Assaulting Children At Walmart

"A Columbus man was scheduled to be arraigned on Friday after he was accused of assaulting children inside a Walmart store. According to investigators, Conone, 68, has frequented the store since January. They said he struck the children in the head with a closed fist with a key protruding from it. "It appears to be one strike and, if the child makes a noise, then (the man) would turn around and walk away," said Columbus police Sgt. John Hurst. "He stated he does this because of the excitement - being able to do it - and get away with it with their parents right there."10tv

Well I'll be damned, Columbus and Walmart comes through again to provide as with entertainment.
I feel sorry for the kids who gets stabbed in the back of the head with a key.
But lets be real here, I have seen the type of little devils that hangs out at Walmart, and I think most of those little demons deserves an ass kicking once in a while; probably not with a key protruding from his fist.

Listen Carefully, as Epic Beard Man explains it all why as senior citizens are turning on young punks.