Miami of Ohio, WTF?

 "A third Miami University sorority is in trouble after its members acted up during a drunken spring formal event. The Beta Delta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was placed on probation for two years Tuesday for an April 23 outing in which they drank, harassed and threatened the bus driver with A Savannah Nite Limousine Service and yelled obscenities at him on a trip to and from the Cincinnati Zoo." news.cincinnati

What the hell is going in Oxford? Its like sororities gone wild up there. This just proves no matter what institution you attend, if there are booze and music, chicks will automatically start getting stupid and slutty.
Couple of  weeks ago sororities tore up a rented a ballroom at the Parkersburg Art Center.
Then last week, they were just going nuts all over the Freedom Center, smoking, drinking, vomiting and urinating all over the place.
Its like they are hypnotized and trained to act like this. Oh well, wish I was there to enjoy the good times.