Oldest Player On Earth

"A Somali man who claims to be 112 years old has married for the sixth time, and he hopes to have children with his 17-year-old bride. Today God helped me realize my dream," groom Ahmed Muhamed Dore said. The bride, Safia Abdulleh, did not comment, but her family said she was "happy with her new husband" -- even though he is nearly a century her senior. Dore said he and his bride are from the same village, and he waited for her to grow up. "I didn't force her, but used my experience to convince her of my love, and then we agreed to marry," he said." news.aol.com

Damn, I cant believe this brother can get his shit up after 112 years. I think he just found his fountain of youth, just keep nailing girl under the age of 21, cause I'm pretty sure they don't got Viagra in Somali. And I bet God helped him realize his dream of getting with a girl that barely has grass on the field. We call these type of people child molester in America. Even for a moment I don't buy the fact this 17 year old girl is happy about getting fucked by a 112 year old dick. I bet they sold her, and  it's all about the M-O-N-E-Y. For her sake I hope this dude dies fast so she can have real shot at life.

Clermont County Gone Wild

"The Cobra Club is now the second establishment in Clermont County to cater to swingers. What goes on inside the club, which opened in early October, is calculated to spice up the sex lives of middle-age married couples." news.cincinnati.com

I'll be honest I didn't think Clermont County rolled like this. When I think of Clermont Co., I think of slow rednecks, conservatives and cow pastures. I have wondered what the hell goes in a club like this, and being in New Richmond I feel like its just bunch of middle aged, drunk skanks and fat dudes. That's why they need a place to like to spice up their sex life. I got an idea, instead of getting fat and gross why don't married men and women try to stay in shape so your partner don't loose interest. I guarantee that there will be more bumbin and grinding going on under the sheets.

This Mom Fights Fire With Fire

"A Long Island mother is accused of posting a sexually suggestive ad on Craigslist urging older men to call a little girl in a twisted case of alleged revenge. Social worker Margery Tannenbaum, of Hauppauge, is facing aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child charges after allegedly giving sex-seeking men a 9-year old child's name phone number through the online posting. Her lawyer, Tad Scharfenberg, proclaimed her innocence after her court hearing Tuesday following her arrest last spring." wcbstv.com

This has to be one of the saddest stories I have read in a while. First of all Ill ignore the fact that she looks like the ugliest hog in town. I'm not sure what this bitch was thinking when she started to do all this shit. Now I just feel sorry for her own child, she gotta hear from other people what a dumb cunt her own mom is. God lord does no one in this country has a lick of common sense anymore? If your daughter is being harassed at school take it up with the school authorities or the child's parent. For God sake you are a social worker, you are suppose to help others not fucking sell 'em out.

Will UC Get Shafted?

I am praying that if we go undefeated we don't get the shaft like the 2008 Utah did. UC wins by 31 and loses three spots in the BCS computer rankings. The Bearcats kills Louisville with a QB who’d never started a college game and the BCS thinks thats not good enough? How the hell does that happened. If I'm not wrong, I think USC barely got by Oregon State at home, while UC handled them admirably at Oregon State. So how in the hell does USC pass UC in the BCS standing? No matter how you look at, everyone and their mother know that BCS has a sweet spot for big time programs. I know what they say about UC, they say we are the new kids on the block and we have to earn it year after year. I say shove that point up someone else's ass. You gotta look at a team as how they are doing at this very moment, not what they have done for the last decade. I sincerely believe last year, Utah should of have been playing Florida instead of OU. Look what they did to Alabama. I'm saying as a UC fan, I just don't want a sloppy hand job from BCS, I want more cause we deserve it.

The Champ

This mofo is a champ and has the heart of a Lion. This is one of the best fights I have seen on youtube. This was basically a bad ass movie rolled up in two minutes. The dude standing up for his girl, then getting sucker punched, then coming back strong to lay down the law. To beat him you’re gonna have to kill him! To kill him you gotta have the heart to stand in front of him! And to do that you gotta be willing to die yourself. I'm telling you this dude eats Ali and shits Foreman. I cant believe the dude landed every single punch he was throwing. After watching this fight, I'm on my feet right now throwing jabs and hooks in front of the mirror and calling out the dog.

Bengals vs. Bears re-cap

In the words of Dave Lapham, "man that was sweet.'
In the words of my brother-in-law (Bears fan), "the Bengals are running through our defense like a cheap hooker"

Going into the game, I had a feeling this would be Benson's game. And he didn't disappoint me or anyone at Paul Brown Stadium. The first five possession the offense laid the smack down on the Bears D. And after that it was down hill for Chicago. After what I saw from Zach Collaros yesterday, I didn't think it was possible for some one else to top him. But luck would have it Carson Palmer did.
I think Cutler said he wants to be traded back. Can you say Cutler overrated, picked three times again.
The D line and O line were outstanding this Sunday. After the game the Bears know what AFC North is all about.
Cincinnati football teams were laying the smack down this weekend, first it was the Bearcats and now the Bengals.
I feel like I should write more smack about the Bears, but I think the agony they are feeling tonight is good enough. As a Bengals fan I know that feeling, I been down that road many times.

No. 5 Cats Roll Over UL

After the Bearcats beat the Cardinal like Chris Brown did Rihanna, shit I think it might have been a little worse than that. I was a little upset that we didn't put 70 or more on them. You could say I had a little revenge factor on my mind. From the start I had a lot of confidence in Coach Kelly and the offense. I knew we would still put mad points on the board with even with a new QB. I have to be honest, Zach Collaros was way better than I expected. It's almost like Texas Tech, no matter who the QB is, you knew they were gonna put up some number. So all props to Brian Kelly and his system. Collaros completed 15 of 17 passes for 253 yards and three touchdowns and rushed for 52 yards on 11 carries. Those number are ridiculously hot numbers, even top notch QB's don't have that. Mark November 13 and December 5 on the calender, big games against West Virginia and Pitt.

P.S. 7hillstalk do not condone any type of abuse against good looking chicks.

Saudi Arabia Is No Fun

"A Saudi court on Saturday convicted a female journalist for her involvement in a TV show, in which a Saudi man publicly talked about sex, and sentenced her to 60 lashes." news.aol.com

Holy shit, talk about some tight ass holes over in Saudi. They are going all Indiana Jones on this chick. I thought I lived in a conservative city, but I be damned if something like that ever came to America. Talking about sex is about the only thing we are good at. People in America who wants more religion in our government, I hope this serves as an example of how bad shit can get in the name of religion. Trust me you don't wanna know what kind of punishment the other person got. I hope thats one country I never end up in.

Heads Up On DUI Checkpoint

"The Hamilton County OVI Task Force says it has canceled a DUI checkpoint for Friday night because it's supposed to rain all night. The checkpoint will be scheduled for next Friday, Oct. 30. Times and location will be released Oct. 29" news.cincinnati.com

I'm not sure if I'm following this correctly. I thought the whole purpose of a DUI checkpoint was to catch people under the influence while operating a motor vehicle. Not to give them a heads up, so they can go around it. This shit's crazy, its like the police calling up a suspect and telling that person to stay put while they come over. I don't think people are that dumb to the point where they will drive through a DUI checkpoint after a night of parting. But I could be wrong, there could be dumb asses out there that will still do it.

Rio de Janeiro

"The death toll from bloody clashes in Rio de Janeiro is up to 25 after authorities found more bodies. Most of the victims were suspected members of drug trafficking gangs. A police helicopter was also downed by gunfire as gangs fought for territory, just two weeks after Rio won the 2016 Olympics. Three officers aboard died." content.usatoday.net

It back to business in Rio after the week long celebration for pulling in the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Rio puts Detroit, Cincinnati and LA to shame. The picture you see above is a helicopter that was shot down by a gang. When have you seen or heard a gang shooting down a helicopter in America?
Still not sure why Rio was awarded over America, may its because of this awesome video they put together?

May be its because of Brazils super hot babes. Or maybe its because they party better than the rest of the world i.e. The Rio Carnival (pic. below), which puts our Mardi Gras to shame.

Hopefully they can fix their gang violence problem before the Americans come down there in 2016 and grab all the gold medals.

Get Out Of Kentucky

"Kentucky leads the nation in its rate of children's deaths involving abuse or neglect." nky.cincinnati.com

Does this really come as a shock?
Not to me, if you have driven into the heart of Kentucky you would this is true. I had an ex-girl who's family was from Crittenden, KY, man I was nervous every time I went out there. I never knew if I was going to make it back alive. All you see is row after row of trailer park, I bet you see more trailer park homes in KY than actual homes.
The reason Kentucky leads the nation in children's death could be because of its strict conservative value. Kentucky's moto is if your children get out of line, kill them.

Bengals vs. Texans re-cap

This game was a tale of two half's, first half was even and the second half looked like the picture above.
The Bengals couldn't get anything going, through the air or on the ground. I think we should of had our way with one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL, but for some reason it didn't work. The Bengals did not play with a lot of focus, I had a feeling this would be a trap game coming after the big emotional win over Baltimore.
You have to give where credit is due, the Texans offense can pretty much score on anyone in the NFL, and it doesn't help the Bengals when two of  the starting defensive linemen is out of the game with injuries.
Coming into the game the Texans had a record of 2-3, which is a bit misleading, because they are better than what their record shows.
Hopefully this game will not be a letdown for the game next week against the Bears.
Couple of notes, there has to be tight end out there that can catch the damn ball, imagine what this offense could be if we did have vertical threat from our tight end. And how valuable does Brian Leonard look after this game? And I'm not sure who's going to step up and match the production of the injured Antwan Odom, maybe the rookie Michael Johnson. On the bright side Brad St.Louis replacement didn't seem to make any noise, which is a good thing. His name would only come up if he did something wrong.

One For The High School Teacher

"It took jurors only 70 minutes to find fired Dayton High School teacher Nicole Howell not guilty of having sex with a 16-year-old student who played football. Howell was facing up to five years in prison if found guilty of first-degree sexual abuse for allegedly having sex with the student four or five times last fall at her MainStrasse apartment. The student, now 17, testified at the four-day trial that he showed up at Howell’s place drunk one time and that she provided vodka other times.
While the student who made the allegations was not present for the verdict, his older sister was reached by telephone. “My only reaction is that a guilty woman got off innocent,” the sister said. “Miss Howell just got lucky today. What my family went through is ridiculous. What my brother will have to go through, in school and the community, is going to be worse.” news.cincinnati.com

I was hoping one of these days the teacher would come out on top. If you guys don't know the background of this story, let me explain. It was him that stole her cell phone and put his number in there and started to text her constantly. Instead of being thankful for getting it on with an older hot teacher, this Lil homo takes her to court. The only thing I gotta say is, I hope you get everything thats coming your way. And I hope no one feels bad for this little bastard, because he had a good thing going but instead he decided to piss it away. If was in his position, I would be bragging about banging an older chick especially in high school. That right there would made him the prom and home coming king automatically and he practically would of had high school pussy lining up.

Onion video of the week

I got my money on the horse. Yea know what you knuckle heads are thinking, that Evander is quicker with his hands. But you gotta realize the horse can take a punch and keep on coming just like Evanders former opponent the ugly Nikolay Valuev. If you guys seen that fight you know The Real Deal Holyfield was all over Nikolay Valuev, but in the end it wasn't enough. Plus, have you ever met a horse that didn't show up when it mattered the most e.g. Sea biscuit, Sylvester, The Black Stallion just to name a few. I think the deciding factor for this fight is not the fighters but their managers, thats where the horse has an advantage, because in the corner he's got  the one and only horse whisperer Robert Redford.

Bengals vs. Ravens re-cap

I know game has been diced and sliced since Sunday, but I wanna put my two cents in. All I know is that Zimmer is a beast, and the defense is playing like one too. Week after week, the Bengals are keeping me at the edge of my seat. I wont complain as long as they keep winning games. I could care less how they do it.
I'm not sure where this Bengals team compare to other teams from the past, but I do know they play hearts out for 60 minutes and at this point thats all anyone can ask from them. Even though the offense looks like it can score at will if the game is on the line, but I hope that's not the case down the road. I hope we can score early and often, so we can take some pressure of the defense. I'm not even going to touch on Brad St.Louis situation, if he cant do the one job he has been doing for the last 7 or so years then its time for a replacement.
I think its safe to say that we finally have a defense that will hit you, we have a QB that's back on his game and we got a running back thats a bruiser and we got two good receivers. I saw bring on the Texans.

Dumb Mofo

"According to court records, Alonzo White, 26, was walking down Linn Street in the West End when he accidentally shot himself in the left foot."  wcpo.com

This man right here is an idiot, he should of been watching the news and keeping up on the latest headline. After what happed to Plaxico Burress, I figured rest of America took notes, I guess I was wrong, because this idiot figured he can one up on Plaxico. Get this straight son, you are no Plaxico, when it comes to taking lead in the leg there is only one guy for the job.

Ohio pediatrician accessed porno

"A police detective says the computer of a southwest Ohio pediatrician accused of child sex crimes had been used to access pornographic Web sites. Cincinnati Police Detective David Ausdenmoore also says he found payments had been made to a discreet billing service for a site providing video and audio chat with live models performing sex acts." content.usatoday.net

Damn it Doc. I told you delete those temporary files on your computer. I also told you not to pay for this shit. How many times have I sent you links to free sites?
Seriously Doc. thats pretty gross, for God sake your a pediatrician. You should of known that your weird fetish for molesting male patients and watching Ron Jeremy would come out soon. You were just asking for it. I hope they send your ass to the can for a long time.

Cleveland Browns Suck

"Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan says Cincinnati kicker Shayne Graham missed his winning 31-yard field goal in overtime last week."

Shut the F'up.
Are you serious, your gonna bring that garbage in? Mr. Ryan you don't have to feel like you need to come up with more excuses as to why the Brownies lost. The Browns lost because your head coach is loser, that the only excuse you need. Lets be honest, the Browns had a chance to win this game. So please Mr. Ryan STFU. The only thing you gotta know is this, we came to Cleveland and robbed your house and selpt with your sister.

Thats all you got?

"An 80-year-old Ohio man is recovering from a week in which he was beaten during a home invasion and then shot while trying to learn about guns."

What a shitty way to end your week. This guys just cant get a break. Maybe this is a sign that God's calling you my friend. So lets not fight it any longer, just take it in stride. We all gotta go sometime.
On the other hand this 80 year old bastard is tough as they come. If I was pistol whipped and beaten up, shit I might not even get up.

Eat me, eat me now

"woman who keeps exotic animals as pets was killed this evening after she was attacked by her pet black bear. Kelly Ann Walz, 37, was found with fatal injuries she received in the attack. Walz went inside the bear’s 15-by-15-foot steel and concrete cage to clean it and feed the bear. While she was inside, the 350-pound bear turned on Walz and killed her. Also kept at the house are a Bengal tiger and an African lion."

Really? Is anyone surprised by this. I'm just surprised the tiger and lion didn't tag team her with the bear.
This story sure has a familiar ring to it. All these types of news goes into the same category as adult teachers having relationship with underage teens.Shit might feel good at the beginning but you know either your gonna end up dead or in jail.
If there is anyone out there that has a need for owning big ass animals, I advise you not to do it. Get your ass to the zoo. The chances of you living after dicking around with a wild animal are slim, just ask the Grizzly Man.