America's first sex-toy drive-thru

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Pleasures is opening a new adult store that offers a drive-thru this weekend. "It's a new level of privacy, and it feels good to give something back to the community," business owner Sherri Williams said. The new Pleasures adult store will be the country's first to sell adult toys through a private, drive-thru window. The new location will also feature the Intimacy Clinic, offering weekly seminars and workshops, complimentary condoms, and marriage counseling. The store's sexual health library will promote book signings. There's also an outdoor lounge for wine, beer, and smokers, and an indoor lounge featuring ToyBox Parties for giggling groups of women and private functions.

My God this is amazing, take that Amsterdam you can't touch this shit. What? You guys have drive through sex?. Damn.
The only thing that would make this drive through epic is if they served some fries.
Yes, I'll have a turquoise butt plug, and matching ball gag for the lady. And I'll have three ribbed condoms, and a set of toe cuffs to go please.

I mean how in the world do you order shit through the drive through, do you have to memorize the catalog before hand? Or is it like order it online or call ahead and pick it up at the drive-thru, kind of like my prescription refills?

Did anyone know that in Alabama the sale of sex toys is illegal unless for medical/educational/scientific purposes. I mean what the hell is going on down in Alabama, I always though South Carolina was the weirdest state in the Union, but I think Alabama might have taken that cake now.