Bengals + Pacman = Ridiculousness

The rumors are out there, that the Cincinnati Bengals are interested in Pacman "make it rain" Jones. I tend to think that you add players to make your team better, not to make strip clubs more money.
I love my Bengals, and still most of the time I disagree with how they handel themself, but damn this shit is way over my head. I have no clue why he is even in the conversation, I have a better chance of figuring out where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.

Lets do some checking in Pacman's speciality:
Cornerbacks - Nope, got two good starters and a third round draft pick plus Morgan Trent and David Jones.
Return Game - Nope, not with pacman's average of five yards on 2008
More Police Work -  Yes please, six arrests, twelve run-ins with cops, league suspensions totaling 22 games, that will keep the officers busy for a while.

You know what I take back everything I just said, the city has been dead for couple of years, so I think its about time the Bengals brought back some flavor, we had lost that thuggish mentality for couple of years now.