Yo Cleveland

"Census officials said Wednesday that only 32 percent of Cleveland households have filled out and sent back the forms. Columbus and Cincinnati each have participation rates of 39 percent" news.cincinnati

You bitches up north even fail at this.

PS. Are you guys looking forward to hosting the 2014 Gay games?

Boy Stabs Mom To Stop Drunk Driving

"A Winnipeg teenager stabbed his mom in an apparent effort to keep her from drinking and driving, police said on Sunday. Police said the woman had been drinking and the boy didn't want her to drive after she got up to leave the home. "He took the car keys from her and the dispute started," said Const. Blair Good. The woman ran from the home carrying the boy's jacket, Good said. The boy responded by tossing a knife and striking his mom in the upper body, police said. "cbc.ca

Obviously this kid got the idea from this kid.
I mean come on, let the parents get a little wasted sometimes. If I was his parent I would be drinking right now too, knowing that I got a psycho son.
How can anyone buy this kids bull shit, all the woman do was run off with his jacket, and he started throwing knife like a fucking Cherokee. Well I would be a bit mad too if she took off with my all black North Face jacket.
I say send his punk ass to juvenile detention.

PS. Callingitlikeitis do not condone drunk driving, but buzz driving is cool.

Our Dreams - Video

The Official video was taken down, so here is the same thing, just the lyrics, but still tight.

Highly-anticipated Wu Massacre (Raekwon, Method Man, and Ghostface Killah).

Set to release on March 30th.

Fresh Wheels

This car is no joke.

SLS AMG GT3 Race Car

More after the jump.

Chad Ochocinco's TV Girlfriend

“We’re the hottest girls here! Yes sir – caliente!” said bilingual Brandi, 32, of Westwood."

Yep, thats Brandi on the left with that sexy look. The one on the right might be a crossdresser, not sure yet.
More beauties after the jump.

Exploiting Man

Senior Judge Steve Jaeger found a woman accused of marrying an older man to steal his $1 million guilty Tuesday of three counts of knowingly exploiting an adult. Boone Commonwealth’s Attorney Linda Tally Smith accused Kenter-Nevins of befriending Danny Nevins four years ago at a riverboat casino in a plot to marry him so she could gain access to $1 million in commercial real estate he owned.Nevins died in March 2008 at the age of 66 of natural causes. news.cincinnati

What? Hold the press, hasn't this behavior called (gold digging) been going on since recorded history?
If you ask me she is like a typical woman.
No sex, no time with her man, spends his hard earn money and gambles at the boats.
She just followed the "How to Marry a Millionaire" steps; probably never thought she would end up going to jail over that shit. If I was her, I would be calling for an appeal.

How Could You?

"A teenage boy reported his mother to New Zealand police for drunk driving as well as confiscating her car keys and a partly-consumed bottle of gin, according to a local media report."myfoxny

You are like the worst son I have ever met. What you should of have done was step up to the plate and drove the car instead of calling the police on her.
I remember when I was a young one, my dad use to let me drive all the time. I just though he was being nice to me so I can drive, only later did I find out that he was drunk most of them time. But like your punk ass, I didn't go calling the police for no reason.
I bet you really didn't think about the future consequences did you, start walking.

PS. Thats not the picture of the teenager that is referred in this story, I just added it because pictures always makes everything better. Plus he kind of looks like someone that would turn his mother in for some gin and juice.

Piss On you

"Police in Jersey City have arrested an ex-con they say has been urinating on women at a bus stop in Journal Square, a source said Wednesday.Nitinkumar Patel, 27, has urinated on at least seven women in the last three months, a law enforcement source said. He was caught Wednesday morning while urinating on a 16-year-old girl at the bus stop, a law enforcement source said."abclocal

What the hell Patel, you giving us all Indians a pretty fucking bad name bro.
Cool it with this pissing on people shit.
Honestly I never thought an Indian out there was capable of doing this. I swear I thought Indians woke up, and just ignored society and just did their stuff.
I know it's happened in Jersey, so I shouldn't be all that surprised, but a damn Indian brother doing it is just killing me.
Well I really wouldn't mind if the chick at the 53 second mark got pissed on. Just saying.

PS. - Bonus video from R. Kelly

Tiger Woods Y'all Part 3

The tramp know as Joslyn James has released bunch of dirty shit Tiger Woods sexted her.
Tiger:Sent: 03:43 PM 08/29/2009: Ok. I would like to have a threesome with you and another girl you trust

Tiger:Sent: 04″02 PM 08/29/2009: I want to treat you rough. Throw you around, spank and slap you

Tiger:Sent: 04:53 PM 08/29/2009: I know you have tried every positing imaginable but what turns you on besides a dp
Tiger:Sent: 05:26 PM 08/29/2009: Next time i see you, you better beg and if you don’t do it right i will slap, spank, bite and f*** you till mercy

Tiger:Sent: 01:28 PM 09/08/2009: Have you ever had a golden shower done to you
Tiger:Sent: 12:08 PM 10/04/2009: Don’t Fucking talk to me. You almost just ruined my whole life. If my agent and these guys would have seen you there, F***

Jesus Christ Tiger, slow your roll son. Someone take that cell phone away from him.
So we get the whole picture now, Tiger Woods is a dirty, paranoid little freak. There are hundreds more dirty text message that will even make Ron Jeremy blush. I'm just gonna leave it at that.
Now here is what she had to say after she released this.
"I just wanted to let the public know what the relationship was and that he has not taken responsibility for his behavior."

You want an apology for what? for being a little bitch to Tiger?
The only thing you deserves is a slap in the face for getting involved with a married man. The only woman who deserves an apology in this whole situation is Tiger's wife, not some whiny little ho that he screwed in his spare time.

Big Ben Found True Love

Ben Roethlisberger digs male  former male strippers.
Wait, wait, what am I do here, he has every right to enjoy the glory and fame of his celebrity as it pertains to the same sex I mean opposite sex.
Now it all makes sense, no wonder he plays better under center than when he's in a shotgun formation.

I'm not sure if Big Ben is digging that Jay Leno jaw line as much as I am.

I Got This

Damn this is what I'm talking about.
I swear if this guy comes to USA, he's putting at least 12 Mexicans out of work and at least 122 Americans out of work.
I know he's working had and all but that bastard is showboating a bit too, throwing those bricks up there like its nothing.
Now I wonder what the guy next in line is thinking, I mean its hard to follow up on that performance.
They just might as well send everyone else home.

Butch Jones Make It Rain

 "New University of Cincinnati football coach Butch Jones will make at least $1 million this year, with guaranteed increases of $50,000 through his new five-year contract.
The proposed deal also includes incentives such as a car, a golf club membership and a $700,000 interest-free loan that can be forgiven if he remains at UC for three seasons.
Other incentives include $35,000 for a Top 25 finish, $100,000 for an appearance in a Bowl Championship Series game or $50,000 for an outright Big East championship. 
Jones also will receive up to $30,000 for the academic progress of his team, and up to $25,000 for the number of season tickets UC sells.
The proposed contract includes a buyout of $1.75 million if Jones takes another job after this coming season, reducing to $850,000 if he leaves us after the 2013 season." news.cincinnati

So what does all this mean?
It means, he's a rich SOB.
If Jones can keep UC football at it's current level of success, the investment in his salary will pay off for UC.
Just add all this shit to the debt UC already has or just keep raising student tuition to pay for this or even a better idea, cut woman's basketball that shit is not even worth turning on the lights for.

Assaulting Children At Walmart

"A Columbus man was scheduled to be arraigned on Friday after he was accused of assaulting children inside a Walmart store. According to investigators, Conone, 68, has frequented the store since January. They said he struck the children in the head with a closed fist with a key protruding from it. "It appears to be one strike and, if the child makes a noise, then (the man) would turn around and walk away," said Columbus police Sgt. John Hurst. "He stated he does this because of the excitement - being able to do it - and get away with it with their parents right there."10tv

Well I'll be damned, Columbus and Walmart comes through again to provide as with entertainment.
I feel sorry for the kids who gets stabbed in the back of the head with a key.
But lets be real here, I have seen the type of little devils that hangs out at Walmart, and I think most of those little demons deserves an ass kicking once in a while; probably not with a key protruding from his fist.

Listen Carefully, as Epic Beard Man explains it all why as senior citizens are turning on young punks.

Onion video of the week

We all know there is usually some bullshit going on somewhere.
But don't worry, CNN, FOX and MSNBC got as covered.
And you know they are always good at dragging the bullshit for like days.

Is it me or everyone else just tired of this bullshit crap they put on air.
The nagging and complaining is just straight tiresome. I use to only hate FOX News, but now the rest of news media has caught up to FOX's level of stupidity.

UK Fraternity Pledge Set On Fire

"The Lexington Herald-Leader reported the closure and the UK chapter's suspension by the national SAE organization came after a member was wrapped in toilet paper, which was set of fire. Court documents showed 19-year-old fraternity member Sean P. Dunn of Hebron is charged with first-degree arson, first-degree wanton endangerment and evidence tampering."nky.cincinnati

This is the bull shit people have to go through to be in a fraternity?
This is just another reminder as to why I never rushed or had any intention of joining a fraternity.

What possible reason is there to pledge?
I'm not sure what he's going to get out this by being put on fire, besides 3rd degree burns.
So whats next, having something stuck up his ass. All for what, so he can get drunk and have everlasting friendships?

2010 Cincinnati Reds

The opening day tickets are on sale.

But you know what I just don't care about the Reds anymore, I'm not sure why that is. It could be because they have been sucking for the last decade or it could be because I don't know anyone on the roster. I miss the days when we had at least one super star on our roster. I'm not sure if anything will change from last couple of years to this year.

2008, the Reds went 74-88, finishing 23.5 games out of first. 2009, the Reds went 78-84, finishing 13 games out of first place. So that tells me we'll probably end up in the same sucky situation this year. Perhaps the only thing that doesn't suck about the 2009 Reds was Bronson Arroyo's flowing locks.

The Reds have been playing the "just one more year away" game for a couple of years now, when will that shit end?

Come on Bob Castellini, do something bro.

Bring It

Sad day for the Black community. First, White girls are stealing all the good Black men, now they stole the one last thing you all had for yourself.

Is it me or White people just straight up steal shit from every other race?

Now the word comes there was a mysterious judging error, so now there are two winners. I bet Al Sharpton got on the phone and started to threaten everyone.

Not Again Big Ben

"Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is being investigated in an allegation of sexual assault at a Georgia nightclub. Officers said the alleged assault occurred early Friday morning at a nightclub in Milledgeville, about 85 miles southeast of Atlanta." news.cincinnati

If my math is correct, 2 rapes = 2  super bowl rings. Come on Carson Palmer, do something son.

I'm wondering who will stop Big Ben and his out of control ding-dong form Sexually Assaulting these ugly chicks?
If the police, or the FBI can't stop Big Ben who will?, I think we might have to summon Mike Zimmer and his  4-3.

Why Why

Mick Cronin will return next season as Cincinnati basketball coach.

NAAAAAAAAA Bro, this shit is too much, I'm out.

same reaction as Lance Stephenson.

If we are striving for mediocrity then we got the right guy guiding the ship. If we are looking for a recruiter who can't recruit shooters, then we got the right guy. If you want a guy who can't motivate his team, then we got the right guy.

COME ON Mike Thomas.

Newports Finest Busted

A Newport police officer was arrested Thursday night in Richmond and charged with driving under the influence in his police cruiser. Officer Gregory Simmons was in Richmond for annual training at the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training at Eastern Kentucky University. On Thursday night, Simmons was leaving a Mexican restaurant when he got the cruiser’s tire caught on a curb, Hall said. While trying to maneuver the car off the curb, he apparently was spinning the tires and attracted the attention of people in the restaurant who called police. Simmons refused to take a breathalyzer test and was arrested. news.cincinnati

Newport's Finest at work y'all. I'll be honest, I kind of feel bad for this guy. I mean who doesn't love to go to a Mexican restaurant and have some margaritas and some nachos. Instead of arresting him for DUI, they just need to arrest him for being a dumb ass. How retarded do you need to be to get your tires caught on a curb. I mean what kind of curbs are these, are they some kind of mammoth ones or just normal curbs? What they need to do is put in a damn blow device for his cruiser.

Pam From The Office

I know white tallywhacker all over America have a small crush on Pam. But I never understood why, to me she was never that hot. Pam looks like just an average chick you see at church. So here is what I came up with after staring at this picture for about five minutes. Pam still looks like the old Pam, even after having a man face, so does that mean Pam is still hot? This just proves my theory all along, Pam is really not that hot.