Cincinnati Bengals hire Jay Gruden as new OC

Who in the world thought the Bengals would hire Jay Gruden as the new OC? I sure as hell didn't, I never even heard of this guy until the press release.
This has to be the most exciting, I mean mind numbing hire since Dave Shula. But I won't bitch and complain about this hire quite yet.
Yea sure he has a famous last name, but so does Dave Shula and Mike Brown and we all know how those two turned out.
First of all let me say this, this fool looks like the brother of Lane Kiffin rather than Jon Gruden.
I'm not dogging this fresh approach by the Bengals, not only looking to hire someone outside of the Bengals organization, but NFL itself.
I don't really care where they hired this guy from, as long as he can bring some kind of discipline, professionalism and consistency.
So now the big question is will Carson Palmer comeback or not, is this enough for him to want to comeback to the Bengals?
Everyone knows that the firing of Bob Bratkowski was an impulse move by Mike Brown to keep interest floating by the fans and to reel Carson back in. Lets just hope he can come in and be a positive influence.
Now please fire the O-line coach and the D-line coach.