Bearcats Stoped, Bengals WTF

I'm on vacation, which means I'm a bit lazy this week. So I'll combine this weekends sports news into one post.
The Bearcats broke my heart, we all know that Florida is good, I mean really good; but I was hoping for an upset like Utah did to Alabama last year. I really cant say anything negative about the Cats, they played hard all season and they deserve everything they get. But when you have a coaching carousel going on in your own locker room, it's hard to win against anyone let alone Super Man.

Now to the Bengals, I'm not sure what to think of this ugly ass game. I know they probably didn't wanna show their hard against the Jets, but they didn't even show their backhand. I think it would be an understatement if I said the Bengals didn't wanna be at Giants stadium last night. But when you put on the uniform and step out on the field, you still have to show some heart, at least act like you are there to play a bloody football game.
Looking ahead to next week, I'm not so sure if the outcome will be much different against the Jets. The Bengals have tons of key players missing on defense. Are the replacement ready to step up and deliver a playoff win for the Bengals and their long waited fans.

And finally some good news coming via the Cincinnati Bearcats basketball team, after beating a very good UConn team in mid week, they had to face a very feisty Rutgers team that almost gave N.Carolina a loss. Kind of had a feeling this would be a trap game, but the Cats stepped up and won another Big East game. Now comes a good team in Pitt.