Bengals Get Bounced By The Texans. Now What?

The Bengals got their ass kicked by the Texans in the wild card game. Sure it was embarrassing and frustrating to watch the way they played. But, like most Bengals fan, I'm not crying myself to sleep because, we all feel like they overachieved. And anytime the Bengals makes the playoffs it feels like we have already won th Super Bowl.
Sure the critics will say the Bengals only beat one team with a winning record..blah blah blah...but you know what they beat the teams they needed to beat to get where they need to get.

Anyway, there isn't much to yap about the actually game versus Texans. But let us look forward to the next season.

Just like last season, I would like to see a coaching change. Sure Marvin got the Bengals to the playoffs but I have seen enough. It seems like it might be time for some fresh faces. If Mike Brown is serious about Cincinnati football he will pull the trigger. I know it's a long shot but Mike has been on a roll all season long. So for me firing Marvin would be the cherry on top.

If Marvin isn't let go, can we get rid of the offensive line coach? Paul has been around here way too long. Which takes me to my next point. The O-Line needs help, Bengals needs to draft some good talent. If Dalton can get some time in the pocket he will be able to make the throws.

After seeing Chris Crocker and Adam Jones get played like dummies, the Bengals needs to address the secondary issues either by the draft or free agency. They also needs to get a running back through the draft. There is a good chance they can address both of those issues with the 17th (Trent Richardson) and 21st pick (Dre Krickpatrick or Stephon Gilmore).