Bengals Bills Pre-Game Wrap Up

Post By: @Bater41

Since the Bengals haven't beat the Bills in the last 10 match ups and our last win against them was way back on January 8 1989 you wouldn't think I would get up on my Pulpit and preach a win, but thats exactly what I'm doing. IF we can stick to all of the outlined points.

1. Don't loose sight of our running game - In the last two games, both losses, we've got away with what we can do best, the run game. This could also be a great time to get Bernard Scott in the mix to give a little change of pace. We should try to isolate him in space and let him make plays especially if Benson is going to be suspended even for one game. Lets get Scott some work.

2. No turnovers/create turnover - if we are able to beat Buffalo we need to win the turnover battle, the Bills picked Tom Brady off 4 times last game which was key to their win we need to turn the tables, again stick to the run game and stop Fitzpatrick who is a gunslinger who will make questionable throws, which leads me to my next point.

3. Get to Fitz while keeping him contained - Our Defensive Line needs to have their best game yet, we all seen Fitzpatrick getting outside the pocket and making big plays so even if they cant get to him we need to keep him in the pocket and tip some balls.

4. Protect Dalton - We've have gave up 7 sacks this season which to me is pretty good and Dalton has done a good job of getting rid of the ball plus his not afraid to throw it away instead of throwing a bad pick. If we can dominate their DLine and give Dalton time to throw we could see him return to the way he locked against the Broncos.

5.Better clock management - I was screaming and pleading at the TV screen last week at the end of the first half when Marvin was happy to let over a minute and a half tick off with just a 3-0 lead. little things like this could cost a game against a team like the Bills who can put up points.
My final point, 6. Lets convert some third downs - I didn't look it up but I assume we're last place in the league in third down efficiency. We couldn't get those pesky third and 1's early in the season and last week it was the third and longs thanks to incomplete passes on 1st and 2nd downs. This Offensive team has a lot of work to do.
We haven't played against teams that took deep shots down the field yet, our safeties will have to answer some pass defense questions today. Especially Crocker who's been known to take bad angles to break up a pass in years past. Heres my player to watch;

Offence - Gresham
Defense - Maualuga
Special Teams - Tate (I got a feeling)