Bengals 2012 NFL Draft Picks

Guess what folks? The Super Bowl has not even been played but hundreds of mock drafts are already out.
Tonight I'm bored and I need something to post about. So lets talk some NFL draft.
Don Banks of SI has done his mock draft for the fist round, and with the 17th pick the Bengals select.


Anyway, I like the pick of Trent Richardson, since I highly doubt Cedric Benson will be back, as he is a free agent. I'm just not sure if he still be available at #17. I know RB's are not highly drafted as QB's, and some other positions. So there is a good chance he might still be there. 
Another RB choice could be Doug Martin out of Boise St.

And with the 21st pick the Bengals select. 

While I like the idea of picking a CB at this spot I'd rather spend it on a good OL or an interior DT. After looking at his stats nothing really pops out at me. Plus he was only selected as a second team all Big 12. I know none of these things matter at the next level. Another CB's that could be selected by the Bengals in the later rounds is Casey Hayward out of Vandy.

The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Conference Championship

There was some great games during the divisional playoffs. I the back of my mind I had a feeling the 49ers could stop the Saints but I had no clue that Alex Smith would be balling out of control. In the other upset it was pretty evident that the Giant could easily upset the Packers. Just good running game and great defense.
So what will we get during the Conference Championship games

Last week:
Cheerleader: 1-3
Blogger: 3-1

Season Record:
Cheerleader: 51-42
Blogger: 54-39

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Conference Championship:

Cincinnati Bearcats beat UConn Huskies With Late 3 Pointer

Usually I don't write stuff about Bearcats basketball. That's because I'm a one man show and I don't have time. So I will shamelessly ask, if any of you out there are interested in writing about Bearcats or Reds to contact me.

OK, let's get back to the game. Sean "killa" Kilpatrick with a 3-point dagger to beat UConn with 2.5 seconds left.
They took UConn's best punch in the second half, but that didn't keep 'em down. They bounced right back with their own punch. I'll be honest I was a little worried at the end when they kept missing them FT's and UConn kept knocking down 3's.

Anyway, I'm ready for the WV Mountaineers game. Then on to the undefeated 'Cuse to get crushed but the Cats.

The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Divisional Playoffs

Well the wild card weekend sucked for the Bengals nation. Just got dominated by the Texans.
And Tebow magic continues to shine. So what upset holds this weekend? I'm going with the Giant over Packers. Both teams are playing great football,  but I'm going with the underdog.

Last week:
Cheerleader: 3-1
Blogger: 2-2

Season Record:
Cheerleader: 50-39
Blogger: 51-38

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Week 18 Picks:

Bengals Get Bounced By The Texans. Now What?

The Bengals got their ass kicked by the Texans in the wild card game. Sure it was embarrassing and frustrating to watch the way they played. But, like most Bengals fan, I'm not crying myself to sleep because, we all feel like they overachieved. And anytime the Bengals makes the playoffs it feels like we have already won th Super Bowl.
Sure the critics will say the Bengals only beat one team with a winning record..blah blah blah...but you know what they beat the teams they needed to beat to get where they need to get.

Anyway, there isn't much to yap about the actually game versus Texans. But let us look forward to the next season.

Just like last season, I would like to see a coaching change. Sure Marvin got the Bengals to the playoffs but I have seen enough. It seems like it might be time for some fresh faces. If Mike Brown is serious about Cincinnati football he will pull the trigger. I know it's a long shot but Mike has been on a roll all season long. So for me firing Marvin would be the cherry on top.

If Marvin isn't let go, can we get rid of the offensive line coach? Paul has been around here way too long. Which takes me to my next point. The O-Line needs help, Bengals needs to draft some good talent. If Dalton can get some time in the pocket he will be able to make the throws.

After seeing Chris Crocker and Adam Jones get played like dummies, the Bengals needs to address the secondary issues either by the draft or free agency. They also needs to get a running back through the draft. There is a good chance they can address both of those issues with the 17th (Trent Richardson) and 21st pick (Dre Krickpatrick or Stephon Gilmore).

The Cheerleader vs The Blogger: NFL Picks Wild-Card Weekend

The last week of the NFL season is behind us and your boy has taken home the regular season  title with a 49-36 overall record. It wasn't easy to beat the cheerleader but I did it.
Now it's time for post season. I have all the faith in the world that the Bengals will win their first playoff game in over two decades. Hate me for this, but I have picked the Shitburg Steelers over Timmy "Jesus"  Tebow. God help us all.

Last week:
Cheerleader: 1-4
Blogger: 3-2

Season Record:
Cheerleader: 47-38
Blogger: 49-36

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Week 18 Picks:

The Bengals Lose To The Ravens But Still Makes The Playoffs

This holiday season has been good to Cincinnati sports teams. The Bengals lost to the Ravens but still made the playoffs. The Bearcats beat Vanderbilt in the Auto Zone Liberty Bowl, and the men's Basketball team beat Pitt Panthers.
The Bengals have been in the playoffs two of the past three years. That's not so bad for a shitty franchise. Now it's time to win a playoff game. And they have a good chance to accomplish that task when they play the Texans.
Did anyone really think the Bengals would make the playoffs with a rookie QB and a first year Offensive Coordinator? I know I didn't. The only man in Cincinnati that did know was Lance McAlister.
I know the national media has been licking Cam Newtons balls all year long and he probably will win the ROY award but that just a damn shame, because Andy "red riffle" Dalton deserves it.

Thanks to my favorite Ben-gals cheerleader @AlysonJordan for the picture and playing The Cheerleder vs The Blogger 2011 NFL picks with me this year.