The Bengals Lose To The Ravens But Still Makes The Playoffs

This holiday season has been good to Cincinnati sports teams. The Bengals lost to the Ravens but still made the playoffs. The Bearcats beat Vanderbilt in the Auto Zone Liberty Bowl, and the men's Basketball team beat Pitt Panthers.
The Bengals have been in the playoffs two of the past three years. That's not so bad for a shitty franchise. Now it's time to win a playoff game. And they have a good chance to accomplish that task when they play the Texans.
Did anyone really think the Bengals would make the playoffs with a rookie QB and a first year Offensive Coordinator? I know I didn't. The only man in Cincinnati that did know was Lance McAlister.
I know the national media has been licking Cam Newtons balls all year long and he probably will win the ROY award but that just a damn shame, because Andy "red riffle" Dalton deserves it.

Thanks to my favorite Ben-gals cheerleader @AlysonJordan for the picture and playing The Cheerleder vs The Blogger 2011 NFL picks with me this year.