Busted On The Hill

For more than a year, Indian Hill police heard rumors of drug parties occurring at a $1 million hous exclusive Hamilton County community of multimillion-dollar homes. An investigation was opened last summer, said Police Chief Chuck Schlie. During the investigation, undercover officers purchased marijuana, Oxycontin and cocaine, according to Indian Hill police.“It’s an eye-opener for the community,” Schlie said. “All the people were charged as adults, but it was pretty much known (in Indian Hill, Madeira and Deer Park high schools) if you needed to get something this is where you needed to go.” “I think having kids that young in this kind of home is kind of unusual,” Schlie said. “You see this in apartments, but for young people like that to have houses like that is kind of unusual, without some type of adult supervision being around.” The bust, he said, “was good for the community, for our officers to get these kids off the streets. Hopefully, it will put a dent in it.”Matthew Schlotman, 22, and roommates Kevin L. Crowley, 22, and Robert W. Atkins, 21, are accused of dealing drugs with an informer, court records show. news.cincinnati

Lets see here, bunch of spoiled little bitches just hanging out and selling some dope. I mean whats the big deal here, I can walk down Kenwood Town Center and pick out another 100 or so people that look just like this and do the same thing. Dear Police Chief Chuck, stop addressing these adults as kids. Clearly they are not teenagers anymore, so you don't need to give them any special treatment. Also, what the hell is "permitting drug abuse", are they basically saying you had some drugs and you let someone else use it? I'm pretty sure if these were not rich kids, they would get charged with high degree felonies for trafficking controlled substances, intent to distribute, distribution to minors. Cocaine trafficking charge alone of that magnitude is req 8-10 yrs, depending on the weight they had. Good luck to all Indian Hill, Madeira and Deer Park High school student on getting your weed. Don't you all think it's time to legalize the use of Marijuana in the City of Cincinnati, or in Ohio?