Old Chick Dresses Like Young Boy To Get With Young Girl

"Patricia Jean Dye, 31, of Franklin, is being held in the Butler County Jail on charges of corruption of a minor, importuning and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
"She was pretending to be a young male – a teenage male – and in doing so, she arranged for and had sexual conduct with a teenage girl," said Matt Nolan, spokesman for the Warren County Prosecutor's Office. Detectives were the first to tell the victim her boyfriend was a woman. "When the victim found out... she was very upset." news.cincinnati

Is this like a scene from "Boys Don't Cry"?

Anyway, how did this 16 year old chick not know that her boyfriend was not a boy. After all they are arranging her for sexual conduct? I feel like the story is missing something. And what was the 16 year old girl doing going to a motel room with a "14 year old boy?" bizarre on many levels.

PS. Is it just me or does the picture look like Gordon Hayward or Rachel Maddow.