Funky Grass or Crack

A San Francisco man claims he was high on a double dose of medical marijuana cookies when he screamed, dropped his pants and attacked crew members on a cross-country flight, forcing its diversion to Pittsburgh, the FBI said Wednesday. nydailynews

What? Whos never had some special cookies or some special muffins. I know I have never freaked out like this nor have I seen anyone else freak out like this. Mr. Chang don't blame the cookies, you are just an idiot. I'm half tempted to try these cookies myself just to see if what Mr. Chang said is true. Mr. Chang thanks for giving grass a bad name, you son of a bitch.  Just realize this Mr. Chang, you freak, that you are a lucky man, because you didn't get your ass beat on the plane by other passengers. Flying nowadays is whole new ball game. Anybody acting up on a flight is fair game to get their ass whipped...or worse!