Cincinnati Bell Sucks

"As Cincinnati Bell is downsizing its workforce with layoffs and buyouts, it has rewarded CEO Jack Cassidy with a $2.1 million bonus to encourage him to stay on board. The board's action comes just weeks after the company eliminated about 130 jobs and offered a voluntary buyout plan to about 900 of its 1,200 union workers. When Cassidy took over in mid-2003, the stock was priced at more than $5 a share. On Friday, it was trading at around $2.95 a share." news.cincinnati 

Whats with all this bullshit Cincinnati Bell, let the man walk. Even Jeremy Piven can't save your ass now. Let me get this straight, Cincinnati Bell board is basically giving him a reach around because, this bastard has the stock price sucking like the Nets, or is it because he has pretty much laid off everyone at Cincinnati Bell. It seems like I'm missing something here, it could be the fact that all your customer base is switching to other much larger wireless business. I'm sorry to say this, unless you guys have something magical up your ass that will save Cincinnati Bell, you can pretty much start digging a hole. Thank God for Vonage.