Immigration Law In Ohio That Mirrors Arizona's

"Pass an immigration law in Ohio that mirrors Arizona's. That's what Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones and Ohio Rep. Courtney Combs, R-Ross Township, have asked Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland to get done. The Arizona legislation also allows local police - not just federal immigration officers - to stop and verify the immigration status of anyone suspected of being illegal."news.cincinnati

This is great, who cares if its discrimination or profiling, (which by the way is illegal).
If the Arizona bill passes in Ohio, does it mean I'll get pulled over; because I have brown skin, brown eyes and black hair?
Maybe I should assume ever white person I come across is part of the KKK.
I'm still trying to figure out, how anyone can identify someone as illegal just by looking at them.

Again, its not a fair law if it points out one group or demographic. I think we had some laws like that in the 50's and 60's, especially in the south. So if you are an illegal alien from Canada you can expect not to get pulled over and asked to see your documentation, if you are an illegal in from Europe you will never be asked to show documentation. I am saying this not only for Arizona but for our law that these fools are trying to pass here. Again, if this law would have been passed by Strickland or Obama these hacks would be holding rally's as we speak.

I say let's go with a national ID card with biometrics than so it can not be forged, then there is no argument.

PS. I suggest Sheriff Rick "dick head" Jones reads the Arizona bill first before he wants to pass something similar in Ohio.

Double PS: For a good laugh read this article. deported Mexican who won a $100,000 settlement of his federal case against Butler County's anti-immigration Sheriff Rick Jones.