Newports Finest Busted

A Newport police officer was arrested Thursday night in Richmond and charged with driving under the influence in his police cruiser. Officer Gregory Simmons was in Richmond for annual training at the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training at Eastern Kentucky University. On Thursday night, Simmons was leaving a Mexican restaurant when he got the cruiser’s tire caught on a curb, Hall said. While trying to maneuver the car off the curb, he apparently was spinning the tires and attracted the attention of people in the restaurant who called police. Simmons refused to take a breathalyzer test and was arrested. news.cincinnati

Newport's Finest at work y'all. I'll be honest, I kind of feel bad for this guy. I mean who doesn't love to go to a Mexican restaurant and have some margaritas and some nachos. Instead of arresting him for DUI, they just need to arrest him for being a dumb ass. How retarded do you need to be to get your tires caught on a curb. I mean what kind of curbs are these, are they some kind of mammoth ones or just normal curbs? What they need to do is put in a damn blow device for his cruiser.