The Yonder Alonso Situation

Mr. Alonso drove in four runs during the Reds rally to beat Marlins last night. Everyone from east to west know that Yonder is a run producing machine but talk of him lately have been where he should play. Is it first base, third base, or left field? We all know it ain't going to be first base because that is occupied by Mr. Votto and I don't see Alonso being a better first baseman than Votto. He could play third but he has no experience. Also, you need to be a special kind of player to play third base and I don't think Yonder has that in his tool box. So that leaves us with left field.

Left field is one of the easiest positions to play in baseball. If the ball is hit to you, you run towards it and catch it. It ain't rocket science. The way I look at it right now is, the Reds are 13.5 games behind division leading Brewers. Dust and everyone else in Cincinnati wants to play Alonso or a regular bases. So what is there to lose? Stick him out there in left and let him learn his trade. If Wily Mo Pena and Deion Sanders can play outfield I think it's safe to assume Alonso could do the same.

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