Where Do The Bengals Go From Here

I love the Bengals, and they are my favorite football team, and no matter what I will always cheer for them. But lets call it like it is, this years Bengals team are a flop and after the lose to the Miami Dolphins, where do the Bengals go? I know they are not mathematically eliminated from the playoff but everyone and their momma knows they are not going anywhere.
Like Paul Daugherty said, "They are a fine collection of individual talents", but when its time to play some football as a team they absolutely suck, their is no chemistry. You can look at this team and there is no leaders, not on offense, not on defense. I'm not sure how Marvin Lewis shows his emotion behind closed doors, but he sure as hell don't show any during the press conference.
Remember the time when Marvin Lewis was AP 2009 NFL Coach of the Year, and when there was banners that said Marvin for president and in Marvin we trust, and remember the time when Bob Bratkowski was a hot commodity in NFL as a future head coach because he was considered and offensive wizard. What happened to those guys, where has it all gone?
First I have to say this about Marvin Lewis, he has dragged this franchise out of an embarrassing decade of football. He helped make the organization respectable. His teams have made the postseason twice. But after a decade of his reign at the helm it might be time for a change. And I think it would be welcomed by all of Bengals nation.

But if the guy sitting at the top of the pyramid does not feel what the fans feel nothing ever will change.