Steve Logan Cleared of Rape Charges

"Cuyahoga County prosecutors dropped their rape case Wednesday against former University of Cincinnati basketball star Steve Logan after discovering inconsistencies in the complaining witness’ statements, the Plain Dealer reported Wednesday."news.cincinnati

Thank the heavens that one of my favorite UC basketball player is cleared of rape charge. 
I remember back in the day, Logan had one move that he used all the time, it was a crossover and he was deadly with that. Steve was one of the better 3 point shooter the Bearcats have ever had.
I can't believe some bitch tried to blame this little 5'5" man with rape; shame on her. Next time stop drinking so much, so you can remember what the hell you did. I mean how can anyone think Steve Logan is capable of rape, just look at that baby face. But I do know who is capable of rape, its that ugly SOB from Pittsburgh, Ben Roethlisberger.