Hairy Burger

An owner of a local Wendy's restaurant said a disgusting find in a hamburger is an isolated incident.Two fast-food restaurant employees at a Moundsville Wendy's were suspended from their jobs and charges are pending after a sheriff's deputy said he found pubic hair on his sandwich Sunday. According to the Marshall County Sheriff's Department, the deputy opened his sandwich and spotted a ball of pubic hair. 32-year-old Bender admitted to putting the hair on the food, and 20-year-old Monroe admitted he encouraged Bender to do it. wtov9

Oh what was that, you want some extra pickles, how about some extra pubic hair. Seriously this joke never gets old, cop orders a burger and a retard decides to put some pubic hair on it. When was the last time anyone thought it was bright idea to mess with a cop?
I wonder how the conversation went between these two idiots.
"Hey dude lets stick it to the man, You pull out some pubic hair while I watch for the cop."
"Ok dude."
I guess you really can't blame him, he's 32 working at Wendy's, I'd say he might of have hit his career peek, its all down hill from there anyway.

PS. Note to myself never stop at the Moundsville Wendy's.