My Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

Well boys and girls, I am a little bored so I decided to put together my favorite list of extensions for Chrome.

In no particular order.


If you love tweeting and being on facebook then this extension is for you. It's a straight forward extension that gets what you ask for. The column view makes things easy to navigate.

Awesome Screenshot: 

Ever want to capture a screenshot but also wanted to do more with it like crop and add text. Well then this is for you. It can save the images online or on your desktop. Images are saved and .PNG.

We Heart It:

This extension allows you to save any image on the web and and save it. Then you can view it later at your own time or share it.

Google Calender and Google Mail Checker:

Honestly you can add any extension directly from Google and it would be awesome. But for me these two are a must.


I mean sure ads are nice if you are trying to make money but no one wants to see them. AdBlock is far the most popular extension on Chrome and for good reasons.


This is my favorite app to take notes with. I also have it on my smarthphone. Not only is it free, but it syncs iup with you other devices.


Well this little extension help you get more with doing less. Ever get stuck at a word or doesn't know where a place is, well just highlight the work and FastestChrome will pop up giving you multiple options. A true time saver.

Docs, PDF and PowerPoint Viewer:

This is another one of those extension that is a must have if you open lots of PDF's and Documents. It opens it right up on the window with out actually opening the program. This is a time saver.


Basically what this extension does is uploaded images, files and whatever else into your image hosting sites like Flicker, TwitPic, etc.. Just drag and drop the image into the extension. Simple as that, no more opening up little boxes and browsing and hitting upload.

Anyway, those are some of my favorite Chrome extensions. I am sure there and hundreds more but I don't have time for all that.
If you know of an extension that people must know about then please share it in the comment section.