Look back: 2011Cincinnati Bearcats

OK, the season is basically over for the Bearcats football team. That means a big goodbye to seniors especially Isaiah Pead and Zach Collaros.

It some ways this was good season that the fans should be happy about. Not only the Bearcats make significant improvements from last season, they finished as co-Big East Champions. Just imagine if Collaros didn't get hurt and we didn't lose that stupid Rutgers team. We would of had another Big East title all to our self and could of have ended up playing Clemson in the Orange Bowl. But as it turns out we get to play a 6-6 Vandy team from the SEC.

I'm not upset that the Bearcats got chosen to play in the Liberty Bowl, but I am a little depressed about the opponent. I have nothing against Vandy, I know they are a decent team they played some close games. But I'd rather see the Bearcats play a BIG 10 team. And I really don't know why I feel that way. Maybe I just have a small grudge against the BIG 10.

Anyway I'm looking forward to next season and new era under Munchie Leguax at QB and hoping he can bring in another Big East Crown.

In the meantime lets enjoy some Butch Jones rumors.