Boy Stabs Mom To Stop Drunk Driving

"A Winnipeg teenager stabbed his mom in an apparent effort to keep her from drinking and driving, police said on Sunday. Police said the woman had been drinking and the boy didn't want her to drive after she got up to leave the home. "He took the car keys from her and the dispute started," said Const. Blair Good. The woman ran from the home carrying the boy's jacket, Good said. The boy responded by tossing a knife and striking his mom in the upper body, police said. "

Obviously this kid got the idea from this kid.
I mean come on, let the parents get a little wasted sometimes. If I was his parent I would be drinking right now too, knowing that I got a psycho son.
How can anyone buy this kids bull shit, all the woman do was run off with his jacket, and he started throwing knife like a fucking Cherokee. Well I would be a bit mad too if she took off with my all black North Face jacket.
I say send his punk ass to juvenile detention.

PS. Callingitlikeitis do not condone drunk driving, but buzz driving is cool.