Piss On you

"Police in Jersey City have arrested an ex-con they say has been urinating on women at a bus stop in Journal Square, a source said Wednesday.Nitinkumar Patel, 27, has urinated on at least seven women in the last three months, a law enforcement source said. He was caught Wednesday morning while urinating on a 16-year-old girl at the bus stop, a law enforcement source said."abclocal

What the hell Patel, you giving us all Indians a pretty fucking bad name bro.
Cool it with this pissing on people shit.
Honestly I never thought an Indian out there was capable of doing this. I swear I thought Indians woke up, and just ignored society and just did their stuff.
I know it's happened in Jersey, so I shouldn't be all that surprised, but a damn Indian brother doing it is just killing me.
Well I really wouldn't mind if the chick at the 53 second mark got pissed on. Just saying.

PS. - Bonus video from R. Kelly