Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham says he's staying at WLW-AM (700) under a new contract being worked out "in the next day or two," which would allow him to resume his top-rated noon talk show later this week. He had considered jumping to Chicago's WGN-AM with longtime WLW-AM co-worker Mike McConnell. Cunningham last weekend taped a week of daytime talk show pilots, called "Big Willie," for Tribune's WGN-TV. news.cincinnati.

Oh Willie I am so happy that you are staying in Cincinnati, you are the only true American left in this city. You are the only one that can see through the evil veil of the liberals. Screw Chicago that's where the enemy is from.

But seriously Willie, why the hell are you back here, did Chicago see through your bull shit and wouldn't pay you enough?  So you figure you can play with WLW a little bit and get some more paper in the bank.

To me Willie is like a cross between Rush Limbaugh and that paranoid freak Glenn Beck.

Even if Willie had left, I wouldn't be too worried, we still got Jim Scott and all his socialist rants.

God Bless America and God Bless Cincinnati.