Bengals 2012 NFL Draft Picks

Guess what folks? The Super Bowl has not even been played but hundreds of mock drafts are already out.
Tonight I'm bored and I need something to post about. So lets talk some NFL draft.
Don Banks of SI has done his mock draft for the fist round, and with the 17th pick the Bengals select.


Anyway, I like the pick of Trent Richardson, since I highly doubt Cedric Benson will be back, as he is a free agent. I'm just not sure if he still be available at #17. I know RB's are not highly drafted as QB's, and some other positions. So there is a good chance he might still be there. 
Another RB choice could be Doug Martin out of Boise St.

And with the 21st pick the Bengals select. 

While I like the idea of picking a CB at this spot I'd rather spend it on a good OL or an interior DT. After looking at his stats nothing really pops out at me. Plus he was only selected as a second team all Big 12. I know none of these things matter at the next level. Another CB's that could be selected by the Bengals in the later rounds is Casey Hayward out of Vandy.