2010 Cincinnati Reds

The opening day tickets are on sale.

But you know what I just don't care about the Reds anymore, I'm not sure why that is. It could be because they have been sucking for the last decade or it could be because I don't know anyone on the roster. I miss the days when we had at least one super star on our roster. I'm not sure if anything will change from last couple of years to this year.

2008, the Reds went 74-88, finishing 23.5 games out of first. 2009, the Reds went 78-84, finishing 13 games out of first place. So that tells me we'll probably end up in the same sucky situation this year. Perhaps the only thing that doesn't suck about the 2009 Reds was Bronson Arroyo's flowing locks.

The Reds have been playing the "just one more year away" game for a couple of years now, when will that shit end?

Come on Bob Castellini, do something bro.