Recap Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals - who cares they lost
Steelers - 23
For the rest of the season, I will not recap any of the Bengals game either win or lose. But what I will do is continue to bitch and complain about the Bengals.
Let me first say this, Dan Dierdorf was all over ever single Steeler dick today, I mean he just couldn't stop.
What will be on the Bengals agenda this off-season? New QB? Some Offensive and Defensive tackles? Maybe some good depth at DB's? Maybe some faster, stronger LB's? Maybe a new coach?
I never seem to hear Keith Rivers name being mentioned during any game? I mean for being a former first round pick, he doesn't seem to make many plays.

Lately, every time Carson throws a pass I get a little worried, cause I always feel like its going to be an INT. And he showed today why I feel that way. Anyway, the look on Carson's face tells me that he is tired and he's out of it. Might be for the better if the Bengals and Carson said their goodbyes. Looks like he needs a new start somewhere else, seems like he is tired of Skyline chili and smoked sausages from John Morrell.
Can Brat stop calling these plays on 3rd down, where the route always seem to be short of the first down marker? And also stop with this nonsense screen passes to our TE, especially Reggie Kelly. Speaking of Reggie Kelly, he needs to retire.

Stat: ESPN