Sheriff's Office tells 19 Action News James Hubbell called dispatch to say he was driving drunk and headed for the police station.

"I want you to put me in jail, alright, cause I got no place to (expletive) go!"
"What are we going to put you in jail for?"
"I'm drunk and I'm driving, so (expletive) pick me up and take me to jail."

Hubbell needed a place to crash because the day before, Sheriffs Deputies ordered him to leave his home because of a temporary protection order. Once at the station, the 64-year-old man failed several field sobriety tests and slept it off in a cell. Hubbell entered a not guilty plea for drunken driving and failure to maintain physical control in court on Monday. He's due back in court at the end of the month.

Two things here:
1) Thank God I have never made any drunk calls like this in my life.
2) Thank God people like this exists, so I would never have to do it.
I mean in all honesty it the cops fault for kicking him out of the house to begin with, and I wonder how drunk he really was, because he was operating a motor vehicle and talking on the phone at the same time.

Gunmen Rob Ice Cream Truck

Three gunmen robbed an ice cream truck Sunday night, according to Cincinnati police. Three men between the ages of 18-20 held up the truck about 9:30 p.m. in the 1100 block of Myrtle Avenue in Walnut Hills, police said.The suspects stole $100 in cash, a cell phone, a blue bag and the driver's Georgia license from Captain Tom's Ice Cream, a police report shows. news.cincinnati

God damn it, why the ice cream truck. I really wouldn't of cared if it was 711 or some other shit hole. I mean do these guys just hate ice cream trucks that much. I mean everyone loves ice cream trucks, I remember when I was young, where ever I heard the ice cream truck coming a mile away, I would run and find all the change I could sometimes in my dads wallet, so I can go to some ice cream. I mean you don't wanna be a loser and show up at the ice cream truck with out any money.
Yea sometimes those drivers where a little creepy looking, but who cares, they had ice cream.
Seriously what are these people gonna rob next?

Any way back to the point, how broke do you have to be to rob an ice cream truck. I mean I'm broke but I aint desprate enough to go rob an ice cream truck.
PS. I really hope this happens to those bastards.

Dancing Man Gets Hit By Ice Cream Truck - Watch more Funny Videos

The Face Of A Pregnant Mom Charged In Six Burglaries

Samantha Brewer appeared to be a thoughtful neighbor and trustworthy mother, raising her two young sons and eagerly awaiting the June 5 birth of a baby girl she planned to name Laney. But Harrison police say the 25-year-old spent the last month and a half burglarizing a string of homes – sometimes with help from her sons, ages 5 and 7 – before dropping them off at school. “She’d use her pregnancy to appear innocent,” Harrison police Detective Norb Koopman said. “And it worked.” Brewer was arrested Wednesday evening on six charges of burglary, four charges of attempted burglary and endangering children. She is suspected in three other burglaries, police say. news.cincinnati

Does she qualify for mother of year award? At least she did not neglect her children like some others, she cared enough about her kids to take them everywhere.
I tell you what, cant even trust a decent looking pregnant woman these days, what has this world come too?
Never again will I trust a pregnant woman even if my life depended on it.

It's A Damn Shame, UC Not In The Top 25

2010 preseason top 25 USA Coaches poll

I understand we got a new coach and some new starters at key spots, but come on this is just straight bull shit. We have won the Big East title for 3 years in a row and this is the type of respect we get. For argument sake how about  teams like Auburn and Georgia being ranked, who were average last year and face having new QBs this year. FSU was terrible last year, sure the have a returning QB, but they have a ton of questions also.

This shit is a joke.

I know some might say that preseason ranking does not matter but it really does. It makes it tougher to jump teams to the top. Look at last year, or any year before that when undefeated non-BCS schools went undefeated after starting the year out of the rankings.

Oh well, we just gotta prove it again, taking dumps on WV and Pitt will be a pleasure this year.

Thank You

I'd like to give a shout-out to the wife for the best birthday ever.

Making of an Unfunny Situation Funny by Antoine Dodson

PS. Bonus video of Antoine Dodson singing.

I'm Back, I Needed A Break From Vacation

Check out this video.

If you like that vid. check out the Take U To Da Movies